sun sinking into ocean

Your face is like the sun sinking into the ocean
Your face is like watching flowers growing in fast motion
All your kisses I swallowed
Brightened mornings and hollows
My vines and tree knots will come unwound
Baby you are my sunshine, my sunshine
Please don’t take my sunshine away

Love doesn’t just leave you happy, it leaves a lot of pain. Sometimes it hurts like hell, and breaks you down to your absolute core. It makes you wake up in a cold bed with tears in your eyes because you can’t wrap the idea of that one person you love not being there with you. Sometimes love makes you feel like there’s a pair of hands tightly wrapped around your throat, and a weight on your chest that never goes away. Sometimes love is watching the sun in their eyes as it sinks over the ocean. Sometimes, it’s just the little things this person does. And sometimes, no matter how much you fight to be with them, you have to let them go.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#59)
Constant | Part 6

Vernon x Reader

3756 words

Synopsis: after attending the wedding, you and Vernon decide to head back to the hotel room

Warnings: smut finally

I update this series every Sunday at 6 pm EST

Part I | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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If you haven’t read my story “Move” - do know it’s close to my heart and that’s why I am continuing with it. I have a lot of ideas for it, and maybe making it into a series. So if you haven’t read it, I suggest doing that before you read this drabble PREVIEW! It’s up on my masterlist. 

Enjoy what I have so far! 

It had been a few months since the two of you had to pry yourselves away from your personal paradise in Jamaica; leaving behind adventures, new friends, and sadly – the ocean taking your spur of the moment engagement ring. The minute Harry announced that he would like to start recording his solo album there, your eyes welled up with happiness. This would be another opportunity to make a home there like you both dreamt about, to sow roots, and to call home occasionally, when you both just needed to get away.

           But tonight, you found yourself alone in the massive bedroom, again. You heard laughs coming from downstairs and couldn’t help yourself but to smile and know that he was enjoying his time with Mitch, enjoying the new creative juices exploding from each of his new team members. You couldn’t help yourself to well up with pride when you thought about it; the songs, the effort, the joy he found in creating something that was simply him, inside and out – and something that he would be sharing. To the entire world. It was all wonderful and you were by his side for every second of the journey – tonight, you needed him. It was supposed to be your night with him, just the two of you, but he got caught up again in his own routine. And by the way he was looking, and the fact that you had two glasses of rum by yourself, the small fire in your belly wasn’t going to go un-noticed. Not tonight.

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My Impression Of You (Part 2)

A/N: Here it finally is, the second part to my Archie imagine! You can find the first one here: x. Thanks so much for giving me all the feedback! I am not sure if I am finished with this yet, so it would be amazing if you could tell me once more what you think about it and if you have any suggestions for it. Enjoy! xo

Plot: You are feeling weird about what happened between Archie and you as he approaches you to talk about it and makes you an offer that requests from you to prove yourself.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

After that, you didn’t have contact to Archie for five days. Well, at least not really. He now usually waved at you in the hallway and seemed to notice you more often but you didn’t talk to each other. In your case, you had a good reason for avoiding it because you felt a little bit ashamed about everything you had thrown at his head. It had been really personal and kinda rude and you just couldn’t recall why you ever felt authorized to talk to him like that. It was astounding that he didn’t shoot you glares instead of little smiles, he would definitely had reason to do so. You had to give him credit for that.

Maybe that was why you were so surprised when he suddenly stood next to your table at lunch. You usually ate alone. You enjoyed the silence, read a book or listened to some music. But now he put his tray down, grinned at you and you suddenly didn’t feel relaxed at all anymore.

“Is it okay if I join you?”, he asked friendly. You couldn’t find any trace of antipathy or reproach in his voice that would have been a sign of a possible uncomfortable encounter, so you nodded slowly. You had totally forgotten the sandwich you just wanted to take a bite off. Instead, you were focused on the way he sunk down opposite of you, grabbed his apple and looked at you with those warm brown eyes.

“You know, I thought about what you said last Friday”, he broke to you, tossing the apple from one hand to the other.

You swallowed hard. Great. That was exactly what you had dreaded.

“Is that so? And to what conclusion have you come?”, you retorted, trying to keep your voice as carefree and calm as possible.

“That you are right.” Well, you didn’t expect that. “I really depend on others too much. And it won’t get me any closer to what I want if I don’t manage to trust in myself a little bit more.”

You watched him for a moment as he shrugged, looked down at his tray and threw a fry into his mouth instead of biting into the apple. While you never really thought much about Archie Andrews, he suddenly seemed quite extraordinary to you. Usually, nobody ever took much interest in your advice.

“Okay. And what are you planning to do about it now?”, you questioned, leaning in a little with an amused smile on your lips. He glanced up to you through his thick eyelashes and returned it cheekily.

