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Actually, Lucien is the mastermind of all, I believe. I wouldn't be surprised he invented this prophecy from scratch. Everything is going for him just too well. Klaus lost his one true love in the most tragic way (punishment to stole his "girl" and ditch him ?), he finally get Aurora for himself, he got rid of his archenemy, Strix will soon be extinct. I wonder if get Klaus back as friend is also part of his plan, I assume so.

I was thinking about Klaus and Elijah making up the Sun and the Moon curse and causing a war between the species for centuries just to get what they wanted, and I thought they may go a similar way with this one. And I absolutely love your theory about Lucien, things are really going his way. 

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5'1 black hair with purple(lilac-ish) tips. Am asian. Most of my time is spent in China but i'm not chinese. I speak Mongolian, Russian, English, currently learning Chinese. Very outgoing, thus i know a lot of people. Consider only a few people as my true friends and i get bored really easily. But if i do consider you as a friend, i'm never letting you go no matter any shit. And i curse....a lot. Gemini Sun, Venus and Moon in Aries, Mercury and Mars in Taurus. Wdytm?


[OOC Meme] Jenivieve Ravendale

Full Name: Jenivieve Marianna Ravendale
Gender and Sexuality: Female/Pansexual/Hetero-romantic
Pronouns: She/Her
Highlander Hyur (looks like a Midlander since she accidentally “discovered” a Fountain of Youth spell)
Birthplace and Birthdate: Ishgard, 21st Sun of the Second Astral Moon (March 21st)

Guilty Pleasures: Placing harmless curses/hexes on people she doesn’t like.
Phobias: Domesticated felines. Not Miqo’te, actual cats.

What They Would Be Famous For:
Getting high off her fucking rocker and having shamanistic epiphanies because of it; having lots of blackbirds in her room

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
Usage of illegal substances.

OC You Ship Them With:
She doesn’t have any relationships, but there are a few crack ships.

Flynt Reddard | Orenji Kharn | Eiji Mutsu

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
Kairo Fujima. Talk about a lover’s quarrel :^)

Favorite Book Genre: Fictional Romance
Least Favorite Book Cliche: Cliche Humble Hero

Talents and/or Powers:
As a witch doctor and stargazer, Jen is pretty keen with healing magic, as well as homespun remedies and concoctions. She’s also quite good at talking her way out of any situation, so she normally doesn’t have to fight if she doesn’t want to–though of course, this particular trait doesn’t always work. Outside of confrontation, she is a font of information, being the spymaster of the free company. She is also very adept at making fruit crostatas and apple dumplings.

Why Someone Might Love Them:
She is the ultimate hippie mom. Free love! You need a good smoke? She’s got what you need! Need a shoulder to cry on? Hers is really comfy! Want to share a few drinks and swap tales with an ex-vigilante Ishgardian noble? Look no further!

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
She is very secretive about herself, yet makes cryptic remarks that she knows someone much better than they realize. She is often trying and failing to lose the snooty Ishgardian mannerisms, so she often turns her nose up at many things that she deems unfit for her to partake in.

How They Change:
Jen’s gone from outspoken Auri activist vigilante to soft-spoken, guarded spymaster. Apparently the death of her family on false charges of heresy (basically, her family took the blame for her unwittingly) really changes a woman.

Why You Love Them:  
Jen is my very first OC. She’s been with me everywhere, and a lot of heart and soul has gone into her. Roleplaying as her has seen me through some dark times–escapism, I know–but she’s also been there when I’ve been happy and upbeat! Plus, she’s super fun to draw, and outside of XIV, she’s really quite the dynamic character.


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Do you love life?

I am absolutely in love with life. Don’t get me wrong, I have my rough days where I curse at the sun and the moon and every person and thing in between. I have moments where I’m overfilled with sad and stressed emotions, but there are way too many things about this life to be happy about and love even when you’re having the shittiest day. Here’s actually a part of what I was writing the other night, things that make me love life more than anything: 

 I’m in love with the way the stars ensemble in the sky alongside the moon. I’m in love with the way the sunrises over the horizon in the morning setting the sky on fire and letting its warmth illuminate an array of colors across the clouds.  I’m in love with innocent children’s laughter and the way an animals soul shines through their eyes.  I’m in love with how happy my heart gets hearing Mojo’s elephant run into my room when I get home.  I’m in love with science and how it allows for me to make sense of this hectic world.  I’m even in love with the unknown and how it marvels, tempting those to try and understand its secrets.

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So I guess the "prophecy" was all fake/hoax made up by Tristan and them. Oh well what he got was something way worse than Death.

I’m still not sure if it was fake or Elijah was just trying to manipulate the Strix. But it would be pretty cool and a nice parallel to Klelijah making up the Sun and Moon curse.  

I think about the sun’s annoying habit of illuminating these things which I did not wish to be seen. The crumpled bedsheets, the dirty dishes, the bleeding heart on the floor which I forgot to mop up last night. I curse the sun for illuminating the moon and not leaving blackness in its absence.
—  Kelly Ann Marie Collins from “The Sun”

You howl at the moon
And curse the sun
We stood at the shore of time
Heaven’s deeds not be undone

You livest in death
And life betrayed
We sink in the sands of time
Minds musn’t forget dismay

There is nowhere to look but up
For below and beneath, consume you
But oh how I wish you could see

There, now the sun climbs the sky
For better or worse, your eyes, no shield
But oh how the sun curses thou

Your queen, hath not abandoned
But nowhere to be found
This is the hour of the king
Hear his trumpets sound

Your truest desires fulfilled
But not as you planned
This is dark of night eternal
Hear death’s hallowing hand

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Elijah was the family (Rebekah), Cami will be the friend, and I think the foe could be Aya or something.

I’m still not sure how much of that prophecy is actually true and how much is Tristan and Lucien twisting things around. I’m starting to think this is their version of the Sun and Moon curse and it’s hiding something.