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30 Day Challenge (by #SunAndStrenght)

Day 2: Your favorite sport and why.

I’m terrible at sports, but when we play at school, I love volleyball, even when I’m one of the worst players there. It makes me feel emotion, and I can let go some of my feelings on the court. And I’d love to play it on the beach; have you seen the volleyball girls players on tv? They have perfect bodies! 


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30 Day Challenge (by #SunAndStrenght)

Day 24: Your off-scale achievements.

Ahm, I think we’re talking about “fitness-healthy achievements” so…

  • I started doing exercise daily.
  • I stopped bitting my nails.
  • I got my braces on, so I eat less.
  • I lose like 3 kilos ‘till now.
  • I’m not afraid of talking about my weight anymore.
  • I eat healthier and lighter portions.
  • I am more focused in my goals.

30 Day Challenge (by #SunAndStrenght)

Day 6: Description of your favorite workout.

My favorite workout is the elliptical treadmill.

  • Because it offers an intense workout with less perceived exertion.
  • Because it reduces the impact on the knees, hips and back.
  • You can adjust the length of the stride, enjoying full body training.
  • For the variety of resistance and speed.
  • Allows the option to reverse the pedals and exercise the muscles in a different way.

30 Day Challenge (by #SunAndStrenght)

Day 1: Your story.

My name is Verónica, I’m 14 years old and I’m about to join High School. I am 76.1 kg. and I measure 1.57 m. I don’t hate my body, but I know it can get better. I’m doing this challenge because I want to be thinner on October 18th. Muse, my favorite band, is coming to Mexico that day. I’m doing it for me, but inspired in them. I’LL DO IT, AND EVERYONE WHO SAID THAT I COULDN’T WILL SHUT UP (: