Signs and sleepovers

*that one person who stays up the entire time*: Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn

*that one person who spills there entire life story and secrets at 1 am*: Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Virgo

*that one person who’s there for the snacks and gossip*: Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Overheard a conversation last night.

On the phone, my brother-in-law asked my husband: How’s Raven?

Nik has essentially given up on explaining to people the laundry list of what I do. So he answered: Great! Lots of irons in the fire. Actually, it’s really more iron than fire. But that’s how it’s been since I’ve known her.

And it occurred to me that this feels like a Gemini thing.

Geminis: All the irons in the fire. Actually, more iron than fire.

What if...

…Aries are only loud because they need someone to calm them down?
…Taureans are only stubborn because they hate to give up on their dreams?
…Geminis are only two-faced because they want to find themselves?
…Cancers are only crying because they are all alone and need someone to help them?
…Leos are only attention-seeking because they get too little from their loved ones?
…Virgos are only perfectionists because they fear that someting goes wrong?
…Libras are only fake because they don’t know who they really are?
…Scorpios are only intense because they don’t know how to deal with their emotions?
…Sagittarians are only crazy because no one understands them when they are serious?
…Capricorns are only cold-hearted because they’ve been hurt too often?
…Aquarians are only different because they don’t know how to fit in?
…Pisces are only dreamy because they have no idea how to face reality?

Signs in deep thought

*blocks out everything and everyone else*: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra

*deep thoughts eventually turn into an existential crisis*: Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Aquarius

*thoroughly delves into research in the illuminati*: Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio

the signs as people i know

Aries // she is the most quiet and shy person i’ve ever known (surprise!), but
comes alive around the right people. she loves video games,
and is working to become a video game designer. she laughs at the most ridiculous things! she is very open minded and hard working. a little bit goofy!

Taurus // he is quite talkative actually! a little introverted and shy. he
loves to collect things! very tall and quite strong. likes to make sure everything
is in order and taken care of! has a little bit of a dirty mind! loves food,
(not to subject to the stereotype!) sleeps a lot.

Gemini // surprisingly sensitive, the biggest sweetheart ever! super positive
all the time, sees the good in people. can sometimes be extremely miserable but if he’s in front of more than one person, he’s such a pleasure to be around!
kind of shy. a what i would call an extroverted introvert! wants to do good
for the world.

Cancer // he is the love of my life! he is very protective and very kind,
likes to make sure people know theyre loved. super sensitive and kind of dramatic sometimes! but he always has a good heart. can sometimes have an easily damageable ego! he is very stylish, loves the luxuries in life! a bit weird but totally in a good way! wears coats in hot weather.

Leo // she is possibly the most beautiful girl in the world! she is so stylish
and so alternative. very very musical, very lighthearted and jokey. can be
a little emotionally cold. very good leader and very good at speaking up
for people (most of the time!) a genuine sweetheart, could move mountains
with her looks alone.

Virgo // kind of distant! operates from the shadows hehehehe. always has
something to say! always commenting on stuff. up for anything!! knows
4 languages. dislikes huge social commotion (that rhymed?!) very very pretty
and super kind. super stylish!

Libra // she has a very dark sense of humor! she laughs at everything and is a
bit weird. she loves books and decorating her room! wants to become an interior designer. smiles a lot. can be quite cold sometimes but is easily upset.
just wants everyone to have a good time! to love and be loved.

Scorpio // she is small but FIERY! she feels emotions very very deeply and
is truly the most caring. she cares about everyone she loves to a very profound
level, and loves what she does. she is a bit sporadic and goofy! she is
introverted but comes alive at parties. absolutely HILARIOUS! has a
great fashion sense.

Sagittarius // very very laid back! sometimes, a bit too laid back!! likes to go out and party but is usually quite quiet and sits in the corner with her friends! she is quite pale  and suits very very dark colours! she is really innocent and kind. can be a bit mean sometimes but its never really to be rude! mostly its
just joking. smells very nice!

