sun peeking out

there are people always posting here and on twitter like ‘I still don’t *get* the carly rae jepsen hype…’ well i love her bc she writes infectious pop music usually about that exciting period when you know you have a crush on someone and you’re not yet in a relationship w them but you just feel so alive. or that anxious but exhilarating time between asking someone out and waiting for their response. she makes these effervescent and vibrant songs that embody something like a rainbow that appears as the sun peeks out after a storm. if you give yourself to her music she can make your heart swell and you shout along to her songs and dance like nobody’s watching. it’s shameless and universal and #relatable and often quirky and not pretentious at all and surprisingly deep and it’s pure fun which i think makes a lot of her music perfect or damn-near-perfect pop 

mr. sandman

[steve trevor x reader]

author’s note: most of the time when i write, i don’t plan for things to get that long but i always get carried away wtf. this happens with essays too i don’t understand. anyway, i think i kind of like this one, which is unusual for me to say of my stuff lol, but i do hope you enjoy

word count: 2,037

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Affair of the Heart

Affair of the heart

Word count: 11.4k

Genre: smut, angst

You were in love with your roommate Hoseok. Jimin knows your secret and wants to help you make him jealous.

Happy Birthday to my world and sunshine! Im not trying to cry but I hope my angel has the best day ever!!

You got home, to your shared apartment, after your morning shift. You hated being a waitress but Sunday mornings did bring in a big crowd. You think people who just got out of church were supposed to be nice but no. Everyone is cranky and wants brunch. Either way people tipped you well this morning and you needed to go buy groceries for you and Hoseok.

Hoseok, you thought. You wondered if he was awake. It was about two in the afternoon so you figured not. You knew he went out for a night of drinking with his friends. You also knew he brought a girl home last night. Mostly because you could hear everything they had done last night, well technically this morning. His room was across from your room and down the hall, that’s how loud they were. You could hear the bed hit the wall, the way she was screaming out for him, it was all too much for you. Especially his moans, they sounded so dirty and needy. You just wished they were for you, aching for you. Here you were in the kitchen writing a grocery list and getting wet thinking about Hoseok moaning.

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The Houses and Their Laughter

Gryffindor: Loud and rumbling, like thunder. It’s a sound that can be heard from rooms away, a sound that makes your heart warm. Gryffindor laughter is long and heavy, followed by the flash of a smile and the glint of shining eyes. It lingers, even when a room has faded to silence, and it remains like a single flickering candle, as a symbol of warmth and hope, even after the lights have gone dark.

Ravenclaw: Quick and fleeting, like a shooting star. It’s a sound that’s often lost to the din of conversation, buried quickly under words. Ravenclaw laughter is a sound to wish on, a gentle promise that draws away tears and urges smiles. It’s clear but short, a spark, a flicker, but even after it has faded back to conversation, to stories, to silence, its call continues to resonate through memories like the gentle whisper of a ringing bell.

Hufflepuff: Explosive and joyful, like fireworks. It’s a sound that turns heads, a sound that causes others to stifle giggles before succumbing to laughter as well. Hufflepuff laughter is full and round, filling a room like music and thrumming through the blood. It pulls others in, pushing away dark feelings like a warm hug or the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, and it fills the air so that there’s nothing anyone can do but smile.

Slytherin: Breathy and soft, like the wind. It’s a sound that carries on long after the moment’s over, a sound that pretends to mirror the crashing of waves. Slytherin laughter is quick to transform, like the wind, it crescendos quickly into a howl, so sharp and precise that tears form from laughing too hard. It’s a two sided coin, and it’s a game of chance to see which laugh appears, but both sides are a true sign of joy. 

{PART 3} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Thinking that you’re about to be fired, you start panicking about how you’ll survive with no job. Jungkook still can’t answer the many questions he has about you - and he questions himself in turn.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Morning After

Requested by: @dmxlover2968

Scenario: a fluffy and smutty g dragon where it’s the morning after their wedding
A/N: I’m not sure how well this turned out, I’m so up in the air about it, but I sincerely hope that you enjoy this.
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 3201

Disclaimer: The gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

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Hate To Love You

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, violence, blood, inury, bad blood between Reader and Bucky, mentions of breakup

Word Count: 1087

Summary: After you and Bucky breakup you can’t stand to be apart of the Avengers any longer, choosing instead to work for yourself. However when Steve asks for your help, telling you that there was no one else he could ask you agreed to one more mission. 

A/N: I’m re posting this from my old blog, so I’m going to keep the original tag post for part 2 but if you wanted to be added just let me know right HERE !!

