sun setting over a lake


Sun sets and Milky Way Rises over Lake Tahoe California as the inhabitants/visitors drive by.

Night Hides the World : Stars come out as evening twilight fades in this serene skyscape following the Persian proverb Night hides the world, but reveals a universe. The scene finds the Sun setting over northern Kenya and the night will soon hide the shores of Lake Turkana, home to many Nile crocodiles. The region is also known for its abundance of hominid fossils. On that past November night, a brilliant Venus, then the worlds evening star, dominates the starry skies above. But also revealed are faint stars, cosmic dust clouds, and glowing nebulae along the graceful arc of our own Milky Way galaxy. via NASA

The Lake House (Part Two)

Part One

A/N: I”M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG, I HAVE BEEN REALLY BUSY THE LAST TWO WEEKS BUT HERE IT IS. I know the first part was really short but the second part kind of took on a mind of it’s own and I am planning on writing a thired! I know I asked for prompt numbers but the ones that were picked didn’t end up working for this particular part and story line but I may use one for part three. Also peek Niall’s girlfriend @harrywavycurly. 

Warnings: Definitely more angsty than the first part. Mention of blood (nothing extreme, just a scrape xx)

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 30: Memories

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1750 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Jensen’s P.O.V.

Seeing her there, in her beautiful swimsuit, her bruises showing, I wanted to sweep her into my arms, and never let anything else happen to her. They were fading, but it still made my hands clinch at the thought of someone laying a hand on her, and I had to force myself to calm down.

Once she joined me in the pool, I pulled her into my arms, voicing my thoughts of beating the shit out of Brad. After she calmed me down, I spent the next hour with her, splashing about in the pool, watching as she interacted with Jared’s children. It was easy to see how good this trip had been for her. Her eyes had a certain sparkle to them that had been missing, and there was color to her cheeks once again.

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Running-Peter Parker



 It was a quite Wednesday night as I sat on the couch in my little sister’s tank top with only my underwear on watching some random Tv show, not really paying much attention to it. Then suddenly there was a knock at the door. There stood Peter Parker beaming down at me. I seen him look me up and down, smirking slightly then saying “Hey” I responded, “what are you doing here?"As friendly as me and Peter were being on the academic decathlon team, we never rarely talked outside of school with the only exception being to study. "What do you mean ?” he looked baffled by my question “You said you would take me running” Crap ! I did say that, I would go on a run through my local park every Wednesday, and Peter asked me today if he could join me. Uhhhgggg, I did not want to go running today, but I could not let down the kindest boy in the world.

 I began to giggle, I had not looked at what he was wearing before now. He stood in some weirdly tight black joggers and a Lycra white t-shirt, a pair of old scruffy trainer that he probably has not worn in years, and what appeared to be Aunt May’s Pink workout jacket. I could not handle this boy and burst out laughing, I felt kind of bad he was trying to wear running clothes but failed miserably “W-Wh-What is it ?"He looked at me as I laughed loudly, and he began to laugh too as I wheezed and pointed at his ridiculous. 

 As I managed to compose myself, I went into my bedroom threw on my legs and hoodie over my tank top. I ran into the living room scooped up my shoes and put them on as I filled two water bottles for me and Peter.

 "Right, come on Peter” I said as I handed him a water bottle, “Are you ready ?” I smirked, he would pass out by the time we would do the second lap of the park, but I did not tell him that. We left the apartment, and I shot off in the direction of the park. Peter had not even noticed that I had began running and quickly made an attempt at catching up. I raced round every corner, swerving through the pedestrians and bolted across every road with Peter slowly trailing behind. I waited for him at the park entrance.

