Day #7 (Thursday) September 25, 2014

Ok you guys Dannay might not make it out of Puerto Rico.  She woke me up once again this time at like six-something.  But it was a good thing it helped us get our day started earlier, or so we thought.  The plan was to drive to Sun Bay Beach and walk the mile and a half to two mile wide beach so we can get some cool pictures.  We got there about 8:30am but it was hot and we felt dehydrated so we decided to go to the store to get some water.  Nobody told us that the island doesn’t wake up until 11am tho.  So of course we had to go back and get water we had at the hotel and go back to the beach, it was 9:15am when we began our walk.  The walk was great and of course beautiful we got to see a lot of marine life, I got a few pictures of fishes, conch, and crabs and a few amazing photo’s of Dannay.

We finished the walk right on time because as soon as we got in the car it started raining.  But we had a clear goal and wouldn’t run from a little island rain.  We soldiered on to Isabella to find me a shirt for our pictures.  We found a decent shirt at a place called Vieques sportswear that was selling fake Jordans (Tea sipped lol).  And was stopped a couple of time s from people thinking we were from St. Croix or St. Thomas.  We found a good cheap place to eat named Shauna’s and then we left heading hime to call the photographer.

As I called Heigel I looked out over our patio and could see that the rain was still going crazy which he quickly informed me as well.  We set a new date of friday morning at 9am (Damn).  So since we freed up a couple of hours we shot down to Banana’s.  We had planned to go swimming when we got back but the rain never ceased so we decided to have some fun in it (Wink-wink).  Then we enjoyed some DVD’s from a bootleg Red box called the Big Smart Blue Box or something like that.  We got, I spit on your grave 2 which was crazy but as good as the first one and star-trek: Into the Darkness which was alright.

Sleep caught up to us next because we knew that I couldn’t blame Dannay on why we had to wake-up so early.


Happiness is a path, not a destination… #sunbaybeach #imonvacationbitch #ilivewhereyouvacation #roadwarrior (at Sun Bay Beach, Vieques)