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aries ~ high impact activity and sports… the more thrill the better… wake boarding, driving fast, contact sport, martial arts… also hiking and paintball, sex

taurus ~ playing instruments… crafts and designing, baking and culinary, makeup and beauty blogging, horticulture, floristry,  harvesting, spending, yoga, massage, pampering

gemini ~ reading, studying (self directed or courses), blogging, puzzles, slicking around the city, journal writing, learning, swimming, literature, comedy nights

cancer ~ baking and culinary, harvesting, music, creating scents, scrapbooking, photo editing, journal writing, antiques, embroidery, decorating, interior designing, real estate, animals

leo ~ arts, makeup design, high velocity/impact sports, equestrian, rollerskating, fashion design, sun salutation, animals, coaching, animals, pampering, spa and salon  

virgo ~ yoga, nutrition, puzzles, embroidery, poker, chess, sudoku, precision activities like darts, calligraphy, pool, or repair work. technology, mental challenges, nail art, hairdressing

libra ~ design, dance, legal studies, massage, painting, interior decorating, literature, psychology, crime and justice study, fashion, social justice issues, social media

scorpio ~ competitive challenges with others or with self, research, psychoanalysis, criminology, martial arts, pilates, conspiracies, documentaries, reading

sagittarius ~ anything outdoors and active - beach, disneyland, wild forest hiking, surfing, skiing, learning, comedy, archery, animals, theology, overseas travel, cultural events, gambling, guitar, festivals

capricorn ~ strategic games, rock climbing, hiking, massage, biographies, politics, social issues, poker, history, sculpture, museums, developing skills, music

aquarius ~ thinking, space, conspiracies, technology, aliens, politics, bike riding, swimming, astrology, science, aviation, sailing, learning, chemistry, lsd, festivals

pisces ~ books, theatre and plays, music, spiritual indulgence, daydreaming, meditation, sailing and beach, shopping, creative expression, embroidery, interior design, furniture collection, visiting grandparents


Meditations based on the Major Arcana

If you find yourself stressed or simply desire a different form of meditation, go ahead and pick one, or, better yet, have your tarot tell you which meditation you should do!

0. Fool – meditate to some calming music, find a nice track and let it fill your mind and body

1. Magician – recite a mantra of some sort, word or phrase, pick something meaningful to you, not just what the internet suggests

2. High Priestess – the practice of attending: look at and assess each thought you have as you meditate

3. Empress – focus on self-love, find things you appreciate about yourself, let love fill you and your soul

4. Emperor – count your heartbeats or your breaths 

5. Hierophant – take this time to recite a prayer to a higher being, speak a blessing of some sort, or your equivalent

6. Lovers – send love, good vibes, and blessings to a loved one

7. Chariot – focus on each body part separately, flexing and relaxing each part from your toes to your head

8. Strength – stand up and do the sun salutation or a similar yoga exercise, or if you’d rather, go work out

9. Hermit – ask a deep, philosophical question and ponder on it for awhile

10. Wheel – diaphragmatic breathing: breath deeply from the diaphragm, so your stomach moves but your chest does not

11. Justice – find five things or people you are grateful for and meditate on them

12. Hanged Man – the practice of mindfulness: simply let your thoughts pass by as you meditate, not focusing on anything in particular

13. Death – take a short nap! please wake up, though

14. Temperance – the practice of visualization: visualize your dreams about the future

15. Devil – focus on each sense individually, what do you feel, hear, see, if you want you can eat a small treat and focus on what you taste

16. Tower – candle meditation: focus on a flame, image of a flame, or some sort of object

17. Star – take a bath or shower and focus on the water cleansing both your body and mind

18. Moon – acknowledge your worries, then give them up or let them go to a higher being

19. Sun – sit in sunlight or other bright light and focus on the brightness, draining all your negativity away to be replaced with positivity

20. Judgment – focus on the energy within, how it interacts with the earth and others around you

21. World – stand up and take a walk, preferably walk outside through nature

Enjoy and may all be well with each of you <3

Yoga for beginners?

Hey guys! 🌈✨

I really want to seriously get into yoga, but I don’t really know where to start (plus i have little flexibility)! So if you guys could recommend your favorite beginners yoga videos/images or challenges i’d apreciate! I have some stuff about the sun salutations, and i’m going to begin with that.