Capricorn // the most badass but sweetest girl ever. she loves to wear very
bold and dark outfits, and loves to experiment with weird things. she loves
to make art, and wants you to be happy! can be a little cold emotionally,
but very deep down she is the most caring of them all!

Aquarius // he is the cutest person ever!!! he loves animals and loves to be
goofy and silly, and is very content with being so! he is quite arty and loves
self expression. laughs a LOT! its very contagious! can be a bit vague sometimes, but other than that he is just a huge goofy sweetheart.

Pisces // very dreamy and loves pretty things. very lazy! but when she works
hard, it is very truly lovely to see. she can be angered quite easily, but
when she is angry, even though she acts cold, she is still the sweetest person ever! her work is more of a… bunch of random energy spikes than a structured consistent ethic. but very pretty and very generous!


Gemini in love.

Explanation - They are usually very independent and will rarely allow themselves to become fully attached to someone. They don’t like to appear weak or vulnerable, so when they do fall in love it can be scary for them. The idea of being so dependant on someone else for their happiness is uncomfortable for them because they do value their freedom.

A Character Study: Tinker Bell

Sun in Gemini

Tinker Bell may be your typical Gemini. Before meeting Peter Pan and going on adventures with him, Tinker Bell had her own set of adventures in Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell has always been an enthusiastic individual. She is always more than happy to join Peter or her Pixie Hollow friends on adventures, and more often than not she is ahead of the bunch. Like most Geminis, she is witty and humorous, even if she doesn’t realize it all the time. Tinker Bell is also very curious, like most Sun in Gemini natives. When she first arrives in Pixie Hollow, she is fascinated by all the different talents, fairies, and the lost things that are washed up on the Neverland shores. This curiosity ties in with her incredible intellect, and her ability to invent things for other pixies to use. 

Moon in Aries

Tinker Bell is like a small child. She is happy a good majority of the time, and other times she can be quite impatient, like most who have their Moon in Aries. When she first arrives in Pixie Hollow, she isn’t happy being a “tinker” fairy and has her friends try to teach her their talents. When she isn’t able to learn the nature fairies’ talents, she gets extremely frustrated. She has this need for instant gratification, mostly because she does want to visit the Mainland. She always has to be busy too, whether she is inventing something new or exploring with her friends. Tinker Bell is definitely a go-getter too, like most who have this placement. She wants to prove to everyone that she is capable of great things, though it might not always work out successfully for her. 

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini natives are usually very intellectual. They usually dip their toes in different talents or topics that spark their interests, but never entirely proficient in just one thing. Tinker Bell wants to learn about everything she possibly can, and finds herself trying to learn nature talents when she can’t. However, she is a quick learner as well, like most with this placement. Tinker Bell is curious about everything, and when she finds something new, she needs to explore it and understand it. She usually finds herself in trouble because of this curiosity. She almost destroyed all of Pixie Hollow (on more than one occasion, just at varying degrees), runs into trouble with Captain Hook, and finds herself in countless other dilemmas. Tinker Bell, being a “tinker” fairy, is very innovative. She comes up with a new way to communicate with humans, because as a fairy she cannot speak to them, as all they can hear is a bell when she speaks. Tinker Bell also has a habit of stirring up trouble, especially with Wendy when she arrives in Neverland.

Venus in Cancer

One of Tinker Bell’s most noteworthy traits is her loyalty, like most who have Venus in Cancer. Tinker Bell would do just about anything for Peter and her Pixie Hollow friends. Her friends are the only family she has, and she creates a familial atmosphere when she is with them. She is very big on spending time with her friends, and likes to keep/create new traditions with them. However, one of her flaws tends to be her possessive nature. She isn’t happy when Wendy joins Peter, because she feels as though she is losing a friend to some girl. 

