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Every Me And Every You - Twenty Seven

Dinner was as fun as ever, Rossi entertaining the group as you ate with stories and anecdotes, and Morgan and Penelopes flirtatious banter having you all rolling your eyes and laughing at them.

Being the last two to the table, you and Reid had been left with no choice but to take the seats that remained, two seats that were next to each other.

Halfway through dinner you felt his hand on your knee, your leg hitting the table in surprise earning looks from everyone else at the loud bang you made.

“Sorry, cramp in my leg… ” you gave as an explanation.

“You should have some tonic water, Y/N. The quinine in it helps with leg cramps.”
Spencer reeled off his usual random facts about how much quinine it would take to ease cramps and eventually the group resumed their previous conversation, Spencer’s hand still on your leg.

You took a swig of your wine, murmuring under your breath to him. “I thought we weren’t mixing business and pleasure. That was your rule wasn’t it?”

He made a show of dabbing his mouth with the napkin and whispering back, “Well that was before you decided to wear that thing around your neck. And technically, we’re not at work.”

His hand inched higher during the dessert course, fingertips grazing the strip of skin between your socks and the dress hem, drawing patterns on your leg.

You busied yourself eating the ice-cream sundae that you’d ordered, seeing Spencer eyeing it up on the table before announcing to the team, “I had the best ice-cream sundae a few weeks ago you know. It was at this little cafe just off second. Their presention was amazing, and they had wafers shaped like Disney characters. I had a Snow White one. It tasted like nothing I’ve ever had before.”

You were going to kill him. You were going to actually kill him.

“Do you remember the name of the place Reid? Disney themed sundaes, I bet Jack would love that,” Hotch asked him.

You almost choked, covering your mouth with your napkin and quickly glugging down more wine. Spencer’s lip start to twitch, curling into a smirk.

“Suprisingly for me, no. I happened across it by accident. I don’t normally go down that road, but I’ll be sure to check next time I’m there. It’s amazing what you find when you go down routes you’ve not travelled before.” His hand moved higher and your legs involuntarily parted. He suddenly brushed his fingers up the centre of your panties and then retracted his hand completely, dipping his fingers into the leftover ice-cream that was melting in your sundae dish and then licking them.

“I fucking hate you right now,” you muttered to him.

“Lies, all lies,” he shot back quietly.

You finished your food and drinks and paid up, Rossi pushing everyone’s money away and insisting that tonight was on him. After a few protests, you all gave in. The man did live in a mansion after all.

Rossi and Aaron bid you all goodbye and you left the restaurant. Aaron had to get back for the sitter and Rossi had no intention of “surrounding himself with sweaty bodies grinding up against him.” There was only certain situations where he allowed that, he told the group, and that wasn’t in a club.

That left you, Reid, Morgan, Penny and Emily and you made your way around to the club.

You paid your covers and headed to the bar, Derek getting two rounds of shots in and handing the brightly coloured glasses out to you all.

“On three, 1 2 3,” he shouted to be heard over the din of the music. Everyone raised their glasses, downing the first drink and pulling various faces at the sour flavoured liquid.

He passed the next lot around, counting to three again and you repeated the exercise.

“Blurgh…. ” You shook your head, that one had tasted of liquorice, a flavour you hated. You leant over the bar signalling for a bottle of water and paying, swigging down the aqua to remove the foul taste from your mouth.

“You okay?” Spencer asked, concerned that you’d switched to water so soon. You’d consumed almost a full bottle of wine in the restaurant, and that and the two shots had you feeling nicely buzzed.

“Liquorice. I hate it. Need to get rid of the taste,” you told him swallowing more water down.

“Ah okay. I thought maybe you’d had too much to drink and perhaps needed an escort home.” His lips were close to your ear so you could hear him.

“Excellent idea Dr Reid, but we need to stay here for a tad longer first. The girls know how much I can drink so they won’t buy that I’m wasted yet. Give it an hour or so and then I’ll act up.”

“I’m not sure I can wait that long, Snow.” His head was bent low again. You looked over and saw Emily looking at your exchange curiously, her eyes narrowed. You nudged Spencer quickly and then grabbed Garcia’s wrist.

“Girl let’s dance, I love this song.”

You dragged her to the dance floor, Emily and Derek following you both shortly after that, Spencer leaning on the railing at the edge of the dance space, watching you and sipping from a beer. Spencer rarely danced and it was too much of a fight to get him to join you. On the occasions he’d been out with you lot before, he seemed content to stand and watch and you all normally took it in turns to keep him company.

