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Celestial Holy Water

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By Secretcatholicwitch

Things you will need:

·      Rain water

·      Holy water

·      Sun

·      Moon

·      Blessed salt

·      Bottle (that is special to you) 

When you made this holy water, everything has to have some significant and value to you.

For example:

  • Is the rainwater collected on you birthday?
  • What is the Moon of the month or what phase is it in?
  • Is the Sun eclipsed?
  • Was the holy water from your baptism?

Things like that, it’s going to be different for everyone so make it special to you. But you will still need some of the ingredients if you want to make my celestial holy water.

Take you bottle and fill it up half way with you rainwater or holy water (whatever you have more of) then fill the rest with the other water, but make sure you don’t fill it up to the very top. Just sprinkle a bit of holy salt and put the cap on then shake it to mix well.  Put the bottle in a place where the Sun or Moon will be hitting it at all times.

Make sure to bring the water in side after you charge it, now you have your on personal holy water! 

anonymous asked:

Hiiii!!! i have to ask something that has been worrying me for days now: do you think touka will die? or that she will suffer a drastic change (like, for example, casca from berserk) ? i dont know what hurts the most.. i'm just so worried.. i feel like crying.. help my soul i know that touka is someone really important to kaneki's character, and that she helps him grow, but do you think ishida would do something like that? AAAH I'M SCARED TT A TT

(Man I really need to read Berserk)

I don’t think a drastic change is coming to Touka since it wouldn’t really fit any arc parallels. As for death - well, it ain’t impossible anon, but I still don’t think it will happen. 

It might be that like Kaneki dies and Touka is left behind at the end of the first manga, Touka dies and Kaneki is left behind at the end of this manga. That’s a possibility for a parallel, and the ring Kaneki got this chapter serves as a potential device for Kaneki to remember Touka by after she is gone. Because I don’t want to be accused of wishful thinking, I acknowledge the possibility of this outcome. If Ishida is more nihilistic than I anticipated and :re is in fact about the impossibility of breaking the cycle of tragedy, this could be the way things go.


Because Touka seems to be aware of her own deathflags, I think that we can expect a curveball from Ishida and be hit by a different death in the family. Because of various pieces of foreshadowing, such as the rotten womb poem, the artwork of a person with characteristics of both Kaneki and Touka, and the unprotected sex in 125, I think the real death we can expect is of their child. In fact it’s Touka’s awareness of her vulnerability (esp when/if she finds out she’s preggo) that’s going to keep her alive, although it will be her choice for action that will ultimately result in the child’s death.

Since Kaneki’s had his Sun phase now, what remains is Judgement and The World. Will Kaneki really be able to continue into The World phase if his Sun is extinguished? The loss of a child will be hard, but would the loss of Touka now of all times even be bearable?

Finally, I don’t think :re is about an endless cycle. I don’t see what would be the point in writing it in the first place if that was the case - I would think the original series would be tragedy enough. Touka and Kaneki have already successfully fulfilled the failed missions of their parallels Yoshimura and Eto, proving that the cycle can be broken. And, as is the tagline of :re:

That sounds like a call for hope if I ever saw one. Say it’s only referring to Haise’s dreamworld if you like, but it remains at the tagline for the start of the whole series, and ought to be reflected in the entire thing, just like how “Melancholy becomes this mysterious man of the new age” defined the entirety of the first manga. And the last two stages of the Fool’s Journey are ones of triumph, not failure. Ishida has always championed faith in front of the gaping void. At the end of the first manga, Touka seemingly hopelessly has faith in Kaneki returning to Anteiku, but, come :re, that’s just what happened. 

That’s why I think :re is about hope. Maybe that just means Kaneki will survive, but I think, for something resembling a happier ending, Touka has to be there too. So don’t cry just yet anon, I think we should have faith just like she always did.

First POKEMON ULTRA SUN MOON Leak! in 2016?!

Thank Reddit/4Chan for this one.

A 2016 leak of Pokemon USUM is now very relevant in 2017.


SO HERE IT IS: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be announced in early June, at least in the first week. In a direct, a short bit of of gameplay is shown, along with some pokemon, new and old. The games will be like Black 2 and White 2, along with some of the game taking place in Kanto. Legendaries look like fusions with necrozma, while also being in Radiant Sun Phase and Full Moon Phases. Game is planned to release Nov 17 for now, but that can change.

If true, that’s a lot of USUM Leaks:

  • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announced June 6, 2017 - CONFIRMED
  • Nintendo Direct showed a short bit of gameplay - CONFIRMED
  • Games will be like Black 2 and White 2 - CONFIRMED
  • Kanto Region in the USUM - NOT CONFIRMED
  • Legendaries look like fusions with Necrozma - CONFIRMED
  • Radiant Sun and Full Moon Phase - NOT CONFIRMED, AND WAS ONLY A PREVIOUS RUMOR

A Kanto Journey was hinted in Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Radiant Sun and Full Moon Phase were a part of a Sun Moon Leak that included details that didn’t happen in Pokémon Sun and Moon.


Some Pokémon can change shape/stats after they perform a Z-Move. These include Greninja (Rainbow), Solgaleo (Radiant), Lunala (Full Moon), Marshadow (Eclipse), Espeon (Dawn), and Umbreon (Dusk).

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made some additional pendulum boards today!

one is the alphabet, another is numbers, and then a moon phase based one. i also made a ouija inspire one of the sun and moon, in order to differentiate between good and bad. i’m hoping to make an astrology and chakras based one as well. 🌥

i’m super excited, and i’ll be opening up readings again super soon. for now, some play time with these guys (: