Skincare Basics: Why You Should Wear Sunscreen

You’ve probably heard the phrase “wear sunscreen every day” so many times that it’s beginning to sound a bit like a broken record, BUT wearing sunscreen every day is something we should all do and it’s the key essential for keeping your skin protected from environmental damage. Whether you work outdoors, walk to work, take public transport or work in a stuffy office your skin is most likely going to suffer.

Wearing Sunscreen every day may seem like a waste of time and energy, but the environment can still take its toll on your skin even if you’re not at the beach.. Daily sunscreen use has SO many benefits and those reasons alone should make you want to reach for your SPF 30. 

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Shield Your Skin From the Sun with La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Sunscreen

I have been using a tube of Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen SPF 60 on a daily basis after my showers at the gym. I started getting cystic acne and clogged pores. My skin was in a bad condition and nothing else in my skincare has changed besides my sunscreen. I was amazed at how many chemicals that were in the sunscreen, and it was a sunscreen meant for babies. Luckily, I used the sunscreen instead of my infant son.

I was browsing at my local Target and a fellow shopper recommended the La Roche-Posay Broad Spectrum SPF50. Though the ingredient list was long, I tried on the sunscreen in-store and was amazed at how quickly it absorbed into my skin! It left minimal to no-white cast! Amazing! I always end up looking like a pale white ghost after using many different kinds of mineral sunscreens.

I’ve been working in Silicon Valley/San Jose area and the sun is shining bright most of the time. I haven’t gotten one sunburn from driving in traffic thanks to this lightweight sunscreen. I can also pack on my BB cream on top of this sunscreen without looking like  I caked my face. 

The SPF 50 in this sunscreen is more than enough for my daily needs. I love how it only has mineral sunscreen ingredients, as my skin is sensitive to chemical sunscreens. The French really do make amazing skincare products!

Applied onto skin:

My sunscreens in rotation after my breakout from Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen:

Which sunscreens are you using now?

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Sunscreen is back with an updated look (and feel! and scent!) just in time for summer. We now carry a plethora of cutting-edge sun protection that works hand-in-hand with your beauty routine. Ready to have fun with your makeup while staying sun safe? Us, too. Below, we outline four new favorites. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Multitaskers, take note: This product can be your treatment, primer, and sun protection all in one. While the best part of putting on this invisible formula is that it instantly makes other things you wish were invisible seem to go away (i.e. it helps blur imperfections), this sunscreen also fights visible signs of aging and leaves you with a smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup. This clear suncare is playing the long game and the short game when it comes to beauty benefits, and as we all know: The only thing better than winning is winning twice.

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

Many of us begin our mornings on top of our suncare game—we apply sunscreen first, and then follow with the rest of our makeup. But here’s the tricky part: we know we’re supposed to re-apply sunscreen every two hours, but who wants to do that after they’ve applied their contouring? This mist is brilliant because not only does it allow you to reapply your sunscreen over your makeup, but its spray formula also helps set your existing makeup while reducing any pesky shine with its matte finish. And by the way: Its rosemary scent is pure heaven. We’d spray it on just for its mood-lifting benefits—the fact that it has sun protection is just an added bonus.

MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA-UVB Sunscreen

The creation of this fabulous formula was inspired by skin cancer survivors who wanted to enjoy the great outdoors without having to wear heavy, greasy, white sun protection. Silky, lightweight, and tinted, this mineral sunscreen also acts as a primer by evening skintone with a matte finish. Try it once, and you might just get addicted—it makes you feel beautiful and protected.

AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

Cool format alert! Whether your complexion color or suncare are on your mind, this compact is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups regarding both. Pat on the product with the sponge for light-buildable, longwearing coverage—and enjoy hydrating (thanks bamboo sap!), color-treating benefits. Trust us: When you pull out this sleek, mirrored encasement from your purse and casually mention you’re just putting on some sun protection, your friends will be jealous.



The tennis star and CEO talk suncare, skincare, and their new partnership.

International tennis star Maria Sharapova and Supergoop! CEO and founder Holly Thaggard have a few things in common. They share the same flaxen hair, an obsession with sun protection—and now, ownership of Supergoop!, the prestige skincare line Thaggard dedicated completely to sun safety. Below, the two powerhouses discuss suncare, their own skincare routines, and the first time someone yelled at them to put on sunscreen.  MELISSA LANE

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Do you remember the first time you were told to use sun protection?

HOLLY THAGGARD: Sunscreen was definitely not viewed as a necessity when I was growing up. I was born in the seventies, when sunscreen labeling was first introduced. People didn’t quite yet understand the permanent damage that could come from the sun.  In fact, a base tan was considered healthy! Because I was blonde and had fair skin, I suffered through many sunburns as a child. I was on a beach trip, probably in seventh or eighth grade, when a parent suggested I apply sunscreen.

MS: Did you listen?

HT: Yes, I listened and it was a good experience not being sunburned! But, it wasn’t until my late 20s when a close friend of mine was diagnosed with melanoma that I really took this practice to heart. In fact, that friend was the inspiration for this company.

MS: At a very young age, my mom told me, “Your skin won’t be young and smooth forever.” She stressed the importance of sunscreen, especially as a tennis player.

HT: And did you listen?

MS: I did! I’ve spent the majority of my days outside in the sun since I was young. I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects a life in the sun can do, and so it’s made me that much more diligent with my sun protection efforts. What does your daily routine look like?

HT: When I’m not in testing mode, I first reach for our Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 and drench my entire body with it right out of the shower. I then apply our City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 to my face, neck, and décolleté, followed by our Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37—360 degrees round of my eyes, which I also sometimes dab around the lip area. Next I use beautyblender® to even out my skintone with our CC Cream Light-Medium SPF 35. What do you use?

MS: If I am playing or training I start each day with Everyday Sunscreen with CRT SPF 50, and reapply every few hours. On days that I’m not playing and don’t need the water resistance, City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 is my go-to as a morning moisturizer. When I’m traveling, I love to keep the Sun-Defying Oil SPF 50. Can I ask what inspired it? It has a really uplifting pomegranate, citrus fragrance.

HT: I was really encouraged by the team at Sephora to bring this product to market. I’ve always loved how bath oils feel on the skin—how luxurious and hydrating they are and how they make your skin glow. So, I felt if we could layer in a foundation of broad-spectrum SPF, we could get the benefits of my favorite beauty oils and also prevent UV-induced photoaging.

MS: It’s probably my favorite at the moment. The lightweight feel, nourishment, and sheen it provides make it a pleasure to apply, rather than feeling like I’m completing a chore of putting sunscreen on.

HT: Pop quiz: In five words or less, why is daily sun protection so important?

MS: Healthy, protected, beautiful, youthful skin. Your turn!

HT: Respect the sun and enjoy staying young. Wait, is that more than five?



So for anyone who’s read my other posts, you’ll know that occasionally I like to do a single post about a product that everyone is freaking out about rather than spreading the reviews out over multiple ones. Today, we’re going to talk about one of my recent favourite review panics, the Sephora Sun Safety Kit Drama Extravaganza 2014. Stay with me, because this is going to be a fun journey. 

Sephora does their Sun Safety Kit every year and it always contains a bunch of sunscreens, bronzers, and whatever else they can jam in an ugly bag that you can cart around beach resorts if you have no taste. Because people like to pretend that they are super into sun care whenever summer rolls around (summer skin care is like a second new years because everyone’s like, “Oooh, I’m going to wear sunscreen every day!” and then fucking stops after a week because they want an even tan or are lazy or cheap or are like, “Ooooooooh, I don’t burn, I just get a little brown and hey what’s this mole doing here oh no.” Sunscreen is like the gym: We all think we’re going to do it but give up after two weeks, and the only people who are super dedicated about it are frothing maniacs who are like YOU NEED TO TAKE A SPIN CLASS WHILE WEARING A PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN RAAAAAAWGH) the kit sells out after about 10 minutes, making it highly, highly coveted by a lot of people.

This year, the kit was first sold in stores (if you asked for it) and to VIB Rouges, then VIBs, then the general public. Apparently there was an email sent out just after it went to general sale, but most people appear to have gotten there too late and the precious, precious sunscreen bag was gone. Naturally, people reacted by going, “Oh well, maybe next year” and shelling out for a full-size bottle of a sunscreen that they like.

Hahahaha, just kidding! They became fucking raving lunatics because they couldn’t get $30 worth of sunscreen and took to the review section of the page to vent their anger in increasingly useless and stupid ways. Come, let’s take a look! Watch out, my hands are a little greasy from all the sunscreen because I actually got one of those kits and AHAHAHAHAHA WHO’S LAUGHING NOW MOTHERFUCKER? ME, IT’S OBVIOUSLY ME BECAUSE I HAVE THE SUNSCREEN, I HOLD THE POWER AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, you can break down the reviews into three categories. The most common (at least until the Sephora admins went through a deleted a bunch of them like DRAMA-HATING BUZZKILLS) were basically one star reviews from people who either couldn’t buy the product because it wasn’t open for public sale yet or couldn’t get it because it was sold out online. These reviews were amazing and frothy in that way that only incredibly entitled people can be when faced with not getting what they want right now. It’s like toddlers, but with more money!

Basically, you can take this review by Georgia1515:

“Just got the email and it’s out of stock ??!!

How is this possible ?”

And repeat it 40 billion times. HOW DARE THEY NOT CATER TO MEEEEEEE.