So if you could help me to help improve my flexibility and learn some yoga skills, that would be super cool!! 🙌🌺🌿

Malice in Wonderland - The 3 Scorpio Evolutions Scorpio is a deeply complex and fascinating sign. The musical ubiquity of Fixed fire and water fusing in Plutonian nuclear power exacerbates the intensity of an individual given potential to express three evolutionary levels of consciousness. The shadowy scorpion, high flowing eagle and transcendental phoenix represent multidimensional pillars in the Scorpio psyche and the reserves of energy. The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld; associating this sign with dying, multiple ego death, reincarnation, occult studies, transformation and frequent personality overhauls. Looking back on their lives, Scorpio individuals see the resonant photographs of their former selves and shells of older characters. Not all Scorpio people manage to grow phoenix wings, or express the venomous scorpion features, and yet all Scorpio’s possess the indwelling potential to ascend into spiritual flight. Voices of ancestors, cryptic etheric imprints, residual past life trauma and fixed, frozen water line the Scorpio consciousness and develop organic, and seemingly inorganic processes that erupt from the subconscious. Before we are allowed to progress from Scorpio to Sagittarius, we are forced to wrestle the serpent in the Orphicus constellation through the Ascelpius cradle, the healing child of Chiron, suggesting an evolutionary healing process and the acquisition of cryptic universal secrets are the tools for cosmic combat and the passageway through to the Sagittarian light.

The characteristics of the lower evolved scorpion individual are more widely recognised and seemingly more pronounced throughout society. This could relate to the mainstream media’s fascination with dismal, questionable personalities and frequent reports on crime and injustice that illuminate the darker shade of human consciousness. Anger, aggression, destructive defense mechanisms, malice and jealousy are scorpion characteristics which may spill into illegal and contemptuous activity. There tends to be an overwhelming, uncontrollable desire for power and a strong resistance to suppressive figures or moral authority. The scorpion traditionally represents the animal crawling low along the earth but having its sting on automatic reflex. Many examples of scorpion energies are found in politics and corporate looting where the Mars influence strangles water. Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia is a classic exemplification of the lowest evolved Scorpio. His years as opposition leader tugged politics into a murkier low when attacks on the government targeted character and deceived the public into falsely voting for the opposition. During the a hung parliament when trying to win the votes of the independents, Abbott informed member Tony Windsor, “ I would do anything for this job. The only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse, but I’d have to give serious thought to it.” His policies are frequently dismantled to suit corporate interests and act under the investment of bodies who promised the lure of power. Tony Abbott is an example of a Scorpio who sold his soul for a taste of power. There maybe altruistic pangs to improve humanity, though many will attain their authoritative position and have no plans to implement a better collective change. Kundalini energy may be directed to its lowest form of sexual promiscuity or aggression. There may be a desire for immortality, and a reactive and nebulous fear of death.

The Scorpio eagle has managed to ascend beyond some of the Mars fire, although the shadowy side still makes its presence known. The eagle has developed insight to the darker aspect of his personality and makes a conscious effort to dissociate the two from each other. There are resounding business, political and justice seeking energies here although practices may cross into unethical territory. The eagle wrangles with the scorpion paranoia and intrinsic distrust of society at large. Most people are viewed as being potential harmful and fierce psychological defense mechanisms are erupted in self protection. Life’s mysteries, universal laws, life, death and the occult are alluring fascinations and both white and black magic may be experimented with. The eagle begins to take flight and harness the deep profound Pluto energies, the feminine wisdom of water and develop a soaring eyed view of the world. The intrinsic urges to merge with others on a deeper level than the physical begins transpiring, and the awareness of a psychic relation between others develops. While the scorpion may be concerned about primal sex needs void of intimacy, the eagle desires a deeper, emotional communion. They will typically strike without warning, indulge in some sleuth activity and negotiate dark impulses when it comes to justice seeking and neutralizing society’s imbalance.

