sun vulcan

The twelve days of tokumass!

On the twelfth day of tokumass my true love gave to me!

Twelve combatmen (And shocker girls)!

Eleven extra heroes!

All ten kyoryugers!

Nine random ranger keys!

Eight dekarangers!

Seven combo changes!

Six pink rangers!

Five busters bustin’!

Four astro switches!

Three sun vulcans!

Two riders kickin’!

And the king destroying tokyo!

Marry christmas everyone. I hope you get all the glorified noise makers you asked for this year. :)



Sun Vulcan’s Vul Eagle S.H.Figuarts Revealed

Following Gorenger’s Akaranger, the Shōwa period releases continue with Sun Vulcan’s Vul Eagle. It looks like Tamashii is really going to push older series, specifically the Reds. Hopefully we’ll see other members of Gorenger and Sun Vulcan in the near future–but for the time being, it’s a relief to see something new in the Sentai line.

How many hardcore Sentai fans are going to pick up two of these guys?