“Well, first of all I’m gonna stop to always run for help. Then I will continue writing songs, putting a little more confidence into it. I think I’m even gonna write one about you and I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.”

“About me?”, you laughed. “and what would that be about?”

“About this mysterious silent girl that gets me better than many of my friends, although she never did more than watch me in the hallways and simply listen. And that has a passion that is worth sharing, which she sadly never does.” He winked at you but you still had the feeling that he meant what he was saying. You felt your cheeks getting a little hot and quickly lowered your head and finally took a bite of your sandwich to hide it.

“I’m looking forward to the show.”

Why had you been scared to talk to him again? This was easy. Wonderfully easy.

“What about you?”, Archie inquired after you both ate in silence for a few minutes.

“What do you mean?”

“I am just hoping that what I said was also a little helpful and not just…offensive. I heard you spoke with Betty yesterday.”

He observed you attentively, trying to look indifferent but he totally failed. It was obvious that he hoped for a positive answer and that it was important to him. You couldn’t keep back a smirk.

“Yes, she approached me. And I kinda get the feeling that you had something to do with it”, you accused him playfully.

“No idea what you’re talking about”, Archie objected. You didn’t believe him a word.

“Well, she was nice. No surprise there. She asked me about the play and promised to come.”

“That’s good, right?”

“If she actually comes, yes. I refuse to believe that until one of you actually shows up”, you laughed.

“I’m a little bit disappointed that you’re still thinking so low of me”, he said, not without shooting you a lopsided grin, though.

You held back a sigh, opened your bottle of water and slowly took a sip. The problem was that you were not thinking low of him. Not anymore. You just didn’t want to get your hopes up. But he didn’t have to know that, it would only have heightened his ego.

“By the way: I examined your tree and it was good work. I think I can actually use it”, you changed the subject into less risky fields.

“What an honour! Does that mean that I will be allowed to work on something that’s not supposed to stand in the background next?”

“Maybe. We’ll see what I come up with.”

It seemed like he really planned to return for another session. Only days ago you would’ve been annoyed by that prospect, now you were taken by a feeling of pleasant anticipation. You were starting to understand why so many people liked him. He really was a sweetheart, despite of his flaws. And he even looked happy about your snarky comment that others would’ve found mean or inappropriate.

As the ball rang, you were a little shocked that it was already that late. You had been so focused on Archie that you didn’t even eat half of your sandwich and time flew by. Again.

“I should go. Coach will kill me if I come too late to practice”, Archie told you apologetically and got up from his bench, grabbing the tray. “But I wanted to ask you something. I know it’s not really your thing but it would be the perfect occasion to work on yourself. Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Reggie, Jughead and me will meet at the beach at the sea tomorrow evening to have a little bonfire party. It would be great if you would come.”

For a moment you were dumbfounded about the request that came out of the blue. Then you realized that you had to give an answer. Archie was looking down at you expectantly but you didn’t know what to say. This was a whole new situation for you. You didn’t receive many invitations.

“Ehm…are you sure the others are okay with that?”, you asked uncertain and a little nervous.

“Course. I promise you, it will be fun.”

“Will you bring your guitar?”


“Then I’ll think about it.”

He shot you a last quick smile before he turned around and walked away. You followed his red shock of hair for a while, then turned your head and suddenly noticed that a lot of people in the yard were shooting you glances. Wow, that was new too. What happened to your invisibility? Maybe it naturally evaporated when you hung with Archie Andrews.

You decided to go, although you felt a little uneasy about it. Not because of Archie, Betty, Jughead or Kevin, they were cool and you knew them since forever.  But you never really met Veronica Lodge, muss less talked to her and Reggie was one of the popular kids that thought their social status in school was very important. However, Archie had asked so nicely and you didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. Also, he was quite right about you being a little antisocial and maybe it was time to change that.

So you climbed into your mom’s car and drove to the beach, making up pieces of conversations in your head that would never happen in real life anyway, but it was kinda soothing. As you arrived at the parking lot, you were relieved to discover that there really were only a few cars and it hadn’t turned into a huge party. If that would’ve been the case, you definitely would’ve run.

You killed the engine, waited for a second and took a deep breath, then you slowly left your car behind and headed to the beach, trying to ignore all your stupid doubts. The beautiful view in front of you helped a bit. The sky was dipped in the different shades of orange caused by the sinking sun, making the sea underneath look like a flaming ocean. The beach was perfectly empty except for a small bonfire, trunks around it to sit upon and the people you were supposed to meet.

Archie discovered you as soon as you approached them with a shy smile on your lips. At first his eyebrows shot up and he was not quite able to hide his surprise about you really showing up, then he beamed at you and immediately came over to greet you. His surprise seemed pleasant, though, so you didn’t mind at all.

