sunburned light

what i think of when i hear my favorite songs. i just tried to think of some of my favorite songs and i’m going to listen to them and type what i’m thinking at the moment. ♡

electric love by børns: neon pink lights. midnight in a enchanting city. dancing until my feet hurt. little pink heels. city thunderstorms. sickly sweet. polaroid pictures. having no care in the whole entire world. 

17 by youth lagoon: a field of flowers on a cliff by the sea. a long white dress dancing in the wind. the smell of salt and sun. gold glitter. light pink sunburns on my cheeks. cold water and hot sunbeams. running as fast as i can. that dizzy feeling when you stare out at the endless ocean

skinny love by bon iver: falling snow. cold fingertips. dancing in a big room. sad love letters. roses with lots of thorns. the color of the sky on a snowy night. smiling even when you feel sad. 

cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant: young love. standing on an ocean dock. water sparkling with sunlight. long car rides into the morning. dusky deserts. taking lots of pictures on a little film camera. leaning my head against a car window, watching the world pass by. being sleepy. feeling a little lost but knowing that it’s okay. 

temporary love by the brinks: wanderlust. wandering through parisian streets. lost in love. a little dress with a big coat. wind in my hair. 11pm on the metro. little postcards. airport terminals. flowery perfume. 

beach baby by bon iver: misty mornings. bare feet. the sound of crashing waves. cute lattes. pink nail polish. bare face, no makeup. smiling and giggling. freckles. dreamy evenings. a dainty gold necklace. 

Okay but imagine this: 

At some point Tony gets turned into a Vampire

Nobody notices. 

Since he rarely emerges out of his workshop or the tower premises during the day, unless encased in the Iron Man armor, the first time he goes outside he is like “Ew, epic sunburn. See how the light of the day is evil, Pep? See?”

Nobody in the Tower is a practicing Catholic, so there are no crucifixes around. And the Hulk doesn’t like the smell of garlic, even when he is in his Bruce form, so no garlic allowed in the Avengers Tower unless they want to have a green emergency on their hands. 

The whole building is also Tony’s, so it’s not like he requires explicit permission to go in anywhere. 

Steve says one day “you feel cold to the touch, are you okay?” Tony thinks about it… “yes, keep me warm?” and Steve is so happy about the blanket permission to cuddle he lets it go. 

They also have developed a tradition some months prior: They cut each other’s hair, Steve trims Tony’s goatee, and Tony chooses Steve’s clothing. So he doesn’t usually need to use the mirror after he’s had at least two cups of coffee in him. 

As he starts getting weird cravings – he just drinks more coffee. Steve disproves, but he smells nice, so Tony lets him stand there and pout, or distracts him with some very aggressive cuddling. 

He stops appearing in tabloids and paparazzi shots unless he’s in the armor. But then again; it’s not like he is a social butterfly anymore. 

Jarvis says he is getting weird heat signature readings and Tony is not appearing on security cameras properly. All the other sensors are working though, and Tony makes a mental note to take a look at it some day when he is less busy. If only supervillains stopped attacking his building and wrecking his equipment… 

And so on.

Until one night they are having some really enthusiastic, horny bunny sex (Tony’s stamina has been off the charts lately, must be his newfound sobriety kickin’ in) and Tony bites Steve’s neck, breaking skin and tasting blood. He keeps sucking and swallowing it with gusto. God it tastes good… Strangest thing? He doesn’t even react to his own actions, doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, just keeps going until he is satisfied, and is licking the wound over when an emergency alarm goes off. Tony suddenly snaps out of it and it feels like his self awareness coming back online.

Steve is all glaze-eyed and breathing heavily, like he is in trance (or like he is getting fucked within an inch of his life). He doesn’t even notice the alarm blaring, just keeps softly pleading Tony for more. And fuck! Tony knows that look all too well, he’s seen it too many times in the last few months… Shit.

“Cupcake, I think we might have a problem.”


we will be the stars we were always meant to be

i. spectrum - florence + the machine | ii. born for this - paramore | iii. the hardest part - coldplay | iv. sunburn - muse | v. a light that never comes - linkin park ft. steve aoki | vi. wings (acoustic) - birdy | vii. the draw - bastille | viii. bravado (illenium remix) - lorde | ix. the phoenix - fall out boy | x. we remain - christina aguilera | bonus track |