“There isn’t anybody else?”
“Sorry y/n, Wanda’s still in Sokovia and I couldn’t get Nat back on such short notice.”
“It’s fine, not your fault Steve,” I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. “What time do we fly out?”
“Zero six hundred tomorrow,” He replied, the sound of relief hanging in his voice. “Thanks for this y/n, I owe you.”
“Yeah, yeah.”

I disconnected the call, feeling my shoulders slump as I leant back on the kitchen bench, already exhausted by the thought of tomorrow’s mission. It wasn’t so much the mission itself though, it would be nice to get back into doing what I’d trained for years to do, it would be nice seeing Steve again. However I was also one hundred percent sure that Bucky would also be assigned on the mission, hence why I had a blooming headache starting already.

It had been eight months since I’d last seen or spoken to him, eight months since we broke up in a fit of shouting, tears and thrown objects. It hadn’t been pleasant and as a result I’d walked straight out of the Avengers compound, fully intending to never ever go back. I had been determined back then to get out of that business completely, find an apartment in the city and go to a normal nine to five job like everybody else. However, once something was in your life it was hard to let it go, so I found myself doing odd freelancing jobs, sometimes even for Nick Fury if he asked.
I wasn’t at all surprised that he’d passed my new number onto Steve, telling him that I would be more than happy to help him out if he needed.

Pushing myself off the bench I moved to the kitchen cabinet, pulling down a glass and the bottle of whiskey I kept for occasions such as these. Uncapping the lid I poured two fingers into the glass, swallowing them down in only two mouthfuls, the amber liquid burning as it went down my throat. I looked up at the clock as I poured out a little more alcohol. Only seven hours to take off.


The sound of my boots on the tarmac seemed to magnify in the quiet morning, the fog still hanging low to the ground and the sun only barely peeking out in the horizon. I took a deep breath and watched as it misted out in front of me in the frigid morning air.

I spun around at the call of my name, my eyes landing on Steve, dressed up in his Captain America suit, the cap hanging off one of his wrists. He jogged the last feet between us, bringing me swiftly into his arms, lifting me up slightly off the ground.
“It’s so good to see you!” I said with a genuine smile, having only just realized how much I actually missed him. “Eight months hasn’t changed you a bit.”
He shrugged, releasing me from his grip and standing back, his eyes sweeping over my form.
“It’s changed you though,” He chuckled. “You look good y/n.”
“Thanks,” I murmured, feeling the blush creep over my cheeks.

We were pulled from our short reunion as someone cleared their throat behind us, my eyes landing on Bucky, his jaw tense and tight.
“Mind if we move this along?” he glowered, his eyes barely sweeping over me as he turned his glare to Steve.
Steve looked like he was about to reply but I cut him off before he had the chance, my hand landing on my hip as I glared back at the soldier.
“Nice to know that hostility hasn’t left your personality James.”
“You bring it out in me,” He spat back, lips set in a thin line.

Without another word he pushed past us both, making sure that his shoulder bumped mine as he passed, the nudge causing me to stumble slightly. I glared venomously at the back of his head, my hands balling into fists at my side. At this very second the only thing I wanted to do was pull the glock from where it was resting on my side and shoot a nice hole through that metal shoulder of his.

Steve squeezed my shoulder, probably guessing my train of thought, the expression on his face filled with guilt.
“Sorry y/n,” He said. “I didn’t think he’d act quite like that.”
“What exactly were you expecting? It’s not like we ended our relationship on the best of terms,” Steve grimaced and I suddenly felt shitty for taking it out on him; he wasn’t the one acting like a total dick. “Honestly, it’s fine Steve, this is after all a job and no matter how we feel towards each other we might as well be professional about it.”

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A typical morning for you consisted of you rolling out of bed at around 9, stumbling to the bathroom to do your business, give your face a quick rinse and your teeth a quick brush, and then pad downstairs slowly to see what you could nibble on for breakfast. Whenever Harry was around, you’d wake up to smell of bacon and the sound of crackling. However, when Harry had to leave home for a couple months, you’d find that two slices of toast with jam on top filled you up just fine. 

This morning, you woke up feeling particularly rejuvenated. You flipped over onto Harry’s side, your arm tucked underneath his pillow as you snuggled up to it. It still smelled like him even if the last time he was here was about two and a half months ago. Odd… The ‘Harry’ smell seemed a lot stronger than usual. You missed Harry terribly when he had to go off, but you knew what you had signed up for when Harry first asked you to be his girlfriend. So, really - You couldn’t complain. You could whine, but you couldn’t complain. 

As you rolled up the blinds, you couldn’t help but notice how pretty it looked outside. The sun was peeking out from behind a nest of clouds, the trees were looking very green and lush, and the rose bushes you had been tending to looked as rosy as ever! Maybe today was going to be a good day! You had the whole house to yourself and you couldn’t wait to unwind on the couch with a bowl of cereal and your eyes glued to the TV screen. 