“You came!”, he exclaimed happily. You got calmer the second he stood in front of you and wondered why that was the case. When did that happen? When did you start to feel good when Archie Andrews was happy to see you?

“Of course. When you’re working so hard on yourself because I couldn’t shut up, I can at least return the effort”, you said.

“I’m glad you do”, Archie answered sincerely, his brown eyes glimmering in the dim light of the sunset. “I’ll get you something to drink. What do you want? Coke?”

You nodded, grinning to yourself because he was so eager to make you feel comfortable. Archie hurried to grab a can from the ice chest and even opened it for you, the little gentleman. Other people needed alcohol to get relaxed but caffeine worked just fine for you.

“Let’s get to the serious business of life, Archie”, you demanded, looking up at him a little bit too sternly. “Did you keep your promise and bring your guitar?”

“I did, but the song about you isn’t ready yet, I am not satisfied with some of the lyrics. I don’t think I got your sassy persona right”, he teased you with a bright grin.

“Sassy?”, you retorted. “I like to think of it as charmingly shrewd.”

“Well, if that makes you happy.”

You punched him in his shoulder, making him laugh and seemingly not feel any pain at all. He had a really nice laugh. It suited him much better than the constant brooding expression he had worn so often the last few weeks.

“Archie! Can you come over, please?! Reggie is killing the music!”, Jughead suddenly interrupted your little interchange, impatiently waving at him from the stereo that he and Reggie were obviously fighting over.

Archie sighed and rolled his eyes at you. “Typical. Can I leave you alone for a sec?”

“Of course, I’m a big girl”, you claimed more confident than you felt.

You looked after him walking over there, thinking to yourself how good he looked in those jeans before you pulled yourself together and scanned the beach for somewhere to go without making it look awkward or like you didn’t belong. Betty was occupied, she had a serious conversation with Kevin down by the water. So you just sat down on one of the trunks, nipped on your coke and stared into the dancing flames.

“Can I sit here?”, an unfamiliar voice ripped you out of your contemplations. You looked up and discovered Veronica Lodge standing next to you, her lips graced with a sweet smile and beautiful and perfectly dressed as always. You quickly reminded yourself that she was a friend of Archie’s and therefore couldn’t be that bad and definitely didn’t deserve a negative answer.


“You’re Y/N, right? The props department girl?”, she carried on, sinking down next to you and looking at you expectantly.

You couldn’t hold back a smirk. “Is that what they call me?”

“Naw, that’s just how Archie introduced you to us. I’m Veronica, by the way.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Right, the new girl syndrome. I wonder how long it will be until that one wears off.”

“In a town like Riverdale? Forever.”

She laughed softly at your words and you decided that Veronica wasn’t too bad for a rich girl. You had expected a second Cheryl Blossom but she didn’t seem to be one. Thank God.

“You know, Archiekins also told us that you are doing quite amazing things in that department. He said you’re really talented. He’s crazily excited to take us all to the play. To be honest, he’s so enthusiastic that it’s almost annoying”, she joked, probably simply to make conversation. For you, though, it was so much more than that. Nobody ever talked about your work passionately to others except for yourself. You felt a weird knot in your stomach that you couldn’t quite figure out until you realized that what she had said meant a lot to you.

“He really did?”, you mumbled. You turned your head and looked for him. He was still standing next to Jughead and Reggie, not really listening to them while they were having a heated discussion. Your eyes met and he winked at you, his lips forming that lop-sided grin once again. Almost momentarily you felt a little warmer and quickly returned to Veronica.

“Yeah, he did”, she assured you, also looking at him but with a little, contemplating frown. “I actually think he changed a bit. I don’t exactly know why, but he seems a little freer, less worried. Maybe he’s finally growing up.”

She laughed again and you chimed in, although a part of you in the back of your head wondered if she was right and if your unintentional influence could really be responsible for that. It was a good feeling.

At some point, the boys understood that they would never find a tune Jughead and Reggie both liked and Archie fetched his guitar from the car. You all sat around the fire while it was getting darker around you and he began to play. You never heard him play in such an intimate situation and it hit you hard how beautiful it was. You observed him and there was no trace of self-doubt to be found in his features. He looked like he was soaked into another world, his own little world that couldn’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. The music carried you away and you let it, just enjoying the moment and that he shared it with you. Yes, now you understood what he meant with sharing the passion.

All this made you feel genuinely sorry when you had to go. Archie brought you to your car, which you were thankful for for two reasons: because it would have been creepy to go there alone and because you didn’t really want to separate. As you arrived at your mom’s Toyota, you turned around and shot him a little smile.

“Thanks for inviting me, Archie. This was great”, you said and you really meant it.

