sunday amnesty

VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh's appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

Rush weighs in on Ferguson, Eric Garner, Obama’s amnesty scheme, and the Republican refusal to stand their ground. 

here’s the video:

We have people to whom the ‘truth’ is relative, and they’re using whatever power they have to try to redefine the truth for the advancement of their own political agenda.


I think the real outrage is that an American died while the state is enforcing tax collection on cigarettes. This is just absurd. People talk about the left..they want a big state, and they want a powerful state.  Well, here it is. You’ve got to take all of it. If you want a powerful state, there’s your police force acting on demands of the authorities who go out and make sure that every dime of tax is collected.  

Bingo. That’s why I still love Rush Limbaugh. 


two of my favorite ladies in one place by an artist I love.  guh.  brain just fused.

so, y'all know I love Zoro, right?  I really do.  and I love his canonical interactions with both of my girls.  but I also love them independent of him.  by themselves, singularly or together.  (because that meeting would be both cracky and awesome.)  I’d like to see more art and fic of both of them (especially Tashigi because she gets less love) being awesome just in and of their lovely selves.  because too often they are written/drawn as adjuncts to Zoro or (for Tashigi) Smoker, and there’s so much more to them than that.

in short, more love for these ladies would be adored and appreciated.