 "H-H-Hey, your pretty fast,…for not have been bitten by a spider" he said muttering that last part under his breath. “Yeah well, I have been doing this for a while” I responded trying not to seem out of breath as he strangely was not. I took a big gulp from my water bottle and then I was off. This time Peter was paying attention, and raced beside me. Then all of a sudden he was ahead of me, sprinting away. “Come on Y/N, I thought you were meant to be good at this” I could tell he was smirking even from the distance between us. Do not test me Peter Parker ! I sprinted as fast as I could, in a failing attempt at catching up to him. “Peter Parker, I will catch you! ” I yelled after him, as he changed from his jogging to a sprint. I could hear him giggling at me as I got more annoyed at the him for teasing me. Eventually, Peter stopped at a bench at the entrance of the park and leaned back resting on it, breathing heavily, he seen me come round the corner and smiled as I started shouting at him, “You said you want to come running with me so I could help you get better, so you could get faster, not so you could tease me and sprint ahead…” I ran out of breath and hugged as I sat on the seat beside him. “Sorry Y/N, I thought It was fun watching you trying to keep up with me, I didn’t mean to tease you so much” he giggled at the thought of it. “Alright” I said accepting his apology, and leaning my head in his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around me. He put his head on top of mine, and gently touched my hand waiting for me to move away. I flipped my hand over as he laced his fingers with mine , we stayed like this watching the sun set down over the city as it danced on to the lake in front of us.

Imagine Joseph taking you camping.

Imagine swimming in the lake while Joseph grills. You two are the only ones at this camp site, the only ones for miles. Joseph watches you from where he’s grilling and when you come to shore he’s standing there with a towel and a plate of burgers and hotdogs. You take the plate and he wraps you in the towel.

You both sit back and watch the sun set over the lake. This is the perfect margarita zone, and you both finish your food and retire to the tent.

Marvelous Margarita Zone.

anonymous asked:

How would Sole's first kiss with the companions go? Would Sole make the first move or would the companion do it? I LOVE your blog by the way!! I could sit and read it for hours and hours!!

Ah, a classic! Thanks for the prompt anon! I am always happy to be of service to you, and I am glad you like the blog! ^.^

Cait: “Oh shite Sole! I’m so sorry!” Cait awkwardly hovered over Sole with her hands close to but not touching their face. “Argh! This is what happens when ya challenge me to a fight you idiot! You know I can’t back down from a challenge!” Sole doubled over, heaving air through their mouth as blood flowed out of their nose like a faucet. “Aw, geez Sole, d’ya have any paper or bandages on ya? Gah, where’s Curie when you need her? Here,” Cait lifted up her foot and ripped of a piece of her pants, “Let me try and stop the blood.”

Cait clumsily dabbed at Sole’s face trying to stem the flow. Sole delicately took control over Cait’s attempt at nursing and patted her on the shoulder to reassure the ex-raider that they could take care of themselves.

“Yu ah cu when yu ah wuhwied.” Sole remarked in one of those deep, holding your breath voices.

“What’d ya say now?” Cait asked.

Sole couldn’t help themselves and removed the bandaging cloth for a second to quickly kiss Cait.

“GAH! Sole that’s disgustin’! Now ya got blood all over me!” Cait rubbed furiously at her face with her forearm, then muttered, “Clean up and we can try again later.”

MacCready: Neither person released their breath, the dull thump thump of Deathclaw footsteps shook dust off the floorboards and onto MacCready’s back as he hovered over Sole. The only things separating them from death were the creaky floorboards of an abandoned shack and a moth worn rug. MacCready could just barely distinguish Sole’s nervous grimace form the dirt below their head; this could be it for them. He started shaking, or maybe he had been but just now noticed. As the mercenary’s life played over again in his head, he realized the massive amount of regrets it has piled up to be. He didn’t want to add “withholding his feelings for Sole” to the growing pile, so as he stared down into their eyes with sharp, cutting fear, a shaky “hell” escaped his throat.

He let his head drop, and their teeth crashed together uncomfortably from behind their lips. Sole gasped and MacCready darted his tongue inside their mouth to hush them. Shaky breaths left their mouths as he parted for a moment, and then went back in. Thump thump went the footsteps; thump thump went their hearts.

Soon the Deathclaw had wandered off, and finally the two partners parted. Panting, MacCready suddenly realizes what he just did.

“S-Sole, I-“

Sole hushed him with a finger.

“It’s okay MacCready. Me too.”

Danse: “Ugh, why did you have to enlist me for this assignment Sole?” Danse made an unpleasant face as his feet made gross slopping noises every time he picked them up out of the bog. Sole had apparently gotten word from Preston that somewhere in the far south of the Commonwealth was a promising spot for a settlement. Danse wasn’t so sure of that himself. And of course, the one time he needs it most, his power armor is sitting in Sanctuary with Sturges, getting repaired. He can see Sole forcibly holding in their giggles every time he complains.

“W-woah!” The paladin’s foot caught a submerged tree root and sent him flying into Sole. They both splash into the boggy water and get absolutely drenched.

GROSS!” Sole shouts, and when they quickly sit up to escape the swamp’s grimy clutches, they accidentally ram lips first into Danse who’s been on top of them this whole time.

Both freeze, perfectly still, their eyes wide and staring at each other. Tentatively, Sole brings and hand to the back of Danse’s head and closes their eyes. Danse breathes a sigh of relief through his nose and lets his eyelids slide close too. They spend the next few minutes kissing in the cold bog water, and Danse figures Sole’s kiss was worth  getting wet over.

Deacon: They were just messing around. A radstorm had blown through their path and forced them to hunker down an old abandoned bunker. To pass the time Sole flipped on the PipBoy’s radio. “Care to dance?” Deacon asked them, cocking a playful eyebrow at Sole who simply giggled and offered their hands for a dance. Deacon grabbed Sole’s tentatively outstretched hands in his and started waving their arms around in exaggerated, goofy motions. Sole just let him do what he wanted since they had already gone mostly limp from laughing too hard. Suddenly he spins them around and dips their body low over the concrete floor. He’s grinning wildly, face close enough to feel Sole’s breathy laughs wash over his cheeks. He knew then he just had to do it, so he kissed them.

Sole froze for a second in shock, then threw their arms around his neck, pressing in, wanting to go deeper. Deacon tilted his head as he slowly stood them up. Tighter and tighter he pulled them in, parting his lips and hoping they’d part theirs too. They did, and both partners slid their tongues over each other’s, melting into the kiss.

When it finally ended, Deacon was smiling and looking down at Sole. He took off his glasses: just this once, he thought, just for them.

They gaped at him.

“Like what you see boss?”

Piper: Sole bemusedly observed Piper as she attempted using chopsticks for the first time to eat her power noodles. With each new attempt the slippery pasta continually escaped the grip of her utensils and plopped back into the broth. Finally the reporter managed to catch the noodles with her mouth about an inch above the rim of the bowl before they had the opportunity to slip away again. Slowly, she raised her head, a long train of noodles still hanging from her mouth. Proud but perplexed, Piper was unsure about how to finish getting the entire bit into her jaws. Helplessly she looked to Sole.

“He’p a gir’ ou’ here?” She pleaded through pressed lips.

“Haha! Sure! Here Piper, let me help you with that.” Sole picked up their own pair of chopsticks with perfect technique and scooped the other end of Piper’s noodles into them. “Bon apetit!” Sole exclaimed before shoving the pasta into their mouth. Piper watched Sole with unbelievably wide eyes as they inched their way across the noodle strand towards her. At the end of the line, Sole pressed their lips into Piper’s before biting off the noodle strands. The survivor then reclined triumphantly back in their seat. Piper’s face now matched her coat,


Preston: Preston thickly swallowed back his anxiety as he gripped the hubflowers behind his back. His mother taught him to always be a gentleman, but his nerves were really getting the best of him at the moment. Oh no, there they are! Sole was standing on an elevated outpost, facing away from him, watching the sun set over Sanctuary’s humble little lake.

“G-General…” Preston stuttered. Sole turned to look at the minuteman, a smile blooming across their face when they recognize it’s him. Preston smiled too, out of reflex at seeing Sole happy. He almost tripped up the steps to get to them, and blushed whenever Sole made a quiet giggle.

“Hey Sole! I um…”

“…Yeah Preston?”

He took a deep, quieting breath. “I wanted to give you something, to show you h-how much I appreciate you, and-“ He handed Sole the bouquet who gently took it from him. “And, I just thought I should let you know that… I admire you… as more than a General and… as more than a friend.”

Sole beamed at his confession, and relief flooded Preston’s veins. And what a pleasant surprise when Sole popped up on their tiptoes to kiss him.

Nick: Nick admired Sole’s silhouette against the backdrop of Magnolia’s performance, a cigarette slowly smoking up the bar from between his fingers. Yellow eyes study the outline of Sole’s nose, its delicate bumps and curves. The survivor didn’t notice the synth, intently focused on the singer onstage, watching her with mirthful eyes.

