sun shine is days away

Can you imagine what a fight between and Lucio would be like?

They storm off in opposite directions, they refuse to talk to one another. The whole overwatch group is baffled. Their two sun shine children aren’t happily laughing away.

This last for a solid three days and finally, finally dad 76 and mom mercy are the first to confront the two. Separately of course. An lucio and are both hell bent on staying mad at each other.

Lucio tell 76 he won’t make up with her and she can push off for all he cares. He storms off Hana is no better she yells something in Korean in her rant and storms off too.

Two more days past Roadhog catches looking longingly at itunes as Lucio new album is released. Something she was looking forward too before the fight. But is too stubborn to buy it and listen to it.

Junkrat catches Lucio browsing the internet, hovering over active stream. Deciding whether or not to click on it. Only too sink into his seat on the couch with a groan.

Two more days past, Roadhog has had enough. He becomes the mediator that he was born to be. An during tea time, and after getting junkrat to behave a little. Roadhog pushes the subject of the fight. Hanas says she hates him and his music isn’t all that great. An of course roadhog is like; “You don’t really mean that. You don’t keep around stuff from people you hate.”

Hana face puffs up and goes slightly red. As if she was gonna throw a tantrum. Roadhog doesn’t expect her to start crying. And not just light tears no, a full on super soaker of tears. Hana nose becomes runny she gets the hiccups as she tries to say. She doesn’t really hate him and how she missed hanging out with him.

So roadhog gives her a tissues and pats her on the back. He then confronts lucio who unlike hana breaks out in tear almost immediately like a dam breaking. An Roadhog bring these two crying idiots together. Resulting in a big gross hug where lucio and apologizing to each other.

“I didn’t mean it when i said you use hack while your playing video games!” Lucio sobs

“Your not a skrillex wannabe and your hairs not stupid!” Hana sobs.

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Ushiwaka post break up scenario plz! He seems fine but is actually really confused becus reader-chan broke up with him becus she felt like she wasn't a priority compared to volleyball!

I’m starting to love Ushijima, man!! This season is making me fall for him! His faces, his body, his past. LITTLE USHIJIMA?! WHO DIDN’T LOVE HIM!!??!? Okay, okay, let me get to it, haha.

“Hm? ____-san is still going to our games? I thought her and Ushijima-san broke up?” Goshiki asked curiously. Immediately, everyone flinched. He looked to everyone, and the team could see the actual question marks over his head. “What?”

“Tsutomu, do your warm ups. We’re about to play a game,” Ushijima said, his aura menacing. Immediately, Goshiki flinched and ran off with a ball to began spiking practice.

“Ease up, Wakatoshi-kun. The poor child didn’t know,” Tendou suggested, putting his hand on Ushijima’s shoulder.

“Hm? But we’re about to play a game, there’s no need to talk about useless things,” Ushijima said, tilting his head a bit.

At the sound of those words, Tendou and Ohira half smiled. As Ushijima began to walk away, the two spoke among themselves. “Poor ____-san. She really did break up with him because of volleyball.”

Ushijima could still hear Tendou, even if he whispered. And it was shocking to hear your words coming out of Tendou’s mouth. Even Tendou could see the problem you had, yet Ushijima didn’t understand.

Do you even try to understand my feelings?!

Ushijima’s hands tightened on the ball and his eyebrows furrowed in frustration. He didn’t understand why your words came to mind, now of all times. It was the game before the finals. Not like Shiratorizowa couldn’t take the game. But it was a step towards Nationals. Ushijima had to think about the importance of now. Mentally, he shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to think about useless things.

“Well, it was a big factor. She should have known that, dating one of the top three aces of Japan,” Ohira replied. Soon, the two ran back to spiking practice, cheering for team mates and themselves at each spike.

Before Ushijma tossed the ball to Shirabu, he caught sight of you in the stands. It had been a week since you two broke up, yet you really came to the games still. You always sat alone, cheering on Ushijima. Now you sat alone, silently.

Ushijima didn’t understand why he hit the ball into the ground, having its slam echo throughout the gym. It might have overpowered the sound of the entire gym’s cheers. Ushijima didn’t understand why he was annoyed you weren’t smiling.

Shiratorizowa won their game, basically dominating the other team. 25-9. Their next game was against Karasuno. Ushijima should only be thinking of his opponents. He should be ready to prove Hinata wrong. Yet, as he sat on the bus driving back to the school quiet, his mind was full of you.

“Wakatoshi? What are you-”

“____,” Ushijima said. He said it so normal, as if he didn’t come to your house unannounced. It was fair to be shocked. “You came to the game.”

“Yeah,” you managed to say. Ushijima didn’t know what to expect, but he felt disappointed in your response. You closed the front door behind you and stood on the porch with him. You both sat down on the bench, a little gap between you two. “Good game. You did good.”

“Thank you,” Ushijima nodded. You chuckled nervously. Maybe from seeing each other only a few times after the break up or you just wanted to leave. Maybe Ushijima shouldn’t have come. But he felt the need to. He wanted to understand his feelings earlier. And he wanted to know why your laugh wasn’t the same as before. His mind was full of annoying thoughts, he didn’t have the time to be considerate. Ushijiima just grabbed a jacket and ran to your house.

“So are you ready for-”

“Why did you come?” You were shaken by Ushijima’s question, he could tell from your flinch. He was used to that, seeing as everyone reacted that mostly to his questions. Even you. But this one, it somewhat hurt.

You leaned back on the bench, holding yourself. The wind had picked up, and it was a bit late. The sun had already set but night hadn’t fully welcomed the moon yet. “I… I just wanted to see you play,” you replied quietly.

“But you hate volleyball,”

Ushijima was confused to see you look at him offended. “I don’t hate volleyball.”