You hummed to yourself as you padded down the stairs, your brows furrowing at the sight of the remote control sitting on the arm of the couch rather than its usual place on the coffee table. You’d watched TV last night, maybe you just left it on the arm? 

“Silly me.” You snorted, picking it up and setting it down on the table. Walking into the kitchen, you wondered to yourself what kind of cereal you were in the mood for today. Cinnamon toast crunch? Or maybe those tiny chocolate chip cookies? Honey coated cornflakes didn’t sound half bad either. What if you mixed all three? Iconic, that’s what I am. 

“Mornin’, love.” As you made your way over to the cupboards, you glanced over towards the direction of the fridge to see Harry snacking on something. 

“Morning.” You smiled, rummaging through the cupboards to find all three of your- Wait. “What the hell??” You whipped around, your eyes popping open at the sight of your beanie-sweater-wearing, ring-bearing boyfriend casually standing by the fridge as if he hadn’t just disappeared for nearly three months. 

“I finished the cornflakes, I’ll pick up a new box later.” Harry murmured through a mouthful of food, dusting his hands off. There was a moment in which the two of you were just staring at each other, you were still in shock, and Harry was eyeing the shirt (his shirt) you were wearing before looking up at you with his dopey smile. “Aren’t yeh gonna come and gimme a kiss? ‘ve been gone for a hot minute.” 

“Oh my god!” You couldn’t help but squeal before you found yourself dashing over to Harry, practically tackling him in a hug before peppering his face with light kisses. “What are you doing here?” You pulled away, pressing your hands against his chest gently as you felt his arms wrap around your waist. (His arms had gotten a lot beefier, you had noticed. And his chest was definitely more muscle-y.)  

“I live here, Y/N. I bought this house for us.” Harry teased, reaching up to tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear. 

“You know what I mean…” 

“I’m done.” He said simply, leaning in to give you a sweet kiss. 

“You’re done?” You asked softly, your lips parting in genuine shock. After so many months of Harry working his butt off and never having any time for you… He was done? 

“Mhm. I don’ have to travel anywhere… I’ll be working from home. Didn’t like having to abandon you for a couple months at a time.” He pouted, “Plus, I know for a fact you never eat healthy when I’m not around.” 

“It’s not my fault Panda Express is a ten-minute walk away from us.” You laughed lightly, shrugging as you did so. “I’m just… You’re home.” You whispered, Harry nodding before giving you another quick kiss. 

“Now, c’mon. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I’d like to see you in that pretty little lingerie set in real life as opposed to on my screen.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Quidditch Matches - Fred Weasley

Word Count: 4,223

Prompt: Fred and his Gryffindor girlfriend attend a Quidditch match together when other plans lead them back to Fred’s dorm room.

This is just based off and idea on what I could see happening if Fred Weasley brought his Gryffindor girlfriend to a Quidditch match between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Warnings: Fluff, very light smut, mention of sex, unedited 

“Hurry up, love! We’re gonna miss the match if we don’t get there in time!” Whipping your head around you found the source of the voice. You rolled your e/c eyes abated at your eager boyfriend. Fred was practically dancing back and forth on his toes as he stood waiting for you in the light mist. His red hair was hidden under a dampen wool hat, the ends sticking to his skin.

“Give me a second, Fred. I just need to put my boots on.” You mumbled leaning up against the brick walls of the castle. Fred Weasley had been raving the entire week about the Quidditch match playing out Saturday night. It was set between Slytherin and Ravenclaw and for some reason your boyfriend was more than thrilled to attend. He managed to hook you in and when Saturday finally did roll around, the match was all he could talk about. At five o'clock on the dot Fred dragged you out of the Gryffindor common room, where most of your weekends were spent, before you could even get dressed for the occasion. You snatched your raincoat off the hook, lucky for you a pair of thin fleece gloves were buried in the pocket, your boots by the door, and a homemade tie blanket to sit on.

