sunday grumbles

wait while everyone’s flailing over Killian booping his nose with whipped cream to entertain a child, i’m flailing over the fact that he’s drinking a beverage that has whipped cream on it.
AKA hot chocolate… probably with cinnamon…because a certain princess made him try it and he’s taken a fancy to its taste.

(but really he prefers it on her lips as opposed to his own.)

(and he’s most likely into stealing emma’s whipped cream from her mug…especially on lazy sunday mornings while she grumbles at his piracy. she kisses him to keep him sated and hazy. and to keep his hands from stealing more.)

(it always works.)

my soul is on fire.

Mornings with Yoongi


Light seeped in from between the blinds, painting your bedroom in pinks and oranges. Your boyfriend slept beside you, his lips parted and arms spread out. You ran your fingers through his dyed grey strands, laying on your side, you started kissing all over his neck. He let out a groan, moving to his side, nestling into the pillows.
“Yoongi~” You sang into his ear. “It’s time to wake up.” You whispered.
“No. It’s Sunday.” He grumbled, turning around and wrapped his arms around you. His voice was thick with sleep and raspy. “We are sleeping.” He slipped his hand underneath your tshirt, laying it there against your bare skin. He let out a content sigh and moved his thumb against the soft skin of your stomach, right above your hip. He moved his free hand up so it was cradling your head before connecting his lips to yours. He kissed you slowly before pulling away and laid his forehead against yours and pecked your lips once more. He rolled over, pulling you with him so that you were laying against his chest. His hand ran up and down the length of your back. 
“I don’t have a schedule today and I just want to lay in bed with my girlfriend.” He whispered, his eyes closed.
“Okay.” You responded. “We can have a lazy day today.” You added, pressing your lips under his jaw. 

“Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it”

Weather forecasters (widely regarded as a selfish and incompetent lot) fail to predict massive and dangerous storms, yet repeatedly forecast terrible and awe-inspiring storms that do not occur.

Do not send me ‘explanations’. There is no excuse for not updating the forecasts to allow people to adjust plans where possible.

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