sun kissed skin

Tall, broad-shouldered, every inch of him seemingly corded with muscle, he was a male blooded with power. He paused in a dusty shaft of sunlight, his silver hair gleaming. As if his delicately pointed ears and slightly elongated canines weren’t enough to scare the living shit out of everyone in that alley, including the now-whimpering madwoman behind Celaena, a wicked-looking tattoo was etched down the left side of his harsh face, the whorls of black ink stark against his sun-kissed skin.
—  Sarah J. Maas, Heir of Fire

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Sun Kissed Skin - Luke Hemmings Smut

Laying out your yellow and white stripe towel as you sprawl out in the warm sun on the beach is the perfect way to end this shitty day.
Not only did you drop your burning coffee down your white top this morning, you also lost all your hard work on papers online. It’s finally the start of spring break. Two weeks off of school, no more stress until all the paper work is due when you get back.

You can finally relax and enjoy the sun, reminiscing as the solar heat melts on your thighs and shoulders. A permanent smile plastered over your face as you hear the waves crash against the shore over and over again. This always been your favourite sound, this so soothing. Your toes tucked into soft warm sand, your messy bun on top of your head lays slump as a few stray strands tickle the back of your neck from the warm breeze off the water. It’s going to be a great spring break full of laughs and movies with your best friends, you can feel it. You’ve always dreamt of having a little summer romance, the book in your bag by Nicholas sparks, truly confirms it. You haven’t had the cliche falling in love part of the break like in the movies or books. Lets be rational here you never even talk to boys, you chicken out, your life isn’t a Nicolas sparks book.

The beach is busy today, unlike usual but it is Friday, you guess all the people have the same idea as you. Everyone is trying to unwind after a long couple months of school, preparing for the break full of drunken nights and pounding hangovers the next day.

A group of boys play volleyball in the distance, you watch and dogs run by with sticks in their slobbering mouths.
Girls and guys lay everywhere as if its a homicide scene with multiple bodies sprawled out in various positions along the warm sand instead they lay soaking up the vitamin D. Your hands lay resting on either side if your waist as you let the newly applied layer of sunscreen dry over your legs, chest, and shoulders.
Your feel so at east in your favourite little black bikini with a pair of RayBands resting above your eyes.

Blowing a relaxing sigh through your lips as the sun shines down upon you as you are determined to get a tan this spring break. The sun feels like heaven shining down on you as you think back to the cold breezy winter days not to long ago when you had to bundle up in jeans and scarfs to warm up your shivering body.

Finally springs here and you are going to make every moment amazing. You got a pedicure and everything, she painted all your toes a vibrant pink with a little white daisy on both big toes. The sand exfoliates your skin, the salty ocean water mists over your face as the wind catches a wave.

The sounds of people talking, dogs barking and the all the boys calling shots in volleyball are drowned out by the headphones pushed into your ears as you blast the latest single on the pop charts. Bopping your sand covered foot to the heavy bass, your eyes screwed shut as you try your best to hold back from belting out the lyrics to the chorus of the song.

Sprinkles of sand is flung at your side and you whimper as it stings on you skin. Whipping your head around, ready to yell at the kid who ruined your relaxed state.

You didn’t even see it hit you, you just saw darkness and felt a massive burn hit the bridge of your nose as it collides with your forehead.

You screamed as you fell back as your RayBands broke in half and fell to the sand in two pieces and shattered lenses.

Your hand automatically rises up to cup your nose when you feel a drop of hot liquid roll down the valley between your breasts. You look down and see a drop of dark blood roll down your chest.

“Shit” yells a deep voice to your right.

Peering up as your vision is blurred and your mind is scattered and spinning before you can make out any features your vision goes completely black.

“Hello?” A hoarse voice questions near to you.

“Dude she’s out cold” snickers another voice, this one more giddy.

“Shut up” yells the closest one, you can feel him next to you, you feel something brushing your fingers.

Your eyes flutter open and fray away as the blazing white sun is all you can see. Your eyes adjust as a dark silhouette of a head and shoulders leans in before it blocks out the sun. Even in your dazed state your heart flutters as you meet two sky blue eyes framed in long thick lashes, tanned skin and pouted pinks lips.

“Ugh” you groan trying to sit up, you’re absolutely pissed. You expect an apology and for this kid to piss off.

“No, no stay down” he orders with a calming voice as he brings a cloth up to your lips.

“What happened?” You ask, your voice weak and slightly muffled from the cloth, as you peer up to the tanned asshole who hit you.

“I tipped a volleyball during my game and it rebounded off your face” he mumbles as laughs can be heard in the distance.

“Guys fuck off” he yells whipping his head around as you hear shuffles that slowly fade away.

“Are you okay? Do you remember where you are? How many fingers am I holding up” he rushes in a panic while flailing his hand in your face before you swat it away. Too many questions for your throbbing head to answer.

“How many fingers?” He asks again irritated

You squint your eyes at see his pointer, middle, ring fingers up.