Penelope grinded her hips against you as a familiar Rhianna song kicked in.

“Na Na Na Na Na, Come on.”

You smiled to yourself, dancing against her and Derek and watching as a boy who had to be at least fifteen years younger than Emily started dancing up against her. She went with it, linking her arms around the guys neck and raising her eyebrows at you.

You sung along with the music, catching Spencer’s eye as you mouthed along to the chorus, you both laughing at how absurd it was that you were dancing to this.

A few songs later and Emily’s new friend friends had slinked over and were trying to dance with you. You didn’t mind too much and when you spun around, you saw Spencer with an amused look at on his face.

The heavy beat of another song kicked in, one of the guys grabbing your hips and dancing with you, your back to his front.

You danced against him, feeling increasingly uncomfortable suddenly as the sexy sound of Trent Reznor’s voice blasted through the speakers.

“You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you,
You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you”

You felt warm, the boy’s hands trailing across your stomach. You looked over at Spencer and he no longer looked amused anymore. You raised your hands to your hair, lifting it slightly and then touching the collar and staring at him.

When the chorus kicked in, he licked his lips and looked upwards and then over to a staircase that was in a dark corner.

The bar was on two floors and there was a girls bathroom on the second floor that hardly anyone ever used.

He repeated his glances again and then looked pointedly at you. You understood what he was saying and you broke free of the boy’s grasp.

“I’ll be back shortly. Bathroom and then drink,” you yelled over the music and started making your way across the dance floor, pushing through the throngs of bodies.

As you climbed the staircase you looked back to see that Spencer had given you a few minutes head start before he planted his beer down and pushed off the railing starting to follow the same path you’d taken.

Finding the bathroom you saw that it was empty as predicted. You’d never figured out why the club even opened this bathroom, there were two other toilets on both floors, it had always seem a waste of space. But right now, you were glad.

You made your way into a cubicle and waited for Spencer.

What neither of you had seen, was Emily catching your glances at each other, seeing you leave the floor first and then Reid following you minutes later.

Title: Banana Split 

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Day 5 of 20. Feedback? Always welcome! (And if you guys requested these stories, let me know if you like them?)  

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You walked back to the table from the restroom, willing yourself to make it through the rest of the night. Your best friend had dragged you out on a double date, and here you were, stuck in a booth beside William. He seemed nice enough, but the conversation was dull and you didn’t seem to have much in common. You had come to help your friend, to be her wing-woman; but she seemed to be doing fine on her own. Sliding back into booth, your rolled your eyes when you glanced across the table; your friend practically on the lap of her date. 

“For fuck’s sake.” you muttered under your breath. You thought you were being quiet enough in this noisy restaurant, but William had heard you. 

“Do you want a ride home?” he whispered, clearly uncomfortable with the situation at hand.

“Oh God, yes.” you blurted out. “Sorry, not because of you. This whole… situation… it’s just weird.” you clarified, grabbing your coat and pulling yourself out of the booth. You shrugged it on, William sliding out of the booth behind you. You noticed he was taller than you had originally noticed in the dim lighting of the restaurant. You took a step towards the door, a voice stopping you in your tracks.

“Where are you guys going?” your friend asked, finally breaking eye contact with her date; realizing you were heading outside.

“Home.” you said, straightening your coat. 

“Have fun.” she giggled, wiggling her eyebrows at you at you and William. 

“That’s not what I meant.” you muttered, rolling your eyes . “Text me when you get home.” you sighed, noticing all her attention had gone back to her date . William tilted his head, motioning for you to follow him, knowing that any attempts to get her attention would fail. He held the door for you, exiting the restaurant into the clear Toronto night.

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Hello! WCIF the flower in the white vase, ice cream dish, and sundae (I think?), if you don't mind me asking! :) Thank you very much


Rose is from here, it’s part of the bohemian set from the store but i think you can get it for free from here!

Sundae here

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Sapphiren walked into the Devil May Cry. She wasn’t surprised to see her boyfriend, feet kicked up on his desk and reading some crap magazine on recent celebrity events. With an open box of half a pizza gone and an empty ice-cream sundae dish. She guessed strawberry.

“Still a mess. how many times do Patty and I have to clean up after you?” she asked, slighty annoyed, as the door closed behind her.