In their travels through forbidden realms, the divine Scorpio phoenix has experienced multiple ego death across his lifetime. The stinging scorpion and shaky eagle has metamorphised into an illuminated, transcendent healing force that can transform anyone in their presence. The universal symbol of medicine; the double snake encircled under wings is a reflection of the Scorpio phoenix and the transcendent healing potentials. Plutonian energy relates to X-Rays, pharmaceuticals, etheric healing, natural sorcery and herbal medicine. The occult wisdom of centuries is conveyed through their incredible empathy and rich, mystical inner life. The phoenix is aware of his vengeful, shadow side and has swallowed the demons to give him power, a greater power, the one he has realised stems only from, and to, love. This is the embodiment of destruction becoming the highest form of creation, where they rise from the ashes of their own obliteration and claim a new life blood. Scorpio phoenix individuals can reach meditative trance states, gifts of prophecy, astral travel and psychic awareness; and many become acclaimed spiritual healers, clairvoyants and travelers who scatter their healing light and love across humanity. I know a Scorpio phoenix who runs a renowned corporate business and remains a charming, kind and engaged employer. As soon as he finishes work, he rips of his business suit, practices meditative bonding with this partner and goes off to teach a class on sun salutation and tai chi. He channels his volatile intensity into scattering his divine wisdom about life and death and promoting interpersonal warmth amongst humanity. You really get the feeling there is so much light just bursting within the surface, and he lives quite a conservative daily life with a rich, personal night spirit. The phoenix is largely concerned with universal mysteries, investigating magic and their contribution of humanity. They are aware of god indwelling, the divine force firing within them and negotiate their potential with this power. Phoenix Scorpio are survivors. Emotionally, they may perish in the ashes of their own destructive nature, but they can also fly and erupt into the most beautiful, soul glowing shooting star.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a scenario with igins reacting to finding himself falling for a person who is not as put together as him like there not as bad as noc or prom but they're really goofy and silly and his total opposite also I really love your work!!!


Ignis x Reader

Ignis always figured that he knew himself very well. He knew his likes and dislikes—he knew that he liked organization, culinary arts, rising early with the sun, and a certain air of professionalism. As for his dislikes, they came in droves. Messiness, carelessness, a disregard for authority, and a challenging attitude.

So why was it that he couldn’t get you off his mind?

Not to say that you were a bad person—no, far be it for him to ever give you that label. But he knew that you, in your core, was his exact opposite. You were nowhere near as messy as Noctis or Prompto, but you gave little regard to putting things back in their proper place. Your fighting style left wide pockets for enemies, and you were clumsy. And you were the first to want to break every rule and were quick to spring to confrontation.

You were silly. And you loved being silly.

Ignis couldn’t put his finger on it at first. He’d had many sleepless nights wondering what it was about you that drew him closer, closer than he dared.

The realization hit him one morning as he watched you emerge from the tent, attempting to sing something to wake the others up, though you were hopelessly out of tune.

You were free.

The notion shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it did, but Ignis couldn’t help but see what he could have been if his life had taken a different path. He wondered if he would be as carefree as you, if he’d be less uptight, less averse to taking the scenic route rather than the quickest road from one point to another.

He wondered what it would have been like to be a kid.

It was early one morning when Ignis awoke to rustling outside. He was usually the first one up, so the sound of anyone being active before him was startling, to say the least. He slid on his glasses and peered around the tent. He counted in his head.

Noctis, Prompto, Gladio. All accounted for, all still snoring away. He glanced over to where you usually slept next to Prompto by the entrance of the tent. Your bedroll was empty.

Ignis shrugged on his suit jacket and tiptoed out into the morning air. You were in the middle of doing some morning stretches, touching your toes and then raising your hands high in the sky. Ignis zipped up the mouth of the tent and you turned towards the sound.

“Oh!” You waved. “Morning, Iggy.”

“Good morning,” he greeted in reply, adjusting his glasses on his nose. “May I inquire as to what you’re doing so early in the morning?”

“Sun salutations,” you answered casually, turning back towards the sunlight and taking in a deep breath of air. “Sorry if I woke you up. Sunrises are my favourite.”

Ignis shook his head. “Not at all. Though, admittedly, it might be a little too early to start on breakfast.”