“Yeah? You enjoyed it?”, he asked nevertheless to make sure that you weren’t just saying that to make him feel good.

“I did. You know, I think we are good team, making each other see beyond our own noses. Who would’ve guessed?”

“Yeah, who would’ve?”, he mumbled. For a moment you simply looked at each other and you felt yourself becoming a bit nervous until he stepped closer and hugged you tightly. “I’m glad I decided to do some extra credit.”

You chuckled but at the same time enjoyed how close he was. Man, he really smelled good beneath the smoke of the bonfire. And he was a good hugger. It was one that made you feel all warm and protected. Okay, it was definitely time to get away and to drive off. You didn’t tell him to be confident for himself only to suddenly wish you could be the one who made him feel confident. No, that was all messed up. And still, your heart jumped a bit as he said his goodbyes by mentioning that he’d see you tomorrow.

fistulatedcow  asked:

Hi! I just started following you and I was wondering if you had a post that talks about Kaiju's...origin story I guess? I'm just really interested in what drew you to tegus and why/how you ended up with Kaiju. She's super cute and I can tell you really love her!

Picture this: A teenager running wild on an island in the summer. She’s got a bike and her cell phone and her parents’ permission to go anywhere she wants- it’s a small island, not a lot can happen- and anyways, there’s more bikes than cars. So long as she stays out of the swamps and doesn’t leave the island, she can pretty much do as she likes. It’s a heady feeling, freedom- knowing that you’re at your liberty to do whatever you like without having to compromise. Just you and your thoughts and what seems like an endless summer day before the sun sinks into the ocean. 

And that teenager, being me, had some favorite places on the island. The old cemetery, the library, the historical village, the beach, the bayou (ha ha like I’m gonna stay out of the swamp), and the nature center, complete with its trails and lookouts and places to kayak. So one day, I’m tooling around Sanibel and I stop at one of the little cafés that dot the island- there’s dozens of them, little restaurants with charming names and coffee shops that sell shade and air conditioning as much as they sell coffee- and I’m browsing through a flier of events for the week and I see there’s going to be a talk about American crocodiles over at the nature center. Now, I’ve got a deep and abiding love for American crocodiles and their close cousins, the Cuban crocodile- so I pedal over there, intent on going. I got there a lot earlier than I needed to for the program, and I catch the tail end of another program on invasive species- and that’s when I saw the picture.

Five feet long, black and white, a striking lizard with beautiful eyes. A long pink tongue poked out, and I could tell it walked with a purpose. I’d always wanted a big lizard, but had never even seen one of those before. I knew it wasn’t a monitor, but what was it? Tegu. I’d seen the word before, when I was a kid. I had this big encyclopedia-type book of reptiles, and all I remembered was that they were so much of a pest to chicken farmers in Argentina that some of the Argentinian chicken farmers actually switched over to farming the tegus. I hadn’t ever thought about it since, and I’d never seen an actual picture of one this big and pretty. 

Awed by the lizard, I put it out of my mind- after all, I was living in a dorm room. But then, several years later, I’d moved out and was in an apartment that was a-ok with me having animals. I knew the time was right to get a big lizard. I had the time, the space, the money, and the experience. Originally, I’d wanted a peach-throat monitor, but something about them just didn’t feel right. I’d started researching them about a year before I moved, and there were some things that just didn’t quite mesh with my lifestyle. But then I considered the tegu and realize that we’d be perfect for each other. 

The question, then, was which tegu to get? I knew I wanted a black and white or a blue, and I knew I didn’t want a baby. A yearling, I thought. That’d be ideal. So I started looking at breeders and sellers and seeing who had what- and that’s when I came across a guy who trapped ferals and sold them as pets. So here was a guy engaging directly in Everglades conservation by removing individuals from the population, but at the same time, not killing them. I was charmed immediately. He didn’t have any females listed on his site, but I sent him an e-mail and asked, and he sent me some pictures of two younger females he had for sale. One was this spectacular flashy high white lady; the other was smaller, darker, and slightly out of focus.

But there was just… something about her. I couldn’t explain it, really- I just saw the picture and went “yup, that’s my lizard.”

She was at my house three days later. She’s a lot bigger now and as far as I can tell, nice and content to be living in an apartment rather than a swamp.

Mysterious Depths

Pairing: Eventual Merman!Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader meets a mysterious individual when he comes to her defense. 

Warnings: Some cuss words, a touch of physical violence. 

Word Count: 1,216

A/N: Well as you all can see this is a mermaid AU. I will most likely make this a series but that’s up to you guys. I hope you like it and feedback is always welcome. 

