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Dwayne Johnson - Pillows...really?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson - he’s away filming a movie and you haven’t seen him in a while then he comes home really early one morning and surprises you with lots of fluff and a bit of implied smut. 

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Warnings - Fluff, Implied Smut

Word Count - 909 Words.

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Just as you sat down with your late night hot cocoa to watch re-runs of Gossip Girl your phone pinged as you received a text from your Husband of 4 years; the same adorable goodnight message you got from him every night as he was just starting his day on the other side of America. The text jogged your memory towards the calendar that hung in your kitchen and reminded you that you hadn’t placed your daily cross on it yet.

You placed down your cocoa and made your way to kitchen, you sighed grabbing the ‘Dwayne Johnson’ pen from the holder in the calendar (yes, he has his own pens) and signed a cross on day 33 out of 56. You sighed sadly placing the pen back; still just over 3 weeks left of sitting all alone in this ginormous house doing nothing but making sure you don’t kill your husbands beloved indoor plants, watching shitty shows and babysitting Hobbs (our frenchie - who in some respect was company but he preferred the company of his luxury doggy bed as opposed to mine)

I shook my head and chuckled, making my way back to the huge ‘L’ shaped sofa centred in the large room, i grabbed my drink off of the pristine looking glass coffee table and began to layer several of the about 30 pillows that adorned yours and Dwayne’s custom made sofa. 

You were about a third of the way through your 5th episode of Gossip Girl (at 2:30 in morning), hot drink long forgotten and your fort of pillows had somehow increased into a castle. Your eyelids started to droop as you felt fatigue lay it’s heavy and overbearing presence upon them, your weakened arms began to slowly remove the pillows surrounding your body; when all of a sudden your heard the signature beeping of your security device - instantly alerting you that there was someone trying to enter your home.

Fear rushed through your body and eliminated any form of drowsiness. You threw all of the pillows off of your frame and crouched down with them behind the bottom half of the ‘L’ shape of the sofa. The beating of your heart began to rapidly increase as you heard the heavy footsteps of boot covered feet stomp against your marble flooring. You could sense the presence of a figure standing a few feet away from the end of the sofa and you panicked; beginning to launch whatever was first available - which just so happened to be a fusillade of pillows. 

You arms propelled like miniature windmills as you pelted the ‘intruder’ with this barrage of pillows, you were throwing the for what felt like forever until you heard a deep chuckle reverberate throughout the emptiness of the large house. You poked your head up from behind the sofa as you instantly recognised that infectious, you slowly rose from behind the couch to see the large stature of your husband standing in the doorway; a flood of pillows laying at his feet. 

“Well nice to see you too babygirl” he laughed dropping his bag in the door way and enveloping your small frame in his as your threw you self at him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and just savoured every single second of the passionate embrace.

“Dwayne! What the fuck are you doing here! I thought you were some crazy axe murderer trying to get in our house” you rambled, swatting his chest playfully. Your husband raised his signature eyebrow at you and stood you in front of him with a look of questioning plastered upon his face. “What? you questioned 

“You thought there was an axe murderer in the house and you weapon of choice, was pillows…” he questioned you satirically a huge grin spreading across his face. You pursed your lips and blushed as he now raised both eyebrows; clearly expectant of some sort of reasoning.

“I just panicked not shut up” you groaned, cuddling back into his muscular arms and burying your face in the crook of his neck. He simply chuckled at you and placed his arms round your waist which you knew was a sign for you to jump up, you did as he had initiated and he began to carry you to the huge master bedroom of yours and his house. 

He gently set you down on the edge of the king size bed; the dark satin sheets delicately crinkling under your presence. Dwayne gently began to place lustful kissed down the sides of your neck right down to your collarbone, you blushed profusely; a rouged scarlet tone gracing the apples of your cheeks as he began to move further south slowly rubbing one of your smooth, sun kissed legs and placing heated kisses on the insides of your thighs. A small moan escaped your lips, you were just desperate to feel the touch of the man you love, after a gruelling five weeks without it. 

You giggled and loosely wrapped your arms around his neck as he rose from between your thighs and scooted you both to the top of the luxury bed. You placed your lips on his as he began to undress you, slowly removing your top, all he did was wink at you before returning to his previous spot between your legs.

Although you hated it when he left, damn was the reunion sex was fucking amazing, and almost worth it.

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A/N: Hey guys another slightly smuttier imagine, i actually really enjoyed writing this one! Hope you like it ~ Moxxii

Dumb Kids In Love

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Okay, so I may have gotten a little carried away with this one… Let me know what you think & if you would like more imagines like this in the future!💙 

Jax knocked on the front door of her house, rocking back on his heels as he waited for someone to let him in. After only a few seconds, her mom swung the door open. She was putting an earring in while simultaneously fumbling with her car keys. A smile that reminded him so much of her daughter came over her face at the sight of him.