You finished your stretches and then turned to face Ignis fully. You placed your hands on your hips and looked at him curiously, and he felt himself starting to waver under the weight of your scrutiny.

“Can I help you?” He couldn’t help but bristle.

You tilted your head, a grin spreading across your face. “Wanna go do some morning acrobatics with me?”

Ignis’ eyebrows flew over the rim of his glasses. “I beg your pardon?”

“Come on,” you tugged on his sleeve. “There’s a really great hill nearby where we can do cartwheels and stuff. I’ve seen you do it in battle before. Come on, it’ll be a nice way to wake ourselves up.”

Ignis hesitated. “But the others—”

“Are still sleeping, and will continue to sleep until one of us wakes them up,” you finished, moving to tug on his sleeve a little harder until Ignis finally took a step forward. “Come on. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

“I don’t see how you can guarantee that,” the words came out a little more clipped than Ignis had intended. But he had yet to have his morning cup of Ebony, and he was trying to deny how his heart fluttered at the feeling of your hand closing around his.

You led him to the top of a grassy hill not too far from camp. The sun was hiking further up in the sky, glazing the entire area in gold. The morning dew dampened Ignis’ shoes, and he frowned slightly. He glanced over at you, but you didn’t seem to care. Didn’t seem to notice at all, in fact. You were too focused on the slope of the hill, doing little hops in place in preparation.

“You go first.” It wasn’t a question or a gesture, it was a command. Ignis was taken a little aback, but raised his hands and began to cartwheel gracefully down the hill.

He was almost at the bottom when he heard a shriek of laughter and suddenly a solid body collided with him, and you barrelled down together in a tangle of limbs.

You were all giggles once you’d slowed to a stop. You were halfway on top of Ignis, your leg slid between his thighs with a hand on either side of his head.

“Sorry,” you apologized, panting slightly. “Are you okay?”

“I believe so,” Ignis affirmed. He was blushing. He could tell by the look on your face. You made no indication that you were going to move.

“You know,” you purred, inching a little bit closer. “You’ve got to live a little, Iggy.” You leaned down and pecked him on the cheek before rising up and dusting off your knees and your rear. Ignis remained on the ground, momentarily dumbfounded as you started to walk back towards camp.


You turned in time to see Ignis striding towards you, a hard, determined look in his eyes. You wondered for a second if you’d pushed him too far, if maybe he was mad that you could have broken his bones with your little stunt. But instead he took your face in his hands and kissed you.

You didn’t pull away like he thought you would have, but instead tugged him closer like you knew this would happen all along. When you both finally came up for air, Ignis was met with your cheek to cheek smile.

“Well,” you said breathlessly, smoothing out the lapels of his jacket. “That’s certainly a start.”

Does anybody else wake up on Mondays feeling stressed and anxious? 😩

Today I needed to do some yoga for my morning workout, and as soon as I hit play, I could feel all of the stress and work-worry melt away. I think I’m going to make #yogamonday a thing - who’s with me? Plus I wore my mermaid leggings, so I was feeling like a total Mermaid/Siren/Sea Witch Goddess 👌🏻

I’m also working on some May goals for myself, which I will share later. Who’s making their monthly goals? I would love if you shared your monthly goals with me!

If you’re looking for a good guided yoga practice for beginners (or even those who have done yoga for awhile and feel they could use a back-to-basics reminder), send me a message and I will send you the link to what I use. It’s all housed in an easily-accessible online library, so I can do my workouts at home, at the beach, in a backyard (if I had one), or when I don’t know what to do at the gym. Convenience is key to making your workout program long-lasting!

Waking up with Seijoh


- He tries. He really tries but he’s always late.
- He has three different alarms: one for the first call, the second for the second call, the third to get a fucking move.
- Wakes up at 5 for his morning jog with Iwaizumi and likes to hum k-pop upbeat songs while running.
- Takes 1 hour to get ready after he comes home to shower, cause those hair wouldn’t be that beautiful by themselves, you know
- Has everything ready for the day from the night before
- Usual breakfast includes: coffee with cream, vanilla and loads of sugar, plain toast and nothing more.


