Aussie larrikin, part time smug-mug.
I can imagine the lip bite comes out all the time; embarrassed, wiring some explosives/joy and concentration - not to mention messin’ with ‘Hog satisfaction. 
Just a continuing doodle of my take on mask-less Mako and Jamie being casual. 


Just… a real collection of stuff from the past..what, year and a half??? haha I don’t update this place nearly as much as I should, just thought I’d bunch it all up in here;;;;

The amazing Commissar Holt seen above belongs to the Amazing @kaisermakes and the precious dendrite agate  seen above belongs to @qnq

  • i just have so many feelings about a stargazing date
  • and you’d think it was baz’s idea
  • but simon actually thinks of it
  • and they drive out of the city where there’s not much light
  • (they ask penny of course)
  • and then they just sit
  • under the stars
  • baz says poetic but cheesy stuff to simon
  • while they both create their own constellations
  • and giggle happily
  • and hold hands
  • and trace patterns on each others’ palms
  • because they’re in love
  • and then obviously at some point they kiss
  • and simon doesn’t want to stop
  • baz wants to spend more time looking at the stars
  • but with obviously he’d rather kiss simon
  • and so here they are
  • on a blanket
  • under the stars
  • “this is the best valentine’s day ever. fuck, all days with you are the best days ever”
  • and baz smirks and says something about how simon is being exTremely Cheesy
  • but he’s actually dYING on the inside
  • because shit, he has fallen
  • and at some point baz cries
  • because stars, simon, simon loving him, simon loving him as much as he loves simon, stars
  • it’s overwhelming
  • and simon just holds him
  • because we know he isn’t much of a speaker
  • so he just shows affection through touch
  • and then they fall asleep holding each other like that
  • content & in love
  • aaahH so many feels


I miss summer and all my friends from work.

Im so glad I’ll be back again


Death is better than this i’m ugly crying

Kwami Week Day Two: Chosen(s)

A new problematic fave because of friend and fandom influence how dare you all make me care.

She’s transparent because I’m trying new aesthetics ya feel.

Check out Kwami Week here!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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  • Taiyang: Girls, come and meet your new stepmom, Ella!
  • Ruby: Dad that's literally Cinder. She hates me.
  • Taiyang: I have no idea what you're talking about, her name isn't Cinder? It's Ella!
  • Cinder: I will destroy everything you love, little Red. Just you watch me.
  • Ruby: DAD!!
  • Taiyang: Haha she's just messing around, isn't that right, Ella?
  • Cinder: That's right. I love your daughters already, darling, they're delightful!
  • Qrow: Tai not to be rude but I gotta say.. your taste in women is ridiculously bad. Save for Summer.
  • Taiyang: And who asked for your opinion?? You don't get to judge me for my coping methods when you literally get off by roasting that Schnee woman.
  • Qrow: Fair.