So I couldn’t decide… so I made both.. PLUS a back story.

So Nux was a punk. One of those hardcore punks that ran around with the wrong crowd. But then shit happened and he met a chick and she helped him clean up his act. So now he’s still a punk… but now he’s a mature punk. *which in my opinion is sexier*

[and now i may have to write this fic… :sigh: add it onto the plate]

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Sadly, I’m nowhere near a scanner @ the moment, but hopefully this will suffice~! Shout out to both the Regular Show Fandom and my Fellow Canadians~!!! You guys rock~! *haha ♥♥♥



guy fieri fact #1876

guy fieri is actually a holy figure in canadian society. He is worshiped by 10.2 million people, in his honor citizens of canada don frosted tips and eat as much as possible. the person who eats the most is considered to be guy fieri’s holy messenger