Originally posted by little-messs

Light reflected off the dancing waves. Glimpses of the world beneath the waves was quickly revealed before being hidden once more. The ocean was a world of mystery and beauty, something that could never be tamed. This wild beauty had always drawn you. It was like the ocean was calling to you but you didn’t know how to respond. In fact you were actually terrified of going into the ocean, which was a huge contradiction to what you felt. But you were deathly afraid of entering the water and refused to go anywhere near a beach.  

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anonymous asked:

Who would you say is your favorite fanfic author?

Hands down my absolute favorite is alisvolatpropiis on Ao3 or deleted-scenes here on Tumblr. I love everything that she writes. Her stoner!Sterek fics inspired my URL.

I’m gonna rec her fics here just so you can read her amazingness.

The Truth of It series |  Words: 7,565 | Works in the series: 2

Summary: Derek took the picture late one night the summer between Stiles’ junior and senior years of college, the last of their four summers together.

Or not-together. The last of their four summers of whatever it was they were to each other in those years, fucking nonstop and spending nearly every waking moment together for three months at a time, both of them aggressively maintaining the it’s-just-sex-it-doesn’t-mean-anything rule they set their very first time together, the night of the pack’s high school graduation party when, slightly drunk, Stiles kissed him for the first time, determined and eager, heart pounding in Derek’s ears.

Kiss Me Under the Light of a Thousand Stars | Words:  5,631

Summary: “It was a true love spell,” he admits quietly. “It was supposed to help me find my true love. And apparently I suck at magic as much as I suck at dating because I screwed this up too.”


In which Stiles’ Valentine’s Day love spell goes very wrong.Or perhaps very right.

Soulseeker | Words: 9,713

Summary:  Sighing, Stiles reaches for Derek’s big hands, cradled in his broad lap, his skin lighting up even more at Derek’s touch. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, preparing himself to look for Derek’s soulmate. Whoever you are, he thinks, you better be worth him.

Hypothetically | Words: 6,630

Summary: Stiles holds his hand up to shield his eyes from the sinking sun, its orange-yellow light reflected infinitely across the vast, calm ocean. As utterly stunning asthe sunset over the Pacific is, especially while floating leisurely on a surfboard a few hundred feet from shore, it’s a mere backdrop that pales in comparison to who he’s looking at.

Derek Hale, whose eyes are their own oceans that Stiles feels like he’s been floating on since the first time they met. The older man’s eyes are as ever-changing and colorful as the sea they’ve spent the day on, a palette of greens and blues filigreed with gold around the pupils. And if that weren’t enough, the rest of Derek is also transcendentally exquisite: high, arching cheekbones and a chiseled jaw, although that particular perfection is a bit obscured these days by his ever-thickening beard, night-black like his hair, nearly shoulder-length but almost always knotted in a messy bun at the crown of his head.

If We’re Talking Body series | Words:  7,565 | Works in the series: 2 | WIP

Summary: “What? Paint me?” At first, Stiles thinks that maybe Derek wants to paint a portrait of him, which is hella freaking weird, but then, judging by the heat he sees in his eyes, he knows that’s not exactly what Derek has in mind. Okay, so the guy is hot, talented, rude, and probably a little insane. Stiles is really regretting not running background checks on all of the building’s tenants before moving in. Laura Hale offered him such a good deal, he should have known there was a catch.

Like having to live underneath her obscenely hot brother who gets stoned and paints all night and says ridiculous things to the half-naked cop that barges into his apartment unannounced in the middle of the night.

When Blue Meets Red Meets Blue

Sypnosis: Just your usual boy meets mermaid tail tale (heh.).
A/N: For our resident Dragon Queen and Koi Goddess @redhothollyberries, her beta-ing skills, her bewitching head canons, and her beautiful art that’s coming our way. Inspired by her headcanon here (x).

Tobirama remembers a time when great beasts flew in the sky to disrupt the calmness that engulfs him.

Lithe bodies spanned the sky, the force of their flight tickling his hairs when he dares to venture above the surface. It would always be worth it; to see their iridescent scales, darker than his own, breathing in the daylight and shimmering with the undulations of their leathered tails and necks. Trailing behind them, like an entity of their own, are long wisps of whiskers, shaping their path for all to admire.

And when they breathe their ire, the sky glows with their wrath. Tobirama had no name for it, only a bated breath. The heat would travel with the waves, and touch his soaked skin. It would be years later that the reverent whispers piercing the murky depths of his home would give acknowledgement of these divine creatures.


Tobirama is tranquillity embodied in all its glories and its curses. A still gradient ranging from the shallows pierced by blades of light to the darkness that skims the core of their land. Tobirama is serenity incarnate, a frozen line that has never bent high enough or low enough to taste the heady relief of catharsis. Trouble won’t touch him, excitement won’t find him, and he’s never ventured at the right time to earn the privilege of meeting a storm. The silence of the deep sea is his only constant companion.

