sunagakure siblings


Questions I have about/to Team Shinki:

* It’s been confirmed that Shinki is Gaaras foster child, but has not been confirmed that Yodo and Araya are in fact his children, so are they? Like I know Shinki said “our three” but everywhere I look it says only Shinki is his son?
* Are the three all blood related or all adopted separately?
* Is Araya’s face gonna be another “mystery” like Kakashi/Obito’s?
* Shinki, are you related to the 3rd Kazekage because of your kekkei genkai?
* Shinki, why do you always wear your Iron Sand cloak, like even when relaxing, isn’t it depleting your chakra? Or is it like Gaaras automatic defense?
* Shinki, did you get your facepaint from the “E” designs on Gaaras gourd?
* Yodo, what is your abilities? In the boruto novel you were called “Sunagakure’s great hope” and you displayed your “true abilities” so like what are they?
* Araya, you beat Inojin, that’s a feat within itself, so what do you do? Is your only ability kenjutsu (sword)?
* Araya, In the character trivia it said one of your hobbies are modeling, but you always where your mask, how does that work?

btw like in the anime I’m drolling over Shinki, but in the manga I’m drolling over Yodo cause like she’s hot af