Nick didn’t need to think much about doing it. Maybe it was the dim lighting and pervasive chem-laced atmosphere that impeded his servos inhibitors. Regardless, he catches Sole’s chin between his thumb and forefinger and pulls them gently in for a kiss. Sole was surprised, but quickly dissolved into Nick’s lips, feeling his mouth move in tandem with theirs. When it ended, Sole asked,

“What took you so long Nick?”

“I don’t know doll… I don’t know.”

Hancock: Of course Hancock had been joking when he suggested they share the bed roll for the night. He would’ve been completely fine spending the night on the floor; he’s woken up on more than enough of them in his lifetime. But there he was, laying next to Sole in a flimsy excuse for a sleeping bag. He rolled over,

“You asleep yet Sole?” He asked.

“Nah, it’s kinda hot in here to be honest.” They confessed. Sole decided to roll over too, wanting to chat a bit more; but after finishing a complete one-hundred and eighty degree turn, Sole and Hancock perfectly lip-locked with each other. They both immediately pulled away; neither of them really expected… well, that.

Hancock cautiously went in for another kiss, this time intentionally. He stopped just before reaching Sole’s lips and let them choose whether or not to close the rest of the distance. He smiled against their mouth when they connected with him. Hancock wrapped his arms around Sole to keep them close, and for the rest of the night they enjoyed dwelling within the comfort of each other’s embrace.

Curie: Curie frowned furiously at Sole while dabbing an alcohol-drenched cotton ball to their busted lip. “How many times must I take care of your before you shape up and stop getting into ridiculous bar fights. You weren’t even drinking! How could you engage in something as ridiculous as zhat while still sober?” The rest of her grievances the scientist rattled off in French. Sole just smiled dreamily at her, still a little out of it from being decked in the head.

“Y’know, kisses makes things heal quicker Curie.” Sole slurred, eyes half-open.

“W-what!? Sole, I think zhat punch did more damage than I originally calculated.” Curie frowned.

“Please!” Sole begged, pouted, and pointed to the cut on their puffy red lips.

“Agh! Alright, I guess if you will finally allow me to continue the evaluation afterwards, I shall do it.”

Red-faced, Curie cautiously leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss to Sole’s lips.

OW!” Sole whimpered and held their hands over the now agitated lesion.

“AHA! Zhat is what you get for interrupting me! Now, move your hands! I must continue zhe examination!” Sole frowned as they removed their palms, but inside they thought totally worth it.

X6-88: “You want to do what?” All at once Sole wished they’d kept their stupid mouth shut. X6 was now staring straight at them, his stern face belying his genuine curiosity.

“Nevermind. It’s not important, let’s just focus on the mission alright?” Sole turned to stalk off in the direction of their latest assignment when X6 roughly snatched them around by the shoulder.

“It was important. Now tell me.” The courser demanded.  Sole screwed up their face at X6. There was no way they could ask him for this kind of thing! The way he acted, he’s probably never even thought about it, much less ever wanted it. He was still staring down at Sole expectantly, and Sole began to tremble a little. They couldn’t force the words to come out again; the first time was stressful enough.

“Tell me.” He prompted again.

“Fine. W-would you… kiss me?” Sole grimaced after finishing the statement, waiting for the inevitable rejection and complimentary condemnations.

“Alright.” X6 agreed with Sole, and then he was on their lips. A lifetime of Institute living made X6’s lips soft against their wasteland-chapped pair, but the kiss was more than Sole or X6 could have ever hoped for. The chaste kiss ended soon, maybe too soon, and X6 only had one comment to make,

“Can we do that again?”


Sun setting over Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada.

Lost In The Woods - Part 1

A/N: I received a fun request that gave me an idea, so thank you nonny! Let me know what you think guys! 
Warnings: Some cursing. Some attitude.

I stood at the edge of an enormous lake, trying to skim pebbles across the water. I couldn’t do it. Probably because I was doing it aggressively. I felt aggressive. I was pissed.

