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Yennefer and Ciri’s relationship

Mother’s day is almost at our doorstep again this Sunday! And here I thought: why not share this rant about these 2 because afteral they are like mother and daughter to each other X3.

Warning big rant ahead! xD

I just wanted to share with you all my take and thoughts on Yennefer and the relationship she has with Ciri. I just realised I never expressed my thoughts yet on these two amazing characters that I have grown to love since last year.This rant of mine will contain my own opinion ofcourse and some slight speculations (I love to speculate about certain things) of how I see and think about that relationship, and what fascinates me so much about these two. I’ll share with you how I was first introduced to these to and my further take on them when I read the novels last summer. Also some slight spoilers may be involved from the novel Lady of the lake so if you haven’t read those yet please be aware (although I’ll try to keep it minimal). ps pardon for any English typos, as it isn’t my mother language ;)

Introduction in the game and my feels about it

I was first introduced to Yennefer and Ciri last year with the release of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. I was totally new to this whole universe + characters and I must admit it was allot to take in, as it was also very overwhelming at first. When I first saw Yennefer appear (in the trailer) and at the inn in white orchard, I instantly knew that she was a strong determined woman. Yennefer can sometimes come over as rather ‘harsh’ so to speak. But I also want to add that she also has some very good dammed reasons why she acts/thinks or does things ‘her’ way (as some of you might know). Nevertheless I already loved her personality from that moment (and ofcourse the history she shared with Geralt). I came to learn from Yennefer what the main goal was all about in this game: Finding Ciri. Throughout the game I found out that Ciri means allot to both Yennefer and Geralt. Because the player plays from Geralt’s POV I got the impression it mainly focused on their relationship (between Geralt and Ciri). But I felt like something was missing aswel, yes you can guess it maybe already: Yennefer. The only scenes were I felt there was some kind of deep relationship between Ciri and Yen (that I didn’t know of at that time) was the reunion at Kaer Morhen and the scene were Yennefer looks at both Geralt and Ciri having a bit of fun and last but not least the havoc they brought on Avallac’h’s laboratory. At these particular scenes I got to see the true Yennefer. And no not as the powerful badass strong sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg I first saw in the beginning of the game, but as a mother.

My conclusion of my game experience between their relationship was overal acceptable but not yet really satisfying. I knew the game mainly focused on Geralt and Ciri’s relationship because wel you the player is playing Geralt, and because of that see and act through him not Yennefer for instance. Still on some moments like ‘the battle of Kaer Morhen’ were Vesemir just died Yennefer stands right next to Ciri, and it looked to me like she was there ready to give comfort to her adoptive daughter. But as it turned out Ciri only embraces Geralt not Yennefer. Again like on the boat scene it felt like Yennefer was left out here, while I so felt there was ‘something more between them’ but it was helt back. As I read it the novel Time of contempt Ciri couldn’t choose between Geralt and Yennefer, instead she (fake) fainted. My point here is that Ciri would have never only hugged Geralt (as she did right in front of Yen) but would hug them both, together as one family. I am also of the opinion that Ciri is compared to the novels ver OOC in the game (but that’s not my focus point atm lol) because of that action she pulled off. Let’s not forget who found out about Ciri’s return in the first place, Yennefer ofcourse through the emperor. It was Yen who searched months for her, like she did in the swallow’s tower. And even after all this it felt quite empty, take for example the empress ending. Here Ciri says goodbye to Geralt but not to Yennefer and even says she prefer it she will no be involved this time! I mean I was like blown away for a moment and was left in a bit of a sudden shock. Yennefer was the one who first new about Ciri and did everything in her power to find her and contacted Geralt afterwards, and then suddenly that sentence of Ciri. Like she actually says in my understanding: Yeah thanks but no thanks for finding me towards Yennefer. I felt like the game wasn’t telling me everything there was, and that some relationship here was clearly put out of context.

I don’t want to sound all to negative of course about them (I mean their relationship shown there) in the game but yeah it did left me rather curious and so I picked up the novels (I seriously recommend them to anyone who hasn’t yet read them!)