The next set is the group of people who are outraged that they can’t just buy it online and have to go to a STORE like some sort of COMMON PERSON. I get that not everyone has a Sephora down the block from them (hell, I live in England where we have zero, so suck on that popsicle, fools), but still, it’s like… the most first world problem possible. Examples:

From ruviolet7:

“I am taking off points for the fact that I had to visit a store to purchase it as well. If this kit is in high demand, then Sephora should do just want other high-end stores do limit the number you are allowed to purchase per buyer and call it day. It’s pretty obvious that this a dodgy business tactic to create marketing buzz.”


Thankfully, some people were able to get it in stores and give us gems like this:

rlbrue: “I clicked ok on the store finder in the EmIl uhh received and found out o not 1 more store in Des Moines had these left so I ran there and got one!! So excited :)”

Schwabe: “This kit was available online..I bought it.”

External image

Finally, you have the FUCK FAKE TANNERS people who bought the kit, only to be faced with the fact that a bunch of the items are tan-related. Personally, I’m not a fake-baker nor do I use bronzer that much, but it’s not like these items are a surprise or anything. They’re not pulling the beach blanket over your eyes here, people! It’s listed right there! JUST READ SOMETHING GODDAMNIT. Examples:

Baileybaily: “My only reason for giving this kit a 4 is a lack of real variety. The products are all great brands and great products, I’ve only used a few so far, but I feel like I may never end up using half of them because if I find one that works for me I would just get the full size, I don’t really need 6 or 7 different sunscreens and self tanners… Maybe this wasn’t the right kit to buy, but I am happy with the products! Just wish there were more options, like maybe two bronzer options, or a blush or something. I know waterproof makeup is less sun related but even that would be fun! I’m not that familiar with "sun safety” to begin with, but it can’t be this redundant :/“

I’m bolding that for how dumb it sounds. 

cattlexbruiser: ”[…] So if you have pale skin, when you get this kit you can just immediately throw away 30% of the products because they aren’t even worth testing.

I returned mine. Why won’t Sephora make one for pale skin, you know, the people who really use a lot of sunscreens??? I would love a sunscreen sampler kit but I don’t want anything to do with bronzer or fake tans.“

YEAH FUCK TRYING NEW THINGS. Also, again, the fake tanning products were not a surprise. You knew they were in there, there’s a fucking product list right there goddamnit. 

chla: "How can they call this a "sun safety” kit when less than half of the products in it are actually sunscreen? I do not use bronzer or self-tanner, and I already have a million mini Fresh Sugar lip balms (it’s been Sephora’s free birthday gift for, like years!) so this kit is almost completely useless to me. I usually look forward to this kit every year because it stocks me up on sunscreen for summer travel. But I can’t justify spending $32 + tax when more than half the items in this kit will just get tossed or given away.“

I never tried it but I hate it, one star.

I’m sad that a lot of the best reviews are gone from the Sephora site now, but hey, there’s always next year.

External image

summer lovin'

…happens so fast! I don’t know about that but what I do know is that I burn super fast in the Cape Town sun. Beach days have never been fun for me. I usually go home the shade of a pale red crayon and have on one (ok three) occassions developed blisters. The damage I’ve potentially caused my skin is terrifying. Now wearing factor 50 just isn’t conducive to getting a slight tan, nor is it sexy being a pale shade of sunscreen, and clearly I can’t go without. Self tan odour is not the greatest either (before I discovered ModelCo - more on that later!).

I’m sure this has been around for ages but I’ve just discovered this product now. It’s Piz Buin’s Tan Intensifier with a built in SPF of 30. I was sceptical at first as I’ve never gotten the slightest colour with factor 30 but Piz Buin clearly knows what they are doing. I spent a good 4 hours on the beach, reapplied once, and went home with not event the slightest sunburn and probably the darketst natural tan I’ve ever had. I was thrilled! This stuff is liquid gold for me. Oh and it smells amazeballs.

It is rather pricey - about R230 from Dischem but it seems like the bottle will go a long way and I don’t mind shelling out a bit extra to keep my skin protected and to have a colour that finally resembles summer :)


♛ REVIEW I The Face Shop: Aqua Tinted BB Cream SPF20/PA++ in Natural Beige

     Great rainy day my gorgeous reader! I hope you’re not wet. If you are, make sure to take a quick hot shower to wash away the bacteria and to prevent sickness. Today’s blog post is about The Face Shop's Aqua Tinted BB Cream SPF20/PA++ in Natural Beige. Actually this is not scheduled for today, supposed to be my review is about Etude House’s LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Gloss in #4. As you know know, or if you don’t, you must first give the product/s 1-2weeks trial. Because our skin is adjusting to the different ingredients the product/s contain/s. But because of the public demand and my excitement to try the product, I USED IT AGAD.


