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Kendall & Kylie's Interview with Splash Magazine


We asked the Jenner sibs to answer questions about each other in a “Newlywed Game”-style quiz. 

Splash: Can you each name your sister’s pet peeves?

Kendall: She has so many.

Kylie: Really? I can’t think of any.

Kendall: No, you have SO many. Like if I tell her I don’t like something she’s wearing or her hair color or whatever, she’s like [mimicking voice], “I don’t care.”

Kylie: Well when you’re a Negative Nancy, that’s a big pet peeve.

Kendall: I’m not negative, I’m your sister.

Kylie: I don’t want an opinion from anybody, just myself.

S: Kylie, what’s Kendall’s?

Kylie: Probably that [she] hates messiness.

Kendall: I need everything clean. My house is clean and I’m still cleaning.

S: What songs are on each other’s playlists?

Kendall: What were we just listening to? You were playing Drake but that’s on everybody’s playlist.

Kylie: Spooky Black.

S: What’s on Kendall’s?

Kylie:  Coachella stuff.

Kendall: That’s not true! I have, like, everything.

S: How would you describe your sister’s style?

Kendall: [Kylie is] cool, edgy, stylish, different.

Kylie: [Kendall is] model-y, sophisticated, simple.


Here are some photos of Joe Manganiello from the December 23 issue of Chicago Sun-TimesSplash. In an interview with the magazine, Joe talked about struggling with alcohol and depression, working out, his acting dreams, working on True Blood, and embracing all of his semi-naked roles. He is one hot man, isn’t he?! Sincerely though, good on Joe for being sober, it takes a lot of strength to turn an addiction around. May he continue to bless us with his perfection!