The Sun, the Moon, and Stars

Summary: Their love was cursed by the higher gods and now they only get to have a few moments everyday together. Sort of a Greek gods AU.

Characters/Pairing: Natsu and Lucy

Authors Note: Happy Nalu Day! This is just a short drabble that came to mind one day so I don’t plan on expanding but I hope you guys like it all the same!-Shelbi


Calloused feet padded the sand as he walked along the beach. The sun-his sun-radiated above illuminating the soft blue waves as they lazily lapped the golden shore. His red and yellow tunic fluttered in the wind.

He could feel a slight waver in his energy as his sun descended closer to the horizon. A shimmer caught his eye further down the beach causing a smile to grow on his face. The shimmering grew into a silhouette, sparkling in outline. To a mere mortal one would look upon the sight and say it was merely a mirage but Natsu knew better. The further his sun dipped to the horizon line the more the prominent the mirage grew. Finally the moon started peeking out in the east solidifying the mirage in front of him.

Then there she was.

She glowed like the pale moonbeams, her eyes sparkling like the diamonds against the deep velvet sky. Her light blue tunic swayed in the gentle wind as well her hair, tangling it in way that Natsu wanted to run his fingers through to straighten out.

They stood staring at each other for a moment before both took off running to each other, desperate to hold each other in their arms.

Natsu wrapped his arms her waist and twirled her in the air, her twinkling laughter relaxing Natsu instantly.

When he put her down, he held her close, foreheads touching.

He could feel their energies mix and merge, their love grow and brighten, initiating reactions from their separate forces. The stars grew in luminosity in the dark blue sky above them while the horizon streaked into pinks and oranges at the glowering sun.

They whispered soft “I love you’s” into each others ears, relishing the presence of each others warmth.

The sun fell even further causing Natsu to grimace. He could feel himself fading, his sun only a sliver.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Lucy.” He whispered.

She ran her fingers through his hair, the stars glowing brighter at every loving touch in response to her emotions to this man in front of her.

In the last beam of sunshine, she gave him a brave smile before leaning in and kissing him gently. When she opened her eyes he was gone, off to another part of the world where his sun beams touched the earth.

Their cursed love story brought about by the higher crueler gods gave them only a few moments together, always only a few wonderous moments together in the mornings and nights, and it was never enough.

Lucy looked sullenly at the ground where he once stood. The sky grew darker overhead while Lucy listened to her constellations come to life.

The wind billowed her hair to side when she looked back to where his sun had set over the ocean. The ocean darkened without his sun to illuminate it, instantly creating a sense a darkness and fear as the waters churned and crashed on the shore, rather than a sense of calm laziness his sun gave to it. Her heart felt the same churning and fear without his presence there to soothe her longingness for him.

She gazed over her night sky, at the swirling galaxies and combusting stars, with only one thought on her mind. One day they will be together again, she knew it in her heart. Her constellations were always out searching for leads to find anything or anyone who could break their curse. She would never give up, she will find a way, even if she had to move heaven and earth, she will find a way to be together with him again.

“My lady?” A voice she recognized said behind her.

She turned to her friend. “Have you found any leads, Leo?”

A small satisfied smile graced his glowing form. “I believe I have.”

Her heart pounded with excitement, with fear of the future, with hope for the future, but mostly with love for the silly man who now controlled both the light for the earth but also the light in her heart.  

She looked again to where his sun had disappeared, allowing hope to fill her heart while wishing on her stars she wasn’t foolish to let it.

 She looked her friend Leo in the eye. “Then lets get started.”


What ails you this time,
You poor old soul?
What keeps you here at
The edge of the world?
What ails you this time,
With your tired eyes?
You’ve been here through the day
And through the night.
Tell me,
Why can’t you rest?
Why do you ponder the
Thought of death’s embrace?
His touch is cold, freezing to the bone.
He flinches at my gaze, and turns away.
And then he speaks, a voice rougher
Than the ground at our feet.
He says, “I curse the sun,
And pray for the moon to rise.
Alas, she reminds me of
Everything I curse of myself.
My flaws,
My sins,
The people I’ve lost
And the people I’ve killed.”
He takes a step closer to the edge, his skin
Like stone, colorless.
“I curse the world,” he whispers.
Then he descends,
With no fear,
With no regret,
Never to be seen again.

                    her mom was supposed to pick her up two hours ago, and still, tabitha’s
                    in the library, idly doodling on a blank page of her notebook, little trees
                    and deer sketched out next to maths calculations. it’s safe in the school,
                    but it still stands that she’s stuck in the library with no ride and a setting
                    sun that sinks ever lower to the horizon. she knows how this could play
                    out: the sun goes down, the moon comes up, actaeon’s curse does its
                    work, and suddenly there’s a deer in the middle of beacon hills high
                    school. but she has no desire to walk home, so she stays seated, chin
                    propped up on her hand as she idly sketches out another tree.

                    eyes wander from paper to the few students scattered about the room,
                    out the window to an orange painted sky             maybe she should ask
                    someone for a ride. 

                                              ::: voiidstuff || x :::

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Tbh I don't know if my Virgo sun, Leo moon, Scorpio rising, and Libra Venus is a blessing or a curse

It’s a blessing I promise ❤

“so curse everyone and everything even the sun”

people were saying that sun was referring to ryan ross but isn’t he the moon?? isn’t brendon the sun???? is brendon cursing himself whAt???????


Name: Mason Lockwood
Age: 26
Date of birth: November 24, 1988
Place of birth: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Species: Werewolf (Omega)
Occupation: Unemployed
Face claim: Taylor Kinney

  • Turned through: Werewolf gene
  • Bitten by: N/A
  • Turned on: September 14, 2011
  • Killed: His friend
  • Pack: None
  • Status: N/A

Mason Lockwood is the younger brother of Richard Lockwood and the uncle of Tyler Lockwood and Sydney Lockwood. He hasn’t lived in Mystic Falls for many years, having made Florida his home. Back there, he was a surfer who lived a pretty quiet life, his werewolf gene still remaining dormant. However, he soon met a girl named Kathy who he really liked, not knowing her real name was Katherine Pierce. She needed him to trigger his curse, as she was looking for the moonstone to break the sun and moon curse. She knew that Mason came from a family of werewolves, and also knew how to trigger his curse, which she did by compelling his friend to attack Mason and to not stop, even if it would cost him his life. Mason’s friend didn’t stop, causing Mason to tackle him on the ground, accidentally killing his friend in front of the bar that they had been visiting that night. Mason was aware of the fact that Katherine was a vampire, as werewolves have the ability to sense when other supernaturals are around. After killing his friend and thus triggering his curse, Mason closed himself off for a long time. He felt guilt ridden and responsible, and he hated having to turn every month during the full moon. He’d lost his friend, and Katherine had abandoned him after he triggered his curse. While Mason truly liked Katherine, she had only used him and wanted him to trigger his werewolf curse. After he heard that his brother Richard died, Mason returned to town for the funeral, seeing his nephew again for the first time in years and having a couple of drinks with him. After Tyler broke one of his father’s pictures, he tried to attack his mother, but Mason came in and stopped him, knocking Tyler down onto the floor. Tyler was confused as to why he got mad so easily, and Mason then informed his nephew that it was the Lockwood curse. When Tyler questioned Mason about it, he revealed that in order to transform, he had to cause a death, accidental or not. Mason eventually managed to finally obtain the moonstone from Tyler, and then delivered it to Katherine who was really looking for it. Because he told Elizabeth Forbes about Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore being vampires, Damon took it upon himself to kidnap Mason, torturing the werewolf and ripping his heart out eventually.


Mason still doesn’t understand how or why he’s alive again. All he knows is that he woke up inside the Lockwood cellar. He doesn’t know what has happened to the people in his life, or how long he’s even been gone. All he knows is that Damon killed him, and now he wants revenge on the vampire.


✓ Easy going, protective, determined

✘ Aggressive, closed off, lonely

  • Tyler Lockwood (Nephew) → Tyler doesn’t know Mason’s alive again, but when he does find out, he’ll surely want to prove to his uncle that he’s trying to become a man that Mason can be proud of, even with his curse triggered.
  • Sydney Lockwood (Niece) → Mason never knew about Sydney, because her father didn’t even know she existed. It’ll surely be weird for both of them though, because Mason has come back from the dead, and Sydney never knew she had an uncle, just a half brother and a father.
  • Jenna Sommers (Friend) → Jenna went to high school with Mason, and the two of them always got along great. Mason has always been fond of Jenna, but since he was dead, he has no idea that she was also resurrected, much like him.
  • Damon Salvatore (Enemy) → Mason hasn’t forgotten about Damon extracting his heart. He remembers, and now that he’s alive again, he wants revenge on the vampire. The full moon would be a perfect chance to do so, wouldn’t it?
every freckle on my body represents
an explosion
each grain of sand
cratered into my flesh
is pressed into castles along the
shores of my fingertips
the way you cilmb up onto me
and drift away
causes the thoughts of grace behind my eyes
to curse the moon
and mock the sun
we are nothing but together
our bodies of water
merge to form tidal waves that crack
and crash like glass
—  k.v. “imagery” 2014