sun tan oil

Scents I Associate with the Signs
  • Aries: Sea water, soil right after rain, cedar wood
  • Taurus: Chocolate chip cookies, nail polish, pineapple
  • Gemini: Apples, oranges, bubblegum
  • Cancer: Freshly cut grass, applesauce, aloe
  • Leo: Sun tan oil, cinnamon, coffee
  • Virgo: Paper right out of the printer, pine, mint
  • Libra: Gingerbread, lemon, cucumber
  • Scorpio: Licorice, match after it's burnt out, new car smell
  • Sagittarius: Old books, candle smoke, nutmeg
  • Capricorn: Right before it snows, brown sugar, vanilla
  • Aquarius: New books, freshly washed sheets, grapefruit
  • Pisces: Graham crackers, grape, honeysuckle

sagittarians are competitive - but they compete mostly with themselves, to see how much of their vision they can carve out, to see how many stars they can swing from and how many oceans they can sail. they work with real imagination and find the deepest elements of the human psyche of most curious and interesting. there is something really summery and offbeat with sagittarius, they remind me of bongo drums and the smell of coconut sun tan oil. its the party of life with sagittarius, the joy of youth and exploration
the bliss of elderly wisdom, it’s the celebration of the whole vibratory character of being