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Prompt request: “Sit on my lap.”

Member: Jimin

Genre: Fluff

Summary: School’s out for the summer and you and your friends are headed to the beach! Unfortunately, there are no seats left on the bus for you. Luckily, your best friend Jimin lends you his lap for the ride.

Word count: 750

Your flip flops threatened to slip off as you sprinted towards the bus, each sandal slapping loudly against the pavement. Your friends were meters ahead of you, and the beach equipment you were carrying slowed you down.

The bus driver must have been feeling merciful, because the bus paused long enough for your friends to board it. Just before you reached the doors, your best friend, Jimin, poked his head out.

“Hurry up, Y/N,” he teased, pushing back his floppy, orange bangs back. “I can’t stall the bus forever.”

You dragged yourself onto the bus, depositing all the equipment in Jimin’s arms. “Well, if someone hadn’t refused to help me carry everything, maybe I could’ve run faster,” you snapped, dropping a ticket into the fare box.

A little annoyed, you brushed past Jimin towards your other friends.

“Hey, Y/N,” Jimin pouted, grabbing your arm to stop you from walking away from him. He was balancing all the beach gear in his other arm. “Don’t be mad. I’m just joking. I’ll carry everything today, so don’t worry.”

Jimin gave you a huge smile, his eyes turning into little crescents. As always, Jimin’s happiness was infectious and you had to smile back.

“Whatever, Chim,” you laughed, starting to walk further back into the bus with Jimin. Your friends had all found seats in the crowded bus.

The old busses didn’t have air conditioning, and being in such close proximity to the other passengers was uncomfortably sticky. Jimin spotted your friends, Jackson, Mark, and Wendy, tucked away in a corner of the bus.

Jimin unceremoniously dumped all of the equipment onto Jackson’s lap and slipped into the empty seat beside him. You looked at the seats behind Jackson and Jimin. Mark and Wendy sat together, leaving no extra space your you.

Sighing, you resigned yourself to holding onto the railing for the hour-long bus ride to the beaches. Rocking back and forth on your heels, you cursed at yourself for wearing your stiff flip flops instead of your foam ones.

Jimin caught a glimpse of you shifting uncomfortably. “Oh, Y/N,” he exclaimed, “are you uncomfortable?”

“Yeah, just a bit,” you sighed. “Don’t worry about it, though.”

“No, no, you should sit,” Jimin insisted. You shook your head slowly, noticing that Jimin was making no attempt to move. You titled your head quizzically at him, and he smirked. “Sit on my lap.”

“Excuse me!?” you spluttered, a fiery red blush blooming across your cheeks.

“Why are you so embarrassed?” Jimin laughed heartily. “What are friends for, right?”

“I don’t know…”

Jimin tsk-ed his tongue at you, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down on top of him. You landed heavily on Jimin’s muscular thighs, which you could feel shifting underneath you to accommodate your weight.

You settled back against Jimin’s chest, despite your initial discomfort. You had been friends with Jimin for so long that this amount of skinship didn’t bother you. In fact, falling into Jimin’s arms was as familiar as coming home–to you, he embodied everything warm and comforting in your life.

Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, turning to talk to Jackson. Soon enough, everything became background noise and you felt yourself falling asleep. Tucking your face into Jimin’s neck, you inhaled deeply. The last thing you remembered before falling asleep was the vibration of Jimin’s quiet laughter rocking you gently into unconsciousness.

After you returned home from an entire day spent at the beach–you had a light sunburn on your cheeks to show for it–you were bombarded by notifications on your phone. You expanded your notification bar to see dozens of comments that you were tagged in.

Curious, you unlocked your phone and were guided to Instagram. Your jaw dropped in response to the image you were met by.

Jimin had posted a selfie he had taken on the bus. His orange hair was pushed up, secured by a pair of black sunglasses. He had a slight smile on his face, and his eyes were sharp.

What bothered you wasn’t Jimin.

It was the fact he had captured you in the picture, too. Your head was tucked underneath Jimin’s chin, your mouth agape and slightly drooling.

You tried to ignore the comments that were currently flooding in, all of which contained a variation of, “Oh my God! Are you guys finally dating?”

And of course, Jimin just had to caption the picture with: “Back off boys, this one’s mine.”

