—  (adjective) Deemed one of the most beautiful words in the English dictionary, serene’s aesthetic and euphony is both pleasing and ethereally beautiful. Defined as calm or tranquil, serene symbolizes all that is peaceful, quiet in an exquisite and metaphysical nature. Serene is usually used to describe the vast, intangible beauty of the ocean and sky.



With the WillingHearts Soup Kitchen, 8 volunteers helped to prepare food for 4920 less fortunate families and elderly all across Singapore.

Firstly, a huuge welcome to our new hartosexuals, Renee and Elmira! Ok, Elmira has done HAHD in London but this is her first one in SG :)

At the soup kitchen, there was a very informative discussion about potato geography, history and biology. I think it was too early for us to be standing in a line peeling potatoes….. Many hands were ripped by the end of the event due to our lack of domestication, thus resulting in our lack of skills to handle peelers. Also, we found out that it is very hard to hold potatoes….? Someone invented a drinking game: drink everytime someone drops a potato.

After the event we went for lunch and BECCA CAME!!!!!! Helped to pull the group average for a bit ;-)

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to help!!!! It still amazes me that y'all are willing to wake up so early to come for events. love you bbys <3 

See y'all soon!

Details for SEP event: SEP 5TH  SEP 9TH






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“I have arrived~”

Ah yes I have finally made it to the Darkiball, I hope the bar is still open and the floor still down for boogie-ing. I will dance until midnight then I will get some snacks. Mmmm Snackkkkkkssssssssssssss.

So yeah enjoy the sons all dapper, I will go flex my boogie muscles. 

waytoomanyfeelings asked:

In honor of today being Olicity's Anniversary- prompt: Felicity and Oliver reminiscing about the first time they saw each other on one of their later anniversaries (like 5 year or maybe even 10?)

Oliver stretched out on his side, gazing at Felicity.  Her face was scrubbed clean, the soft light from the full moon letting him see every familiar line.  And a few new ones.  Because after twelve years together and ten years of marriage, neither of them were as young as they once were.  They each had a few new scars, a few new laugh lines.  

But when he looked at her, every time was like the first time.  Seeing her turn around and pull that red pen from between her pink lips.  Seeing her blue eyes widen because they both knew it wasn’t every day the heir to the company walked into her cubicle.  

Felicity gave him a small, happy smile.  “You’re staring.  Again.”  

Shrugging a shoulder, he grinned at her.  “It’s our wedding anniversary.  Today is one of the days that I am allowed to be as sappy and romantic as I want.  You promised.”  

“You say that like a) there was any way I could stop you from being sappy and romantic and b) I don’t like when you’re sappy and romantic,” Felicity argued, her smile growing wider.  “I love it, you know that.”  Her hand reached out and ran through his hair, making him close his eyes and sigh softly.  

“I know,” Oliver said, opening his eyes and gazing at her.  He reached out to slide his hand over her bare skin, his fingers spread wide as he pulled her in against him.  

“I was just thinking about the day we met,” he said softly, pressing a kiss to her temple.  

Felicity let out a soft hum.  “Funny.  Me, too.”

“Best day of my life,” he whispered against her skin.  “The day that everything changed.”  

Her fingers rubbed his bicep, her engagement and wedding rings catching the moonlight, and she looked up at him.  His eyebrow went up when he saw how she was nibbling on her lip.  

“Felicity?” he asked, pulling back a little.  “What is it?”


Looking up at Oliver, even after so many years together, she still felt that moment.  That little bubble of shock and surprise and attraction, like she had that first day.  When she was still wearing panda flats and working to move on from Cooper, when she was trying to make a name for herself while wondering just who Felicity Smoak was.  And then she had seen Oliver, and something in her just … woke up.  

He had helped her become the woman she was meant to be.  And it had taken so long to make him realize that.  For him to understand that as important as she was to him, he was equally important to her.  

Ten years ago today, she had walked down an aisle that was way too long, and it had been so hard not to run to him in her big white dress, because she was so ready to be married to him.  To be his and for him to be hers, forever.  And they had been so good together.  There had been ups and downs, fights and make-up sex, business trips and vacations, and so much love.  

There was one thing missing, though.  One thing that they had talked about, but as the years went on, they had come to think it wouldn’t happen for them.  There was something about their timing–there was a joke in there that one day might not be bittersweet–that had worked against that one thing.  

But not anymore.

Reaching out, she cupped his face, her thumb rubbing against his jaw.  “I’m pregnant.”  

Oliver’s eyes went wide.  “What?” he whispered.

She smiled, feeling her eyes fill with tears.  “I’m pregnant,” she repeated.  “Happy anniversary.  It’s the last one with just us.”  

“Oh my God–I love you–Felicity!”  

His arms were around her, holding her so tightly, and she was pretty sure he was pressing his face against her neck to hide his own tears.  She had no problem with letting a few happy tears leak out and run down her cheeks.  

Because she was so happy.  She had everything she could want, and now she was going to have more.  And so was Oliver.

Although she would never be able to top this anniversary gift, she thought with a soft smile as she burrowed in against him.  

To think, this had all started when he walked into her cubicle with a shot-up laptop and a crappy lie.


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