Bumbleby AU: Part 21 (Last Part)

Final part.

Not all stories have a happy ending..

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Yang closed her eyes, waiting, expectant of the incoming void.

(My baby shot me down.)

But it never came.

The only thing that changed was a bright light that emerged at her feet, and the coolness on her forehead had disappeared.

Yang first looked at the light, jumping up when she felt the tendrils of light lick at her heels as the fire began to eat the room. After escaping the flames, she looked up to see the Beast backed into a corner by….


Her cat Faunus girlfriend had a small knife pressed against the Beast’s pale neck. Her face was set in stone, fierce rage sculpting it. But Yang could see the slight tremble of her body as she let out rattling breaths.

And apparently Adam could too.

“Hello again my darling. We must stop getting into these kind of situations-” The Beast was cut off by Blake pushing her knife deeper into his neck.

“Shut up!” She growled, throwing a look back to Yang briefly.

“You won’t hurt me. You’re weak! Just like your girlfriend..” Adam drew, spitting in Yang’s direction. “Why don’t you just let me go, and we can forget about this whole.. Ordeal.”

“Why in the hell would I do that?! You evil son of a bitch!” Blake hissed, slamming the hilt of the knife into Adam’s already bruised temple.

He groaned, before looking back up and smiling.

“Because if you kill me in cold blood, you’re no better then me.” He laughed, wheezing for breath. “Ha! Every virtue you hold dear would fly out the window! Would you even be yourself anymore, my love?”

Blake stayed silent, but her hand began to fall in reaction to the Beast’s words.

He hand fell completely to her side, and the knife clattered to the ground, enticing a grin from Adam.

“Fuck you.” She spat, throwing a decisive kick to the side of the bull faunus’ face. He slumped to one side, unconscious.

Without wasting a second, Blake ran over to where Yang was slumped against a beam, trying to beat out the approaching flames. Ignoring the heat, Blake leapt into Yang’s strong, shaking arms. Here she buried her nose into the crook of the girl she loved neck.

“I heard the gunshot and I-” she paused, bringing a hand to the scarred face in front of her. “I thought I’d lost you…”

Yang laid her own hand over Blake’s, rubbing her nose against the shorter girls own.

“Hey now, I thought we had established that I’m a pretty hard creature to kill.” She breathed, her lilac eyes shimmering in the firelight. They inhaled each other for another second before Yang spoke again. “C'mon, we should get everyone outta here before the fire eats this place!”

Locking hands, the two went for the door.

But The Beast blocked their way.

“You pair of bitches!” He roared, raising the forgotten gun to the girls faces. “If I burn, I’m bringing you both down with me!”

Yang took a step forward, covering Blake’s body with her own. She bared her teeth, spitting blood to the ground. And for some insane reason, she smiled, squeezing Blake’s hand once.

“You first.” She quipped, sending a wink Adam’s way.

In reaction he growled, aiming the gun at the Dragon’s forehead. But before he could shoot, a bang and a snap sounded- accompanied by an explosion of blood from Adam’s leg.

He screamed in agony, throwing the gun away by reflex.

Appearing behind where Adam was stood were two greatly different forms.

The first, was Yatsuhashi- holding an unconscious Cinder over his left shoulder.

And the second was Neo, holding a smoking gun pointed at Adam.

At Blake and Yang’s incredulous expressions, Neo just shrugged, and turned to walk out the club.

Yatsuhashi stuttered for a moment, but settled for telling the girls he’d explain once outside before heading outside himself.

Blake sent one last despairing look towards Adam, before following Yastu.

Yang lingered a moment, squaring down beside Adam’s screaming form. From here, she grabbed his neck roughly, lifting him to her eye level.

“See you in Hell, Beast.”

The last thing Yang heard before the room was eaten by flames, was Adam’s pained wails as he burned.


As it turns out, Yatsu and Neo were not the only ones who turned up to help. Sun and Emerald were outside the club when the others got out, helping Faunus who would otherwise have been trapped in the fire. Sun had picked up both Yang and Blake when he saw the pair, exclaiming his joy at the two of them being okay.

Once everything had calmed down, doubts began to seep into Blake’s mind.

“Won’t she rat us out to the cops?” Blake questioned, motioning to Adam’s singer accomplice.

“Nah, she knows just how many friends Neo and I have in jail. She ratted us out, and her head would be on a chopping block.” Yatsuhashi explained.

Blake hummed in understanding, feeling some weight lift from her shoulders. It was odd, knowing that she left someone she once loved to die, and didn’t feel a thing.

But he was too far gone. There was nothing left in his worth saving anymore.

Yatsuhashi’s deep voice broke her from her thoughts.

“You know, Neo rang me, told me you were gonna do something stupid- so we followed your trail here.” Yatsu rattled, adjusting his grip on the now conscious Cinder. “Good thing too.”

