sun lost

Batgirls introducing their s/o

Prompt: introducing their significant other to the batfam? (for the girls week, it could be as in hc or idk)             


- She has black mail on everyone just in case they don’t behave.

- Holds their s/o hand while the family tries to indimate them.

- But if they are dating Oracle it is going to be hard.

- Dick got hit a few times for comments that almost came out of his mouth.

- Damian deemed them unworthy at first, but he grew to like them.

- Everyone was impressed with their ability to match Barbara in wits.

- Real test came later when they meet Jim Gordon.


- Straight up batglare from Bruce the whole time.

- Every person did their own background check.

-When they make Cass smile though, the family starts to soften up.

- Totally follows them around their date.

- Cass kicks their butts in training later to make up for it.


- Her s/o: I thought you said it was just your mom and you.

- Stephanie: Yeah this is the family I didn’t ask for but got. Heads up they don’t respect privacy well.

- Tim totally introduces him as the ex to annoy Stephanie.

- Straight up ask them what their intentions are for dating her. Jason asked that one mainly cause he always wanted to say it.


- Background checks everywhere.

- Cass is actually the scariest. She silently follows behind them.

- Tim had actually checked with Cullen before to see what he thought about the s/o.

- Harper tried to tell them to be nice.

- Duke: Oh they are being nice. Bruce took Jason gun and Damian’s sword away before you came.


The deterioration of Lusamine’s mental state


As I’m playing through the game, I really starting to feel for her. I imagine younger/stabler Lusamine had less shieldy hair up until Mohn warped off into ultra space. After that, her hair got cocoon-ier as more family started leaving her – as if to shield her. In that same logic, Gladion probably takes after his mom more since he too has half his face covered (which I assume happened after running away with Null)

She is the brightest star on the darkest night
because she understands how it feels to be lost

She is the mountain that offers support and shelter
because she understands what it means to be a survivor

But she is also the ocean,
pulling her waves back into herself
as she rests between breaths- 

And she hopes that the world understands
that even the sun must set to be able to rise.

—  Emina Gaspar-Vrana, She Is