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things better than romance, weather edition:

  • the low boom of thunder
  • when you’re in a wide open rural area without anything to block your view of the sky and lightning from a storm creates a show of art
  • that wonderful calm feeling when a gentle, cool breeze brushes past you
  • clouds with unique shapes
  • rainbows that are full circles
  • when it’s cold enough to see your breath in the air
  • the way snow and ice looks on sunny days
  • when it’s finished raining and the sun peeks out to make everything sparkle
  • watching clouds move through the sky
  • that kind of peaceful rain that you could fall asleep to
Do you remember sitting on the porch swing
legs dangling over the edge
rocking back and forth a little
and the sun, God, the sun
It’s peeking out behind the clouds and kissing your nose
giving you just the right amount of warmth
and you are just oh so content
Do you remember running your hands along the cold metal fence
slipping for a moment then
plunging your hand into that wasp nest
and letting out that shocked and pained scream
when they all began to sting
nothing ever hurt more than that, did it
Do you remember typing up that last word
on the novel you had planned
staring at the final sentence until your eyes hurt
but you couldn’t look away, because damn, you had finished it
and you had never been more proud
Do you remember opening that letter
from the school you thought was your future
and when you read it, you ran so fast down the hall
that you nearly tripped and fell
you just had to tell someone, you didn’t even know who
but someone
Do you remember crying on the last day of school
silently scolding yourself for it
because they had hurt you
belittled you
and you despised the idea that they would get some of your tears
Do you remember all those moments?
Try not to forget the sun
but also don’t forget the wasps or the novel or the letter or the tears
try not to forget them
because they gave you the voice
the one that could raise souls from the dead
and bring down mountains with one breath
Try not to forget them my dear
because they give you this life
to bloom words from a deathly silence
—  Miriam K, the birth of a writer

Some late mornings feel like they belong in romantic stories, full of dramatic confessions, heartache and breath-taking conclusions. This is not one of those mornings; instead, it’s a halcyon thing set on the summer cusp. While the air is warm and humid, the rain softly pattering over rooftops still holds a certain chill. A film of water makes the world look clean, windows and cars shimmering in the sun peeking in and out from behind clouds, golden rays reflecting against puddles nested in the cracks of New York streets.


The clock is nearing the 10 a.m. mark, when Alec transfers the last pancake onto the already high-stacked, indulgent plate. There’s also freshly cut strawberries and maple syrup alongside a French press full of freshly brewed coffee. The muted music from the radio melts into his skin as Alec hums along to random notes, bare feet quiet on the kitchen floor, his hair mussed up and his face a home to dark stubble that he didn’t bother with shaving.


As Alec pours the bitter-sweet coffee into two mugs, there are steps near the door, then a warm hand at his lower back and even warmer lips pressed into his shoulder. A shiver runs through his skin, leaving behind goosebumps all the way down his arms and his bare chest; previous hours come back to mind, images hazy like half-developed polaroid pictures.


It was much earlier when they woke up, skin against skin, tangled in thin sheets and in each other, a want thrumming in their veins. There was no rush – at first kisses slow and wet and deep, kisses that lit fires along Alec’s spine and made Magnus hum with delight, kisses that left their mouths tingling and red. Then, hands pressed against hipbones and heavy breathing laced with laughter as Alec shifted himself into Magnus’ lap; it felt so good, to have Magnus so close, to have his arms around his waist as they moved together, a slow and steady trickle of heady pleasure rolling through their bodies.

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Nervous - imagine

I have, and I’m sure you have too been bombarded with photos of Harry at the Dunkirk premiere, and it has made me so damn happy. Enjoy! x

It was your favourite part of every day. Early in the morning, sun peeking out from behind grey clouds. the occasional sigh of content coming from the other side of the large bed. You were an early riser at the best of times, constantly having to wake up for an early morning skype call with your parents over the years had caused the habit to stick, On this particular morning, however, the butterflies in your stomach caused a disturbance that made it impossible to sleep. Rolling over, you came face to face with Harry. His hair was a mess of tangled curls and his ringed fingers were still clutched around your waist. Leaning forward, you gently pressed your forehead against his, allowing your eyelashes to brush against his cheeks in a series of eskimo kisses.

An undistinguishable mumble escaped his parted lips, hot breath tingling your face. The striking green eyes you adored gradually came into your view, crinkling into a grin as he took in your excited face.

“S,not your birthday or anything love? Christmas isn’t for ages yet. Why you so happy? S’to early to be that happy.”

You sat up fast, taking the covers with you. “Haz, today’s the day! You’re officially a movie star!” Harry chuckled, running his fingers through his dark locks. Seeing your shining smile and bright eyes created a flutter in his heart, the way it always did when he gazed at you. Excitement or not, behind the beaming face he could see your nails anxiously picking at the skin surrounding your thumbs, the way you always did when you got nervous. Grabbing your hands, he raised them to his lips, kissing each knuckle before clasping them firmly in the middle of his crossed legs. “You know I can always tell when you’re nervous.”

Sighing, you moved forward, resting your cheek in the hollow of his bare shoulder. “I’m trying not to Harry, I really am. I just don’t want to fall over or anything or say the wrong thing. The fans are there as well, and I don’t want to disappoint them. There’s gonna be so many people. I want it to be perfect. I’m so excited for you. Fuck, I’m so damn proud baby. So unbelievably proud.”

