sunburnt face


This loser got her face sunburnt on the first day of spring, hi  ✌

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Just pinned to InstaLikes: Liked on InstaGram: I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word awe, a state of wonder fueled by fear. Isn’t it interesting how a lightning storm, something that intimidates us, can bring about the most intense feelings of admiration? - I can’t say it any other way. Under these electric skies, we were in awe. The storms in southern Saskatchewan were unlike anything we’d ever experienced. - Electric energy ruled the nights, pure power of heat and light illuminating our sunburnt faces in shocks of pure white. We were afraid, and in our fear, acknowledged our mortality before the power of the Earth. - Thoughts from our time in Canada’s Great Plains. There, we collaborated on a project celebrating the awe we felt in this rare and endangered ecosystem. Check out more of the project over at @farandwide –link in their profile. 🌾 #exploresask #explorecanada #farandwide


tired sunburnt mess™

I was sitting eating ice cream after going to the beach today and I had no makeup on, my face was sunburnt and my hair was a crazy mess. A boy who was sitting next to me kept looking over at me and all I could think was “why the hell are you looking at me I look hideous.” I thought about maybe flashing a smile but then I stopped because I felt like I looked so ugly it wasn’t worth it. I literally have such low fucking self esteem that I thought it would be an embarrassment to even attempt to flirt with a good looking boy without any makeup on. We all claim that society has such high beauty standards, but we also have high standards for ourselves. I think today I realized that before we try convincing others that we’re beautiful, we have to first convince ourselves; because after all, it wasn’t the boy who refused to look at me, it was me who could barely lift my own insecure gaze to look back at him.
—  2am thoughts

for the anon yesterday who requested a pic of me from two years ago….. i totally forgot facebook was a thing.

ur lucky my dysphoria aint that bad. here’s me yesterday vs. me before i realised …shit…i’m not a girl. i think i was 14, if math.

okay but harry has all of these images of louis in his mind, probably coming up in the most random situations and making him feel dizzy and filled with love and satisfaction. louis waking up wrapped only in a sheet, bruise on his forearm from bumping into the door yesterday when he was playing candy crush and not looking where he’s going. louis with a piña colada in hand sitting on the beach in jamaica, his feet buried in the sand and his face slightly sunburnt but his eye lines reading happiness. louis on a random tuesday afternoon, eating a muffin and reading a book while humming a melody that would later turn out to be a song on their album. louis on a call with a charity, sitting in their LA home with a laptop in his lap, his hoodie too large, just like his heart. louis tired after a long business day, silent on the car ride home, looking into the distance, looking soft and beautiful. they come at random and make him fall in love again, even if louis isn’t there physically at the moment, he’s in fact always there.