We were lost. It was a team building weekend away, a “survival in the woods” kind of deal and I was paired with Spencer, I didn’t mind, he was cute. Until he opted for the difficult version of the trail. The one where we didn’t get a map to find our way to the cabin, we had to follow the path ways and find clues. Okay, he’s a genius, I’m fairly intelligent… we can do this. Right? Wrong. We had clearly missed a substantial clue along the way because I’m willing to bet we were not supposed to be here, in the middle of nowhere next to a lake with no paths and no roads.

“Look, I know you’re upset (Y/N) but it will be getting dark soon and we can’t keep searching all night.” Spencer interrupted my thoughts and I turned around, he furrowed his brow when he saw the look on my face
“What’s so bad about staying here for the night? We have the emergency tent, some supplies we can figure it out in the morning”

“Fabulous.” I muttered miserably in defeat, swinging the huge rucksack from my back and on to the ground. 

I knelt down and searched through the front half, pulling my cardigan out and throwing it on. It was COLD.
Spencer began working on putting the tent together and I stood watching, I knew full well I was being completely childish but I despised camping. If we’d made it to the cabin, I would have been find. A roof, a warm bed, a shower. But nope. I knew nothing of my surroundings, what dangers there might be, I had to pee in a bush. Nothing about this was good. At least I didn’t think it would be…
I sighed and set to helping Spencer finish erecting the tent, it only took about 15 minutes to get it set up with the sleeping blankets inside but it felt like a lifetime in the awkward silence. I needed to stop being a brat.

“So, fire wood I guess?” I chirped, Spencer furrowed his brow in confusion at my change in nature.

“Definitely a good idea.” he smiled and we both walked a little further into the woods, collecting branches and thick twigs. My thoughts turned to that of food, what had we even brought with us? I bet it’s gross.

Spencer chucked the last of the wood on the fire and sat crossed legs next to it with the flint, my tongue stuck out over my bottom lip a little as I concentrated.


“Voilá!” I exclaimed, I was extremely proud. I looked up and Spencer was staring at me with a smile twitching at the corner of his lips “What?”

“Oh, n-n-othing. Good job.” he stuttered, clearing his throat and turning to his open rucksack. That was weird.
I shrugged it off and started setting up the metal grill over the smallest end of the fire, Spencer wandered back over with a pack of sausages, bacon and some soft rolls. Nice.

“These will be perfect.” I rolled my R’s as I purred the word perfect and Spencer chuckled as chucked them on.

Ten minutes later and we were sitting in our fold out chairs, lost in mindless conversation, eating sausage and bacon rolls watching the sun set over the lake. Okay, so this wasn’t so bad.

“This. This is breathtaking.” I smiled, taking in the view.

“It certainly is.” I turned to Spencer who was already looking at me, I felt myself blush.
I drove my hand into my jeans pocket and brought out my phone, checking for the millionth time for signal. None, of course. I sighed and decided to take some photos, it truly was a remarkable scene. Nothing like I’d ever witnessed in my life growing up in the city, I sighed with content and snapped away. After numerous landscape photos, I flipped to my front camera to check my hair, my unruly, long (Y/H/C) locks were tied tightly to one side in a messy ponytail. Wilderness selfie? Yes, I think so. I smiled and posed, but stopped when I felt his eyes on me.

“What now?”

“Nothing, (Y/N). You just finally look like you’re having fun.” Spencer smirked slightly, I rolled my eyes and leaned over towards him, forcing him to pose for some extremely awkward but super cute pictures. I smiled as I looked through them.
Spencer’s face is ridiculously photogenic, good Lord. And he looked so cute, sitting there in his cargo pants and his worn, brown jacket, his soft, curly hair falling over his face slightly as he memorised every moment of the view before him. Ok, need to stop looking at him like that. 

We sat in silence a while longer, and it bothered me. When was Spencer ever this quiet? It’s me. I must’ve upset him earlier, damn why am I such a moody bitch? I bit the bullet.

“Sorry for being a jackass earlier, I’m just not that fond of sleeping on the floor. Or nasty bugs. And having no toilet, toilet paper and… yeah, I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“It’s fine, (Y/N)… Although, I kinda was starting to think you couldn’t bare the thought of being alone with me” he murmured, looking down at the ground.

“Aw, I’m so sorry that’s not the case at all.” I reached my hand out and squeezed his shoulder, feeling him tense a little.