“You broke up with me because of it,” Ushijima now frowned, confused. He watched you shiver a bit. He began to remove his jackets then froze. You looked to him, confused. “It may be a little sweaty. But you’re cold. Would you prefer if you got a jacket? I can wait.”

“I don’t mind,” you replied, faster than expected. Thinking nothing of it, Ushijima wrapped his jacket around your shoulders. As you put your arms through the sleeves, you smiled underneath the collar. It smelled like him. You two sat in silence. You were so wrapped up in his smell, you almost forgot to address his assumption. “Wakatoshi, I didn’t break up with you because of volleyball.”

Ushijima put his elbows on his knees, covering his mouth with his hands. But what you said led to all those points. When was it ever going to be about me? When were you ever going to ask about me? When were you going to appreciate me? Would you even care if I was gone, or would volleyball just fill your mind? Like it always have?

“I don’t understand,” Ushijima sighed. It might have been the first time he’s ever sighed. Sighing frustrated was just rare for Ushijima, in the three years you two had been together, even that was rare. “I don’t understand what Tendou and Ohira were saying, either.”

“Tendou and Ohira?”

Ushijima nodded. “Even they knew you broke up with me because of volleyball. Ohira said you should have known dating one of the top three aces of Japan would come with all these problems.” Ushijima watched you flinch and look away. “Did I say something wrong?”

“…No,” you replied quietly. “Ohira-san is right.”

“Then, I don’t-”

“I still wanted there a little bit of me in your heart though,” you turned to Ushijima, glossy eyes. He seemed to have seen that look more often than others nowadays. He had been making you cry alot lately. But seeing you hold back your tears now, it made him want it all to stop.

“You are,” Ushijima said, as if it was as obvious as the sun shining during the day. Ushijima looked away, not being able to handle much of your tears anymore. “I hit the ball during warm up, angry because of what Tendou and Ohira said.”

“You shouldn’t be mad at them. They were right about me, I should have-”

“I was mad at myself. Even my team mates could see why you were upset, yet I didn’t,” Ushijima interjected. You held onto Ushijma’s sleeve, reminding yourself this was still Ushijima, one of the top three aces of Japan. Volleyball was always going to be first, it was always going to be all of him. You weren’t in his plan. Ushijima won’t understand what you want. “You weren’t a problem. What they said made it sound like you were.”

“Wakatoshi,” you couldn’t find anything else to say. Why was it Ushijima could say so much more now rather than when you two had argued? When you two were on the verge of breaking up?

“You’re not a problem. I was the problem,” Ushijima said, looking up. He could see in his peripheral, declining, shaking your head. Before you could say anything, Ushijima looked to you, grasping your hand. The movement shocked you, making you sit frozen. “I’m sorry I didn’t understand. I made you believe in the three years that you weren’t important to me.”

This isn’t a confession. This isn’t him asking for you back. “It’s okay. At least you understand my feelings now.”

Ushijima nodded. But why were you still crying? And smiling at that? Ushijima didn’t understand even more. He just wanted it to stop. He wanted to stop making the person he was in love with cry. You didn’t deserve this.

Slowly, Ushijima held your face. His big calloused thumbs wiped away the tears as his forehead met yours. Even through the tears you could see his eyes begging. Begging for something.

“Why are you crying?” His voice was soft, not like his usual deep stern voice. Why did he actually sound sad?

“Because you’re late,” you cried. You held onto Ushijima’s jacket, wishing you could keep it. You still loved his smell. You still loved his big hands. “Because I still love you.”

It felt so nice to have Ushijima’s lips on your forehead. Especially that it lingered. You missed this. But it was all going to end. He wasn’t going to hold you anymore after this. He came for closure, and he got it. This was all he needed.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Ushijima murmured into your forehead. Your eyes widened and looked up at him. “I’m sorry, was that-”

You stood up abruptly, pacing back and forth. Ushijima watched you confused. “Wakatoshi, you can’t ask those things after saying all that. We broke up, you can’t just spend the night. We’re still broken up. You can’t come here, finally understanding my-”

Ushijima smashed his lips against yours while he held your face. When did he even get up from the bench? This was wrong. So wrong, yet… It made you melt. Your muscles began to lax and you fell against Ushijima. He was so much taller, you had to lean your head back just so he could kiss you. But it was your favorite thing to do. Ushijima towered you and held you, wrapping himself around you. The kiss broke, and just as you both panted against each other, Ushijima smashed his lips against yours. Your arms found his waist, you were giving into him. Of course you were, you were still in love with him.

This wasn’t a casual kiss. This wasn’t the normal kiss you two shared. It wasn’t the kisses of good luck before a game, Ushijima didn’t need those. This wasn’t a kiss just to say hello. Ushijima held you tightly, it was different than when he embraced you in bed. His hands were tangled in your hair, his breath against your lips. Suddenly, Ushijima lifted you, kissing you as your head was above his. Your hands found his face, touched every angle of his jaw. This was different, Ushijima was different. You broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. Half-lidded, begging for you.

“You have a game tomorrow,” you whispered. You were actually breathless, it was hard to breathe.

Ushijima shook his head. “I need you to know. I’m still in love with you too. I’ll try better for you.”

“You still have a game tomorrow,” you chuckled. Ushijima kissed your lips gently and smiled as your foreheads met.

“I can still spend the night and kiss you good morning before I play tomorrow,” Ushijima replied, his arms holding you tighter around your waist.

As Ushijima peppered you in kisses, you realized it was all true. Never would he have stayed over before a game. Never would he have said those words to you. Volleyball was first, everything. You were never in Ushijima’s heart.

You were starting to realize you were wrong.