sunday finest

It happens sometimes that team and driver have different views about certain events. Like has been after quali with us and Kimi. Then you have to sit down and clear it up. We have done that. Kimi has shown with his great comeback what a phenomenal driver he is. I could not imagine a finer driver pairing [with Kimi and Sebastian].
—  Maurizio Arrivabene (x)
Your Mouth / A Mirror

your mouth- a robbed grave,
your Sunday’s finest
now lying in tatters
among dust,
and bone,
and dirt

image of
your mother
in a cracked and
bleeding mirror, but
you peel it off, and move on

or you don’t, you-
shatter the mirror, spend seven years
piecing your life back together,
but the pieces won’t fit

all of your efforts lead to ruin

to be pinched between your fingers

your fingers that are cut by silver,

stained with a thousand false memories of rust, bogs
so you are brought back to now,
whatever that means, with your mouth
only in crypts


Collaboration between: wednesdayshambles (italics) and cruxymox (standard). Thank you for writing with me!