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Sunshine Sundays: Weekly positive Supergirl posts

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Dreamcar - Kill for Candy

HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY! I’m extra happy because it’s also my birthday today, and I just got back from an awesome lunch with my parents. Enjoy the boys in bunny ears - I know I do.

also YO WHAT UP WHAT IS UP WITH 1800 FOLLOWERS????? There were only like 285 of you in January you guys aren’t making very good decisions I have no idea where I’m going why would you follow me? Just kidding ahhhh I love all of you thank you so much! I hope you continue to stick with me in the coming time! Thank you!

Incoming Text Masterlist + Update Schedule

Summary: You’d think by now Jeon Jungkook would want nothing to do with you. Estranged childhood friends, you both went your separate ways without much bad blood between the two of you. In fact, you would say there was almost nothing left between the two of you. He could be considered hot air to you, as a matter of fact. That is, until you meet him again. 

10 years later since you last saw him, you are suddenly strung along the whirlwind of your life as you meet old and new friends, lovers, and enemies all at once. And would you look at that––You have a new message.

Genre: Text series/novela, Fluff, Humor, Angst (?), Suggestive Content

Word length: It’s a text series. We go by text bubbles here.

Updates: Main parts are posted daily except Saturdays and Sundays. Extra parts (aka texts that aren’t important to the story) are posted every Saturday. All texts are posted 8PM KST.

Part 1: Kim Taehyung Decides To Smother You

Part 2: You Get Stalked But Whatever Right? 

Part 3: Jeon Jungkook May Or May Not Be A Pervert Who Happens To Play The Drums [cool?] 

Part 4: Fuck It’s Park Jimin

Part 4.5: Texts From Last Night

Part 5: Fuck It’s Park Jimin [act 2]

Part 6: You And Kook Have Issues [we don’t?]

Part 7: Fuck It’s Min Yoongi [oh no he’s hot]

Part 8: Min Yoongi Gets It On™

Part 9: Jeon Jungkook’s Girlfriend Must Die

Part 9.5: Texts with Fathers

Part 10: Hailee Wants Kim Taehyung’s [redacted]

Part 11: The Calm Before the (shit)Storm

Part 12: The Calm Before the (shit)Storm [act 2]

Part 13: Meme Team Group Chat

Part 14: Comfort After Tragedies

Part 14.5: Beginning Of The End (Latest!)

Date a girl who visits the Hospital every Sunday to have the extra organs her body spontaneously grows surgically removed, both to be donated to those who need it, and also so that she doesn’t grow too many. Date a girl who later decides to have the hospital leave one of the redundant hearts inside of her, dedicated to you.

guys like you - chapter 2

ch. 1: once is an accident | ch. 2: twice is a coincidence

rating: explicit

“He still making you fake it?”

if Ginny had had time—between class and workouts and making sure to regularly eat, sleep, and shower—to stop and wonder how Mike might break the silence surrounding their night together, she doesn’t think this question would’ve made it into the top ten possibilities.

Not that she hadn’t thought about that night at all, she just figured they weren’t going to talk about it. Ever.

Which is only right as long as he’s her captain. After all, she doesn’t need some fling with her college captain haunting her when (If, her traitorous brain prods.) she gets drafted.

But at the same time…

A whole week later, Ginny still hasn’t stopped thinking about it. Which is a problem since midterms are coming up and she really needs to be dedicating her brain power to those. Rather than trying to remember the exact shade of pink her captain turned when he finally blew his load. Because it hadn’t been enough to get her off with his mouth and then his fingers again. No, he’d laid her out across her bed and fucked her through one last orgasm before finally getting to enjoy his own.

“Oh my God!” she whirls on her smirking captain, keeping her other thoughts to herself and just barely restraining the urge to slug him. “Where were you even hiding?”

He shrugs, sliding into the seat Noah just vacated. A seat that’s all too close to hers. With Noah, it had been cute. A little annoying, but mostly cute. With Mike, it’s nearly overwhelming. Ginny can smell the fresh mint of his gum and the musk of his cologne, the same smell she hadn’t yet been able to bring herself to wash out of her sheets. Combined with this radiating body heat, so similar to that night, Ginny’s ready to crawl out of her skin.

Or maybe into his lap.

read the rest on ao3!

mariomendoza  asked:

For a request can you do an Izuocha fic where Deku is oblivious to other girls flirting with him and Ochako gets adorably jealous ? Or a Todomomo where they both have a day off from being Heroes and trying to find something to do.

 Note: Thanks for your ask :) I’ve decided to write both the Izuocha and the Todomomo, but for today, I’m posting your todomomo one first! Hope you enjoy it :) Its my headcanon that Yaoyorozu lost confidence ever since she was in middle school so I wanted to add it into this one. Does anyone play Tekken??

In which Todoroki and Yaoyo spend some time at the Cafe and Yaoyo meets demons from her past

               Sundays usually mean extra study sessions, supplementary lessons with Aizawa-sensei or strenuous training outside. Today, a particular Sunday on the first week of May, was different. Some of the boys and girls in Class A decided to try out the newest video game, “Tekken 800”, that wasn’t supposed to come out until next month. Yaoyorozu, however, generous as she was, pulled a few strings and asked her dad to get it for them through business connections. Everyone rejoiced and got permission from Aizawa-sensei to let them be homework-free for the weekend.

               Which begs the question: could Yaoyorozu create replicas of video games? Perhaps if she were to fully understand the makings of the CD, she could forge a perfect copy of it. Todoroki pondered for quite a while on this particular issue, but was interrupted when a yell came out of the lobby.

               “I TOLD YOU YOSHIMITSU WAS OP,” Bakugou’s seethed as he violently slammed the controller onto the couch, “KIRISHIMA YOU CAN SUCK MY D—“

               “Behave, both of you!” that definitely was Yaoyorozu’s voice, “Kirishima stop provoking Bakugou and Bakugou, could you please be gentle with the controller? I don’t want to have to create another one!”

               Todoroki smirked inwardly. Yaoyorozu was the big sis of Class A alright.

               Within a minute or two, Yaoyorozu came out amidst all the yelling, and lowered herself beside Todoroki at the dining table. She has had enough of the raucous and found peace in the quiet kitchen as Todoroki closed his textbook.

               “What are you doing?” The girl turned and asked, watching as Todoroki tidied up his spot to leave, “You’re not interested in the video game?”

               “Not really,” his voice was jaded like always and started heading towards the stairs. Yaoyorozu frowned. Now was a good time to get to know him better. She pushed herself up, leaning against the glass table.

               “Todoroki,” she mused, and grinned when Todoroki stopped in his tracks, “wanna head over downtown?”


               That was way too easy, the girl thought, somewhat sheepishly.

               Yaoyorozu shifted her gaze as the two walked side by side down the street, amused and quite frankly, intrigued by their hang out. Just earlier, she suggested a Café that recently opened down Mitaka street. Todoroki nodded in agreement, showing more or less concern as usual and so here they were.

               “Neopolitan Café,” the boy read off the neon sign, and noticed the exuberantly fancy décor that welcomed them as they sat down at an empty table. The server came and greeted them with water as she notified them of their daily specials. The menus were casually laid down in front of them, stacked on top of each other. Quickly, Yaoyorozu pushed one of the menus toward the boy, but as she did so, she grazed his hand slightly, causing her cheeks to glow with a shade of pink. She gasped at the touch, her inner desires almost laid bare, and focused on his expression to see what kind of reaction he had.

Yet he had none.

She sighed. She hated to admit it but the cool guy of the class is frustratingly oblivious.

“Yaoyorozu,” Todoroki didn’t look up from the menu, “It’s my treat today.” The boy folded the menu back to its original state, and placed it down. He didn’t expect her to be this happy, but when he glanced over, the joy etched on her face said otherwise.  

“Please you don’t have to,” the girl was flustered beyond belief, “I asked you out…I mean not ask you out…I mean asked you to hang…because it’s a rare day off!”

She embarrassingly choked her way through that sentence, and hurried to compose herself.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, getting up from his seat, “You have to order up front right?” The girl nodded, lips tugging upwards into a shy smile.

“Thank you,” she mumbled, “I’ll have the blueberry shortcake then…” She started twirling her hair, feeling uneasy at his sudden affection, and looked down onto the grains of her denim shorts. He fished his wallet out of his front pocket.

“Ah, sure.”

The girl’s eyes followed him as he walked to the cashier and took note of how charming he was even with just a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans. From afar, she examined his features, probing every detail.

With no doubt, she had fallen for him, inside and out.

“Hey, aren’t you Yaoyorozu,” a familiar voice said with distaste and Yaoyorozu stiffened, “You’re at UA now, right?”

The girl turned over, hair flying across her line of sight, and her heart skipped a beat.

“Fumie,” the other girl, significantly smaller compared to the first girl, glowered, “Let’s go. Why are we even talking to her?” The shorter one sounded annoyed and emphasized her words with such loathe that Yaoyorozu felt frozen in place.

“I bet your rich daddy and mommy bought you your place,” Fumie spat out, “You were never talented. You had an uncommon quirk that many were attracted to, and that’s about it.”

Fumie crossed her arms, centering her rage on Yaoyorozu. The two were her so-called acquaintances from back then, but for as long as Yaoyorozu could remember, they brought nothing but terror and alienation.

“No…” the creation heroine said, sounding feeble, “I was recommended in…” Fumie scoffed and ran her hand through her curly brown hair. Yaoyorozu’s past memories flooded her mind at an instant. Afraid of facing them once more, she felt goosebumps rising on her skin and her mind, pounding and aching. She knew her inner demons would appear again, even if they were supposed to be resolved.

With hands clenched, Yaoyorozu shot up from her seat, eyes tearing up.

“I’m not the same as I used to be,” Yaoyorozu uttered, taking a step towards the two girls who looked like their faces had permanent scowls tattooed on them, “I’m not going to listen to your insults.”

“What did you say?!” Fumie stomped her foot forward and raised her left hand. Grunting, she pulled her palm away, readying to send Yaoyorozu a slap across the face when a hand snatched Fumie’s wrist.

“What are you doing to Yaoyorozu.”

The three of them looked to the left, speechless. Todoroki stood there, holding a receipt in one hand and Fumie’s arm in the other. The air around them turned sour and Todoroki forced Fumie’s arm away, the fire in his eyes turbulent. His left eye glowed with a golden hue from the light that shone through the patio, making him look more hostile than necessary. The two girls were taken by surprise, and stumbled a few steps back.

“Todoroki,” Yaoyorozu’s shoulders slumped, clearing her throat to hide her previous emotions “They’re just people I met from middle school.”

Her voice eased him a little but his vexing glare did not waver.

“You mean they were people who picked on you in middle school.” He corrected her, and instinctively pulled her closer to him by the waist before announcing, “Yaoyorozu has no business with you. Leave.”

Fumie cleared her throat, slightly shaken from his intimidating aura, “Tsk…let’s go.” She mumbled under her breath as she dragged the other girl with her.

“Still attracting pretty boys, I see, Yaoyorozu,” the other girl muttered before striding off. The two girls didn’t even grab their unfinished food, bumping recklessly into the staff as they rushed out.

Yaoyorozu exhaled, “That was—“

“That was remarkably stupid,” Todoroki cut in with a demanding tone, “You don’t have to be afraid of them. People who are jealous of you are always going to try to pull you down. Listen to yourself. You have the power to stand up against them.”

Yaoyorozu plopped back down onto the seat, hands covering her eyes as she laid her head against the table, “Sorry, I was just thinking about the past. When so many people hated me for reasons that I didn’t understand.”

Hearing that prompted him to think about his own family, and Todoroki placed a hand lightly on her head. He heard soft sniffles from the girl and his heart wrenched. 

“Don’t relive the past,” he said, tone unfaltering.

He had no idea the kind of feeling he delivered with those simple words.

She lifted her head, thankful for the gentle touch that he reserved only for her.

25 Apps Every College Student Should Have

 Submitted by Campus Ambassador, Shanna Farley  ///   University of Northern Colorado

A new year has begun! Along with it new challenges and rewards are sure to come - this is especially true when you are trying to navigate through your college years. Luckily the college students of today live in a world where apps exist. Apps can do so much more than flip a bunch of angry birds across the screen or crush all the candies. They can help you reach your personal life goals and at times can be complete lifesavers. From a real student in the trenches, this is a list of apps that every college student should have programmed into their phones. The best part is, they are absolutely free!

Educational Aids

StudyBlue: This is an app that allows you to create virtual flashcards on any subject and allows you to borrow flash cards from other students. This app is great because you can just open it up at any time and flip through the virtual deck you have created for yourself.

Evernote: Create notes, to-do lists, set reminders, take photos, and record audio. This app is there to keep you on the track to success and makes sure you never forget.

Easy Bib: Doing your work cited is often tedious and at times confusing, with Easy Bib all that is now a thing of the past. Type in any book, website, film and Easy Bib will give you the right citation. You can even scan the barcode of your book to generate the correct citation.