Despite that, he closes his eyes and sketches the sky with the same glow that he saw from long ago. Time hums on and he refuses to forget.

Then he meets a boy.

A boy who dives into his merciless home to capture a brother lost to him. A small cretin against the endless sea, gasping and reaching with small hands for another body that’s jerking and clawing at his own throat. Their hands strain to grasp each other.

The boy struggles, but his intent does not falter. Tobirama can see that glint in his eye, burning impossibly bright like a little koi fish swimming against the current of the Yellow River.

Tobirama tilts his head. He has perseverance, one that will be wasted in his home.

With a billow of his tail, he surges forwards, jerking the boys in surprise. He sweeps them into his arms – tiny critters compared to the creatures that lurks under – and swims towards the aimless boat floating on the surface.

Once their heads break the sea level, Tobirama is gone. At least from their sight.

Down below, he watches them scramble onto their tiny boat and closes his eyes, sketching behind his eyelids the glimmering intent of the boy that dared to dive into the sea.

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So I was feeling some cutesy Hiccstrid fluff and then this just happened. It’s set somewhere around RTTE.

She ran long fingers through his soft locks. He didn’t seem to have the aversion to bathing that most Vikings seemed to have, preferring to wash regularly. For that Astrid was glad, it just made Hiccup’s hair so touchable.

She hummed to herself, enjoying the feel of silky strands as his hair tangled around her fingers. He’d been growing it out and it looked good. Astrid would make any excuse to run her hands through her boyfriend’s hair.

These excuses had started long before they became “official”.

Hiccup had complained once that his hair was getting in his eye. He’d wanted to cut it, but Astrid had suggested a band of fabric to hold it back from his face. She’d offered to tie it, fingers twitching in anticipation. She’d lingered on the knot, reasoning that his thick hair made it difficult to see what she was doing.

The headband had lasted all of a few minutes. Snotlout’s teasing quickly lead Hiccup to tearing the fabric from his head in frustration.

So Astrid suggested a braid.

Hiccup laughed her suggestion off.

But Astrid was nothing if not persistent.

Every time Hiccup complained she’d cut in with how it was so great to have hair that was tied back all the time.

Eventually Hiccup gave in.

Sitting on the edge of the walkway that wrapped around Hiccup’s hut, with the sun slowly setting over the horizon, Astrid braided Hiccup’s hair.

Oh, but that first one was too messy. It was unravelled. This one is too loose. Unravelled. Too tight. Stop moving.

Hiccup laughed. He joked that all Astrid wanted was to touch his hair.

Weaving hands paused.

A larger pair of hands, scarred with years of working in the forge, came up to tug Astrid’s hands down.

Hiccup did not understand Astrid’s obsession with his hair. Nervously he told her he liked it. He liked her… a lot. She could play with his hair any time she wanted. Hiccup grimaced at such a cheesy line and Astrid laughed.


She pulled her hands free and twisted two small braids. Let’s start small.

Which brought them to this moment, months later, sitting on the edge of the walkway that wrapped around Hiccup’s hut. The sun was sinking low into the ocean, painting the sky with bursts of red and purple and orange.

Toothless lay sprawled behind the couple, stretched out to absorb the dying light. Stormfly was chirping to herself as she preened.

Carefully Astrid twisted two braids into Hiccup’s hair. She suspected he unknotted them simply so she’d have the excuse to touch hum.

With a gentle tug she pulled her boyfriend closer, planting a kiss of his cheek. She could feel the muscles stretching as Hiccup smiled to himself. His arm snaked out to wrap around her waist and pull her close. Astrid lay her head on Hiccup’s shoulder and as the sun dipped down below the horizon, she smiled too.

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don’t be scared

there’s still time.
shallura, au. (for @shalluraweek​ 2017, day two: hands; names.)

also read on: ffn // ao3
notes: largely inspired by this song 

Sometimes, he wishes days like this could last forever.

The radiant day shining down on them, smothering them in heat that not even his thin t-shirt could alleviate; the roar of the tides curling into gentle waves to tickle their toes; the soft sand shores that drag their strides; the overhanging smell of salt on their sun-kissed skin; the occasional humid breeze that never seemed to find a direction.

In fact, despite the itchy grainy feel of ever persistent sand over his calves, the breathtaking beauty of a corner between land, sky, and water never fails to relieve him.

And hand-in-hand with her, he finds no reason to complain.

Year after year, they come to the beach, because the sunsets here last the longest: a molten yellow dollop of sun sinking into the ocean, white from the reflected light, with ribbons of blush red, fire orange, and nebula pink stretching out as far into the horizon as the eye could see.

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For my 40th birthday in June we are renting a beach house 2 blocks from the ocean. My plan is to drink a beer on the beach while watching the sun set on my 30s. I also plan on catching gallons on sea water and boiling it down to get the sea salt.