Mars in Aries

Like most with Mars in Aries, Tinker Bell is never one to turn down a challenge. When Tinker Bell finds out “tinker” fairies don’t go to the Mainland, she takes it upon herself to find a way to get there. After accidentally breaking the moonstone, she travels to find a magic mirror by herself, despite knowing how dangerous it is. She is daring and courageous, like most who have this placement. One of Tink’s standout traits is her short-temper. When Tink gets mad, she turns bright red, letting everyone know just how angry she is. Although Mars in Aries natives don’t actually turn cherry red every time they’re mad, they too can be easily angered. They also tend to get jealous easily, as Tinker Bell has a tendency to do. She is jealous of the fairies who get to go to the Mainland to change the seasons, and later jealous of Wendy and the attention she receives from Peter. 

*disclaimer: All placements should be taken as individuals, and not as a complete natal chart of each character.*

Gemini: Points

Reasons to love a Gemini

  • Will keep you entertained endlessly
  • Very mindful, helpful and can give good advice
  • Will say what you need to hear and not what you want
  • Down to earth

How to attract a Gemini

  • Talk, talk, talk and talk some more
  • Show them that you’re knowledgeable
  • Don’t be shy
  • Speak your mind
  • Encourage debate of any sort

Reasons to not mess with a Gemini

  • Will take all of your friends, because they can
  • Everyone loves them
  • Not afraid to speak their mind
  • Always one step ahead of you

Geminis are typically known for

  • Always having something to say
  • Being a social chameleon
  • Being overly intelligent
  • Having no filter at times

Gemini: Reasons to love yourself

  • You’re smarter then you think, and your intelligence isn’t up for debate
  • You know how to communicate effectively 
  • You’re actually super sweet and friendly
  • You know how to have a good time
  • You know how to make people laugh
Signs when the wifi is slow

*repeatedly pushes refresh button*: Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Aquarius

*massive rage quit*: Virgo, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio

At least on chrome there’s the dinosaur game: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn

sun signs

aries: adventurous. restless. energetic. they enjoy spontaneity, those with a good sense of humour and being the leader. an aries will make you laugh, stick up for you and introduce you to new things.

taurus: methodical. warm. sensitive. they enjoy challenge, giving advice and the materialistic aspects of life. a taurus will empathise with how you feel, have a terrific way with words and be honest.

gemini: witty. aware. adaptable. they enjoy change, socialising and stimulating conversation. a gemini will brighten your day, help you fix a problem and offer you a positive outlook on life.

cancer: family-orientated. sympathetic. withdrawn. they enjoy celebrations, seeing other succeed and time by themselves. a cancer will avoid conflict, offer you their imagination and will believe in you.

leo: playful. generous. loyal. they enjoy praise, getting their own way and motivation. a leo will be obvious with how they feel, work for what they care about and offer you their loyalty.

virgo: hardworking. observant. selective. they enjoy succeeding, appreciating the beauty that surrounds them and expressing their beliefs. a virgo will root for you, will remember important things about you and value a smaller group of important people rather than a bigger group.

libra: charming. animated. friendly. they enjoy entertaining, speaking up about their views and they look for the romantic aspects of life. a libra will make you feel at home, admire you and make you feel important.

scorpio: powerful. intuitive. dramatic. they enjoy achieving, expanding their knowledge and those who are genuine. a scorpio will treat you with respect, provide you with many inside jokes and are always thinking of the bigger picture.

sagittarius: independent. philosophical. explorers. they enjoy new experiences, meeting new people and setting new goals. a sagittarius will see the good in you, appreciate your different interests and share their dreams with you.

capricorn: ambitious. practical. wise. they enjoy success, those with wit and being right. a capricorn will encourage you to do your best, want to laugh with you and learn from you on how to be better.

aquarius: social. clever. humanitarians. they enjoy big events, expressing who they are and being slightly rebellious. an aquarius will want you to feel at home, encourage you to be bold and will always surprise you.

pisces: dreamy. imaginative. sacrificial. they enjoy helping others, relaxing with their thoughts and being noticed for their achievements. a pisces will show you romance, let you rely on them and will want to protect you.