sunbathing later


a/n: i got a wild hair up my ass to write a drabble so…enjoy nudist!Peeta!

Katniss loves the view from her new house. Particularly, the backyard.

It backs up to the woods, and just beyond the evergreen tree tops rolls the distant landscape of mountains. It’s breathtaking. Like a Bob Ross painting. The yard itself is pretty small and borders her neighbor’s fenced-in backyard, but her bedroom opens up onto a balcony, where she can sip her morning coffee as she basks in nature. Some days she even takes an early afternoon cat nap while curled up in her outdoor chaise.

Which is her plan today, after she indulges in a few chapters of her latest guilty-pleasure romance novel. Pinning her hair on top of her head in a messy knot, she grabs her mug of herbal tea and her book before slipping out onto her balcony. She squints in the sunlight, wishing she’d grabbed her sunglasses. It’s after 11, and she’d decided to take a long lunch break. She’s so glad she works from home most days instead of shut up in an office.

Setting her mug and book down on a small table next to the chaise, Katniss strolls over to the railing to admire the view for the hundredth time since she moved in a couple weeks ago. She inhales the fresh mountain air and smiles.

Movement in her peripheral catches her eye, and she turns her gaze to her neighbor’s backyard. A blond-haired man walks through the yard, a lounge chair in hand, a towel slung over his shoulder. Katniss watches him with mild curiosity as he sets the chair up in the middle of his yard.

She hasn’t met her neighbor yet, recluse that she is. She’s seen him in passing, whether in the moving truck or on her way to the store. He always gives her a wave. He seems friendly enough. Cute, too.

And with a body worthy of magazine centerfolds, she realizes with awe, watching him peel his shirt off. He could be a model. His shoulders are broad, his chest and abs sculpted. She grows flushed. She should probably stop ogling him, but it’s hard to look away from such a perfect specimen of masculine beauty. Her eyes follow the path of his hands to his waist.

And her mouth hits the ground when his shorts do.

He’s naked. Utterly naked. Butt-ass naked.

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  • Showing of your swim suit.
  • Doing a swimming race with Emily.
  • Them staring at you, because they secretly have a crush on you.
  • Annoying Spencer by throwing water at her.
  • Pushing her into the pool later.
  • You sunbathing and Toby massaging you.
  • Doing some weird kind of karaoke with all three of them.
  • Showing of your pizza bed.
  • Stealing Toby’s sunglasses.
  • Having a contest who can make the best and most beautiful jumps.

In Improv Theater, there’s a rule called “Yes, and…”. It states that you should respond to any statement with Yes, and… in order to keep the scene having momentum. 

We’re going to the fireworks factory!
Yes, and I’m bringing my match collection!

This continues the scene and continues building. By contrast, simply saying Yes wastes time because it’s not building the scene, it’s killing time. “Yes, but” or (god help you) “No” outright reverse progress. 

In Improv, you do drills where someone will give you random lines and you start your response “Yes, and…”

I have cancer!
Yes, and it’s terminal

Sure is a nice day for a walk
Yes, and check out those hot babes sunbathing!

Then, later, you do the same thing without literally saying the words “Yes, and”

We’re going to the fireworks factory
I can’t believe they let a pyromaniac like me go on this field trip! (Yes, and I’m going to try to blow it up)

The greatest example of this is the Argument Sketch, which was made by people a lot smarter than me

Is this the right room for an argument?
I’ve told you once (Yes, and it’s going to be a silly one)
No you haven’t (Yes, and it’s going to be based on negation)

Even though John Cleese is literally vetoing everything his partner says, this is a carefully crafted game, and the joke continues to build.Compare this to the above SInfest. What does this strip do? It’s a “Yes”, but there’s no “and”. It’s just re-iterating the scene as set up in the previous strip, which itself did little to build on the Sunday strip (though it did have a joke, unlike today’s strip). The story has simply not advanced, and nothing of value has happened. It was a waste of time (specifically, a waste of time to fill pages until Sunday when they can fight each other because Tats is married to his format). This strip could have been cut out entirely, and the story wouldn’t be affected even in subtle ways. 
My neighbor’s cat

TITLE: My neighbor’s cat


AUTHOR: sigridlaufeyson

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Loki is lonely on Midgard so he adopts a cat. The cat keeps getting out and going to his neighbor’s house, so she has to bring him back to Loki almost every day. Loki thinks the cat hates him and is running away from him, turns out, the cat was just trying to help Loki get a girlfriend, he stops sneaking out when Loki finally asks his neighbor out on a date.


NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s kinda long. Word count is 2 254. 

It was early Sunday morning and I was sitting at a little table on my veranda, coffee mug in one hand and my phone in other, reading news in social media. Suddenly a cat hopped on the table, scaring me a little. A green eyed black kitten. It was meowing and rubbed its head against my hand.

“Hello, little one! Where did you come from?” I asked and started scratching the kitten behind its ear. It purred. I kept scratching the kitten behind its ear when suddenly someone coughed right next to me and I jumped.

“Oh, I’m sorry miss! Did I scare you?” A tall, pale, green eyed man stood on the stairs of my porch. He had sharp cheekbones and raven black shoulder length hair, wide shoulders and awfully attractive body. He was barefoot, wearing nothing but black leather pants.

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