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Pokego: two of them are So Done with the other's nonsense. SO. DONE.

“I know, babe,” Candela grumbles, ensconced with Spark inside a heavy, comfortable nest of blankets that finally-thank-god blocks out the suffuse golden light of the total freaking crack of dawn. “I know.”

She likes daylight! Daytime. Noontime sun burning overhead, the baking-hot summer air warming the skin at the back of her neck, other trainers and friends fighting and training under a bright and cloudless sky.

She doesn’t like six in the morning. Blanche does–claim it’s the easiest time to go out and study Pokemon, since smaller crowds mean better chances of seeing them in good quantities in their usual habitats. She wouldn’t really know, honestly, but it isn’t like Blanche would lie about research!

Spark is–it’s a three-sided dilemma, each of them one part of the puzzle–Spark’s the one to stay out way, way too late, always looking for one last thing to do even under the buzz of streetlights and the electric glow of the nighttime city–but right now, at six in the morning, Spark is snug up against her collar, face tucked under her chin, trying to avoid the light as much as humanly possible.

“They’ll be back for lunch? Probably.” It’s a guess! Blanche has forgotten to eat all day before. “We’ll see ‘em when we see ‘em.”

“Yeah,” Spark allows. Candela can just hear the pout in his voice, and when he explains, she can’t say she doesn’t empathize: “but I wanna cuddle now…”

(Blanche does end up coming back back for lunch, which they all hectically share; after, Candela heads off to a Pokemon-and-trainer group hike; Spark is out at the release party for a new ‘dex app when she returns. They’re all there, at least, for bedtime, and she kisses both the early bird and the night owl before the three of them doze off–together.)

Ice Age Hunting Camp, Replete With Bird Bones and Tobacco, Found in Utah Desert

In the dead-flat desert of northwestern Utah, archaeologists have uncovered a scene from a distant, and more verdant, time.

Just a few centimeters below the sun-baked surface, researchers have discovered a campsite used by prehistoric hunter-gatherers 12,300 years ago — when Utah’s West Desert was lush wetland.

Artifacts found at the site include the charred remains of an ancient hearth, a finely crafted spear point, and, most surprising, a collection of tobacco seeds — likely the earliest evidence of tobacco use ever found in North America.

“What makes this interesting is there’s no direct evidence of anybody using tobacco past 3,000 years ago,” said Dr. Daron Duke, senior archaeologist with the Nevada-based Far Western Anthropological Research Group, in a press statement.

“And this was 12,000-plus years ago!”  Read more.

We’re sailing into the open land of Canada’s Great Plains.
Hot sun bakes the back of our calves. Blue skies above bleed into eternity.
The prairies are an ocean of grass and onward we sail, onward, navigating a great big swath of green that sets our souls on fire and shoots our hearts right out of our chests. #prairiepriates


@UK like what the hell? You get at least one fucking oppressive heatwave every year and then 2 months of pleasant sunny days later moan about how there was no summer like DO YOU NOT REMEMBER THE WEATHER REPORT HAD TO WARN YOU TO TRY NOT TO DIE BECAUSE IT WAS FUCKING HOT

Summer can fuck the fuck off now, thanks


It was that time of year again, the Texas sun blazed and baked the streets until you’d have to be insane not to wear shoes on the pavement. The dirt and grass of the field was ready for a pounding and the Coyotes Varsity team was more than willing to provide.

Tryouts were always a bitch but Danny knew that he was all but assured a spot considering the fact that he’d been playing with the team the past two years, joining the ‘big boys’ with his friends when he was a Freshman. This had given him more than enough confidence that he’d made the right choice going to the party the night before. Plenty of booze and plenty of ass and plenty of talk about the new kid in school. There were more than rumors that he was hot for the quarterback position. The mere thought made Danny smirk as he pulled on his royal blue jersey, proudly displaying his childhood nickname on the back. They’d show the newbie.

Danny was surrounded by his friends and coach was going over some paperwork, most likely the drills they’d be running today, when what Danny had to assume was the new kid walked up to the coach and offered a hand to shake. Cocky move considering coach was practically in love with the person who was currently in the position the newbie was vying for. A smirk crossed Danny’s lips when he saw coach give a quick whack and shove, pushing the boy by his shoulder over to the other boys.

The only thing Danny had time to register was that the new kid was tall and built. Danny couldn’t wait to wipe that smile off his face. The whistle blew and Danny slapped his best friend’s ass before giving a slight jerk of his head towards the newbie. “It’s showtime.”