I’m not even a sea witch but I ended the horrible 2016 by watching the sun sink into the ocean and now I want to end every year like that. On new years eve I did a tarot reading for my Earth centric Taurus sister and 80%of the cards were vessels/cups. She’s focusing on the water this year as well.

You’ve seen the sun flatten and take strange shapes just before it sinks in the ocean. Do you have to tell yourself every time that it’s an illusion caused by atmospheric dust and light distorted by the sea, or do you simply enjoy the beauty of it?
—  John Steinbeck
In this story, there are no beasts
or princesses in towers,
only my mother, bearing the cross
of our culminate sins.
In this story
we have to love each other in secret,
wearing teeth marks and bruises,
under the duvet of warm nights.
We play hide and seek with God.
I tell him that I love you in my prayers,
and hope that he understands
that this is everything.
That I mean it.
In this story, you are not the treasure at the end of the map.
Not gold or silver or jewels
but the soft pulsing heart of an oyster,
the pink aching bruise of it.
In this story, I am peeling you away from yourself
and delighting that you are
trembling underneath your skin.
I keep your vulnerability safe.
In this story, you are the edge of the sky,
and I am grasping at your corners,
holding armfuls and armfuls of you and this is joy.
In this story, we are both glowing, raw light.
In this story I am the dragon and you are my fire.
In this story, we walk up those stone steps together.
I will love you proudly
and wear it like a badge of honour on my chest.
In this story, the sun will sink into the horizon
and we will walk into the ocean together,
holding hands, doused in glorious light.
—  Azra.T ‘Happily Ever After’
Lately, I have been feeling like our world is slowly sinking to the ground of an endless ocean, the sun constantly getting darker while unknown creatures and obvious monsters take over the things we love the most but what we should remember is that love is always an impulsion and if we swim in harmony, fighting the monsters of the deep sea, we can make it back towards the surface to see the sun.
—  // this is about everything that is wrong with the world at the moment
Asked and Answered: “You Are Already A Good Man”

President Obama offers encouragement to a young veteran who is struggling with transitioning back to civilian life.

Leaving the military can be challenging for many service members. From worrying about their next career steps, to deciding whether to go back to school, to finding a path forward through the mental and physical wounds of war, veterans face a unique set of challenges in navigating their post-military lives.

Patrick Holbrook, a young veteran from Hawaii, wrote to the President about his struggles with these fears. As Patrick says, “I wasn’t afraid in Afghanistan, but I am horrified at the thought of my future.”

When President Obama took office nearly eight years ago, he made a commitment to make sure veterans like Patrick get the care and support they need when transition back to civilian life. And today, we’ve made important progress. We’ve cut veteran homelessness in half. We’re delivering mental health care to more veterans than ever before. More veterans have access to health care and the unemployment rate among veterans has been cut by more than half since its peak in 2011. And in all 50 states, veterans who have recently transitioned out of the military qualify for in-state tuition at public universities. But President Obama knows there’s more work to do to address the challenges that veterans face — and that the task of serving those who have fought for us will never be finished.

You can read Patrick’s letter and the President’s response below. And for more information on mental health resources for veterans, visit

Dear, Mr. President

It’s late in the evening here in Oahu, and the sun will soon be sinking behind the horizon onto the ocean. I sight that gives me comfort when times are confusing, and peace at the end of a long day. Sir, I was injured in Afghanistan in 2011 it was my first deployment, and my last. I was medically retired from the US Army, and after some discussion with my family moved here to help heal the wounds — it is slow in coming, but I remain hopeful. I started college when I arrived here it has been a difficult experience, but this summer God willing; I will be a college graduate. It’s a funny thing fear, I wasn’t afraid in Afghanistan, but I am horrified at the thought of my future. I want to serve my country, make a difference, and live up to the potential my family sees in me. I am scared I think, because I have no plan on what employment to pursue. It is something that is extremely difficult to me, and with my family leaving the island soon; I am truly lost. Sir, all my life I’ve tried to find what a Good man is, and be that man, but I release now life is more difficult for some. I’m not sure where I am going, and it is something that I can not shake. P.S. I watched your final State of the Union, and I thought it was well spoken. I too dream of a sustainable future for the next generation.


Patrick A. Holbrook

Read the President’s response:

The White House


Patrick — 

Thank you for your thoughtful letter, and more importantly for your service and sacrifice. I can tell from your letter you are already a good man; you just need to find the calling that will express that goodness — or it will find you. So trust yourself, and remember that your Commander in Chief didn’t know what he would do with his life till he was in his thirties!

Barack Obama

Read more letters from veterans to President Obama, and explore all the letters in the Letters to President Obama archive.

