She was the kind of girl who was a chaos of contradictions from one second to the next, for her mind was never free. Sometimes bright like the sun, sometimes calm like the moon, sometimes stormy like the ocean, and sometimes all three.
—  A Girl of Contradictions | Nikita Gill

Flyin past

The Signs from my impression:

uh don’t take this personally if i say anything remotely mean

Aries: ur drive is so inspiring like wtf i want it i worry for ur temper sometimes tho 

Taurus: I love the fact that ur so understanding and real bruh like come here and give me a hug bby

Gemini: u seem to love annoying people for fun but thats ok because i still love u and ur motives<3

Cancer: SWEETIES. S-W-E-E-T-I-EEEE-S. But forreal i can’t tell if you want to punch me or not because you’re kind about everything

Leo: i can’t ever tell when ur sad because u always seem really upbeat in ur stance/voice. ur kinda arrogant/rude sometimes tbh but its ok because ur benedicts sign and i love u all ur all kind ass lovelies

Virgo: ohoho i don’t know many virgos but the ones i do know are as real as real gets and i can talk to u about anything and ur advice is bomb

Libra: i only know like one libra, u seem really cute and sweet tho and ur eyes are absolutely beautiful

Scorpio: u could literally turn ur eyes into lazers and write “passion” with them. u seem kinda passive aggressive at first but ur actually cute dorks that have amazing kisses i would bang u probs 

Sagittarius: absolutely lovely. so sociable and easy to get along with. makes good tea

Capricorn: i know so many of these and about 4 of my crushes have been cappies?? i can never work out ur true feelings but my god ur advice is amazing and u always make rad friends

Aquarius: ur bloody unforgettable like i love u and the way u do things bro. you annoy me sometimes but thats bc our views differ and im rude

Pisces: i am a pisces. a bunch of my friends are pisces. we are rad and a bit deep and wishy washy and passive aggressive maybe but we’re probs not as openly sensitive as everyone says we are yay go pisces

Just something ××

I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool

Words can’t explain how much I love you and how grateful I am for you, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis, the one who screams the loudest and acts the most dramatic and cracks the most laughter and practically just shines on the stairs.

Louis, the one who is the leader and don’t give a fuck if someone tell you to be more “serious”

Louis, the one who seems the “dumbest” but is in fact the wisest, the one who wants to be a ruler instead of a food

Louis, the one who loves football and drama but chose to pursue the career of music at the first place.

Louis, the one who can’t control himself and eye-fucks Harry every second you see him.

Louis, one of those who sings to fewest solos but never give up on himself.

Louis, the one in Up All Night who supports all the background vocal/harmony and doesn’t mind if you notice him in the back.

Louis, the one who has his fringe swept to the side and wears suspenders the whole year and colourful pants and TOMs and has that mother fucking <i>curve</i> and <i>ass</i> and still accepts each hug his fans are to give

Louis, the one who never forgets to thank his fans and thrives for the best for us.

Louis, the one whose nose scrunches up and wrinkles by your eyes when you smile

Louis, the one who loves tea and tries to act the toughest (beside Zayn) and fails, but it’s okay, we all have a pocket louis to take home

Louis, the one in Take Me Home and has that solo in Moments and Truly Madly Deeply that kills everyone of us with your crystal pure silky honey syrup forest lake voice

Louis, the one who sits casually on the big red couch and looks to the far universe but occasionally leans down and whispers all lyrics change to Harry.

Louis, the one who has the eyes which are <i>blueblueblue

Louis, the one who has everyone crying once they hear you speak.

Louis, the one who seems the dimmest but don’t really care and focuses on yourself

Louis, the one who starts to receive a lot of criticism and rumours and insults but always stand up for himself

Louis, the one who always stay strong for his fans although your smile never reaches your eyes anymore

Louis, the who who smoke cigarettes and hides behind the curtain and has your bro, Zayn, as partner in crimes

Louis, the one who is still the toughest but turns into mush when you see Harry, when you think no one is noticing

Louis, the one who doesn’t smile as much but we can still see the fondness in your eyes.