- Yoga. The key is yoga. Wakes up at 5 and without opening his eyes starts with the Sun Salutations. After the fifth repeat is really awaken.
- Glares angrily at Tooru for fifteen minutes cause he’s always late for their jog. And Oikawa’s the one who asked him to go. That bastard.
- Ready in 15 minutes: shower, clothes and everything. Never dries is hair with a blow-dryer.
- Hates coffee and sweets before 10 in the morning.
- Breakfast is traditional: hojicha, rice, eggs.

- Morning doesn’t exist.
- Has to makes violence upon himself to literally roll out of the bed.
- Spends three quarter of his available time under the shower watching into nothingness. He’s one of the #no blow-dry bros.
- Eats whatever’s left from the night before, be it pizza, curry or miso soup. He’s like a vacuum cleaner for leftovers.
- Really wakes up while sneakely smoking his first cigarette of the day, usually in the ten minutes stroll to Hanamaki’s house.


- Even if he goes to bed at 4 in the morning can’t sleep after 8 am. He’s usually up before his own alarm rings, even if he’s tired as hell.
- Spends the first ten minutes laying in bed and checking his socials.
- If he doesn’t wash his face first thing after going out the bed, he feels gross.
- No milk or anything of sorts in the morning cause it makes him feel queasy and it doesn’t help his almost won battle against acne.
- Does follow a strict beauty routine because of said acne.
- Sweets and black coffee are everything in the morning.
- Takes off his earrings just before arriving at school.


- Can’t really talk till he has had at least half of his breakfast
- Breakfast is always cereals, possibly crunchy and sugary ones.
- Likes to nap a little on the couch after breakfast when is early
- Can’t go out without a cap in winter cause he can’t stand his ears freezing and falling off
- Biking to school makes him happy and relaxed. It’s almost a meditation.


- Late. Latelatelatelatelate.
- Runs every single morning to school and his hairs are always perfect when he arrives.
- Waking up includes: tumbling out of bed, running to the shower, eating breakfast while dressing, and running for dear life. He likes to say it’s for practice.
- Surprisingly he’s one of the #no blow-dry bros. His hair are just that perfect by themselves.
- Has perfected the art of running to school and not wrinkling his clothes in the process.


- Wakes up at 5. No need to, really, he just likes to wake up early.
- Fried chicken for breakfast YES
- Tons of sweetened ice tea even in December cause he can’t stand hot beverages.
- Usually watches the news while waiting for the right time to shower and be ready for school.
- Never rushes to school cause he’s always half an hour early anyway
- Helps braiding his little sister hairs before leaving.


- Waking up his painless. The alarm rings. Boom. He is awake. Simple as that.
- Takes a good fifteen minutes styling proudly his hair.
- For breakfast usually has toasts, jam, coffee and croissants​ from the bakery down the street where his brother works.
- Always saves one for Kunimi’s endless morning hunger.
- Loves to play Pokémon go on his phone while walking to school till he arrives at Kunimi’s.
- Starts every day with light stretching before showering.


- Hates mornings. Why. Who invented it.
- Usually it’s his older sister who wakes him up after the third fruitless replay of his alarm. She takes off​ his covers, opens the blinds​ and the windows, leaving him in the cold blinding morning light. She’s evil like that.
- Showers and dresses in less than ten minutes
- Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, so it needs to be a feast. If there’s food, he will eat it. Your pantries are not safe around Kunimi in the morning.
- Once, his mother didn’t do grocery shopping for the week and left him to start on Monday with only a pack of cookies. That time he tried to bite Kindaichi when he smelled croissants on him. From that moment, Kindaichi made sure to have backup food for him.

Pssst! Read about sleeping Seijoh here!

You may have control of your life, but you cannot control your environment. You cannot control the economy, trends, family circumstances, accidents, unexpected expenses, and the weather of life. You cannot control other people and their moods, personal situations, or issues. You cannot control biases or changes in your industry of choice. You cannot even control jealousy and envy in others. However, you can control your own STRENGTH to get back up and START AGAIN. Destiny is manifested only through action. You cannot be the captain of your own destiny, only the sailor, because we cannot control external influences that may alter the stability or direction of our ships. Once you understand this basic principle, you won’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go your way… All obstacles come with valuable lessons designed just for you and only you.
—  Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun