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I can't believe Chris went to a gay bar with Zach for his birthday, I can't even compute it

It’s amazing how sometimes we’ll go months without a sighting or anything like that, and then all of a sudden, BAM. Amazing thing happens. Like Sundance. Or that Brothers in Arms picture. And then it’s like squeal x a million all over again. I LOVE IT. I will never escape these two idiots, and that is a-okay with me.

In the mornings while I’m riding the bus to campus, I listen to hipster music so I can feel like I’m the main character of a Sundance film

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u have a character named petrichor, tell us some about them :o

Yeah! I’ve had her for two years now actually! 

here’s a more recent drawing of her (from this sketchbook page o’ mine)

She’s a cait sith in my bounty hunter story! She’s Cita’s familiar and she’s about 11 years old (she ages like a regular human, but her mind matures a little faster). Despite her young age, Corey mastered many advanced magic spells and is seen as a child kitten prodigy.

Personality-wise, Corey has a HUGE ego. She loves it when people compliment/praise her, but hates it when people treat her like a regular cat (actually she hates it when people look down on her in any way). She’s very sassy and a bit of a jealous type (she’s very rude to Sundance because she hates how everyone loves her so much), and she can be rather immature/petty at times when she lets this jealousy of hers take over. Corey’s also a bit of a flirt and often makes somewhat inappropriate comments about the three boys on their team (mostly about Aaron, whom she has a one-sided crush on).  

Another fun fact is that she gave everyone on the team a nickname. She never refers to anyone by their real name. (Cita is “boss”, Kin is “Bambi”, Sun is “Sundae”, Aaron’s “Handsome”, and Leaf is “Leafie”). 

Ahh sorry for blabbering ;; it just means a lot to me whenever someone shows interest in my OCs ;w; 


Short interview with Matt during the premiere of Breathe In at Sundance 2013

(one of his first interviews ever)


The Witch

Sundance winner, The Witch has an extremely creepy trailer. The movie is about a family of  Puritanical Christians who take their five kids and move them to a completely isolated patch of wilderness to live a simple and peaceful life. Of course that’s when all the creepy stuff starts to happen. The movie also does a great job with the gorgeous cinematography. It will be out in 2016.


Graphic artist and professor Phoebe Gloeckner had an unconventional upbringing. When she was 15, she lost her virginity to an older man — who also happened to be her mother’s boyfriend. Gloeckner chronicled the experience in her teenage diaries, which she put aside and then revisited when she found them decades later.

“I remember I opened the box with the diaries and I was just stunned to start reading,” Gloeckner tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “To hear this child’s voice, kind of, talking to me as an adult, it felt like it was crying out to be heard.”

In 2002, Gloeckner detailed the turmoil of her teenage years in the semi-autobiographical graphic novel The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Eight years later, actress Marielle Heller adapted the book and starred in a New York theatrical production. More recently, she directed a movie version of the work, with Bel Powley as a teenage girl named Minnie, and Kristen Wiig as her mother.

A ‘Diary’ Unlocked: A Teenage Coming-Of-Age Story Put On Film

On casting Bel Powley as Minnie

Heller: In my mind, I kind of quantified the type of beauty I was looking for as being something different than the sort of traditional “hottie” … young actress. I wanted somebody who was strikingly beautiful in a weird way, in a way that she might not know how beautiful she was, but that it was the type of beauty an older man would see and be drawn to, and that maybe even boys her own age don’t yet know how special she is, but there is something there that is really amazing, and that you want to look at.

But I also wanted to cast somebody who felt like a real human being, that never felt like they were this airbrushed Disney version of what a teenage girl looks like. I wanted to feel like she was me — so she needed to be little normal. She had to have a normal-ish body; she had to have normal-ish features; she couldn’t look like a model had stepped off a page. And Bel had all of those qualities. She has these strikingly beautiful eyes that draw you in, that tell you everything you need to know, which are really similar to Phoebe’s eyes — which are really similar to my eyes. In some ways, we all have big, intense eyes, and Bel had this face that I just wanted to look at.

Hear a review of the film. 

Kristen Wiig as Charlotte Goetze, Bel Powley as Minnie Goetze and Alex-ander Skarsgard as Monroe 

Photo by Sam Emerson, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics