sun glasses

Glasses Magick

because i just got new specs that actually help rip and I’ve never seen a post abt witching up your glasses!! most of these should work for sun glasses also, though i made this with prescription glasses in mind

  1. let them charge in the sunlight so you can see things in a more positive light
  2. let them charge in the moonlight to see the peace in all things
  3. put them with ur rose quartz to see beauty and love!
  4. just put them with whatever crystals you wanna tbh
  5. put herbs or crystals in the case
  6. use old or unuseful cases as spell containers
  7. enchant them so you can better see spirit/auras/etc
  8. enchant them before a test so you can clearly find your answer it’s not cheating i promise *winks*
  9. enchant them with intention when you’ve lost something and need help finding it
  10. someone pls add more! i want more ideas and I’m dreadfully unimaginative today

-Mason Lane