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he went out

his baby stayed in, then this LITTLE monster came in the room and roll ALL over his boy, and they didn’t even shower in the morning

it’s liiikeeee, harry you ok there

theeeeeen 1 year later this little shit rolled ALL over his baby again

he had white paint all over his face too!!! and no he didn’t wear any white paint the night before

crazy kids 

Please tell your mothers and grandmothers that you love them, thank for the warm meals on your table and roof above your head, thank them for every time you want or need that something and don’t hear an answer “no”, thank for every life lesson that you will give to your children and grandchildren. Just don’t forget to say “thank you” and “i love you “, because you don’t know which Mothers Day could be your last spent together.


I’m thinking about coming out on ace day. I’ve been wanting to find an excuse to do so for a while and I feel like this is a good opportunity.

I would appreciate if I had other aces ideas on how to do so and whether this is a good idea?

I was originally going to post a selfie with my card on social media but the idea of this makes me extremely anxious. I kind of want to do a painting of the ace card and possibly me holding it. Does that in any way defeat the purpose of the day?

out of our minds { L I S T E N  H E R E }

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[ENGSUB] 20150502 StarCast - VIXX’ support messages to DJ N and DJ N Interview