The Life Spirit, son of the Moon and Sun Spirit. Since life is primitive and young in comparison to the the age of the Moon and Sun, the little Life Spirit takes form of a small child, wandering the globe his parents watch after. He is often mistaken for a normal child, because his eyes and symbols don’t regularly glow. The only time he is in his true Spirit form is when his parents come down to visit him. 

He’s innocent and pure, made with the best intentions. Sometimes the humans get mad at him, though, asking the Moon and Sun spirits why they made such a complicated life. The Moon and Sun Spirit become defensive then, explaining that life itself is pure and innocent, and the right to life is a blessing. It’s what the humans do alone that determines how happy their lives are. It has nothing to do with their son. Little Life is a happy Spirit and usually spends a lot of time with animals. 

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When existence is meaningless.


After drafting yesterday’s #TPT post, Summer & I independently went on Land of Nod sprees (sometimes it’s like we share a brain!). This All Solar Systems Go quilt and matching bedding is out-of-this-world adorable! Sure the planet sizes and their orbits aren’t accurately scaled (that would be a big, empty quilt!), but the other details (1 AU in miles, two moons for Mars, many moons for Jupiter & Saturn) and the gender-neutral marketing are enough to win us over.

Watch this space for more deep space decor!

Emily & Summer

Taiwan is one of my faves i love her so much (stay tuned for more!)

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