Yennefer in the novels

Yennefer a powerful sorceress who as we all know didn’t exactly had a happy childhood in her early life. She was abused by her father, all because of the way she looked. More importantly here she missed the warmth and comfort of her mother, who also got hit allot by her own husband and was thus in my opinion afraid to stand up for her daughter. After all these events her own mother gave up on her and probably left her on the streets or abandoned her in a forest. She was found and taken under the wing by Tissaia de Vries. She was all alone at first, imagine being taken by a complete stranger just gives me shivers. Tissaia corrected her deformities and injuries her father gave, but for it she payed with everything she possessed (as can be read in the shard of ice story).

She was taught at Aretuza and probably also by Tissaia that sorceresses can’t love, that they must have a certain attitude towards the world and society. Tissaia de Vries was Yennefer’s role model and somekind of mother figure, and what does a child usually do who admires such a person? Yes she acts like her. That’s how Yennefer created that ‘mask’ of hers, to protect herself. She now could protect and stand up for herself. She was no longer a defenseless deformed child. Though she may seem strong and confident, there was always something missing in her life that she couldn’t conjure up through magic.

Yennefer had one big dream, to be a mother. But the question is why did she want to be a mother of all things? She was and is a freaking wealthy sorceress, who despite the irony could cure infertility by ‘normal’ human women(which is a rather expensive service from a sorceress as it was Yennefer’s specialty) and hence why she was so wealthy. But back to my opening question, why. On my take she wanted to become a mother because of one thing: love. Imagine Yennefer grew up basically with no love at all, she was denied that by her parents and even kinda by Tissaia. Tissaia who taught her that love was a weakness and that showing emotion (like crying) was pathetic in her eyes. Yennefer wanted a child she could give the love that she was denied. A child who could love her for the way she truly was and is. But as it is Yennefer who was a highly talented sorceress couldn’t have children, as Nenneke once said to Geralt: NEVER. And still despite this it first turned into an obsession for her, Yen was constantly looking for a way to cure it. I admire her determination in this, as she once said: “When I want something I don’t dream of it, I act and I always get what I want”. Allas she couldn’t conceive and still tries to until a moment she finally kind of tries to accept it, as we can read in Sword of destiny (I refer here to the feast at Belleteyn).

Another reason why I think she wanted a child is because she wanted to show and prove that she could indeed love someone. Do not forget that Yennefer just like Geralt never really knew what love meant. Love was like a stranger to them, something that was missing from both their lives.

Yennefer also says this allot in the beginning of the books: It is widely thought that I don’t posses such an organ (she refers here that she can’t love). A teacher of mine once said to me that when you say sentences with I CAN’T all the time you will start to believe you can’t do certain things, or the way you think about yourself (your self imagine). Yennefer probably heard or told this so many times to herself that she actually unwillingly started to believe such things. And thus acts sometimes rather harsh or cold while I know she doesn’t want to do that.

In the end some might say: ‘These are very selfish things’, and yes they may be right. As Philippa Eilhart once said: “Yennefer has always walked her own path”. But in the end everyone is kinda selfish is too in his or her own way (don’t deny it :P ). Yennefer isn’t a holy saint or a goddess or whatever, she is a powerful sorceress who wants to be in the end human. And the things she dreams of are very humane.

Ciri and Yennefer (their relationship development)

Ciri an exiled Princess of Cintra who like Yennefer was also born on Belleteyn (coincidence?). Like her she didn’t have a happy childhood and was robbed of her parents (Her father still lives tho). Though Ciri maybe have known love, the love of a mother was taken from her. The court of Cintra and queen Calanthe (Ciri’s grandmother) weren’t always so nice and cuddly like in some stereotypical fairytale. Ciri was brought up sternly and it was expected of her to wed asap (she was 6 back then if I remember correctly). And then the war broke loose, which took everything from Ciri.

Ciri a child destined for Geralt was taken in some years later to Kaer Morhen. Were it was discovered she was a source, indeed she could see the future of those closest to her. Geralt through Triss Merigold decided to contact Yennefer for help. It is to my believe that from this moment Ciri and Yennefer’s fate’s were intertwined with destiny. Ciri began dreaming about Yennefer even though she never met her.