Moving his hands up to stroke your back, long fingers massaging the knots away, Harry felt an overwhelming sense of love wash over him. He had worked for months on this film. Months of pushing all the music out of his mind and focusing on the new challenge that was acting. Now it was all catching up to him and was really happening, right here right now. You were the love of his life, and he had done it for you. Those years apart while he was touring with One Direction. The 2-hour phone calls between the two of you that were filled with air kisses and “i love you”s. The nights you spent together, him reading the lines of Alex over and over again with you pretending to be whatever character he needed. He couldn’t wait for you to see how all the time and effort you relentlessly put into him had paid off.

But he also understood. Being surrounded by hundreds of reporters, cameras and screaming fans were stressful for everyone, including himself. With a gentle sigh, Harry leant back on the bed, taking you with him. “M’gonna be with you. right there the whole time. You only have to talk to the press and reporters of you really want to. The fans love you. you’re so good with them. Me mums gonna be there so my two favourite girls can look out for each other. I promise it’s gonna be alright, ok love?”

He pressed a kiss to your pink lips, bright eyes lingering on yours, searching for any signs of remaining nervousness. Grinning, you kissed his nose, jumping off the messy sheets, the butterflies that had been previously causing a commotion in your stomach gone. “Come on then movie star. Let’s go show the world that Mr Harry Styles is not just a pretty face!”

Yay! Hope you lovelies liked it, coz there’s more where that came from! Pretty please send me requests, I wanna write way more for you! Lots of love xxx