♔ The Face Shop's Aqua Tinted BB Cream SPF20/PA++ in Natural Beige (P495)


     With a 70% MOISTURE CONTENT, including DEEP SEA WATER, a light application provides a sense of coolness and freshness the moment it touches the skin.


Here are some photos of the product and some swatches:


     Sorry for the slightly blurred photo. It is really hard to focus this one, but I hope you can see how long the suspender is. Well, I really don’t know what the exact term is, but it functions like a suspender. It prevents spills and product waste.



     Water like consistency :)


Without flash:


With flash:


♥ L O V E S ♥

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It has a simple, yet decent packaging.
  • It has SPF20/PA++.
  • It is water-based.
  • It suits any skin type.
  • It has a light fresh scent.
  • It leaves my skin soft, smooth, refreshed and light. So light it, you can’t even feel you’re wearing anything on.
  • It gives an instant healthy glow.


♥ N E U T R A L ♡

  • The slightly dewy finish.
  • It has an average oil control power.
  • It has a natural finish.


V E R D I C T ♀

[ RATED: ☆ ★ ★ ★ ★ ]

     The product is good but wasn’t great enough for me. Uhm the coverage is decent enough to cover minor blemishes or flaws. That being said, I don’t recommend this to those who want more coverage. The slightly dewy finish makes skin look healthy. But if you have an oily skin you may not like this or just use translucent powder to mattify the look. I am having a love-hate relationship with this product right now, but I am hoping to see more great results as days pass by. I will do update of this blog in case changes happen.

Bought the Time Revolution White Cure UV Sun Protector from Missha (a South-Korean based skincare and cosmetics with Changmin and Yunho as their advertisers!) 

It’s a whitening sun protector that helps improve blemishes and protect the skin from UVA ad UVB with a powerful blocking system (which are the main causes of dull complexions and melanin creation) 

And it’s a natural skin tone coloured cream also helping to correct the skin tone and texture and give clean and clear skin. 

♛ REVIEW: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong SPF 30/PA++ in #1 (Sheer Silky Skin)

♔ Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong SPF 30/PA++ in #1 Sheer Silky Skin (P728)

     Precious Mineral BB Cream promotes silky complexion and brightened look with pearl infused sheer coverage. Improved SPF protection with hypoallergenic and oil-free formula.


♥ L O V E S ♥

  • It is cheaper and bigger compared to my all time favorite Dr. Jart+.
  • It has a decent and catchy packaging.
  • It has a tube and a cap that makes it hygienic.
  • It has SPF 30.
  • It has a nice and refreshing scent.
  • The coverage is decent enough to cover redness, dark circles, and minor imperfections.
  • It lasts for hours.

♡ B O O S ♡

  • It leaves a white cast.
  • It is transferable.
  • It has an average oil control power.

V E R D I C T ♀

[ RATED: ☆ ☆ ★ ★ ★ ]

     I must say that I am quite disappointed with this product. The main reason of me buying this is because IT PROMISED ZERO OILINESS FOR LONG HOURS. And the result I got was not that impressive. Plus, the intense (yes I do describe it as intense) white cast is another no-no for me. So BOO for that! Dr. Jart is still my favorite. But I will still use this instead of giving it away. Why? Because most of my friends are morena. If I will give this to them do you think they will use it?


#1 Sheer Silky Skin - Formulation is best for oily skin because of the matte finish it gives.

#2 Sheer Glowing Skin - Formulation is best for normal to dry skin because of the dewy finish it gives.

#3 Sheer Flawless Skin - Formulation is best for normal to oily skin who wants heavy coverage

*Actually it is really up to you on which variant you will use. Because all three variant promises ZERO OILINESS. The only difference is the finish it gives. 

Skin Rx: Fun with SPF! Five Sun Things You Didn't Know

Eugene Schueller, the found of L'Oreal, and the brains behind the first modern sunscreen.

Now, you’re probably tired of hearing all about SPF. But why not have some fun with everyone’s favorite (and most necessary) summer product? This weekend, in between hot dogs and dips in the pool, I pulled up some fun facts about the sun. Here, some sun-related numbers you probably didn’t know.

1. 7800 BC: Egyptians created a sun-protection oil made out of castor beans. This was the first form of SPF. Gee, those Egyptians thought of everything!

2. 1920s: Decade Sunbathing became popular in the United States. This challenged a common belief that a tan came from working, not leisure.

3. 1936: Thanks to chemist Eugene Schueller, the found of L'Oreal, the first sunscreen as we know it was created! This was the first among many amazing products L'Oreal would provide consumers.

4. 1970: Mattel provided young children with the “Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie” & “Sun Lovin Malibu Christie dolls”, with sun-tan lines! I don’t know how much I like this because it promoted tans but I suppose it’s a cute fun fact!

5. 1700: the ultraviolet protection number in a pair of jeans. You can find me in a full jean body suit this summer!


Find out more fun sun facts here.