I just realized I’m a terrible person and I haven’t posted the top 15 fics from May or June. Oops? Here’s the top 15 Summer/Surfing/Beach fics for your enjoyment. Happy Reading!

Hypothetically (Complete | 6,630 | Explicit) ***

Stiles holds his hand up to shield his eyes from the sinking sun, its orange-yellow light reflected infinitely across the vast, calm ocean. As utterly stunning asthe sunset over the Pacific is, especially while floating leisurely on a surfboard a few hundred feet from shore, it’s a mere backdrop that pales in comparison to who he’s looking at.

Derek Hale, whose eyes are their own oceans that Stiles feels like he’s been floating on since the first time they met. The older man’s eyes are as ever-changing and colorful as the sea they’ve spent the day on, a palette of greens and blues filigreed with gold around the pupils. And if that weren’t enough, the rest of Derek is also transcendentally exquisite: high, arching cheekbones and a chiseled jaw, although that particular perfection is a bit obscured these days by his ever-thickening beard, night-black like his hair, nearly shoulder-length but almost always knotted in a messy bun at the crown of his head.

To Navigate Your Seas (Complete | 26,010 | Explicit) ***

Derek is a beach bum/surfer; Stiles is his new neighbor. Feels ensue.

I need the smell of summer (one shot | 2,348 | Explicit)

Stiles is sunburned, laying in the car and refusing to move or put any clothes on. Derek knows he’s doomed because he thinks Stiles is adorable.

We’ll Still Have Summer (Complete | 30,307 | Teen) ***

He’s too busy waxing poetic in his own head about the surly – dreamy – dude holding the sign for the hotel to notice Scott already making his way over. He pauses halfway when he realises Stiles isn’t following him, turning around and eyeing Stiles curiously, “Dude, come on, the guy’s waiting.”

Stiles snaps himself into action and pushes his cart carrying his suitcases over to where Scott’s introducing himself to Stiles’ future husband.

“-And this is Stiles,” Scott is saying just as Stiles arrives next to him.

“I’m Derek,” the guy replies gruffly, folding the sign up and tucking it under his arm. “I’ll be taking you back to the hotel.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you happen to know any sterek fics where derek has long hair or man bun and maybe also more coffeshop/bakery fics? 😊

Hey! Thank you for the welcome distraction :) Man bun sterek fics are a gift! 

Always Follow a Hippie to a Second Location by  alisvolatpropiis | 3.9K

It’s hard to tell just how long his hair is but it’s night-black and shiny and soft-looking, little strands falling loose from the messy knot high on his head that Stiles feels strangely compelled to put his hands on, to grip tight, which is ridiculous. He’s never been into hippie guys or guys with long hair, but he’s thinking now he might need to reassess that life choice because damn, how much fun would it be to fuck that ass while tangling his hands in that hair like reins, pulling his head back and leaning forward to get closer to his moans….

Cutback by  WonderWolf | 19.3K

Scott and Stiles are pro surfers in need of a place to stay for their upcoming competition. Out of all the things Derek expected this summer, being asked to house his brother and ex-boyfriend for one week wasn’t on the list.

A New Course by petals42 | ficlet

A mermaid Allydia AU

Hypothetically by  alisvolatpropiis | 6.6K

Stiles holds his hand up to shield his eyes from the sinking sun, its orange-yellow light reflected infinitely across the vast, calm ocean. As utterly stunning as the sunset over the Pacific is, especially while floating leisurely on a surfboard a few hundred feet from shore, it’s a mere backdrop that pales in comparison to who he’s looking at.

Derek Hale, whose eyes are their own oceans that Stiles feels like he’s been floating on since the first time they met. The older man’s eyes are as ever-changing and colorful as the sea they’ve spent the day on, a palette of greens and blues filigreed with gold around the pupils. And if that weren’t enough, the rest of Derek is also transcendentally exquisite: high, arching cheekbones and a chiseled jaw, although that particular perfection is a bit obscured these days by his ever-thickening beard, night-black like his hair, nearly shoulder-length but almost always knotted in a messy bun at the crown of his head.

Vegetarian Werewolf Derek Hale by  Loslote | 1.7K

Five times Stiles is surprised that Derek is a hippie and one time his assumptions about Derek’s hippie nature are proven wrong.

Flowerwolf & Beacon Roots by  alisvolatpropiis | 5.2K

Derek tries not to show his surprise, curiously hopeful, but still suspicious of Laura’s involvement. “Oh. How do you know my coffee order then?”

He grins. “The cute baristo knows your order, dude. All I had to do was ask for Grumpy Flower Guy’s usual.”

Derek huffs. “I’m not grumpy.”

“He says grumpily,” Stiles smirks, winking.

The sound of his own laughter surprises Derek, so yeah, okay, maybe Stiles has a point.