sun never says you own me

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

the walking dead starters ( s7ep3.)

P.S: obviously there will be SPOILERS for those who haven’t watched the episode yet.

  • “ stop apologizing for the things you’ve never done, cause time is short and life is cruel, but it’s up to us to change.”
  • “ it’s enough to make you stop believing when tears come fast and furious.”
  • “ cause the world is but a treat, when you’re on easy street.”
  • “ let’s have a moment in the sun.”
  • “ it’s time to have a little fun.”
  • “ yeah, we got a front-row seat.”
  • “ chop-chop.”
  • “ don’t talk to him/her.”
  • “ well, maybe next time.”
  • “ sorry. still getting used to being my own assistant.”
  • “ whatever they say… just do it.”
  • “ it’ll get better… if you let it.”
  • “ trust me.”
  • “ except for you. YOU… stand right there.”
  • “ you know, i’m getting the hang of this thing.”
  • “ that’s you, asshole. unless your smart.”
  • “ your choice. you could be like them… or me… or them.”
  • “ make it easy on yourself.”
  • “ i ain’t never gonna kneel.”
  • “ yeah, i said that too.”
  • “ see, that’s the thing man. you don’t know. but you’re gonna.”
  • “ it’s working.”
  • “ it’s working slow, but, hey, man. some people are harder to break than others.”
  •  “ since you’re doing such an awesome job, you want to have a little blast from the past?”
  • “ i’m kidding, man. lighten up.”
  • “ oh, crap. are you okay down there?”
  • “ i mean, that guy, he, uh… clomped on it.”
  • “ i’m fine. but i’m gonna pass.”
  • “ man, i’m cool.”
  • “ huh… ARE you cool though, ___?”
  • “ is that cool?”
  • “ i haven’t finished the job.”
  • “ i haven’t earned it, right?”
  • “ the hell are you talking about? you earn what you take.”
  • “ we have an orange situation.”
  • “ gimme that.”
  • “ yeah, s/he could’ve only gone three ways.”
  • “ i’ll meet you at the gate.”
  • “ i mean, i want my shit back… but that is grunt work.”
  • “ you? you don’t have to do it.”
  • “ i’d like to do it.”
  • “ good boy.”
  • “ go back while you can. you know i did.”
  • “ whatever s/he’s done to you, there’s more. there’s always more.”
  • “ you won’t get away, and when you get back… it’ll be worse.”
  • “ are we pissin’ our pants yet?”
  • “ who are you?”
  • “ you see that? i am everywhere.”
  • “ this was your shot to prove to me that that fundamental fact was sinking in, and you failed, which sucks.”
  • “ your life was about to get so much cooler.”
  • “ i don’t think you get it yet, so i’m gonna break it down for you.”
  • “ choice seems pretty obvious.”
  • “ this is it. this is the ONLY way.”
  • “ WOW! you don’t scare easy. i love that.”
  • “ so… i’m gonna go get me a drink!”
  • “ there’s so many things i wish i never found out… i wish i didn’t try.”
  • “ i told you i was sorry, and you said ‘you’re gonna be’… i am.”
  • “ i’m screwed up.”
  • “ my bike’s screwed up.”
  • “ you’re going back because you owe. and now you owe a hell of a lot more.”
  • “ was it worth it?”
  • “ just let me go.”
  • “ we used to be friendly.”
  • “ look, there’s nowhere to go!”
  • “ keep walking… I SAID KEEP WALKING!”
  • “ it’s okay. it’s okay if you do it. i get it. hell, i want you to. please.”
  • “ shut up. keep walking.”
  • “ i can’t go back.”
  • “ because look where we are! we were losing. now we’re not.”
  • “ we thought we knew how to fight the monsters.”
  • “ get… up… GET UP!”
  • “ there is nothing back there for me. this is the last time i’m going to kneel.”
  • “ you feel that? you feel it?!”
  • “ okay. you won. but you know there’s nothing left.”
  • “ can i have one?”
  • “ are you, uh… you happy?”
  • “ i did the right thing.”
  • “ it’s a hell of a lot better than being dead.”
  • “ eat.”
  • “ you got your friend killed.”
  • “ don’t pretend like you don’t know the score.”
  • “ you should be dead. you’re lucky. don’t forget.”
  • “ bon appetite.”
  • “ jesus. you… look awful.”
  • “ you thirsty? here.”
  • “ ah, hell, i forgot. your mouth is all… puffed up like a baboons ass. need a straw?”
  • “ that shit is hard to scavenge.”
  • “ blah, blah, blah.”
  • “ because i am a stand up guy.”
  • “ because i can’t let something like that stand.”
  • “ there… are… rules.”
  • “ cost me an arm and a leg going after him/her.”
  • “ s/he asked for my forgiveness. i like that. made me take notice.”
  • “ POW! one of my top guys!”
  • “ you look around here. this? well, it can all be yours.”
  • “ all you gotta do is answer one simple question.”
  • “ what, does the cat got your tongue? you’re just overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this?”
  • “ hey, sst, sst, sst!”
  • “ you made your choice. ain’t my problem if you made a dumbass choice.”
  • “ you’re gonna wind up in that room or hanging on the fence!”
  • “ i get why you did it.”
  • “ you were thinking about someone else. that’s why i can’t.”