And then they both meet each other at Ellander. Man that moment I just had shivers down my spine. Their meeting was wel, silently but also intense. Ciri was overthrown with envy for Yennefer (the way she looked ofcourse). And Yennefer who really was the stern sorceress with her famous mask on, not to show any weakness. Their bond grew so quickly in this still rather short time they spend together. This really hit the light when Ciri called Yennefer: Mama 3 times at that (while she just awoke from her trance). How must Yennefer have felt? Here a child calling out for her and asking comfort from, Yennefer of Vengerberg. Yennefer who never thought she could be loved, who always dreamed of being a mother. After this event as Ciri describes in Blood of Elves their bond only grew more. It is to my believe that Ciri taught Yennefer in a way that she indeed can love and care. Ciri melted that shard of ice that was her heart, and showed us (the readers) who Yennefer truly is. A mother (adoptive ofcourse) who would always protect her ugly duckling. A mother who taught her not only about magic but other matters aswel. Through Ciri we got to see that very loving side of Yennefer, that I have grown to love about her so much. The way how they interacted with each other and how Andrzej Sapkowksi wrote this just warmed my heart so much. I like to think that after these events (I pointed out a few now but I can’t describe them all) Yennefer found her true calling and purpose. To be there for Ciri and to stand by her side together with Geralt. And she did promise this to Ciri in Blood of Elves and in Time of contempt (feeeeeels man).

You know what I also found so heartwarming and tragic at the same time? The fact that Ciri and Yennefer grown to care so much for each other even tho they were not connected by blood. because once all said and done Yen isn’t Ciri’s biological mother. But she did fill in the empty void they both needed so much to fully grow. Yennefer her parents were cruel to her and yet those were bound by blood. My point is here that even if your not bound by blood it can still be just as strong.

I would also like to point out that Ciri’s relationship with Yennefer is even more stronger then what she has with Geralt. Ciri never called Geralt her father (in the novels that is, in the game it is sadly the other way around). Ciri even wants to be called later on in the novels ‘Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer’. I mean this is saying something. Man how Yen must have felt x3.

It is kinda sad to see for me that most people (because of the game) mainly see Geralt and Ciri as really close with each other, and of course they care about one another deeply. But with Yennefer it is something more. A bond between a mother and a child (daughter) is in most cases, even in real life more stronger then that with a father.

I could go on and on and on about this very topic and maybe I will later on. But I think I ranted enough now for the time being. Thank you so much for reading this rant of mine (really I am not so known to be a ranting person). And please if you wanna share you thoughts or opinions on this topic about me please do so! I am really curious to know how other witcher fans feel about this :D

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A Monkey’s Uncle (Well... Father)

We’re officially moved in (almost!) By Sunday, all of our belongings will be here with us; you, me and your father.

Oliver Maynard. Aged 26. 

Your father.

It feels weird to say that. I think subconsciously, I just assumed that I was your only parent. I guess it makes sense, seeing as your father has only just come back into our lives. And I want this blog to be full of happy memories, so I’m not going to delve into why we split right now - that can be a personal conversation between us two when you’re older. 

But wow, has he picked up the reigns! Since meeting you, your father has completely doted on you… I really didn’t think he’d be so hands on. He always volunteers to feed you and change you, he’ll even get on his hands and knees to play with you.

It took you a while to warm up to him - even now I wouldn’t say that you even like him. “He tolerates me” is what your father said and I have to agree! You’re fine with him holding you, as long as you can see me. But I managed to take this photo of you two together earlier, I think moving all those boxes really took it out of you! All in all, I’m elated that you have each other. Who knows where this’ll lead, what the future will bring? But as long as you have a great father-son relationship like my Dad and I have, I can’t ask for anything more ♥

Sunday Night Music Club: The Academy Is…

Tonight our Sunday song is ‘The Phrase That Pays’ off of Almost Here from The Academy Is… - this album is 10 years old today!