Yang laughed, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

“Yeah..” She muttered, glancing at the cross legged Neo a few feet away. Casting her eyes to Blake, she silently asked for permission to speak to the mute girl.


Yang jogged over to where Neo sat, before dropping down beside her. Neo looked at her from the corner of her eye. The flames twinkled, making the already interesting brown and pink iris’ even more beautiful.

“Why’d you help me? Why’d you save me?” Yang questioned, leaning in close to the small girl.

Neo sighed, turning towards Yang. She made no movements to answer the brawlers question.

“Please Neo.”

Neo, humming, looked Yang up and down, before she edged closer to her. From her close proximity, both could smell the smoke on the others clothes. Neo laid a small, soft hand upon Yang’s sternum, feeling her pulse there.

Yang looked her eye, saying nothing, but understanding.

“Thank you, Poppins…” The Dragon breathed, a single tear falling down her cheek. Neo, almost on instinct, kissed away the tear.

When she leaned back, Neo simply nodded, winked, then walked away.

Yang stared after her for a moment, before pushing herself onto her feet, and jogging over to Blake.

The cat Faunus was stood, arms crossed watching Yatsuhashi, Sun and Emerald load their cars with Faunus, before they drove off to the hospital.

Yang approached Blake slowly, uncertain. It took her a millennia to finally lay a hand on Blake’s trembling arm.

Amber eyes locked with purple, a few stray tears welling up inside them.

“He’s gone… He’s really gone..” She stuttered, a smile of relief and despair shaking at her lips.

“Yeah.” Yang breathed, “he is.”

With that confirmation, Blake finally let herself be gathered up into the strong, familiar arms of her girlfriend.

They stayed like that for a while, Yang’s body taking the rattles of sons from Blake’s smaller frame. Eventually, the sobs subsided, and Blake turned her face away from Yang’s chest to look her in the eye.

“I love you, Yang.” She whispered, drawing herself to full height so she could stand at eye level with the brawler. “More then you know.”

Yang smiled, bringing her right arm to tangle in Blake’s already matted hair.

“I love you too.” She reassured. “More then you could believe.”

Not wanting to wait another second, the pairs lips crashed together. Both tasted of ash as their tongues danced. Yang, as Blake had gotten used to, tasted of metal as the blood from her lip continued to trickle a little.

Neither cared. They had each other. And, in the end, that’s all they ever really needed.

The end.

Yeah! So that’s it for my little AU!

The simple “patient/doctor AU” that was supposed to last 5 parts max became this!

I really hope you enjoyed it! As for an epilogue, I’ll see how I feel about writing one but no promises.

The crosshares spin off from this will be finished soon, and the Angels of remnant too. After that, I have another little AU in mind so… Stay tuned!

I have so many feelings about these two guys on the beach, though.

Bitty’s sun-bleached and blank-minded, and he’s pretty sure he never wants to move again. Earlier they laughed as they slammed headfirst into ocean waves, then picked up shells and skipped rocks into the surf like a pair of grade school boys. Bitty climbed up onto the jetty and towered over Jack, who laughed and raised his arms to help him back down. They kissed, up to their chests in water, too far out to sea for any prying eyes to recognize them.

But now, Bitty’s got his earphones in and his hand digging divots in the sand, and he’s thinking absolutely nothing as the music drowns him and the sun bakes him gloriously from head to toe. When Jack reaches out from the neighboring blanket and covers Bitty’s sandy hand with his own, Bitty makes a low noise of pleasure and just barely tilts his head in Jack’s direction. But he doesn’t open his eyes, and he doesn’t say a thing. The brush of soft fingers over his knuckles is the only conversation they need.

Preference #50: Be my Prince Charming, just for one night.

Requested by @livinlikesciles with Calum :) Hope you enjoy.


It was another hot day at work, and usually for people at work they can go get something to drink or eat to cool them down, or put the AC on. But not for me, instead I have to stand in the baking sun wearing a very thick heavy dress watching various people walk by with an ice cream or cold drink whilst their kids come and hug me. If you didn’t guess, I work at Disneyland.

It’s not that I hate my job, I really don’t. I mean, it has it’s perks and downfalls like any job but I truly love seeing how happy the children are to meet you and how they go on about how happy you make them and inspire them. Yet the downside is the hot days, the extremely long hours and how my partner in this is a beast, literally.

My role at Disneyland is playing Belle, and obviously that means I work with Prince Adam, aka the beast. It doesn’t help that my partner in this Nathan fits the role perfectly and doesn’t even have to get into character since he is rude and obnoxious as it is but seems sweet to the children, not wanting the ruin the ‘illusion’.

At 2pm on the dot the highlight of my day appears, a few characters pass through and greet the children before going to the secret passage and heading to the underground system to get to wherever the need to be. Aladdin comes through with Jasmine, or as I know them Calum and Kyla.

