sun rise on the beach

To you, I give the grain, the light and the sky. To you, a sacred heritage. To you, the land and sea.

Each new year is like a sunrise.  The world reborn in our minds, fresh and new and full of promise.  

There is a sense of wonder in watching the natural world.  Sitting under a tree and looking at the pattern of the leaves against the sky.  Watching the waves as they crash upon the beach.  Watching the sun rise and set makes you understand that the world is bigger than yourself.  The universe itself is magnificent.  Every changing and never changing in one breath.  There are no words for how I feel at that moment when the sky bursts into color in the morning or the profound peace I feel watching the last light of the sun become a glow and the stars painted upon the sky.

I hope the new year bestows upon you happiness.  That you have the strength to meet each challenge presented to you.  That you have friends to support you as you support them.  That no pain or anger hardens your heart beyond your capacity to love.  I wish for you above all peace.  

Not peace in your lives. The universe finds new challenges for us every day.   Beating them is itself a selfish warlike act. It keeps the blood moving and the mind active.  The challenges we face in life make us who we are.  Who am I to wish from you the challenge that will make you … you?  

No, the peace I wish for you is the peace in your mind and heart.  Your Chad’Rasha centered and ready.

You have probably noticed, Dear Reader, that I am waxing more philosophical in my dotage.  Much of the excitement of my youth has become the consistency of age.  It is now that I start to focus more on my overall worldview and start writing more of what people consider the meat of my thoughts.

There are still challenges before me.  The universe has not had its full pleasure from me yet.

By the Ocean AU

Character A is on the beach, watching the sun rise as the morning fog is slowly burned away. Everything is calm and serene…until Character A is bowled over by a dog that’s slipped off of its leash. Seconds later, a very flustered and apologetic Character B helps Character A to their feet, while attempting to keep their dog from jumping back on Character A.

the stretch of beach, the sun above
something calls out, rises in sand
people everywhere, a lunch out
a warm January day
a view of waves like amber glass
watercolored sky, a stillness
to nature, as if something trapped

a turning globe, someone watching
momentary unsettling thought
then walking on stubby palm posts
disintegrating, filled with sand
a clunky edging for beach walks
meant to separate grass hills above

paths everywhere,
sun frayed in haze,
sand trampled,
I, balance between


anonymous asked:

I fell in love on a beach in Maine. I stood on a balcony above an empty beach and watched the sun rise. It was like my mind had been boiling my whole life and suddenly it stopped. I had never felt so quiet and calm. I was so in love with the world at that moment

these all are so beautiful

Connverse Headcanon

They’ll both just take a car and drive down to the beach and crank up the radio, singing to whatever comes on, swapping between propose fully singing badly, to harmonizing beautifully together. And when the radio goes on commercial break they whip out The Ukulele™ and The Violin™ that they only ever really use when they’re together and make up little tunes and hum them together. And they’ll watch the sun set and lean against each other still humming and Stevens usually the first to fall asleep and Connie’s there wrapped up in his arms humming slightly to herself and she always gets a little carried away with humming and wakes Steven up. But he’s fine with it and just opens his eyes the littlest bit and hums along with her. They’ll kiss and cuddle but they just spend the rest of the night talking, singing, watching Netflix on a laptop together. Wrapped up in blankets in a cheap old car on the beach. And when the sun starts rising, they’re both nearly asleep wrapped up in a blanket. And every day they say they’ll make it to sunrise, and every day they fall asleep just beforehand. For the excuse to do it all over again.

Southern California Gothic
  • “It’s cold out today,” you say. The thermometer reads 50 degrees. You start to shiver. A northerner laughs. Your lips turn blue. The sun shines, but you can’t keep from freezing.
  • There’s a traffic jam on the 405. You see stopped cars stretch on for miles. You no longer remember when you got on. You no longer remember where you were going. You move one car length and stop again.
  • You watch the sun sink below the waves from the beach.  As the wind rises, you look up at the night sky and see only darkness. They used to say it was light pollution that kept you from seeing the stars in LA. You know now you will never see a star again.  The sun died beneath the waves.
  • The trainer walked out on the catwalk over the dolphin enclosure. She wore a smile as she turned to the cheering crowd. The dolphins were hungry. It was their time to feed. She asked for a volunteer from the audience.
  • There’s a brushfire on the mountains. It burns to the peak. The sky is ablaze. The sun falls down. God yells ‘cut’ as the fire crews arrive on set.
  • You walk across the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  You’re looking for your favorite actor.  There he is. His bones are crushed to dust under a million footsteps.  Funny, he looked taller in the movies.
  • You’re driving north on the 15, through the Joshua trees.  You’re on an afternoon Vegas run, and your friends are laughing in the back seat.  You’re driving south on the 15, through the Joshua trees.  It’s midnight and the car is empty.  There are tears on your face but you’ll never learn why. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Head Canon For: What Dating Castiel Would Be Like.

Castiel would be extremely protective over you! He wouldn’t let anything or anyone ever do you any harm.

And if someone/something dared to do so,he would be the last thing they ever saw.

He’d always buy you small yet really meaningful little gifts to show his love to you.

He would always be holding your hand when the two of you are together.

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