sunday chill out


Sunday Chill Out

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Chilled out Sunday run , sunny and breezy

Took my time and a few photos along the way which resulted in me accidentally ending my run on my Garmin hence the two strava logs

Recovery from my marathon is slow with the underside of my foot still playing up but that doesn’t put me off entering next years London marathon which entries for open tomorrow 😃

Happy Sunday everyone

Me: I’m gonna have a chill Sunday! Not freak out about anything and just relax!!
*Michael dyes his hair black*
Me: [loses my fucking chill again]


It has been a very interesting week, hence this admin is out on this lovely Sunday to actually work on her writing. Figured this chill tune would be perfect for a gentle easy going Sunday. Well and the title fits so well ;)
Have a great Sunday everyone, and see ya next week~


I started writing a post, but it ended up being a book. So I’m going to condense the good and bad as shortly and quickly as possible.

The Awesome:

  • Look at all these hotties that were in my room on Friday night (from Back to Front, L to R): ME, bimmykimmy, atlanticdroplet, katiedegennaro, jellyfishsempai, yolownly, lostlegendaerie, spockishot, titanb00ty; shingekinoboyfriends, firelordloki, and chromochaotic!
  • Friday night also entailed pizza, reading (interpreting poorly) Jeanmarco doujins, and Connect-the-Freckles-Dots! And let’s face it, Connect the Dots was really “How many dicks can one draw on Marco’s back?”. Major shoutout to shingekinoboyfriends and katiedegennaro for doing me a huge favor and getting pizza and drinks while I was working at the tea party!!! Bless you beautiful human beings!!! 
  • Finally meeting shingekinoboyfriends and katiedegennaro! <3!!! And I got this sweetass patch from Annie! I AM HONORED TO BE IN YOUR BIKER GANG BABU!!! <3!!!
  • Sneaking up on lostlegendaerie dressed as Eren and it taking her a while before she realized who I was. That sudden realization was adorable and funny. XD
  • Storytime with bimmykimmy! XD
  • Porno Surprise with shingekinoboyfriends… the surprise was that there was no porn at all. Boo! ;p
  • Chillin’ and havin’ an awesome time with yolownly at my table! And watching (but mostly squealing) the new episode of Free! together!!! X3 That was the best! YOU’RE THE BEST BB!!!! <3<3<3!!! 
  • Having a nice, quiet dinner at Panera Bread with a handful of JM peeps.
  • Running the best Jeanmarco/SNK meet up I could manage with what I had. 
  • Even though it was only on Friday, cosplaying with erinkipps as Annie and me as Eren was so much fun! 
  • Having the best hotel roomies erinkipps and chromochaotic!!! You guys are the best! <3!!!
  • Sunday afternoon/night chilling out in Chicago with the Lady Bros!
  • And of course, meeting so many awesome attendees and artists in the dealers room/artist alley! :D
  • On the last day, areyoutryingtodeduceme bought all the Lady Bros these adorable, tiny sushi plushies with these cute faces! Mine has freckles on it… I named him “Marco”… FOR REASONS. XD

And the not that awesome:

  • Con drama. Obviously.
  • Getting minor food poisoning. I had to leave the table twice to pray to the great porcelain Gods. T^T A huge ass thank you to chromochaotic, shingekinoboyfriends, katiedegennaro, and whoever else who helped watched my table when I got sick. And to yolownly who gave me the most soothing head scratches while I fell into a self induced personal hell. When erinkipps tells you not to drink the milk, DON’T DRINK THE FUCKING MILK EVEN THOUGH YOU THOUGHT IT WAS STILL COLD AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALRIGHT. UGH! NEVER AGAIN.
  • And with that, I am sad I didn’t get to cosplay as Eren with erinkipps on Saturday. If it hadn’t been for the bout of food poisoning I would been running around as Eren that night. I also didn’t get to take a picture with lostlegendaerie as Carla. :( 
  • Getting back to the hotel in time for the Jeanmarco/SNK meet up slightly late because of the shuttle. I don’t like being late.
  •  I regret not getting enough time to talk with jellyfishsempai, but I’m super glad we got to hang out some! <3!!! 
  • Finding out joycelop was at the con and totally came to the meetup! I’m glad you at least got to go home with a prize, but sad I didn’t get to formally meet you. :(
  • Being in the middle of a sea of empty tables. People ended up missing my table and I got a note from someone saying they couldn’t find me. OH WELL.

Overall, I had a great time! I think for the most part we all just had our own mini con within a con at a swanky hotel. I would not trade this for the world. *hugs!*

Thank you to all the Jeanmarco peeps and my Lady Bros for making this whole trip worth it all!!! It wouldn’t have been amazing without all if you!!! <3<3<3


HI GUYS!! snoball here and I just got back from Ikki-con, x..x

but I had TONS of fun and made some new friends! 0u0!!

On Friday I was Godoka from madoka magica and had lots of fun being pretty and majestic.

On Saturday I was Trickster Eridan, which i got a lot more positive feedback and attention than I thought it would! (Plus a shot with my completely adorabubble Feferi.)

Then on Sunday i chilled out in junko with my amazing male junko!

If you have any pictures of me please tag me! I would really appreciate it! 

Last but not least thank you everyone for letting me have such a gr9 time!