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  • The really secret about it type of fan
  • Like you wouldn’t expect him to like girl groups until you see his wallpaper
  • Lowkey but hardcore your fan
  • Likes the most random things about you
  • ‘I like the smol mole on her arm’
  • how he came to know you?
  • well, he was up at midnight you know, just staring at his phone like everyone does
  • and he’s doing the thing where you just randomly click through youtube videos because you’re bored
  • Wonwoo was scrolling through the next recommended videos when he saw this cat being weird video but when he went to go click on it, his hand slipped and he clicked on the video below it
  • and he’s just like ‘well im too lazy to go back now’
  • the video was a vlive and yes you were the one doing the live
  • Wonwoo was initially going to click on another video, but then he heard your voice
  • It was soo sweet and soothing to his ears that he just stopped and started watching
  • and he fell
  • HARD
  • Suddenly it’s 7 in the morning, the sun is starting to peek out and Wonwoo knows your birthday, your birth place, your favorite song, your pets, your favorite food and color
  • Wonwoo didn’t fall for your music, he fell for you and your personality
  • He thinks this is just a small phase, that he’ll get over it in a week
  • But now it’s six months later and his folder of photos of you has gone over 600
  • Wonwoo does finally take time to listen to your group songs, and he’s just over the moon when he hears your voice
  • Stumbles across a video of you doing a cover and he’s sitting in the dark, in the middle of the night, with his heart jumping out of his chest
  • Heard you rap once and lost it
  • bc you were so good but then you got all shy about it in the video and Wonwoo was melting
  • absolutely LOVES when you pull out them pun jokes
  • like he’s sitting there in his room, in the library, in the café, laughing his ass off like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard
  • doesn’t forget to remind people of that moment
  • ‘remember when they said…’
  • Created a Tumblr blog dedicated to you
  • Got really confused the first week on how to use the site
  • for the first two months he reblogged a lot of stuff just pertaining to you
  • got really interested in those things people call gifs
  • so he learned everything he could about it and mastered the art of gif making in a few weeks
  • started making gifs of you
  • they got really popular because at first he just did regular ones from vlives and interviews but then all of a sudden he’s making these cute and aesthetically pleasing ones of you
  • and the whole kpop world is freaking out
  • people requested him to do other idols, or at least other members but he’s like
  • ‘sorry I only do them for y/n’
  • He met Joshua on Tumblr
  • Joshua messaged Wonwoo privately, asking if he can use Wonwoo’s gifs that he made from one your interviews and translate it to english
  • (bc that particular gif was the part of the interview that you talked about Joshua’s bias)
  • Wonwoo took like 3 days to answer because he was so nervous and hesitant
  • Finally agrees to letting Joshua use it
  • Wonwoo discovers the world of crediting the gif maker when Joshua puts a little credit at the end of the post
  • Wonwoo doesn’t know how but he continues to talk to Joshua and finally one day Joshua’s like ‘bro you should join this group chat I’m in’
  • And Wonwoo’s like sure because it’s 1 in the morning and he’s dead tired and he doesn’t know what he’s saying because he knocks out dead asleep after he sends that message
  • Wakes up the next morning to 1,000 new messages and two guys names Cheol and Woozi screaming all caps about their biases
  • Wonwoo discovers he fits right in with these dorks and now he has best friends who he can talk to about you
  • Gets really emotional at like 3 in the morning about you and everyone is just
  • ‘wonwoo are you okay’
  • The guys are all talking about their past experiences with fanmeets and concerts and Wonwoo is there like ‘lol never been to one’
  • The group chat falls dead silent for 5 minutes
  • Everyone’s screaming and now everyone is determined to help Wonwoo meet you
  • Luckily, thanks to mama Jeonghan, he has connections and is able to bring Wonwoo with him to the groups next fanmeet
  • Gets really nervous the more he gets closer to the venue
  • And Jeonghan is laughing and sending pic and videos of Wonwoo being nervous to the groupchat
  • Wonwoo’s standing there in the crowd, and when you come out with your members, he’s so frozen
  • He’s SHOOK to the core bc ‘she’s real. SHE’S ACTUALLY REAL. I SEE HER’
  • Jeonghan took a video of that moment and everyone in the group chat is laughing
  • It’s at the part of the fan meet where everyone is going on stage to meet the idols and Wonwoo is next and his hands are literally shaking because you’re the first one
  • He feels his stomach churning and he’s so scared
  • Jeonghan already went up, and so Wonwoo is looking at him in the crowd who’s giving Wonwoo a thumbs up
  • And Wonwoo wants to cry because HE’S NEXT
  • Jeonghan literally stops taking pics and videos of his bias to capture Wonwoo’s moment
  • It’s Wonwoo’s turn to go and you look over at Wonwoo and everything just stops
  • All sound is drowned out, he’s staring into your eyes, taking in your features, your straight hair, the cute flower crown on your head, the way your lips curl up into a smile, and you give a small gesture for him to move forward
  • and it isn’t until a staff is pushing him that he snaps back into reality
  • he hears you giggle when he sits down, he thinks he’s going to pass out
  • your hand brushes his when he gives you a cute plush doll and suddenly he feels nauseous
  • ‘you don’t look good’ you give him this concerned look, and you touch his hand asking him if he’s sick
  • Wonwoo shakes his head and he’s cursing because HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY
  • You’re trying to get him to talk but he’s so quiet so you’re like ‘who’s your bias’ since it kinda seems he doesn’t like you
  • But he spits out the word ‘I like you’
  • And you give him the biggest grin and he’s swooning, and he’s seeing the next people start to move and now he’s rushing to get everything out
  • ‘I really really like you and your music and you’re really cute when you rap and you’re so nice when you help the other members and I find your puns and jokes really funny and I hope you win on the next music show’
  • It all came out really fast and you’re processing everything and it’s possibly the sweetest thing you’ve heard in a while, so you smile really big while grabbing his hand
  • And for the next minute Wonwoo is in heaven because you don’t let go of his hand and you’re asking him random questions as you sign the pages and answer his question
  • Almost falls to his knees when he goes back to Jeonghan
  • Jeonghan is screaming because he got the whole thing on video and he took nice pics
  • Now Wonwoo is screaming because he can relive the moment
  • Wonwoo post all the pics and videos to his blog and obviously gives credit to Jeonghan
  • Lets just say Wonwoo never misses a fanmeet after that, and he even goes with the other guys
  • For his birthday, everyone is screaming
  • The group chat fills with pictures of just you in celebration to Wonwoo’s birthday
  • His followers are sending him birthday messages
  • Jeonghan reposted those first moments of Wonwoo meeting you on his fansite
  • To Wonwoo’s luck, you did a vlive on the day of his birthday
  • And as he’s watching, he sees these messages on the chat screaming ‘IT’S WONWOO’S BIRTHDAY PLS SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
  • And it’s 12 boys screaming it at the same time so you notice it, and you’re laughing before saying ‘Happy Birthday Wonwoo, I love you!!’
  • Wonwoo died
  • Rip Wonwoo July 17th 2017
  • Puts a gif of you saying Happy birthday to him on his blog and everyone freaked
  • Made the gif his header
  • Cried for a week after
  • Fanboy Wonwoo just adores you so much, he’s seen you so much that he’s no longer nervous when he meets you at the fanmeets. And you find him really cute and nice to talk to, you’ve recognized him so much that you wave to him in the crowd and honestly Wonwoo can’t find anyone more perfect than you who smiles his way and remembers his name.
Morning After (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Very fluffy smut and more fluff

A/N: There’s just a lot of fucking fluff in this. Like I really don’t know what else to say. Hope you guys like it.