It definitely wasn’t the case, I had a huge crush on Spencer. I was completely smitten, actually. But I’m just not the type to admit those type of my feelings, not even to myself. The only person I’d confided in was my bestie, JJ. Although, I’m pretty certain the entire team knew.

“That’s good, because I was kind of looking f-forward to um, spending time with you.” he pursed his lips slightly, his gaze travelled from the floor back to the lake.


“Oh” was all I managed to air as a huge crash of thunder made me jump so hard I fell backwards out of my chair.

“Are you alright?” Spencer jumped up and extended a hand for me to pull myself up, I could see him desperately trying to laugh.

I wanted to laugh. But I couldn’t. I’m petrified of thunderstorms.

“Shit…” I breathed as I stood, dusting myself down. Another crash of thunder
sent waves of anxiety through my body and I almost cried.

“You’re scared of thunderstorms?” his tone was serious now, he’d figured out I wasn’t joking. I turned to look at him then to the sky.

“Yes. Very. Maybe it won’t be a full one, maybe it will…”

A triple flash of lightening, a crash of thunder and the heavens opened.

You’re fucking kidding me right?

anonymous asked:

Crap okay I was the one that asked for 52 with Scott but I forgot to press anon? And I wanna stay anonymous, of course. So can you just use this one please?

Of course, no worries lovely!

Scott Summers + Things you said with my lips on your neck

You’re standing at one of the windows, watching the sun set over the lake when you feel a set of strong arms wrap around your waist as Scott props his chin on your shoulder

“Hi baby,” You say softly, leaning back into him. He presses a gentle kiss to the juncture between your shoulder and neck, his arms tightening affectionately around you.

“I was looking for you. You been here long?” He murmurs, the words slightly muffled against your skin.

“Dunno,” you shrug, “I just wanted to watch the sun go down. Look, isn’t it pretty?” You gesture at the window to where the vibrant colours of the sinking sun are streaking the lake with orange and pink, making it look like it’s been set ablaze. Scott looks at it appraisingly, studying it for a second.

“It’s alright. You’re much prettier.” He replies, pressing his lips against the edge of your jaw, and you laugh.

“That’s a terribly line. You know we’re already dating, right? You don’t need to use pickup lines anymore?” You say, turning around to face him, your hands on his shoulders, and he tightens his grip on you, hauling you closer to him.

“But it’s true. You’re stunning.” He grins down at you, visibly amused, and you roll your eyes at him, even as you return the smile.

“You’re just saying that so I’ll sleep with you.” You tease and he chuckles as he leans down to press a series of kisses down your neck and along your clavicle.

“Maybe. But we’re dating so you’ll sleep with me anyway.”

MUFON Report: 79099. 2016-05-27, Galway, IE    

I was sitting in my sitting room looking out the window, it was grey dull and overcast wet evening, which is often the case here in the West of Ireland, I’ve lived here for 18 years and always enjoy watching the sun set over the lake but with these weather conditions I knew there’d be no visible sunset, so you can imagine my surprise when this sun like object appeared in front of the clouds, I was confused, it was a strange sight, the sky was completely covered in a blanket of cloud so how could I see a sunset happening, I grabbed my phone and took some photos of it appearing and then switched to video, I can’t remember it setting as this happened four months ago and although I thought it very strange I didn’t mention it to anyone other than my husband who witnessed it as well, it’s only in the last few days that I thought of having another look at it and put it on an Irish Facebook Group but got no feedback except from someone I know who messaged me privately and told me about this website.

New Fic: Kitten Heels and Other Pretty Things

Title: Kitten Heels and Other Pretty Things (Ao3)

Fandom: Fallout 4

Pairing: MacCready/Sole Survivor

Rating: T

Summary: In which MacCready says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Again.

Notes: First official Fallout fic. Eeks! Posts and runs away.


They’re making out like teenagers, which granted wasn’t too long ago for MacCready, but no way in hell is he gonna remind the boss that. Instead, he slides his hands from her waist to her ass, hoping that the crumbling wall they’re pressed up against is solid enough to hold their weight.

He nudges his thigh between her legs - this is the first time they’ve shared more than a brief kiss; he wants this to be good - and Anura moans into his mouth. Goddamn, he wants to hear that sound again, so he cups her ass, and pulls her even closer, close enough he can feel the heat of her cunt on his leg.


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