sun puddle

body contracts to frailty, becomes
as light as the breath of soft wind

persistent as lichen in its latent loss, 
nearly as old as the boulders to which
it cleaves, grown light green without the
oppression of summer sun and in places
puddles the last of late snow, milky, reflecting
whatever sky may be present.       I cast no
shadow in this light, the light of my woodland,
the narrow stream of crossroads moving
beneath its own freezing

a pulse that persists, despite its heavy losses
will carry me on


After receiving ominous prophecies surrounding Patchclan’s acceptance gathering, the Tribes and the Clan met under the full moon to find a dreadful sight. Cold Sun, the leader of the Tribe of Sharp Stones, missing after an afternoon walk earlier that day, lay dead with a slit throat and her left eye gouged out. The clearing dissolved into vicious accusations, then into a full blown battle.

The murderer remains unknown, but four more take their ranks among the stars with Cold Sun after such a battle: Tiny Puddle and Ashen Gaze from the Tribe of Green Cliffs, as well as Half Night and Blue Rivers from the Tribe of Sharp Stones. Three cats escaped with their lives, but were severely injured: Tinyhop and Fawnstep from Patchclan, and Buzzard Feathers from the Tribe of Green Cliffs.

Tensions in the mountains explode monumentally as bitterness floods the injured cats, and the Tribe of Sharp Stones mourns the dead- but not for long, as they will quickly take to the slopes to find and execute whatever cat has dared commit such a crime against their tribe.


So I started out wanting to draw ANGRY HURT ISOLATED DIPPER like everyone else but found I really wanted to draw the Pines twins having a fun summer too. So I drew them doing stuff I remember from my own summer-away-at-elderly-relatives’-place, my grandparents’ old summer house up in Nova Scotia. I think drawing them having fun helped ease my own pain at not being able to go to the old place anymore… helped ease the pain of that cliffhanger episode, too, aaaaaa…

Hahaha I drew from like 7 to 12 this evening, WOO