Algeo Graphing Calculator: Never have to worry about being without your graphing calculator. This app can do just about anything you would ever need from a graphing calculator and from what I’ve seen it’s one of the best on the market.

Google Drive: Use this app to store all those important documents you’ll be accumulating.

External image

(You’ll be sure to be the top of the class with the Algeo Graphing Calculator)

Daily Life Aids

Venmo: Send payments to your friends, roommate or whoever. You can now pay someone back at any time and any place without any of the hassle. Co-Ed Supply sent Venmo promo cards a few months ago!

Viber: Contact those you miss from across the globe without all those pesky fees.

Everest: Use this app to keep track of any personal life goals you have. It can be anything from traveling across Europe to losing those few extra pounds. This app helps you break down the steps to reach that goal and lets you seek out advice when you need it.

Cam Scanner: Allows you to use your camera phone as a scanner. This is very helpful for copying notes from a missed class.

Lyft: Need a ride to the party or the concert of the year, but have no transportation of your own? With this app you can contact one of Lyft’s drivers to pick you up and get you there safely.  The fees are very competitive and sadly the app is mainly designed for popular U.S. cities.

Assistant:  Just because you’re not in the big leagues quite yet, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own personal assistant.  The rest of your apps will be envious of this one because there is so much it can do. It can post memos, keep track of your schedule, post on your social networks, give you suggestions based on your likes, and it can even follow specific commands directly related to your phone. It’s an app completely personalized to you and it even comes in different languages.

Your School’s Personal App: This is a big one many students forget. Keep in the loop with important dates or special events with you school’s app or apps.

External image

(Your personal assistant knows what is needed to get you through your day)

Money Saving Aids

Ibotta: A great app for when you are going shopping. Get paid for buying the items right on your grocery list. This app allows you to earn back a portion of an item you have already paid and they are always expending, so now you can even earn money back for going to new movies.

Retailmenot: Finds any online discounts for any store at a click of a button. It can even generate coupons for in store purchases as well.

Wrapp: Send free gift cards or offers to your friends and receive them as well. You can also send purchased gift cards as well. Some great offers include $6 for H&M, $5 for David’s Cookies and many more. Always  great gifts to give when you are a little low cash.

Plink: Get rewarded for places you already make purchases to like Regal Cinemas, Burger King, Panda Express, Dunkin Donut, and more. All you have to do is connect your account to a card and rack up points for purchases. You can redeem your points to get gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and more.

Gas Buddy:  A penny saved is a penny earned and that is certainly the case with this app. You can track down which gas stations in your area have the cheapest prices for gas.

Fancy Hands, Task Rabbit, Agent Anything and Ask Sunday: Earn some extra cash by running errands or being someone’s personal assistant. These apps are filled with individuals posting certain tasks to do for a price. These tasks can range from setting up a restaurant reservation to picking up a much wanted item. All these apps seem to be localized, so you’ll have to check which ones are for your area.

External image

(Get paid for grocery shopping with Ibotta)

Leisure Aids

Mixology: Impress everyone at any get together with your bar tending skills and you’ll sure to be the life of any party. This app is like a bar tending school in your pocket. (Must be 17 or older to download)

Spotify: In the war of free streaming music apps, I’m on the side of Spotify. I love that it allows you to shuffle playlists you’ve made yourself or playlists others have made and you can even listen to the radio. They also rarely play those pesky advertisements.

Project Gutenberg: Gain access to a large range of literature for free. This app can be useful for educational pursuits or leisure reading.

Flixter: Watch movies from your own collection or free films provided by Flixter. You can build a descent virtual library to no or very little cost.

Evenster: This app allows you to track events in your area, so you can be sure there is always something to do.  

Duolingo: A game that is getting popular by the minute. Learn a new language or challenge your language skills with this great app. Languages included: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

External image

(Brush up on your language skills with the Duolingo app)


Zombies, Run!: Okay, this one isn’t a freebie, but with all the money you have saved from other apps it will be well worth your while. It’s an interactive running that allows you to play a game and listen to music at the same time. The concept is that you have to run to survive the zombie apocalypse and g complete little missions along the way. This app will be sure to keep you motivated on your resolution for a new you.

(All apps can be found on Google Play or the Apple app Store)

Oliver and Marcus’ first furbaby headcanons for @flintwoods Bingo Challenge

  • They found her after Quidditch practice. They had gone to the pitch on Sunday to get some extra practice in since they had a big game coming up
  • When they go to grab their things from the locker room after they finish practicing, they find that a stray cat had wandered in 
  • Her fur is filled with mats and dirt and she clearly hadn’t been getting enough food. Oliver immediately picks her up and declares that they have to take her home and give her some food and clean her up
  • They get their stuff from the locker then Apparate home
  • Oliver starts to clean the cat up while Marcus runs to the store to get cat food and a litterbox
  • He winds up coming back with not only food and a litter box, but a collar, a bunch of cat toys, and a scratching post
  • “So we’re keeping her then?” Oliver asks when he sees everything Marcus got, holding back a laugh at the fact that he was thinking he’d have to talk Marcus into it
  • “Yeah. Aren’t we?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, of course.” 
  • They give her some food and set up the litterbox and scratching post
  • She has chocolate brown fur, so Oliver decides to call her Cocoa
  • Marcus is a total softy when it comes to Cocoa, though he denies it every time Oliver brings it up around their friends
  • “You let her get on the couch and into bed with us and you cuddle her. You’re a softy.” 
  • “She is a living creature with a biological need for affection, any human with empathy would do that.” 
  • “Marcus, you knit her a little sweater.”
  • “…shut the fuck up, Wood.”
Cosmic Three-Step Spell for Prosperity (Outline)

A friend of mine is in need of a job, so I thought I might try giving him an extra magic boost.

Now, following common Cosmic Witchcraft knowledge [please check @cosmic-witch​ and specially this post on @witches-of-ouroboros where I took this info from!], we know that the best time to perform these kinds of spells is during New and Waxing Moons. Additionally, as you can also see in the post I’ve just quoted, we can also follow other specific times related to planetary intents.

So, as the next New Moon is around the corner (and I have a quite generous amount of free time this week), I decided to plan out this spell!

I. First I outlined 3 Planetary Intents and their corresponding cosmic times with this month’s astrological/cosmic calendar. Then, I added some of my friend’s chart information to check major aspects (as I’m still a noobie, I only checked conjunctions):

A) Set a new beggining: Best performed in New Moon.

  • Sun23:  New Moon in Leo // (no relevant aspects)

The New Moon in Leo on a Sunday is extra strong -not just because it is conjuct the Sun, of course -but because both Leo and Sundays are ruled by the Sun.

B) Attract Luck on Wealth and Prosperity: Best performed in Waxing Crescent [Esp: Creciente cóncava]; Wednesday (Mercury); Thursday (Jupiter).

  • Wed26: Waxing Crescent + Mercury in Virgo // Virgo Moon
  • Thu27: Waxing Crescent + Jupiter in Libra // Libra Sun + Jupiter

There’s a lot going on here!

On the 26th both the Moon and Mercury will be in Virgo -so there’s an aspect to my friend’s Virgo Moon (great!). In addition, both Wednesdays and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury.

Later on, the Moon and Jupiter will be in Libra -aspecting my friend’s Sun and Jupiter :). Besides, Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter!

C) Attract Success: Best performed in Waxing Gibbous [Esp: Creciente convexa o gibosa]. Thursday (Jupiter), Sunday (Sun).

  • Sun30: Waxing Gibbous in Scorpio // Scorpio Mercury

This last step is intended to give the spell a wrap using the energy of the Sun -ruler of Sundays.

I think that the Moon in Scorpio aspecting my friend’s Mercury is a nice touch too, given that Mercury plays a very important role in the spell as a whole :)

II. Now, it’s time to look up corresponding materials, taking into consideration how I plan each step to be:

  • Something related to the New Moon for the 23rd (as that is where I’d like to put focus on in this first step).
  • Something that can be left outside for the whole day (from the night of the 26th to the 27th) and reamain unsealed (as I may add some more stuff on the 27th).
  • Something that can be brought back outside during the dawn of the 30th.

I’ll be researching crystals, herbs, sigils, and ways to set everything up!

I’ll make another post with the ingredients and the tools after I finish the whole spell (I can promise some photos!!)

I hope this is of some help for -or sparks some curiosity in- anyone :)

When you’re in DC for the weekend and want to avoid most touristy spots but still want a quick tour of the monuments, you make your Sunday morning long run extra scenic.

Legs felt so much better after giving them a break for the last few days. I definitely took the cutback part of cutback week a little too literally. Bring on the next two weekends of racing.