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Papercut | part 4

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

fluff | light smut at the end

Originally posted by sweetly-delirious

Groaning you slammed your head against the wooden door frame, nothing was going right today and it was honestly a big headache for you.

  1. your parents found out about your soul mate via the bruises that appeared on your body.
  2. Min Yoongi showed up at your doorstep sporting the exact same bruises and then stayed for dinner.
  3. You got so nervous around him you spilled water which led to accidentally wearing his shirt.
  4. Your parents found out then decided to leave you with him.
  5. It started pouring so now Yoongi has to stay the night.
  6. You’re hyperventilating in the bathroom because nothing went right

Breathing in and out you slapped your cheeks before opening the bathroom door to reveal a dark hallway, closing your eyes you shook your head before walking out-right into his chest,

“Woah there, you alright I heard you banging something in there.” Yoongi said to you raising an eyebrow,

“It’s nothing” you muttered scooting around him and closing the door in his face

“Uh, i’m sleeping in there so, can you open the door?” he asked

“No you’re most definitely not. Go sleep on the couch.” You yell back before tripping and falling over the futon on your floor with a loud thump. Yoongi just chuckled and opened the door to find you on his futon looking a little dizzy.

“Didn’t know you wanted to sleep with me that badly baby.” he said before suddenly leaning down and hovering over your body,

“W-w-what?” you whispered shocked at the sudden closeness, “Shouldn’t you back up?”

“Nope.” he replied popping the ‘p’ before leaning even closer. “You really do look good in my clothes.” he mused out loud to himself watching as a blush rose on your cheeks.

“G-get off me I’m tired.” you stutter before pushing him off you and crawling into your own bed, sighing you turned away from him cursing your parents to high hell for making him sleep in your room. Turning away from him you could feel your heart in your throat before slowly dozing off.

“Oof.” Yoongi groaned being rudely awoken in the middle of the night to something heavy falling on top of him. Blinking tiredly he looked down to be met with you, a very beautiful sleeping you. Your hair was messy but it suited you, gently breathing on his chest. Sighing he leaned his head back on the futon unsure of what to do. He could try and put you back in bed but if you woke up he’d look like some weird pervert, or he could just go back to sleep and deal with it tomorrow…….he chose the latter, obviously. Yawning he realized you were still wearing his shirt and no pants. Chuckling he just  shifted slightly resting his hands on your back(a little low) before pulling the blanket back up over the both of you. “Good night y/n.” he hummed  before slowly dozing off.

You blinked early morning sun peeking out through the curtains. Groaning softly you tried to get up, key word-tried. You couldn’t because someone with the name of Min fucking Yoongi was sleeping, next to you arm locking you in. Eyes snapping shut in hopes that it wasn’t real, because there’s no way you could be sleeping with Yoongi, nooooo. As the sleep clouds slowly drifted away you finally and slowly opened your eyes again to be met with his chest, looking up your faces were mere inches if not centimeters away. Taking a shaky deep breath you started to slowly untangle yourself from the limbs underneath the blanket before you felt his arms suddenly tighten around you like an iron grip latching you in with no means of escape.

“Hmmmangenakfewnk.” Yoongi groaned softly wrapping his arms around you tighter before yawning and prying his eyes open, to be met with you chewing your bottom lip unsure of what to do. He was about to tease you when you started talking to yourself, then he snapped his mouth shut and decided to listen.

“Ugh, how did I even get here? Did I fall? Oh my god what if he-” you stopped yourself shaking your head quickly. “No, it’s purely by accident. When he wakes up i’ll explain that to him thoroughly.” you say nodding to yourself before looking up, “what do you know, he’s actually pretty attractive, wait no! Bad thoughts!” you scold yourself as Yoongi tries not to laugh his eyes closed. “Aish, he’s such an idiot,” you mutter sighing to yourself.

“But i’m an attractive idiot ain’t that right y/n?” Yoongi suddenly whispers into your ear arms pulling you closer as his body curls around yours.

“W-w-what?” you splutter, “Did you-” you start sweating nervously,

“Yup, all of it.” he said smirking before suddenly hovering over you, “I didn’t know you found me attractive.” he teased as he playfully nipped your ear.

