sun setting over a lake


Sun sets and Milky Way Rises over Lake Tahoe California as the inhabitants/visitors drive by.

Night Hides the World : Stars come out as evening twilight fades in this serene skyscape following the Persian proverb Night hides the world, but reveals a universe. The scene finds the Sun setting over northern Kenya and the night will soon hide the shores of Lake Turkana, home to many Nile crocodiles. The region is also known for its abundance of hominid fossils. On that past November night, a brilliant Venus, then the worlds evening star, dominates the starry skies above. But also revealed are faint stars, cosmic dust clouds, and glowing nebulae along the graceful arc of our own Milky Way galaxy. via NASA


“Ethereal Explosion”

An explosion of pastel colours paints the sky, as the sun sets over the frozen and snow dusted Little Cranberry Lake.
I made this time stack by combining 242 photos into one image.

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Sun setting over Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada.

“Cracks in the Clouds”

Branches of the giants willow trees on shore reach out over Lake Ontario as the sun sets, while the passing clouds change colour.
I made this time stack by combining 146 photos into one image.


Two spider webs by Einherjar2k8
Via Flickr:
..coloured bokeh is from the web behind the visible one, being hit by the sun setting over a lake. Handheld and stacked with Zerene

Hey, guys.

Well.  It’s officially the new year.  2016.  I have no idea what lies ahead, but I want to take a moment to look back.  Not one year, but five.  Because on New Year’s Eve, 2010, I very nearly took my own life.

I had a plan.  I had the means.  And I had no will to live.
But I didn’t do it. Someone stepped in.  And as of today, I’ve been alive for five years.

Those five years haven’t been easy.  I spent one chunk of time in an abusive relationship, another chunk recovering from it.  My parents divorced. I lost friends – including the girl who had stopped me.  

But I’ve also made friends.  I’ve gone to concerts.  I’ve read books. I’ve seen movies. I’ve watched the sun rise and set over a nearby lake.  I’ve been to cities.  I’ve laughed.  I’ve gotten gifts, and given them.  I’ve roasted marshmallows.  I’ve marched and protested.  I’ve sung my heart out when no one’s listening, and danced alone in the kitchen while I cook.  I’ve met people, online and in meatspace, who changed my life.

And it’s all been worth it.
Every smile – mine, or a friend’s, or a stranger’s.  Every laugh.  Every “Thank you.”
That has made it worth it.

So if you are now where I was then – if you feel lost, alone, hopeless, empty, anything – if you are considering killing yourself – then please, listen to me.

The day will come when you look back and you want to cry not because it’s all so impossible, but because you almost ended it so long ago.  
You almost didn’t meet that person.  
You almost didn’t see this sunrise.  
Your life almost didn’t happen.

Some day, you will have been alive for five years.
But only if you hold on now.

I promise.  The day will come when you are so, so glad you lived.