“Three. Now let me get up” you groan pushing his chest away as he leans over you. His skin is warm, rough covered in sand. He didn’t protest as you stand to your feet, your head getting a rush of blood. You wobble into him and his arms catch you as you lean into him for support.

Finally sitting up you peer around expecting to be layer out on your towel, but your not. He’s got you laying out beside a big hut beside the beach. Numerous colourful surfboards are lined along the outside parameter of the little shack. He slowly leads to to the small door, his head ducking down to fit inside.

“Where am I?” You ask peering around confused.

“The surf shack. It’s the closet to first aid” he mumbles taking his lower lip between his teeth, you notice a little black lip ring. You smile at the thought of touching it.

You must have hit your head hard.

The pounding in your head seems to echo in your ears as you glance around the little shop. Blue walls covered in dust, pictures of maps line the walls. A little wooden desk sits in the corner, covered in miscellaneous paper work. You feel his skin brush yours a he walks beside you and flicks on a little lamp atop the desk.

Glancing back around to notice he’s just staring at you with wide, bright eyes a slight smile tugs at his lips before you groan as you want nothing more then to go home and sleep off this pounding head ache.

His staring is stepping on your nerves.
“What’s your name?” You ask the boy trying your best to sound like you don’t want to tear him apart.

“Luke” he announces with a smile

“Listen Luke, I have a pounding head ache thanks to you, do you have any Advil?”

“Oh yea” he spins around and rummages through a little box before holding out two little red pills in the palm of his hand.

You stare blankly as you stare the little pills and continue to hold the cloth up to your nose. You can see in the corner of your eye the blood being soaked up by the cloth.

“Water?” You almost yell

“Right” Luke jogs over to the sink and fills a little whip paper cup with clear water before spinning back around and handing it to you almost spilling it in his rush.

“Sorry, again” he mumbles this time not meeting your gaze.

As you throw the pills in your mouth and swallow them with the ice cold water. It’s soothing at it slides down your throat and rests in the base of you stomach to put out the pit of rage building up.

Sighing you proclaim
“It’s fine, I mean its not like you meant to hit me”

“No” Luke shakes his head instantly.

Lifting the cloth off your nose you peer up to him
“Does it look alright?” You ask, you can not longer feel the wetness of blood escape down your lip.

His eyes are filled sorrow and guilt but he nods his head trying to prove its fine but you can’t tell that his eyes are saying differently.

An awkward silence falls around the room as the pain of your throbbing head ache subsides. Your eyes drift over his face, his pointed nose and pouted pink lips. His collar bones peek out, he’s lean. His tan reaches all the way down to the rim of his of his red bathing suit bottoms, you can see a strip of pale skin and it makes your insides flip. His arms are long and muscled, with broad shoulders which makes sense as to why he had trouble fitting through the small door.

“So do you do anything else then hit girls in the face with volleyballs?” You ask trying to lighten the mood and escape the silence.

He chuckles and glances down to his feet to kick at the air as his smiles almost warms your heart.

“Yes I surf” he announces proudly puffing out his chest

“I can tell” you stifle a laugh gesturing around the little shack.

“And I am lifeguard, part time”

“Impressive” you nod your head and you swore you saw scarlet splash across Luke’s cheeks at your comment. You almost laugh at yourself, how in the hell did your life turn into the next cliche romance.

Your eyes glance around the room before darting to the clock. It’s almost six and you were supposed to be home by four at the latest, your sister is waiting back at home.

“I have to go” you insist standing up and heading to the door.

“Wait” Luke calls and you obligate to your own surprise, like you wanted him to stop you.

“I know you probably hate me right now and I understand if you do but” and he trails out looking at the floor.

“But what?” You ask curious now.
The sparks in his eyes are hard not to miss as he slowly takes a step towards you.
“There’s going to be a bone fire tonight with sparklers and all that jazz. Please tell me that you’ll come?” He practically begs taking your hand in his. You catch yourself nodding to his request, you can’t seem to say no staring into his oceanic blue eyes.

Without a word you turn and leave the shack, praying your belongings would be back with your towel on the beach.

You rush home with a permanent smile across your face, running up the stairs to your room. Shocked and horrified by your reflection as you pass by a little mirror hanging on your wall. Your eyes are now supporting two purple bags and your nose is red and puffy. A sigh blows through your lips as you reach for makeup and try your best to cover up the bruises.

After way to much time wasted on perfecting your face and hair you slip on a pair of shorts and a t and heading back out the door as you see the purple hazy sky awaiting its goodbye for the night.

Running down the path and across the empty street back to the beach where you first met the blue eyed, golden haired boy. The purple fades into orange and red as the shy sun pokes through the clouds. It’s a beautiful night for a bone fire.

You take long strides in your pink flip flops as you walk towards the crowded around the large pile of lumber. Nerves attack your stomach as you step closer and closer to the small group.

