OK-in an earlier post, I mentioned that in the U.S. Sirius Hits One was playing Where Do Broken Hearts Go over this past weekend which is a bit strange since they are typically a Top 40 Singles station.  I was intrigued as I’ve seen a few people mention something similar and I also received an ask a while back.  Since I don’t have Sirius myself (it’s in my husband’s car), I looked further into it to see if this was a one off or something they often do.  What I found:  it looks as if this is unique.  Literally, all of the  other songs on their frequently played list have been released as singles. I went through almost the full list but I won’t include all of the screenshots or this post would be too long.  As a simple comparison, I will include 1D, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeren.  Interestingly, WDBHG was played more than Night Changes.  Also of interest to me was the fact that Taylor and Ed have more frequent song play.  Finally, for Taylor and Ed, their most recently released singles get played more frequently than the previous ones (i.e., for Taylor “Style” gets played more than Blank Space or Shake it Off) so if that is a pattern (which makes sense), the station is treating WDBHG as if it is the most recently released single…and it is not/has not been released as a single at all. I don’t know what any of this means but it is interesting so thought I’d share.  Here are the songs played today, May 4th.

One Direction
2One DirectionWhere Do Broken Hearts Go5/4/20153:42:34 PM
2One DirectionWhere Do Broken Hearts Go5/4/20154:44:41 AM
2One DirectionNight Changes5/4/20152:14:05 AM
2One DirectionNight Changes5/4/20152:14:04 AM
2One DirectionWhere Do Broken Hearts Go5/4/201512:45:27 AM

Taylor Swift
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20153:57:40 PM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20152:38:29 PM
2Taylor SwiftBlank Space5/4/20151:16:16 PM
2Taylor SwiftBlank Space5/4/20151:16:15 PM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/201512:37:16 PM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/201510:58:04 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/201510:58:03 AM
2Taylor SwiftBlank Space5/4/201510:19:27 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20159:33:54 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20158:07:41 AM
2Taylor SwiftShake It Off5/4/20157:47:28 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20156:33:28 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20155:20:51 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/20153:48:00 AM
2Taylor SwiftBlank Space5/4/20153:13:16 AM
2Taylor SwiftShake It Off5/4/20151:38:34 AM
2Taylor SwiftStyle5/4/201512:37:03 AM

Ed Sheeran
2Ed SheeranDon’t5/4/20154:08:10 PM
2Ed SheeranDon’t5/4/20154:08:10 PM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20152:56:52 PM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20151:23:20 PM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/201511:36:16 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/201510:06:06 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/201510:06:04 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20158:38:04 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20158:38:04 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20157:22:08 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20157:22:07 AM
2Ed SheeranSing5/4/20156:46:17 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20155:58:18 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20153:44:04 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/20153:44:03 AM
2Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud5/4/201512:55:42 AM

Also, here is a link to a list of songs that can be requested by the station.  I started going through the list one by one and basically, I got through the majority but not the full list and all of them were singles. With the exception of WDBHG.

Again, I don’t know what any of this means.  [Shrugs.]  Perhaps someone with industry knowledge can comment?  The only person I could think of was sundy

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sunday evening reminders:
  • if you have a test this week, don’t stress about it too much. you’ve studied hard and you’re going to do the best you can
  • if you have a group project/presentation due, it’s going to go well (even if you were the only one who ended up doing all the work). group projects are always stressful, but you’ve come out of this one on top. 
  • if you have a job interview this week, don’t let your nerves get the best of you. you are the best you there is so if they don’t want to hire you, they’re sorely missing out. something better will come along, i promise.
  • and if life is just getting you down, don’t forget to breathe. try doing yoga or meditating.  remember that even the worst days will eventually end and then you can start fresh in the morning. 

you can handle this week, no matter what it throws at you. don’t ever forget your own strength.