sunday may 12

Fight the Power

Open Stage Night at the Cat’s Meow!

Come get your anarchy on with X’myra Bhen and other unruly cats, honorary or otherwise! Break out your fight songs (or other performances) and get your time to shine on our open stage!

No prior sign ups needed!

Sunday, May 21, 2017 | Goblet 12 Plot 55

7pm EST/Midnight GMT to 10pm EST/3am GMT



According to an 1890 account, the original John Brown lyrics were a collective effort by a group of Union soldiers who were referring both to the famous John Brown and also, humorously, to a Sergeant John Brown of their own battalion. Various other authors have published additional verses and/or claimed credit for originating the John Brown lyrics and tune.

At a flag-raising ceremony at Fort Warren, near Boston, on Sunday May 12, 1861, the John Brown song was publicly played “perhaps for the first time”. The American Civil War had begun the previous month.

Newspapers reported troops singing the song as they marched in the streets of Boston on July 18, 1861, and there were a “rash” of broadside printings of the song with substantially the same words as the undated John Brown Song! broadside, stated by Kimball to be the first published edition, and the broadside with music by C. S. Marsh copyrighted on July 16, 1861, also published by C.S. Hall . Other publishers also came out with versions of the John Brown Song and claimed copyright.

  • Some researchers have maintained that the tune’s roots go back to a “Negro folk song”, an African-American wedding song from Georgia
  • An African-American version was recorded as “We’ll hang Jeff Davis from a sour Apple Tree”.
  • Anecdotes indicate that versions of “Say, Brothers” were sung as part of African American ring shouts; appearance of the hymn in this call-and-response setting with singing, clapping, stomping, dancing, and extended ecstatic choruses may have given impetus to the development of the well known “Glory hallelujuah” chorus.
  • Given that the tune was developed in an oral tradition, it is impossible to say for certain which of these influences may have played a specific role in the creation of this tune 

The tune was later also used for “The Battle Hymn of the Republic (written in November 1861, published in February 1862; this song was directly inspired by “John Brown’s Body”), “Marching Song of the First Arkansas,” “The Battle Hymn of Cooperation,” “Bummers, Come and Meet Us” , and many other related texts and knock-offs during and immediately after the American Civil War period.

SOURCES: George Kimball, “Origin of the John Brown Song”, New England Magazine, new series 1 (1890) , Blood on the Risers From Wikipedia, James Fuld, 2000 The Book of World-Famous Music: Classical, Popular, and Folk Courier Dover, Pg 32. 

9 May. Victory Day in Russia

Eternal memory to the heroes.

Many Russians celebrate Victory Day on May 9. On this day, TV networks broadcast World War II-inspired films, younger generations honor veterans, and the festivities culminate in a military parade at Moscow’s Red Square.

  9 may ,Victory Day in Russia

What do people do?

Many people attend a local military parade and watch the fireworks at night on Victory Day. The biggest parade is in Moscow’s Red Square, showcasing Russia’s military forces. Most veterans wear their medals as they head to the parade or an event organized by a local veteran organization. Another tradition is to give flowers, usually red carnations, to veterans in the street and to lay wreaths at the war memorial sites. Neighborhood schools may host a program prepared by the students, featuring wartime songs and poetry. At home, families gather around a festive table to honor surviving witnesses of World War II and remember those who passed away. They may also watch a favorite Soviet film based on the events of World War II, which is also known as the Great Patriotic War. These films are repeated each year but the audience seems to never grow tired of them.

Public Life.

Victory Day is a national holiday in Russia. Public offices, schools and most businesses are closed for the celebrations. There may be changes in public transport routes due to parades and street performances.


Victory Day marks Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union in 1945. It became the end of the Great Patriotic War for the USSR, which lost about 25 million citizens in the four years of fighting. Interestingly, until its 20th anniversary (May 9, 1965), Victory Day was not a major holiday, unlike, for instance, May 1, and was considered a work day. Apart from the anniversaries in 1965 and 1985, Victory Day celebrations in the Soviet Union did not feature a military parade. This tradition started in 1995. Update: In October 2012, Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that would extend the Victory Day Celebrations from Thursday, May 9, 2013 to Sunday, May 12, 2013.


Common symbols of Victory Day in Russia are: ◾St. George ribbon – people wear this black-and-yellow ribbon on their clothes or tie it to car antennas as a sign of respect and remembrance. ◾Red carnations – blood red is the color of the Soviet flag under which the veterans had fought. Laying an even number of red carnations at war memorial sites signifies mourning and remembrance. ◾Red Star medal – a military distinction for bravery. The St George ribbon, red carnations and the Red Star medal are seen on Victory Day.



