sundance 13

In the new BBC drama series The A Word, English actor Christopher Eccleston plays Morris, the grandfather of an autistic 5 year-old boy. He spoke to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about the role, how the HBO series The Leftovers challenged his religious beliefs, and Brexit. 

“Morris is making the classic mistake, which I made with my father when he began to suffer from vascular dementia, of trying to bring my father – and Morris tries to bring the boy – into Morris’ world, where in fact what you have to do is you have to go into their world and play it by their rules. That is the journey for the entire family, dealing with the individual rather than dealing with the condition, because there is a very specific individual in there.” 

The A Word is coming to the Sundance Channel on July 13. It’s a six-part series. 

Hear the interview.