Book of the Sun (Akashic Records)
Mixed Media Photography, Wax on Wood Panel
Created by Yuko Ishii
Limited Edition
This is a mixed media piece that begins as an original photograph printed with archival pigment inks on cotton printmaking paper, highlighted with acrylic paints, and has waxed finish. The print is PVA glued to wood panel. The panel is 1.65" deep cradled, painted black and clear acrylic on the sides for a finished look that does not need framing. Ready to hang. Limited edition of 50. Signed on bottom of image. Title, date, medium, size, and edition number on the back of the panel. Dimensions: 20″H, 16″W, 1.65″D

~ Artist Statement for Akashic Records Series ~
The geometric designs and symbols are developed through the many layers and levels of my consciousness that have unfolded in Akashic Records (book of life) Each symbol that evokes an emotional response, and is very personal to me. Also, it can be universal when the viewer interacts with my art.

I perceive the underlying energy of the universe as I meditate, and recognize that I am nothing and I am everything. The sacred healing energy creates art, and my creativity is the way to open the heart to union with the divine in the laws of cosmos. The subtle vibrational bliss reminds me that there is no boundary, only Oneness, and with Oneness, I find a flame in my breath. All is wholeness dreaming itself alive.

Behind all my visions & words, there is the space of infinite possibility. True love (soulbird) conquers impossibility, and two souls are literally burned together, fused into a single psychic identity. We all become one and return to the divine nest…to the sun, to the moon. We are born again in the womb of the universe.

Nashville singer/songwriter Andy Ferro has shared “Crystal Tongue,” the latest song from his forthcoming LPMuirhead. The track recalls the unfussy melodicism of vintage Sun Records singles, but filters this sweetness through a shaggy stoner sensibility. It’s a tricky cross-pollination, but Ferro manages to make it feel offhanded and natural (and he pulls all this off in under two minutes). Listen below. Muirhead is due out 2/26 via Rough Beast Records.

The Man And The Mistakes That ‘Invented Rock 'n’ Roll’

Sam Phillips, founder of the label Sun Records, didn’t care much about making flawless recordings. Instead, the man who discovered Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf, Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison and a host of others rejected perfection in favor of spontaneity and individuality.

“Sam would say, 'I hate that word, perfection. It should be banned from the English language,’” music writer Peter Guralnick tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “He didn’t care about the mistakes; he cared about the feel.”

In his new book, Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n’ Roll, Guralnick chronicles Phillips’ work at Sun and his lasting impact on the music industry.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Salva/Little Brown & Co


Here’s some more music to tide you over til the next episode.  “Hater’s Helping Song / Hater Makes It Better” from The Fremergency Fronfract.

Lyrics by Frank Angones.  Music by me.

A nice example of the sort of musical collaboration that happens on Wander.  Frank wrote words in the fast-patter style of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues.”  I took those, turned the clock back another decade or so, and went for a 50s Sun Records Jerry Lee Lewis feel.  The result is something neither of us would’ve thunk up on our own.  

I love Jerry Lee Lewis.  The Killer.  He’s an American treasure.  To me, every record he made is pure gold.  The early rock n’ roll (, the 60s/70s country albums (, everything.  

Check him out.  Listen to his records.  Read about his dicey personal behavior. (  It’s all fascinating and wonderful.  


Yours very truly,
Andy Bean

Ed Ward reviews the Sun Blues Box from Bear Family Records. Hear the music and what Ed has to say by following the link.

In January, 1950, Sam Phillips, a red-haired Alabama boy who’d learned about radio and electronics in the Army, opened the Memphis Recording Service at 706 Union in Memphis. Three years later, overwhelmed by the success of his efforts for other people, he started the Sun Records label there. Much history would be made at 706 Union, and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of that event, Bear Family Records has asked the top Sun researchers, Colin Escott, Hank Evans and Martin Hawkins, to assemble three massive multi-disc boxes featuring blues, country, and rock recorded at Sun. Today, Ed Ward tackles the 15-hour blues box.


Presenting the holy grail of rock & roll history… More information here.