sunday! bikes


Hello friends!

I had a fun, active Sunday! I started out with doing another trail 5k (a bit short!) that the running club I’m in puts on for free. It was fun! And I didn’t get lost this time! Haha but trail running is sooo nice. It’s like a whole different world in the woods. I had a good time 😊

After the 5k I met my friends Bridget for a bike ride because she just got her first road bike! She did great and we just kept it nice and easy. So nice to have another biking buddy! Excited for her to start riding even more 🚴🏼‍♀️

Hope you all had good Sundays!


Ooti Bike Check - October 2017

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Tire Pressure: 70 PSI

Frame: Sunday Soundwave V2 20.75"

Fork: S&M Widemouth (26mm) cut flush with stem

Bars: Terrible One Classic 8.85″ USA’s cut to 26.5″

Stem: Profile Push 53mm

Cranks: Profile Column 165mm with Titanium spindle

Headset: FSA sealed

Grips: ODI Longneck ST

Bar Ends: Animal Plastic

Seat: Fiend Ty Morrow Vinyl Tripod

Seat Post: Cult Tripod

Seat Post Clamp: Profile Slim Jim

Sprocket: Madera Signet Guard Spline Drive 28t

Driver: Profile CrMo 9t

Pedals: Fly Plastic Ruben

Shoes: Vans vulcanized with thick soles

Chain: Cult 510

Front Wheel: Profile Mini Front Hub, Profile hex bolts, DT Spokes, Gsport Ribcage Rim

Rear Wheel: Profile Mini Cassette Hub, Profile Titanium axle, DT Spokes, Gsport Ribcage Rim

Front Tire: BSD Donnastreet 2.30"

Rear Tire: BSD Donnastreet 2.30"

Weight: 23 lbs.

Rear End: 13.5"

Mods: Cut the handlebars to 26.5″, cut the steerer tube flush with stem with no spacers, cut the rear axle flush with the axle nuts, cut the flanges off the grips

Notes: I’ve been wanting to try a Soundwave frame for about 6 years now as I like beefy, stiff frames (of which there are few) not to mention all the other cool things about it.  Compared to my Barcode frame, the Soundwave has a shorter rear end (13.5″), a lower bottom bracket (11.5″), a higher top tube (9″), and a longer as well as steeper head tube (75 degrees).  It also has the “Black Mag” rust-proof coating inside and out which I’m assuming is just an ED coating.  I had a Loosefer frame years ago with an ED coating and loved it so I’m happy to have that rust protection especially in New Orleans with all the rain and perpetual humidity.  It also has the Wave top and down tube which is supposed to make them more dent resistant and consequently make the frame more resistant to cracking which doesn’t really matter to me cause I don’t grind and baby my frames anyway.  The boxed chain stays look really beefy as well as stiff which is exactly what I want in a rear end.  This frame also provides clearance for bigger tires and I’d been wanting to try some that were slightly larger than the Hawk P-Lyte 2.20″’s for a while now.  I’m really digging the built-in chain tensioners and can’t believe I waited this long to try a frame that had them although I also want to try the Simple Wheel Slammer spacers to keep my wheel in place.  I’ve been riding a spline drive sprocket for a few years now and love it.  I recently downsized to a 28t spline drive sprocket when I finally realized that the 30t had been overkill for years and that I’d rather be spinning out on a 28t than ride a 30t.  I don’t grind or do sprocket stalls but I wanted a guard sprocket to keep oil off my pants as well as keep them and my shoe laces from getting caught in the chain.  It also helps keep oil off of you if your bike is laying down and you’re sitting on the sprocket side of the frame.  I got the Terrible One Classic bars in 8.85″ a while back and the geometry on them has consistently proven to be my favorite of any bars over the last 15 years.  The 8.85″ height with the Push Stem feels perfect to me and the 26.5″ width remains my favorite in the last 10 years after trying wider and narrower bars over the years, especially in regard to turndowns and tables.  Profile still makes the best hubs and ODI still makes the best grips.  I also switched to a steeper offset fork (26mm) and love it.  I feel like it’s more responsive and easier to balance on without losing any of the stability of a 30mm+ fork.  I’m liking the 2.3″ Donnastreet tires; they have a tear resistant silkworm casing just like the Ruben tires which I love and I like how they grip so far.  I also got a vinyl Ty Morrow Tripod seat and it’s super comfortable, well designed, and clean looking.  It seems like it could tear easily but it doesn’t touch the ground when I flip my bike upside down and I never throw my bike.  I still love the Tripod system.  I loved the Column cranks in 175mm but wanted to try shorter 165mm Column cranks as it seems like a lot of ramp, street, and trail riders are saying they allow more control and make certain tricks easier.  Lastly, I took my brakes off again.  I just can’t get away from how clean and simple a bike looks without brakes not to mention how fluid it forces you to be in your riding.  I never rode with my finger on the lever, I don’t do brake tricks, and there are no trails in or around New Orleans, not to mention New Orleans itself is very flat.  Not having brakes removes such a huge portion of bike maintenance as well which is super nice if you don’t have a lot of time to work on your bike.  I haven’t had enough time on the Soundwave to really form an opinion on how I like the geometry, not to mention the fact that I put on shorter cranks and bigger tires at the same time but time will tell.  I’m really excited to ride and get used to this bike.  It’s amazing to look at how far BMX technology has come in the last 20 years and it never stops improving and innovating.

Thanks for reading!

Froot Loops and Dinosaurs

A Modern!Au where Finn and Rey are a young couple in their mid-twenties, raising their four year-old daughter Sola in a quiet little neighborhood. Finn works as a Pediatrician and Rey is the proud owner of an Auto Repair shop that’s not too far from her daughter’s pre-school. 

Little Sola is a well-mannered, but curious peanut who has an obsession with dinosaurs and loves to eat Fruit Loops for breakfast and dinner. Her favorite color is blue, she loves playing dress up with her mommy, goes on Sunday bike rides with daddy and watches My Little Pony with her godfather Poe. 

Life is just filled with fruit loops and dinosaurs. 


Story time. I never really explained why I was so intimidated by the bike portion of the Triathlon. Or why it took me almost two months into my training to finally ride a bike outside. Or why that hour I spent on the bike on Sunday was one of the meaningful, emotional experiences I’ve had in the last few years.  

The last time I went on a bike ride was my junior year of college. I was not at my highest weight at the time but was on my way there. A friend convinced me to rent a bike with her and spend the afternoon on the trail. She was much more fit than I was and at some point she biked ahead and I was alone. By this point, I was feeling exhausted but kept pedaling forward. Well, a runner caught up with me and felt the need to stop and tell me “someone that big and going that slow should not be riding on this trail.” My heart sank and I felt completely destroyed. It wasn’t the first time in my life I had been called out for being bigger, but for some reason these words hurt more than usual. I got off the trail at the next entrance, called my friend pretending I had hurt my ankle, and we took a bus home from there. 

Even though it might not seem like a big deal, that moment stayed with me for a very long time. Since then, I have spent hundreds of miles running on that same trail and have seen people of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels rightfully enjoying their time on it. But for some reason, I couldn’t shake that experience. Sure, I may have lost a significant amount of weight and run two marathons since then but for some reason I couldn’t accept that her words didn’t define me. 

So, I like to think of Sunday’s race as finally coming full circle with that experience. It took a lot to put that moment behind me and get on a bike again. Those 15 miles, and all the practice rides that helped me get there, set me free. I may have done the race on my brother’s old bike from High School while getting constantly passed, but I felt like the most accomplished person out there. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’e not worthy of doing something.