sun nah

  • Sun: Alright, Neptune, we've recorded the sickest rap album of the century and mixed it in garage band, now all we need to do is come up with a name. I was thinking "Sun and Nep's Tunes"
  • Neptune: Oh yeah, of course, YOUR name comes first.
  • Sun: Um, Neptune-
  • Neptune: Nah, nah, I get it. No, I get it, it's not like I'm the only one here without a girlfriend.
  • Sun: Me and Blake aren't dating.
  • Neptune: Oh whatever. Nep and Sun's tunes sounds better and you know it.
  • Sun: No, it doesn't. Look, Neptune, the name-
  • Neptune: You know what, it was one thing for you to be the guy with no shirt on the cover-
  • Sun: I never wear a-
  • Neptune: At least let me be the guy who gets mentioned first!
  • Sun: NEPT-
  • Neptune: You are ALWAYS like this! Just because you're the leader-
  • Sun: NEPTUNE!
  • Neptune: WHAT?
  • Sun: *Gesticulates frustratedly*
  • Neptune: ............
  • Sun: .............
  • Neptune: Oh, I get it. Heh. Nep's tunes. Heh.
  • Team JNPR and Team SSSN out on a joint mission in the mountains, a storm comes in.
  • Pyrrha: Sun, it would probably be best if you broke down your staff into its nun-chuck form.
  • Sun: Nah, it's all good. I've never been struck by lightning.
  • Sun: It's like I'm protected by the heavens or something. Check it. *Holds up his staff towards the sky by its end*
  • Jaune: Man, if only I was that luc... *Gets struck by lightning, just a few feet away from Sun*
  • The rest of team JNPR: JAUNE!
  • Sun: See! Protected by the heavens.
  • Pyrrha: *Glares at Sun* I'll give you a five second head start.
  • Sun: *Sprints off*
Hold On... (Pokemon Theory)

Team Rocket

Team Aqua

Team Magma

Team Galactic

Team Plasma

These guys are the bad guys from all of the previous Pokemon games, right? 

But in Pokemon GO, the only teams are…

There’s no way that they could be the bad guys, right? GO players are on those teams! But it is true that Willow does bear a striking resemblance to the Team Boss of Sun and Moon…

Nah… that’s silly.

BUT…if you think about GO… the point is to capture as many Pokemon as possible, and send many of them to the Professor… and once you send your Pokemon to the Professor, he pays you with candies, and there’s no way to get your Pokemon back. 

…wait a minute.

The Pokemon Professor is paying people all over the world, each in their own neat little gangs, to gather as many of the rare wild creatures as possible for him to do who knows what with.

Which is right in line with Team behavior.

Willow is the Boss and GO players are the grunts.

Guzma isn’t a deranged Willow, he is FORMER WILLOW. Once the lead of Team Skull who scourged Alola.. now a huge crime boss who has employed the WORLD.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a prequel to GO.

Are the Aether Foundation the real villains of Sun and Moon? Nah?! 

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To say it is friendship is wrong, but to say it’s romantic/dating relationship is also not quite right don’t you think? Regarding these two [Ichigo and Rukia].
—  Tite Kubo