A few heads turn as you walk towards them, your eyes search for blonde hair. Your eyes whip around to every face but you don’t see him, you don’t see Luke. Your head spins around and sure enough standing by the little shack stands Luke, only now he’s with three other boys. You walk towards them, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. One of the other boys, with dark hair, smacks Luke on the arm and nods his head towards you, you only focus on the blue eyes staring back at you.
“Look at that shiner” the one with curly shirt brown hair laughs and points to his own eye.
“Thanks, some asshole hit me in the face with a volleyball” you giggle as Luke’s expression went from happy to embarrassed, you wink at him.
“Piss off guys” Luke grunted to his buddies as they laughed and walked into the crowd around the fire.

You walk into Luke’s embrace and his arms tighten around you.
“Nice to see you again” Luke whispers leaning in as the others voices pick up in volume. The crowd is full of unknown faces, boys and girls already in couples and pods.

“I can say the same for you” you smile as tingles of heat creep up your cheeks. The group bursts out in laughter and louder conversations.

You watch his plump lips form words and syllables but no sound can be heard over the mindless chatter of the others.
“What?” You ask leaning in until his lips brush against your cheekbone. Your stomach flutters and you feel a pang of something deep within you. Images of his lips on your body flash through your mind. His lean tan skin now covered in a black tank too and you want nothing more but to rip it off.

“I said you look really.. really good” Luke’s lips brush your ear as he sends goosebumps down your spin.

“Can we got somewhere else? Somewhere quite?” You ask boldly wrapping your hand around his neck to whisper in his ear, surprising yourself. All you know is you need to know what that ring feels like against your lips.

He doesn’t say a thing he just takes your hand and manoeuvres you off the beach and into a little shack, as you step inside you recognize it as the same one as before.

“This better?”

“Much” you reply as he leans into you. His lips brush against yours and it sends electricity to your toes. He seems hesitate by your injuries but you eagerly step forward decreasing the distance between your sun kissed bodies. Yours lips eagerly attached to kiss, his tongue pushes between your lips. His hands tangle in your hair, pulling you closer if that possible. Your hands clasp around the back of his neck and a grunt forms in the back of his throat as you take the dominate lead and push him until his back pressed against the wooden side table.

Your lips feel numb as you press yourself harder against him, he sits back on the table. His hand trails down you side and along your waist to collect your knee and bring your leg up to wrap around his hip.
You break away for some much needed breath as you both pant trying to suck in the lacked oxygen.

His eyes scan your face and settle on your lips before bitting his own. His teeth bit just to the side of his ring and you can’t help but lean in and suck on his bottom lip and little metal ring, it feels even better them you imagined. He grunts and his desire grows strong for you. His narrow hips push into yours and you can’t resist the yelp that seeps from your lips.

You don’t think you just let your hands do what they want because when the next time you get to feel up the blonde lifeguard? Your hand slides down his back and grips the fabric of his loose top. You tug it up and over his head, you turn your head and let the dark fabric fall to the ground. His lips instantly are attached to your neck, sucking on the sweet spot just below your ear, making you shiver with pleasure.

Your hand blindly runs down his lean stomach and finds the growing bulge in his shorts. His lips suck harder on your neck as your increase the pressure on his stiff groin.
Your fingers grip him through his shorts, stroking up and down. You can feel your centre growing wet as his moans fill your ear. You reattach you lips to his, his hands are all over you. Up your back and along your hips to firmly cup your backside.

You dip your hand into his shorts and freely rub his member. He groans against your mouth, you moan as his hand cups one of your breast. He kneads on your skin, the harder your pull the harder he squeezes. The feeling is amazing as his breathless panting grows louder.
He nestles into your neck kissing along your jaw.
“Oh god” he purrs, you feel him throb in your hand as your rub your thumb over his head. His breathing is erratic and you can tell he can’t get enough of it. Your other hand it’s pushing on his shoulder keeping his down as he struggles to keep his legs from shaking. Your hand sliding faster up and down his long shaft. He whispers curse words in your ears purely from the pleasure he’s receiving.
Your wrist strains from the jerking movements but you continue to stoke Luke in his shorts. His head rolls off your shoulder and his head rolls back as his eyes squeeze shut.
“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” he grunts. Your hand tightens on his dick and you focus on the sensitive nerves around the head of his penis.
His warm hands close around your cheeks as he pulls you in for a rough kiss. You swallow his moans as his hips jut forward to meet your hand. You love the feeling of taking Luke to his most vulnerable and desperate phase.
His tongue massages yours and you moan into his kiss. His teeth bite into your lower lip and everything freezes as you feel wetness drip down your knuckles.
“Oh god baby, don’t stop” he groans and you stroke you his dick as he rides out his orgasm. He grabs your wrist and pulls it from his body and let’s it rest over his shoulder.

The sound sound being admitted his is heavy breath and the cheers from outside.
“We should go back outside they’re handing out sparklers now” Luke mumbles through uneven breaths, you pout your lips like a child and his smile makes your stomach flip.

“We’ll finish this later” he whispers with a wink of his right eye.

She was consumed in herself and no one could reach her. With only blank stares she walked through life only hoping someone would care about her enough to accept her complicated self. Then she found the sun as it kissed her skin in the summer and the eye catching sunsets it made she had a new consumption. Through the sun she found contentment in all things and knowing the creator made it even better.
—  B.B