1. the myth of icarus has bred a generation of children too afraid to fly
and this is what it looks like:
chains worn like sleeves and cages worn like armor
your shell was meant to shackle but instead you called it shelter
sinking back into your cell (shrinking back inside yourself)
you think:
you can’t expect me to wear wings when i
can’t even wear my own skin.

2. nobody believes me when i tell them
that a the taste of the sky
will be worth the fall.

you say, “no. i don’t want to end up
a lost cadaver.
at least i’m not burning or sinking or drowning—”

i ask, “but what would you prefer?
to drown in the sea,
or in self-loathing?”

3. it’s not fair. he never wished to be a tragedy. he never asked to be a lesson.

tell us a story where he soars down before the sun can take him. where he catches a gaze instead of catching fire. nothing falls but a heart falling in love. nothing burns but the memory of searing light.

or maybe: a story where he crawls out to the shore, wings water-soaked and dripping waned wax. show us the part where he stands, broken body rising, bare feet steadying on soft, sandy ground. paint the scene where his lips part to exhale his relief. say, this is where the pain ends. say, this is where healing begins.

better yet, tell us a story where he aims for the sun but falls for the sea, falls to the sea, falls in love with the sea,
finds home in a place he once feared.

4. don’t say self-loathing.
better to be swallowed by the ocean than be swallowed by fear.

5. the myth of icarus has bred a generation of children too afraid to fly
remind them all
they are worthy of the sky.

—  don’t let him die a warning || (s.p.r.)

before i go to sleep, i just want to tell everyone how important you all are. even if life throws rocks at you, you can fight back and you can move on with kindness and a smile. no matter what happens, no matter how disappointed you are with people, never ever stop believing in yourself. you are your own sun, you can do anything, only if you believe it.
also a shoutout to the best people in the world, i just wish i could hug you all. it sucks having friends from all over the world but tbh, i am blessed to call you all friends ❤ @ponytailed @petrasplaining @chasestruth @icedlodge @restlessromeo @falsegcd @lastlockwood @uncrownedkiing @mclesbianic @mcruler

on a lonely night i asked icarus how to fall in love with something that will destroy you 
he told me it’s easy 
like failing a test or lying to your mother 
he told me you get better at it over time 

that often you love it from the beginning 
and don’t realize how much scar tissue you’ve built up 
until it stabs you in the back and you can’t even feel it anymore 

sad, i asked him how to die 
he said that’s a harder question 
mostly because his own death was a tragedy 
told to millions 
beloved by the stars 
immortalized by poets too close to the sun 

icarus tells me my death would never be a tragedy 
that i am too small and too mortal for a great myth 
i purse my lips, 
responding “Fuck you," 
and he just throws up his hands and says "Fair enough.”

he tells me falling in love is a lot like dying 
close enough for the numbly tender suicidals to drown in
stuck drinking their tears 
like butterflies feeding off the salt
delicate and sharp-edged

icarus smiles, sunny,
hands me daisies
he says, “Darling, you will never be enough,”
and “Falling in love is our undoing as humans.”

he smoothes his hands over the blades of my shoulders 
tells me i wreath them in wax wings every time my skin parts in a red kiss, crying blood 
he tells me, “You asked me how to fall in love with something that will destroy you,”
and explains that i love myself despite hating myself more than anything on this earth

and that i am destructive enough for a thousand architect’s sons.

—  conversations with a boy defined by his mistakes // H.S.

I feel like when discussing this album, a lot has been made of its relationship to drugs, and my own personal relationship with drugs. I’ve talked about it in the press as openly as I can because it is so important for me that this album register to people as being as true and as honest and as rooted in reality as possible.

But I never wanted this record to be mired too deep in darkness either. My life wasn’t all drugs and addiction, rehab/relapse, and sickness. I also met and fell in love with someone.

On “Dopamine”, i say about Sky “you’re the sun and I was your cloud”, which is literally how I felt so many times we were together, and her name kinda made the metaphor feel doubly appropriate. I guess I also kinda carried it over to “Under the Sun” which deep down is just a love song, meant to be moment of levity amongst the heaviness of a lot of the rest of the record. No matter where you are, no matter what happens, I’m here. I don’t think I would have made it out if it weren’t for love. Not really sure what else to say.


Flowers need their sunlight in order to become the magnificent creatures they are, but sometimes I wonder if that’s all there is. I can’t help but doubt the plants have their own way of communicating that we’re not capable of understanding. I wonder if they ever apologize to each other for taking the sun away. Apologies that I never send linger in my conscience. Apologies that I never send linger in my conscience. Apologies that I never send linger in my conscience, or so to say, they haunt me. Be it telepathy, or just pure delusional thoughts related to memories deep inside, I just  hope you hear me down there wishing you well. Remember this when the darkness is too long, and when you can’t see anything to hold on to, because flowers do. And they keep growing. Slowly, but surely, they keep going ahead. Up, up and away, over the world.

I pocketed the sun for you,
only to find you didn’t need me,
and so I left with the sun in my hands,
I fled to the west,
I missed you relentlessly,
until I became a person
you’d never even met,
a version of myself
that knew how to smile without you around,
the night sky seems dimmer somehow,
I would have loved you
until every star in the sky burned out,
I’ve found that my own fire
burns brighter
in the darkness of solitude
—  m.m., “I loved you this much”
I say I am content to live within my words. beyond the enslavement of gentle touches. I will lie on the curve of my mother’s lips, bending not to break but to smile. gloriously red as the rising sun. I want to live on my mother’s breath: to be both a kindness & seclusion. I say I am content living in the calligraphy of my own hand. battling creatures of my caricature. painting flowers in my hair while loving the people who have forgotten me. in my words the dawn is frozen honey. but the scratch of a pen opens wounds of language so simple, so beautiful, so full of the ancient. stories we hoard in to the dark out of fear now bleed in to the light. may not become sunshine or anything gold. may not be as soft as the budding leaves or as strong as reeds in the wind. but they are a song. a melody that the winds will want to hum. go beyond your fears, my dear. go beyond your doubts & sing. someone out there is waiting for the wind to speak back.

anonymous asked:

can you write something set in season 2 where will is in therapy with hannibal and confesses to wanting to kiss him?

“I had a dream about you,” Will says, glancing over his shoulder.

“Were you killing me?” Hannibal asks, joining Will near the window.

“No.” Will squints against the late-afternoon sun spilling in through the curtains. “You put your mouth on me. On my neck. You sank your teeth in…”

“And how did that make you feel?”

“In the dream I didn’t feel anything. Not until you kissed my mouth. I can still taste my own blood.”

“How did it taste?”

Will turns to him. “Why don’t you tell me,” he says, leaning in until his lips are mere inches from Hannibal’s own. “Maybe you’ll catch a hint of it on my tongue.”

Will fists the knot of Hannibal’s tie, drawing him in the rest of the way. Hannibal tenses when Will presses their lips together, then slowly relaxes into it, licking into Will’s mouth slow and easy.

“How does it taste?” Will whispers against his lips.

“Exactly the way I always imagined it would,” Hannibal says, nuzzling into Will’s cheek. “Remarkable.”

My soul is trembling somewhere around
my toes. It feels like a second degree burn
on a 100 degree day, like Antarctica smiling
with her clothes somewhere around her
ankles and her skin a watercolour blue. 

Alright, here’s the truth: I never wanted to
live like loneliness. I never wanted to smile
and have my teeth fall out of my mouth. I
never wanted to stagnate in my own shoes
and watch as the world moved around me.

Here are some more truths: he flinches
when I say I love him. The moon is in an
open relationship with the oceans. The
sun is constantly inching away from the
earth. We are only little creatures in one
tiny part of this universe.

The final truth: in the large scale of things
none of us matter at all.

And here are the only lies I’ve ever told:
I don’t love you. You don’t matter to me.

—  Darshana Suresh, “Oblivion” 

i’m the darkest of most if not all my family, and from aunties telling me not to stay in the sun too long to my cousins calling me “blacky” and “tar baby” i was never comfortable in my own skin. It took 10+ years to say this and believe it but, honestly i’m gorgeous so fuck errybody and #FUCKYOPAPERBAG #DSAD sc: a.mcdo

and thanks to @kimreesesdaughter for comin up with this and being so vocal about colorism in the community. you makin waves sis, keep it up 👏🏾👏🏾

The Traveling Chat

MariChat May Day 21: The Chat Noir Doll


“Have you seen Chat’s new Instagram?”

It was a perfect spring day for enjoying fast food outdoors. Marinette, chewing a mouthful of French fries, frowned across the table at Alya before swallowing. “Chat has a new Instagram? I swear, he never tells me anything.”

“It’s because you don’t approve of his shenanigans,” Alya said. “That’s a direct quote, by the way.” She handed Marinette her phone.

The account name was chatonnoir, and every single photo starred the Chat Noir doll Marinette had sewn and–against her better judgment–let Chat borrow. Apparently, the doll had a very active superhero life of its own. One image showed it atop the Eiffel Tower watching the sun set. The caption read, all in a day’s work.

“I want to say I can’t believe this, but I can,” Marinette said.

Alya pointed her drink at the phone. “Keep going. It gets pretty ridiculous.”

There was a photo of the doll with a butterfly perched on its head. The doll floating on an inflatable chair in the middle of Le Grand Paris’ rooftop swimming pool. The doll at a bus stop, sitting upright between two other waiting people.

“Is that Adrien?” Marinette shrieked.

Sure enough, there was close-up of the doll leaning against Adrien’s face, its hands pressed to its cheeks. Met supermodel Adrien Agreste today! kyaaaaaa!! read the caption.

“Yup,” Alya said. “That doll got to first base before you did.”