Ever since I’ve worked here for a year or so now Calum has always been on my eyes. We talk sometimes when the day is over or when we’re downstairs preparing for the parade, my friend Hercules, or Ash always said I should just go for it but it’s not so easy. We can’t date, it’s not allowed as its a ‘conflict of interests’ to do with the characters we play, so I can simply admire from afar instead.

“Belle, my love we must go and see Mrs Potts!” Nathan would say through his costume, this was always the signal we used when we had to go and prepare for the parade. We wished the children a wonderful day and walked off to a member of staff who directed us to the tunnels.

Once we were inside and down the stairs I would finally get as much distance between myself and Nathan, not wanting to spend my one chance in the day when I can be free of him for a while clung to him. Walking off I happily slip off my heels keeping hold of them in one hand and with the other I hold my dress up as I run towards the dressing rooms. As I close the door my fellow cast mates greet me whilst they busy themselves preparing for their shows.

“Hey Y/n, beast living up to his reputation as per usual?” Ginny, well Sleeping beauty would ask as she slipped her wig back on into place. I’d nod and collapse into a chair, that’s one of the flaws of working at Disney, the long hours stood up in heels.

We would make conversation for a while as we touched up on makeup and sometimes gossiped about the guys and rumours we had heard. “So, I heard that Cal has a thing for you.” I stopped brushing my wig and glanced up from the mirror to Penelope (Ariel) who was sat smirking at me, I tried to busy myself and ignore her comment but it was obvious it was effecting me.

As I tried to continue brushing my wig I dropped my brush and fumbled for it, the others exchanged knowing glances. “Come on, how’d you know for sure?” I scoffed to them and crossed my arms trying to seem like I knew what I was doing.

“Well,” I heard the door begin to open and in walked Kyla. “You’re all Cal talks about when we get downstairs, y/n please save me from the never ending whining and let him know how you feel.” I shuffled on my feet as my heart was racing with joy, Cal had been admiring me too? All this time he had noticed me when I thought I was invisible to him?

Kyla and the others were blankly staring at me as I placed my hair brush down onto the table. “After the parade.” I told them smiling, “I’ll tell him.” They started cheering and high fived me, what a weird scene having four princesses in costume swearing and cheering, thank goodness the kids don’t know.

Once we were finished the staff helped us get into our positions. I glanced back to the others as were placed onto different floats. Me and Nathan assumed our usual positions and did our stretches so our mouths wouldn’t tire from all of the smiling we would be doing for the next half hour.

The parade was successful as always, children cheered for their favourite characters and I saw some adorable children in dresses just like my own. As Jake helped me off of the float he told me the usual routine for the next few hours, where I’ll be needed next and which car to get on.

Patiently I waited a while to see Cal go past, but before I was given a reasonable chance to wait Nathan took me by the arm and sat me next to him on the back of a golf cart and drove off. I sat in silence not wanting to bother making conversation with him, he would keep his smirk on as he eyed me up and down whilst I’d turn away, not wanting to look at him. The day presumed it’s normalities and routine, we did the final parade in the evening and I went to my own dressing room to change out of my costume, remove the wig and makeup and be more comfortable as I walked out a different person.

As I closed my door I heard some running and panting, I turned my head to see someone dressed in baggy white three quarter length trousers, and a waist coat. He stopped in front of me holding his finger up to signal he needed to catch his breath. “You alright Cal?” I ask as he brings his head up, letting out one long breath and nodded.

“Do you like me?” He blurted out making me blush profusely, I tried to respond but I struggled for words. “I know we can’t and we shouldn’t due to the whole contract issue but I really like you Y/n, in character and out of it. How genuinely happy you make the children and adults, that you can be so relaxed and calm all the time and still manage to make a few jokes now and then. I like how you never break, you always maintain the illusion and how you send me subtle smiles.” He chuckled and I smiled, “Yep they didn’t go unnoticed.” He brought his hands forward to hold mine but I hesitated. “Y/n, please just give me a chance.” He whispered in the large empty corridor.

But my voice continued to fail me, he released the little hold he had on my hands, I felt his fingertips lose mine as he turned away, ashamed and walked off. What am j doing? The one guy I have found myself liking for once who I get on well with admits that he feels the same, what am I waiting for?

“Cal?” I yell down the corridor as I drop my stuff and follow him, he doesn’t reply to the multiple callings of his name. “For gods sake Cal! I like you, I like you a lot okay?” I yell and bring my hands up in frustration, he stops and turns slowly on the spot to face me.

“So it’s true, Ash was right.” He smiled and began to walk towards me, and I did the same.

“Kyla was right.” I told him as we were getting closer and closer to each other.

“Wanna go on a magic carpet ride.” He raised his eyebrow, the space between us being minimalistic now.

“If that’s a euphemism you can forget it Cal.” I joked and glanced down to my feet before looking back at him, smiling brightly. “Just,” I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his on my waist. “Be my Prince Charming, just for one night.” I whispered into his lips as his connected to mine.

Looks like I found my real Prince after all.