Louis, the one who tattoos all “meaningless” doodles on your arms but at the same time keeps the strongest ones in the worlds

Louis, the one who begins to sometimes criticize himself and sticks to people and just looks so lonely and even if you smile, it’s a bitter smile

Louis, the one in Midnight Memories, who doesn’t sing a lot, but write 3/4 of the songs on the album and just pour your heart out

Louis, we see it, we see all your efforts, don’t you ever doubt yourself

Louis, the one who has those thin but sharp cut collarbones which just look thinner in interviews

Louis, the one who doesn’t even smile anymore

Louis, the one who lets himself free on stage once in a while and shakes that booty

Louis, the one who still has the greatest curve of all time, and thrust your hips the strongest of all time

Louis, the one who seems so rebellious and tweets all foul language on Twitter who is the sweetest and has the biggest heart for the band

Louis, the one who is at the same time the most precious and just makes us wanna buy a mini you on eBae

Louis, the one who takes a step back and allows himself to be the dimmest but shines his heart in between the lyrics in the songs

Louis, the one who supports fans and save us every time we think of your carefreeness

Louis, the one who silently takes part in every football match you can

Louis, the one who tries to buy the whole Doncaster Rover team

Louis, the one who never forgets about home

Louis, the one who always sticks to where you belong

Louis, the one in Four, who starts to sing more

Louis, the one in Four, begins to take a step forward

Louis, the one in Four, who kills us with your lead vocal in No Control

Louis, the one who sass all if they try to get their nasty remarks to you

Louis, the one who still write most songs on Four

Louis, the one who always change your hair styles (but you can never get away from your Harry Styles)

Louis, the one who gets your tweet the second most retweeted tweet, surpassing Obama

Louis, the one who gets everyone on their knees for you

Louis, the one who breaks through and shows the world your true colours and prove them you can sing and just prove the fuck outta yourself and scares the world with your unique voice and just boom!

Louis, the one who has the perfect voice and has the perfect accent

Louis, the one who still is the humble and sassy lad

Louis, the one who silently stands out, scaring the world shitless

Louis, the one who mind blown all the haters

Louis, the one who starts to smile the smile we miss

Louis, the one who is given opportunity and uses it well

Louis, the one who finally did it

Louis, the one who finally prove the world

Louis, the one who will forever be our sun

But Louis, we all see it. All along the road when you’re trying to work so hard to prove yourself, we see it.

We will forever have your back, we will forever support you, you will forever be our sun, you will forever be our centre, you will forever be remembered as the one who shines the brightest.

Louis, we see the passion, we see the effort, we see the doubt, we see the hope, we see the “strong”, we see the tattoos, we hear your voice, we hear your talent, we know what you’re truly about.

So thank you Louis, who teaches me <i>how to live the best life

Thank you, for teaching me <i>to live life to the fullest because everything else is uncertain

Thank you, for teaching me to be <i>grateful! and never forgets home

Thank you, for teaching me <i>it’s okay to live a little and be silly once in a while

Thank you, for teaching me <i>carrot is sometimes an adjective

Thank you, for teaching me <i>how to stand up for myself

Thank you, for teaching me <i>to stay strong

Thank you, for teaching me <i>it’s okay to love what you love, who you love

Thank you, for teaching me how to be <i>alive

Thank you, for teaching me <i>if I want something to work and I work hard, the world should eventually notice it

Thank you, for making me to have <i>faith in you, I always knew I chose the right one

No matter what happen next, Louis, you have succeeded, you have won the world! You have won everything, you are the one true superman.

You will always stay in my heart, as the softest, the SUPERMAAAN, the sass mastah from doncastah, the brightest boy on the stairs, the one who manages to capture all hearts you deserves

You will always be our sun, you will always stand on the top of the world.