Signs + Loneliness
  • Aries:sits blankly by the computer. Very unsettling.
  • Taurus:just kinda lies there. Completely consumed by loneliness.
  • Gemini:doesn't like it but can handle it, more or less. Daydreams about seeing them again.
  • Cancer:like a puppy. Stares out the window, waiting for their return.
  • Leo:bothers them, makes them angry that they can't do anything about it.
  • Virgo:doesn't affect them in the usual way. Antsy, tries to meet up with them.
  • Libra:literally cannot handle it. Goes insane with sorrow.
  • Scorpio:can't stand the feeling but doesn't let it show. Suffering on the inside.
  • Sagittarius:completely unfazed. Doesn't need anyone really.
  • Capricorn:tries to make the best of it. Attempts to distract themselves with books and tea.
  • Aquarius:it's fine. Company would be nice, but it's fine...(no it's not)
  • Pisces:depends. Either an absolute inconsolable mess or too busy lost in their own world to be troubled by it.