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Yin and Yang in The Last Jedi

Ok, I’m going to try to list all the instances where Yin and Yang appear in the movie. They really did beat us in the head with this symbolism, didn’t they.

Some of the images I included aren’t so much Yin/Yang symbolism as things divided in two, which is another recurring theme and it is related to it. I love to find symbolism everywhere and you can’t stop me.

At the end I’ll link a couple of metas that treat the subject, which inspired this post. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the wonderful and talented people of this fandom who wrote them. This post is partly made in the hope that it will help you to write more. And congratulations. We won.

This will probably be edited many times. Feedback is more than welcome. Also, someday my prince will come and we’ll have HD pictures. For now, this will have to do.


So, without further ado, I give you the list:

- The cave symbol in Ach-To:

- The Tico sisters’ medallion, also refered to as the “perfect conductor”:

- Leia’s ring:

- Kylo’s fucking face:

- Actually, also Snoke’s face, but I don’t want to post a picture; it would make my eyes sad (and I suspect yours too).

- I can’t find any good shots but I bet my boots that Finn’s jacket is divided diagonally just like Kylo’s face. Unrelated: the thought of Poe stitching the jacket back together brings fuzzy feelings to my heart area. You can pry that headcanon from my cold, dead hands.

- Also, not really imagery, but I feel that Finn’s learning of the war’s profits, the whole two-sides-of-the-same-coin lesson also applies. Which brings us to:

- The whole Canto Bight wardrobe aesthetic. I mean, they took the trouble to show people walking paired very specifically: you see people dressed in black with people dressed in white. And it’s also in individual wardrobe choices. They weren’t even subtle about it. Like, at all.


Even the police guards, for fuck’s sake.

- The elevator scene:

Thanks to @discorded-psychicemotions​, @we-are-bellarke​, @frog-coins​ and @random-fangirl-confessions​ for pointing that one out, HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED IT.

- Anakin’s lightsaber:

Even the black side of the hilt is turned towards Rey and if that isn’t poetic cinema I don’t know what is.

- They also divided Snoke in two would you look at that.

- T H E  F U C K I N G  F I G H T S C E N E

I would post 94567293 shots of this scene but why try to grasp p e r f e c t i o n.

- Also saw the symbolism in the cave scene (when she asks to see her parents and sees two figures aproaching and they become one and the blurry reflection sure as hell looks a lot like Ben and then the barrier vanishes and she sees herself). What, pray tell, the fuck.

- Also, the lighting in all the force bond scenes was reminiscent of Yin and Yang. I’m not going to take screenshots right now. I am tired.

- The gold dice. They’re not really remotely Yin and Yang related but I feel there’s something more to them than Han’s memory.

- I also noticed that every time there was a shot of the sun in Luke’s last scenes (you know, where he dissapears along with what was left of my heart) there was always a cloud covering half its face. Look, I have proof:

This one is just blatantly obvious:

And when I saw this one, the TWO SUNS resembling TWO YIN AND YANGS I almost lost it then and there and it may or may not have been related to the fact that I smuggled a flask of wine to the theatre and my feelings were running rampant don’t judge me.

By the way, if you want to have your mind absolutely BLOWN, read this meta by @frolickingfizzgig about the significance of the sun in Kylo Ren’s story. It just adds so much to what I’m saying.

- And, finally, just a bunch of beautiful random shots where they just shove the symbolism down our throats, with varying levels of subtlety:

There was a shot of Rey training with the lightsaber which showed a very clear Yin and Yang shape in the sky. I wasn’t the one who noticed it, someone else did, but for the life of me I can’t find the original post and I want to credit them. Help! 

Luke and his always iconic fashion choices:

This is a work of art I like to call “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?”:

And, ah yes, fuck my heart:

I think this is it. For now.

For further reading, please direct your attention to:

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Dark Feminine, Light Masculine: Examining the Gendered Balance of the Force in Star Wars by @legalist217 

And just read anything by @ohtze and thank me later.

You know what, fuck it, here’s the link to the whole Reylo meta library. Everything and everyone who writes is awesome:

Reasons why I love SNS

- Orochimaru specifically said it is Naruto who can help Sasuke with his loneliness

- Itachi said Naruto was the only one who is able to change Sasuke

- He had a fucking panic attack at the thought that Sasuke could be killed

- Naruto realeased Kurama’s power for the First time, because he thought Sasuke was dead

- Naruto grabbed his chest and whispered his name when he saw a shooting star

- Sasuke called him his one and only

- Naruto brushed off their team photo and said, “Sasuke, I’m home” after he left the village for three years to become stronger, so that he can rescue Sasuke

- Naruto spend five hours straight thinking of Sasuke, after a girl confessed her feelings for him and risked her life for him - on the same day

- Sakura, who was in love with Sasuke, tried to kill him, while Naruto did not. No, he said he would shoulder Sasuke’s hatred and die with him so he’d never be alone again, he let himself get beaten up to protect Sasuke, he begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke’s life etc.

- Naruto never gave up on Sasuke, no matter what he did

- he cried over Sasuke several times

- they werd each other goals

- they are soulmates, sun and moon, yin and yang

- to quote Sasuke: “Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence”

- Sasuke needed to kill Naruto to be in darkness

- Sasuke never stopped thinking about Naruto since before the story began

- Sasuke fed him even though Kakashi told him it was prohibited

- Sasuke jumped in front of Naruto. He was ready to die, just to save Naruto and his dreams, despite promosing himself he wouldn’t die till he killed Itachi

- Sasuke admitted it was Naruto who saved him. That it was Naruto’s heart who connect him to Konoha

- not to mention, Kishi wanted them to hold hands in Chapter 698

- after Naruto found out the truth about Itachi, he didn’t say he would bring Sasuke back to the village. Naruto knew that Sasuke would never be happy there. So he put Sasuke over his desires, he thought of what Sasuke wanted, what would make him happy

- to quote Naruto: “He’s the person that, more than anyone else, accepted me and my existence. Sasuke is my friend and he represents bonds that I waited so long to receive.”

- Naruto was the only person that Sasuke gave a nickname to. No one else in Team 7 and also no one in team Taka got a special nickname

[Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language]

The sensational story of a ninja boy doesn’t let people calm down. 3 years have passed since the manga has finished and 1 month after anime but hot arguments in the Internet do not stop.

Strangely enough a stumbling block for fans are Pairings.
Recently fans of one of the most popular Pairings in Japan SasuSaku decided to release a newspaper about the wedding of their favorite characters.

They were followed by fans of SasuNaru who also agreed on a printed edition for their beloved couple. It will be a special newspaper of three weekly issues, where the details of the formation of SasuNaru as a married couple will be brought out.

A small alternative story tells about the events after 698 chapters, where Sasuke and Naruto together leave the village and for several years
search for traces of Kaguya.
Each part of the newspaper has its own heading associated with the history of pairing SNS. “Wind and fire,” “Sun and Moon,” “Yin and Yan.”

An epilogue of the story will be a small fanfiction application “Yours for an Hour” voiced earlier by seiyu Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama.

This will be presented as the reincarnation of their souls into the modern world, where, as Naruto promised in the original manga chapter 486, they will no longer be “dzhinchuuriki” and “Uchiha” and will be able to understand each other in the next life.

For an additional fee one can purchase sounded seiyu fanfiction on the disc.

 The authors agreed with Masashi Kishimoto on copyright and no claims on his part will follow.  

Planned release date - May 9, 2017

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