“All that has a beginning by necessity must have an end. In destruction, truly nothing is destroyed but the illusion of individuality. Thus the power of destruction associated with Lord Shiva has great purifying power, both on a more personal level when problems make us see reality more clearly, as on a more universal level. Destruction opens the path for a new creation of the universe, a new opportunity for the beauty and drama of universal illusion to unfold. As Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram or Truth, Goodness and Beauty, Shiva represents the most essential goodness.”

Unleash Your Energy with Real Yoga

The term ‘yoga’, for many, means physical postures, and that too twisted, impossible ones. But that’s not the rendition of yoga I am referring to here.

Yoga simultaneously means to be in perfect tune. Your body, mind, spirit and existence are in absolute harmony. When you fine-tune yourself to such a point where everything functions beautifully within you, the best of your abilities will just flow out of you.

When you’re happy, your energies always function better. In fact, when you’re happy, you have ceaseless energy. Even if you don’t eat or sleep, it doesn’t matter; you can go on and on. So just knowing a little happiness liberates you from your normal limitations of energy and capability.

Yoga is the science of activating your inner energies in such a way that your body, mind and emotions function at their highest peak.

When your body and mind function in a completely different state of relaxation and a certain level of bliss, you can be released from most suffering. You come to your office, and you have a nagging headache.

Modern science tells you that the whole of existence is just energy manifesting itself in different ways. Though all of us are made of the same energy, we don’t function at the same level of capability. What you call capability, talent, ability or creativity, these are just a particular way in which your energy functions.

The same energy, in one plant, creates rose flowers; in another, it creates jasmine. By gaining a bit of mastery over your own energies, you will see things that you never imagined possible, you will do them simply and naturally.

The same mud with which we construct huge buildings, is also used to build little huts. What you call a computer is dug out of the earth. We thought we could only dig mud and make pots or bricks out of it. Now we dig the earth and make computers, cars, and even spacecraft out of it. It’s the same energy; we have just started using it for higher possibilities. Our inner energies, too, are like that.

There is a whole technology of applying this energy for higher possibilities. Each one of us must explore and know this. Otherwise, life becomes limited and accidental; you get to do only what you’re exposed to. Once you start activating your inner energies, your capabilities happen in a different sphere altogether. Yoga is a tool to find ultimate expression to life.

By K.Nagori
What You Do After Work Determines Your Future
Five Tips To Impact Your Future

This article is not animation related per se, but the tips and advice in the article is pretty extraordinary, and can be related to your animation goals and career. 

Here is a brief take from the article, and you can read it when you have time:

1. What You Do Every Night is Important. Will you spend more time watching tv/videos/video games? Will you take time to working towards your future position/job? Take time to practice what you want to do for a lifetime.

2. Do More Reading. Take time to read (offline if possible). Read about science, history, technology, things that you are intrigued to know, but have yet to venture in. Then, transfer your new knowledge into your work and group.

3. Do Some Projects. Do not wait for someone to give you a chance to work on a project. Create one yourself, and apply the knowledge you just learned or currently learning. Create deadlines for those projects, to keep your activity sharp. 

4. Build Your Network. Connect with those in the area(s) you want to be in, and build your network. You cannot achieve your dreams/goals alone.

5. Start Making the Change Tonight. Begin finding at least 30 minutes to an hour of your time to focus on what you want to improve on and change. 

I do hope this inspires you and motivate you to continue practicing and achieving your goals in animation. Don’t give up, there’s just one more frame that can take you to the next level! 

Sisters with ‘Two Girls’, 2001

Vivan Sundaram

Vivan Sundaram est l'un des artistes contemporains les plus reconnus aujourd’hui en Inde. Né en 1943 et formé à l’université de Baroda et à Londres, il expose depuis le milieu des années 60 des sculptures, des installations, des vidéos ou des œuvres photographiques. Avec Re-take of Amrita, il revisite l’histoire de sa famille en détournant des photographies réalisées par son grand-père Umrao Sher Gil.