Hold your head high heavy heart.
So take a chance and make it big,
Cause it’s the last you’ll ever get.
If we don’t take it, when will we make it?
I make plans to break plans,
And I’ve been planning something big, planning something big, planning.

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Sunday is almost here!

Waiting for the winter finale of a show is like preparing for the apocalypse. You have to think of the worst – this way nothing can bring you down. Well, aside from the apocalypse in itself, and its many plot twists. Sunday night is almost here. RIP Josh Evans. He loved McDonalds a lot.

BigBang, Following the K-Pop Playbook With Flash

NEWARK — It’s hard to overstate how imperious T.O.P. looks onstage. The oldest member of the outlandishly popular K-pop boy band BigBang, he walks slowly, almost reluctantly. He regards his surroundings with Clooney-like reserve. If it’s possible to be rolling your eyes while maintaining fierce eye contact with several thousand people, he can do that. He stands ramrod straight, making it seem as if he’s always peering down on what’s transpiring around him.What’s happening is an extreme, intense, overwhelming Korean pop carnival, and at the Prudential Center on Sunday night — the second of two shows here — T.O.P. was almost certainly the only one over it all. For about a decade, BigBang has been one of the most innovative and popular acts in the flooded-with-talent and always-in-flux world of K-pop. Nothing has derailed the band — not the occasional scandal, romantic or legal; not long breaks, like the years that pass between albums; and not the success of G-Dragon, the group’s breakout star.

BigBang is at work on a new album, “MADE,” and has been releasing singles over the past few months that are in general less Technicolor and frenetic than its songs of a few years ago, which helped the group break out beyond Asia. (The last time BigBang played the area was three years ago, at this same venue.) This is a sign of musical evolution, and also a realization that the boy band mode comes with built-in time limits. There is also the looming specter of conscription: South Korean men are required to perform two years of military service.But for now: G-Dragon, G-Dragon, G-Dragon — so many of the screams here were for G-Dragon, fashion show front-row habitué and collaborator with Diplo and Skrillex. Slight and baby-faced, he was toned down from his usual visual excess. As in all boy bands, there is a hierarchy here, of course: G-Dragon is very much at the top. He gets the best clothes — a fascinating patch-covered oversize bomber jacket, or a snow-white turtleneck — followed closely by T.O.P., who at one point wore what seemed to be a Mondrian print on a suit.In most boy bands, that would be enough — the rest would be filler. But there is no Chris Kirkpatrick or Howie Dorough here. There’s Daesung, with the same lovable-scamp affect as Ed Sheeran and a powerful voice; Seungri, the youngest and most mannered of the bunch (they’re all in their mid-20s); and Taeyang, the most feline and the most impressive singer.

G-Dragon and T.O.P. drew the most eyeballs during this electric, ecstatic show, in which multiple songs were accompanied by fireworks or lasers or streamers, and in which costume changes came Instagram fast.But it was actually Taeyang who stood out the most. His hair fried into a crisp 1991 drape, he stalked the stage with ferocity and sang with real force on songs like the recent single “Loser” and an impromptu (but not, really) snippet of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” late in the night while Daesung danced.Throughout the night, the group’s indebtedness to American pop, hip-hop and R&B was on full display, from Taeyang’s vocal runs to T.O.P.’s post-dancehall toasting to G-Dragon’s nimble rapping and strange allusion to the “school of hard knocks” he and the band had gone through. (Well, not always full display: BigBang’s backing band, made up wholly of black American musicians, was hidden in the dark at the rear of the stage for most of the night.)The show and the group were almost perversely chaste, at least onstage. Less so in the interstitial videos shown between songs, which show the band members as what they are: men playing at being boys. But even if BigBang is nearing the end of its reign, appetite for the form remains, as was clear from the young and extremely diverse crowd here. Boy bands are an industry and aesthetic all but abandoned by the American pop machine. But like, say, automobiles, South Korean success with the form is another example of a concept kick-started here but perfected elsewhere. A night with BigBang is a loud reminder that American exceptionalism is waning — long live imports, though

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