sun and moon

A Little PSA...

So, recently, I’ve been noticing the news that an upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon episode will include a female Pikachu, who seems to be involved with some romantic tension with Ash’s Pikachu.

This naturally led to some news outlets (and even dearest Tumblr) to come out with the statement of “OMG PIKACHU’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!” “PIKACHU’S IN LOVE?!” “PIKACHU X GIRL PIKACHU RULE 34 WHEN???” Now, don’t get me wrong, it would be pleasant to see ol’ Pika find some warm, fuzzy feelings towards another Pokemon. Especially if it all culminates in Dawn’s Buneary coming in out of nowhere, and trying to kill everyone in a fit of rage.

But I call shenanigans at the notion Pikachu’s gonna be getting a girlfriend yet. Not because he’s dedicated to Ash, nononononono…’s because at the same time the girl Pikachu was announced, they also leaked THIS dude.

Firstly…..they found a way to make a Pikachu look like a douchebag. I think this makes Sun and Moon a higher form of art than it’s predecessors. But secondly, and most importantly….it appears that this guy is possibly gonna be a rival, for the girl Pikachu’s affections. Now….speaking as someone who has certainly his experience with the Pokemon anime; used to watch it all the time on Cartoon Network, recognizes some episodes more than others…… those who immediately jump the gun, and say that Pikachu’s now got a girlfriend, maybe start shipping them to hell and back…I need to ask something. NOW, before you pounce at me, I remember Ash’s Butterfree getting a mate, having a tearful farewell, all that jazz. But other than that…






Sun + Moon combinations

Aries Sun: hot headed

Taurus Sun: genuine

Gemini Sun: friendly

Cancer Sun: heart warming

Leo Sun: the best you could have ever imagined

Virgo Sun: preaching

Libra Sun: playful

Scorpio Sun: psycho

Sagittarius Sun: adventurous

Capricorn Sun: ambitious

Aquarius Sun: absent minded

Pisces Sun: idealistic


Aries Moon: red bull addict

Taurus Moon: home lover

Gemini Moon: miss popular

Cancer Moon: wine mom

Leo Moon: Madonna

Virgo Moon: genius

Libra Moon: lover

Scorpio Moon: misanthrope

Sagittarius Moon: party rocker

Capricorn Moon: workaholic

Aquarius Moon: outcast

Pisces Moon: cinnamon roll