sunday getaway

My Getaway Thoughts

Wow, for me LA is hitting home runs every episode this season. My kudos go out to Erin Broadhurst, Tony Wharmby and of course the new show runner Scott Gemmill.

My positive comments on this episode:

  • I loved the opening; they remembered Charlene and that Callen bought Sam a new car.  I love when the opening recalls previous known experiences or habits of the characters, instead of making up something new each time.
  • Sam & Anna, interesting partners and it worked, and again we get Anna as a competent agent.
  • Was it just me, or did others flashback to the fan fic, Retreat while watching this?
  • I have to admit that I missed Kensi “hitting” Deeks until she did it.  Nice to have them acting like Kensi and Deeks, him complaining about nature and being a city boy, and her being all nature was perfect.  Only thing we missed was her sharing a story or reference about her Dad.
  • Kensi driving the RV, especially with the chase, that was great!
  • Deeks has friends and Kensi acknowledged that he makes them easily.  And they mentioned Pretty In Pink again.
  • I have to give Hetty some credit here working to help Callen move on from Joelle.  And really, she had a husband and kid while she was sleeping with Callen?  But see my comments below.
  • Eric’s story about Nell was so great!  And the kiss, oh my, it doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Dave-interuptus!  I love it.
  • Are all the Neric fans squealing?  I guess they are now official.
  • Might I add, we had everyone acting competently and in character.  I’m glad that has become the norm, not the exception.

I really only have 1 “negative” comment; Why didn’t we get this for Densi?  It is what I always wanted, but I’m glad Neric got it.

Although the more I think about it the more I wonder about the whole Joelle story, she spent Christmas with Callen didn’t she, so what about her family then?  And the comment at the end, is that really Joelle’s family, is there more to all of this that we will eventually find out?  Or is this a way to try to explain Joelle away and help the viewers to move on and accept Anna even though Joelle’s story is tough to make it all jibe.

Next week looks good also, but I’m out of town so I’m not sure when I’ll get to watch it.

Once again, I’m sure I haven’t remembered everything, but this is what I caught first time through



  • NCIS:LA episode 8x18 “Getaway”, airing Sunday, March 19th, at 8PM
  • SCORPION episode 3x20 “Broken Wind”, airing Monday, March 20th, at 10PM

I will most likely be live-blogging the episodes… but possibly in a smaller capacity than usual… this week (tomorrow & the day after tomorrow). Because these are great episodes - the NCIS:LA long-awaited Neric-episode (of the season) - Neric undercover and other great adventures & Scorpion’s another Quintis wedding preparations episode (the Happy/Paige girl-fight & their differences episode + Quintis + Team + Sly/fun). I really want to post at least a few comments during my live watch. And unless there is something unexpected (power loss, technical issues, unexpected personal things), I will be watching live both nights… 

But… I will not be doing post-ep posts (I won’t be online after the episodes have ended on eastcoast). This also means that the videos (essential Neric scenes from 8x18 & essential Quintis scenes from 3x20) will be posted with great delay. Since you can only post max 5min video per 24 hours, Im probably gonna post the Scorpion/Quintis video on Tuesday afternoon & Neric video on Wednesday afternoon (not Monday… cause then I might not have upload minutes left until late Tuesday…). But I will most likely post & link them both as mf files on Tuesday. But yes, I will be offline right after the episodes have aired…on both nights. So as I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago…this week all my tv videos & edits will definitely be delayed… for about 24 hours…. 

(But right now it also seems I’m gonna be home & off work & free of other duties on Wednesday, so even if I have no time on Mon/Tue… everything should be posted on Wednesday). 

So, this is a reminder about why there won’t be any posts or weekly “best Quintis moments” video posted soon after the episode has ended. 

Also… this applies also to next weeks (March 26th) NCIS:LA episode. But then again, that’s not an episode I’m eagerly waiting for (unlike this weeks ep)

About April: I’m not sure yet. I might also not be able to live-blog and/or be online after the episode on some weeks in April & May, but that’s still in the works… I will post a “reminder” about those weeks, when I know more…