- Girl in Luv

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landmark aesthetics
  • sun veins: dipping your feet in the ocean, flowing white dresses, light sunburn, locked fingers, butterfly kisses, lounging around all day, gazing at the person you love
  • way it goes: an organized day planner, bare feet on hardwood, your face hurting from smiling too long, black coffee, ballroom dancing, burning your fingers on a curling iron, a nineteenth century mansion
  • vines: bleached hair, laying under a willow tree, chapped lips, screaming to the moon, bruises on your knees, eating frosting with your fingers, the smell of your first car
  • epitaph: dark blue eyeshadow, fingers tangled in your hair, ripped jeans, the crinkles around you eyes when you smile, curly hair with glitter in it, stretching your back, happy crying
  • simple season: strawberry lemonade, a rickety ferris wheel, the sound of children laughing, two boys falling in love, the little sparks of light after you open your eyes
  • tuesday: strong bourbon, dark lipstick stains on collarbones, pancakes being flipped, waking up early, lacy underwear, the cold side of the pillow
  • western kids: neon signs, glitter that looks a lot like tears, the smell of sweat and deodorant mixing, gucci clothes, a wedding where no one knows the bride and groom, catching fireflies in your front yard while the sun sets
  • poems: stop-motion footage of a cherry tree blossoming, sailing in sunny weather, striped shirts, an old leather watch band, laughing softly, antique photos of your grandparents, getting your socks wet
  • vacation: sticking your hands out the window of a car, pushpins, handstands in the grass, orange soda, candy wrappers, the click of a camera shutter
  • boyish: cutting all your hair short, freshly starched collared shirts, cinching your belt a little too tight, the smell of sandalwood, a flat chest
  • buttercup: the smell of rain on flower petals, firecrackers sizzling, spinning around til you get dizzy, vanilla ice cream, fluffy clouds, clear lip gloss, putting stickers on your cheeks

i myself have trouble sleeping most of the times so here are some songs that will make you at least a little bit sleepy :) ENJOY ! 

(all links are to spotify)

  1. 42 - Bad Books 
  2. Gone - Bebe Rexha
  3. Over Again - One Direction
  4. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
  5. Mexico - Acoustic / Bonus Track - Astrid S
  6. From The Dining Table - Harry Styles
  7. Lights Down Low - MAX
  8. Sunburn - Ed Sheeran
  9. Catch Me If You Can (Bonus Track) - EDEN
  10. These Four Walls - Little Mix

Let me know if you liked some of the songs :)

concept: black magic which heals and protects

a doctor parts skin with a careful touch, turns a tumor into shadow, and seals his patient once more with black threads.

a teenager buys black pills from the pharmacy, swallows one, lies back. they find themselves shrouded in darkness, and for the first time in a long time they sleep well. in the morning they wake under their covers, safe and warm.

a parent casts a shadow over their child, whose body overheats quickly. with the shadow protecting them, the child can walk safely under the sun, fearing neither sunburn nor heat stroke.

light moves swiftly, but darkness is everywhere, and all connected. white magic transportation moves its passengers at dangerous speeds; it’s black magic which harnesses the everywhereness of the dark and turns it into the safest and most efficient transportation known to life.

( x )

Keith headcanons

A couple headcanons I have
-When Keith was younger, whenever he got very angry small Galra ears and fangs would pop out. (I don’t think I’m the first to post something along these lines)
-Whenever Keith gets a horrible sunburn it’s light purple not red.
So please imagine Little Small Keith with a sunburn, angry because it hurts, pouting with his little ears dropping.
Or Keith getting sunburned on some alien planet and when he was walking back Lance snuck up behind him and patted him on the back and was punched by a purple pointy eared sharp toothed Keith.
Lance would shit himself.

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Could I ask for a hc or scenerio where sero, katsuki, and shinsou's s/o (separately) was gone for a week with their family and they finally come back but something is off when they go to see them. Despite that they go in to hug or show some kind of physical affection to the s/o only for them to whip around and hiss a, "don't touch me!" They quickly explain and even show that they're badly sunburned I was with my friend for a few days and my neck and shoulders are burned ;w; it hurts to move

Ouch, that sounds horrible! I’ve never really experienced sunburns to that degree before so I can only imagine the pain you’re going through, but I hope that your sunburns will heal soon!

Sero Hanta

Sero’s eyes grow wide and he’s taken aback when you snap at him when all he wanted to do was give you a hug since he hasn’t seen you in awhile, and you’ve never flat out rejected him like that before so he honestly feels a bit hurt. His smile disappears and he looks visibly upset while he apologizes to you, but when you tell him that you didn’t mean to snap at him like that since it hurts when anyone touches you due to being sunburned. He lights up again with a smile and laughs it off by saying that you scared him because he seriously thought he did something wrong to make you unhappy.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou’s quick to become angry when you unintentionally tell him not to touch you in a harsh manner, and he forms a scowl on his face and goes, “the fuck is your problem” because he was just trying to be nice and thought you could use a hug since you looked like you needed one, and you know that he doesn’t initiate hugs very often. But when you explain to him about your current situation with being sunburnt and all, the tension in the air doesn’t entirely go away but he does relax a little bit and tells you that you should’ve said that sooner and then mutters a quick apology to you for his temper.

Shinsou Hitoshi 

Shinsou immediately thinks that he had done something wrong to upset you when you hiss at him not to touch you, and he holds both his hands up and backs off while mumbling sorry. He begins to think back on what he had done or said wrong to make you act this way, but when you inform him the reason why you were showing such hostility towards him without thinking he’s quite relieved. He breathes out a small laugh and suggests that you should use aloe vera on your sunburns because he hears that it helps and if you want he could make a trip to the store and grab it for you. 

The Signs as Feelings
  • Aries: A sundress with nothing underneath; lying on a trampoline at nighttime; being dragged into an adventure; the way your stomach feels like it's falling faster than the rest of you; a brand new backpack; a balcony view.
  • Taurus: Someone you love tying your shoes for you; when someone points out something about you that nobody has ever noticed before; the perfect shade of lipstick; snorkeling in shallow water, following the fishes; a high school party.
  • Gemini: When everybody laughs with you; seeing a "sign"; a handful of smooth rocks from the bottom of a river; holding hands in a platonic way; feeling awestruck and terrified by the idea of a world beyond this one; cutting fresh fruit.
  • Cancer: A light sunburn; the comforting voice of your mother; a black-sand beach; a weeping willow tree; bare feet in Bermuda grass; tiny fish nibbling on your toes; fireworks on the fourth of July.
  • Leo: Intense, secret eye contact; "accidental" touches; a long-awaited reunion; the sleek, shiny atmosphere of a fashion show; exceeded expectations; the sunset after the storm; the perfect candid picture.
  • Virgo: A hotel room with a skyline view; a shy, solemn first touch; shopping for new school supplies; the soles of your feet in warm sand; the way it feels to wear bright colors; the "new book" smell.
  • Libra: An airplane ride; a shooting star; painting stray objects with nail polish; the moment the lights go down before a concert begins; the way your confidence grows when you read; being together.
  • Scorpio: Walking on an empty golf course at night; when your feet touch the colder water in the deep parts of a lake; squinting at the moon until you can make out its craters; being swept off of your feet during a hug.
  • Sagittarius: The electric atmosphere of a dark movie theatre; packing a suitcase; shaking out a pillowcase or a new garbage bag, feeling it fill with air; driving on an empty highway at nighttime, windows down.
  • Capricorn: Yawning in the shower; a brand new, leather-bound journal; the mystic, blue light of an aquarium; a package on your doorstep; spending time alone by choice; receiving a reward that you know you've earned.
  • Aquarius: Stealing alcohol from your parents; sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to take a walk; talking about ghosts; the smell of makeup wipes; unrequited adoration; the sound of Stevie Nicks' voice.
  • Pisces: A hug when you really need one; warm rain in the summertime; espadrille sandals; an accidental nap; crowd-surfing; the first time wearing a brand new pair of shoes, anticipating the compliments.
Spell for Sunburn Relief/Healing

Today I spent about 5+ hours in the sun - without sunscreen. And now I’m paying for my faults with intense pain all over my body. So, I created this spell to encourage a quick healing process. 


 - apple cider vinegar 

- green candle 

- lavender-scented candle 

- plants 

- aloe vera plant (could substitute aloe vera gel) 

- lotion (preferably with aloe vera in it; if using aloe vera gel, lotion is not needed) 

1) draw a bath of lukewarm water and pour about 2 cups of apple cigar vinegar in while the faucet is running so it mixes in well (some substitutes that are supposed to help with sunburn are oatmeal, tea, and milk) 

2) gather plants around bathtub to soak in their healing energy 

3) light the green candle and say “I make a quick recovery from this sunburn" 

4) light the lavender-scented candle and say "my skin is relaxed and soothed from the pain that plagues it" 

5) soak in the water and relax for as long as feels needed (at least 15-20 minutes is best so healing properties of vinegar/whatever else is used can take effect) 

6) pat dry 

7) mix contents from a cut aloe vera leaf with lotion (I hate the smell of aloe vera and the vinegar can leave a strong smell in the skin, so I found it important to use a lotion, as well as the added moisture that my skin needed) (if using aloe vera gel, there is no need for the lotion) 

8) say "my skin is relieved from pain and my recovery is quick - so mote it be" 

9) repeat daily as necessary

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over the summer stan, eddie, and beverly go to the quarry everyday to work on their tans and while beverly just freckles a lot and eddie gets a light sunburn stan gets a nice medium tan and it meshes well with the pale blue color of his favorite lingerie set. bill had been working all summer and he barely got to see stan so the night before school starts stan surprises him with his little tan (and freckles all over his shoulders) and yeah i can’t go any further i’m running out of characters oops