Hey folks!

The Rooster Teeth Community is an amazing thing. Seeing how you guys interact with each other, what you create, and how you’ve grown amazes us every day.

A few weeks ago we announced that episodes for all animated shows – including Red vs. Blue, RWBY Chibi, and Camp Camp – would be released a week earlier for Sponsors. We’re always trying to add to the value of Sponsorship, and to give you guys as much as we can as a thank you for supporting us. After reading your comments, it became clear that this was not a perk that most Sponsors wanted. So we did something about it.

Starting this weekend, Sponsors will be able to watch animated shows the moment they’re released, and 24 hours later those shows will be available for all registered, signed-in users on (both Sponsors and non-Sponsors). That means non-Sponsors will have to have an account on the Rooster Teeth site to be able to watch shows 24 hours after they’re released for Sponsors. If you don’t have an account, you’ll have to wait one week to see it.

In short, there’s a new three-tier release schedule for RWBY Chibi, Red vs. Blue, and Camp Camp:

  1. Rooster Teeth Sponsors see the episode first
  2. One day later, everyone signed into a Rooster Teeth account (including non-Sponsors) can watch the episode on the site
  3. Six days after that, the general public can watch the episode on or YouTube

We recognize that a huge part of our story-driven shows (such as RWBY and Red vs. Blue) is the discussion surrounding the show, the fan art, and the ability to share your reactions and theories. We hope to unite the community on the Rooster Teeth site, encouraging discussions among fans whose paths might not have crossed in the fragmented fan communities across the internet. We want to make sure this can continue and flourish as much as it has. You guys make what we do all worth it, and sharing is caring, right?

Tune in Saturday, May 7 at 10 AM CT for the premiere of RWBY Chibi, and Sunday, May 8 at 12 PM CT for the premiere of Red vs. Blue Season 14! (May 8 and May 9 for non-Sponsors signed into the Rooster Teeth site, and May 14 and May 15 for the public, respectively.) If you aren’t already a Sponsor, now is a great time to take advantage of our free 30-day trial.

We love you.

<3 Barbara and the RT Crew

UPDATED: 68th Cannes Film Festival -  Full Schedule for  CAROL (dir. Todd Haynes)  #Competition

PRESS SCREENING : May 16 (Saturday) 7:00 PM Salle Debussy | 9:30 PM Salle Bazin

PHOTO CALL : May 17 (Sunday) 12:00 PM Palais des Festivals

PRESS CONFERENCE: May 17 (Sunday) 12:30 PM Palais des Festivals

May 17 (Sunday) 12:00 PM Grand Theatre Lumière

May 17 (Sunday) 7:00 PM Grand Theatre Lumière

DAY AFTER SCREENING : May 18 (Monday) 2:00 PM Salle du Soixantième



Marché du Film Screening (Market Screening)

May 21, 2015 | OLYMPIA 1 | 9:30 AM to 11:28 AM  (present Marché du Film badge or invitation)

*Follow missbelivet , carolmovie​ & for schedule updates. #CarolWatch #Cannes2015

Sooo guys DSC is turning one on Monday!

How cool is that? Of course, we need to have a party. :P

The party will take place on Sunday, May 4, at 12-2 p.m. EST, 6-8 p.m. CET, 5-7 p.m. the UK.

Where are we gathering?

In the tag: #dsc bday party

Theme: Damon’s birthday! We don’t know his birthday on the show (and I can’t really picture him as a Taurus), but we can still talk about his birthday whenever we want. :P

As always, we accept gifs, graphics, text posts, fic, whatever you like. :)

Stage 1, first hour: Damon + gifts

What would other characters get Damon for his bday? C'mon, get creative. What would Elena get him? Bonnie? Ric? Caroline? Tyler? Jeremy? Elijah? :P

Stage 2, second hour: Damon’s party

Get creative here, too. How would Damon spend his birthday? Would the others arrange a surprise party and how would he react? Basically, go wild. :P

Stage 3 (no particular hour): Gift for the DSC. If you want to get our blog a gift, it’s a good time to do that. :P


  • We’ll release a post about the history of the DSC - so much has happened! Also - our stats!
  • We’ll tell you what we’re planning to do over the summer.
  • Contest: during the party, tell us what page or event you’d like to see on our blog and the one getting most votes will be realized first. =) (so think of it now ;))

If you want to take part in time but aren’t going to be here, consider scheduling your post - I’ve checked, Tumblr is good at posting at the right time. :P

Banner by Alicja.