“I-i-i didn’t say that!” you managed to get out letting a squeak out from your throat as you felt him nip your ear,

“Oh but i heard you say that, and I quote,” he starts his knee between your. “He’s actually pretty attractive.” he whispers before starting to gently kiss your neck lightly,

“Y-yoongi!” you whisper nervously nerves on overdrive as you felt him start to kiss down your neck. You strained your head away, only giving him more skin to work with. Chuckling he just smirked using one elbow to hold his weight as he fluttered kisses down your throat while the other hand was holding your hip gently fingers starting to rub small circles into the skin.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asks lightly tonguing your jawline before sucking a small hickey onto your collar bone smirking,

“S-stop! My p-p-parents!” you whisper harshly before letting out a low moan as he sucked on your collar bone, legs trying to close but only squeezing the his leg between yours,

“If you’re quiet we’ll be fine baby.” he says a hand slipping under your shirt cold fingers starting to trace shapes and lines onto your burning skin, “Do you want me to stop?” he asks afraid that maybe he took it too far, shivering at his touch you hated to admit it, but you wanted Yoongi. Already his touch was addicting, he was like that new catchy song that no one could get out of their head and suddenly you didn’t want him to stop.

So when he asked you just responded by leaning up and smashing your lips together, surprised Yoongi tensed up before smirking slightly as he kissed you back, “No, don’t stop.” you breathe breaking away from the kiss whimpering slightly at his cold touch before leaning up to kiss him-less violently- again. His tongue swiped against the seam of your lips and then you were opening them letting him in, tongues mingling you let out another low moan into his mouth as he sucked lightly on your tongue both hands now on your hips under your shirt. Breathing getting heavy you felt yourself getting turned on, and you hated and loved it at the same time. “Y-yoongi.” you manage to breathe out,

“Hmm?” he hummed mouth having moved back to your throat,

“A-ah!” you whimpered again hips suddenly grinding up against his thigh between your legs. “Yoongi,” you were panting slightly now as your hands gripped his arms the feeling of want and need starting to rise within you, “I-I-more! I need more-daddy!” you pant hips grinding up again on his thigh,

“Well aren’t you needy baby girl.” he says huskily into your ear feeling a spot of wetness start to form on your underwear, definitely not expecting you to have a daddy kink but you learn something new every day huh. 

“S-shut up!” you groan in frustration before he silenced you with another heated kiss lips moving in time with yours saliva mixing hands wandering, then you’re door opened.

“Honey, are you-” your mom started only to be met with you making out with Yoongi that obviously looked like it was about to become more due to your heavy breathing and the way you already had a couple of hickies littered onto your skin, you didn’t hear your mom though. No not yet still caught up in the whirlwind that was Min Yoongi,

“Y-yoongi-ah!” you moan softly into the kiss again as he smirked,

“Awake?” she finished before your dad walked in behind her,

“Y/n, are you awake-what in GODS name?!” he suddenly yelled surprised leaving you and Yoongi pulling apart staring at them with wide eyes, a string of saliva still connected to your lips from him as he hovered over you your hands gripping his arms tightly.

“Fuck me.” you breathed cheeks flushing red as you groaned head laying back against the futon. This conversation was not going to be fun.

anonymous asked:

85 @ace-anxiety-sanders

“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”

summary - roman likes to show off and logan knows a lot of things 

pairing - logince

word count - 1,518

warnings - cursing, slight mentions of blood/gore, hospitals, a wee bit of angst

tags - human!au, highschool!au

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders , @pointless-blog-name , @lampisimportant , @pippa-frost , @jinxed-unicorn , @starrykid , @pattykrabbies

a/n - look at me doing all of these rarepairs for no reason

also, if roman and logan sound a bit out of character, it’s because they’re like 18 in this so they talk a bit differently 

Logan adjusts his visor when the sun peeks out from behind a cloud, squinting his eyes to clear the overexposed pages of his magazine—a copy of National Geographic—as he sprawls his legs out further along his lawn chair, shifting his sore feet. The springing of a trampoline rings unpleasantly in his ears, and he looks up with a scowl just in time to see his boyfriend attempting a backflip, landing flat on his rear when he lands. Logan rolls his eyes as Roman scrambles to his feet, readying himself for another one.

“You’re going to hurt yourself,” he comments absentmindedly, flipping a page in his article. He doesn’t look up to gauge Roman’s reaction, but the springing of the trampoline stops, and he hears an irritated scoff come from Roman’s general direction.

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Genre: School!phan, Soulmate!phan, AU, Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, Homophobia, Bullying

Word Count: 2k

A/N: So this was my first prompt I was given, and it was a great idea, so thanks to whoever submitted that! My first AU as well, but I really like how it turned out. I put a bit of a twist on it and made it a school AU too. I hope you like it! Thanks for reading!

Dan nervously entered the classroom, fiddling with the ends of his shirt sleeves. Secondary school. He had finally made it.

There was a large group of students standing in the center of the room talking. There were a few other kids in the room, but they were sitting in their chairs by themselves. Dan was about to approach one of the silent kids when he was interrupted by a forceful voice.

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