“Hello, Jackson,” she greeted, waving for him to come in. He entered the house, and she kept the door open, one foot already outside. “In kind of a rush. Don’t want to be late for work,” she explained briefly.

“No problem,” Jax assured her.  

“Right. Well, she’s in the backyard. And I’ll be back in a few hours. You two kids have fun!” and with that, she was gone, the front door closing loudly behind her. 

Jax chuckled to himself, pulling out a cigarette from the pack he kept in the front pocket of his jeans. He placed it between his lips, pulling out his lighter as he slowly made his way to the back of the house. Opening the back door, he lit the cigarette, leaning against the house once he got outside.

Sure enough, there she was. Lying across a towel she had set out in the grass. She was quite a vision. Her sun kissed legs seemed to glow in the California heat, her long hair spread out above her in a wave. She was wearing an old shirt that she had cut to accommodate the warm weather, and she had on a pair of black heart shaped sunglasses that made Jax smirk. She had really grown up. It was hard not to notice. He had known her since they were in middle school, and now that they were both seniors in high school, things were definitely different.

She was so wrapped up in the book that she was reading that she hadn’t even taken note of Jax’s presence.

“Good book?” He finally spoke up, taking a toke from his cigarette.

Her head turned to the side at the sound of his voice, a bright smile spreading across her face at the sight of him. “Good enough.”

She closed the book, setting it to the side before rising to her feet and strolling over to Jax. She stood in front of him, pushing her large sunglasses up into her hair. Her bright green eyes stood out in the sun, sparkling as they looked up at him. “Haven’t seen you around much, trouble maker,” she mused, snatching the cigarette from between his fingers and taking a long drag of her own.

Jax watched as she held the smoke for a moment before exhaling. It got in his face a little, but he didn’t even mind. “You shouldn’t smoke.”

Her eyebrows rose in amusement. “Oh, okay. Thanks, Jax. I’ll never even look at another cigarette. You save lives.”

Jax grinned, throwing the cigarette butt onto the ground before crushing it with the toe of his white sneakers. “Glad to be of service.”

He lifted his head, and their eyes met. Held. There was an air of unspoken words. A soft smile graced her face after a few seconds, the dimple in her left cheek making an appearance. “Missed you.”

Jax’s heart ached a little at her words. He had missed her too. More than he would admit. He hadn’t been around for the last 2 and a half weeks; he hadn’t even been going to school. He felt like shit for not even checking in with her during that time, but he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her because he knew it would only make him miss her more. He had to get out of Charming for a while, no matter how brief. Too much shit was going on with his family. Between his father’s death, and Thomas… it was all a little much. Even though he knew that he could confide in her as a best friend, he didn’t want to put that weight on her. It didn’t seem fair.

“Missed you too,” Jax stated lowly, an easy smile turning up the corners of his mouth.

“Can’t just expect me to hang around here, tending to your obnoxious fan club,” she scoffed with a laugh, rolling her eyes. She breezed past him into the house, and he followed after her. He trailed after her as she entered the kitchen, opening the fridge and retrieving a jug of lemonade.

“Sorry about that,” he rolled his lips together, reaching into one of the cabinets and pulling out two glasses.

She shook her head, pouring out the liquid before handing him one of the glasses. “I swear to God, if one more girl came up to me and asked where you were, I thought I was going to lose it,” she teased, sipping her drink.

Jax shrugged a shoulder. “It ain’t easy being so damn cute.”

“Wow. Cute and humble? You’re quite the catch, Teller.” Sarcasm dripped off of every word, and Jax felt the weight that had been on his heart lightening up a little. It always did when he was around his best friend. He chastised himself a little more for not reaching out to her while he was gone.

He set his glass back down on the counter, reaching a hand out for her. She looked at him, setting her own glass down as he pulled her towards him, her eyes full of amusement. He let one hand rest on her hip, the other entwining their fingers together. He pulled her closer so that they’re chest were touching, and she let out a breathy laugh, face alight with curiosity. “What are you up to, weirdo?”

“Dance with me.”

“Jax, there’s no music,” she raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t care,” he clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, pulling her even closer so that he could rest his chin on the top of her head. After only a few seconds, he began to sway, slowly making his way around the kitchen. She let out a laugh, and he felt the vibrations against his own body. He grinned.

He stepped back from her from a moment, spinning her around with their linked hands. An amused giggle escaped her lips, and he pulled her back towards him, dipping her dramatically. Her laughter grew louder, her face turning red as he hung her upside down. Slowly lifting her back up, Jax felt like all the things that had been plaguing him over the past month were making their way out of his mind. He was glad to be back with her. Glad to be back with his best friend. Bella. 



Jax sat on the couch, his leg bouncing up and down as he watched TV. Bella was on a date with the guy she had been seeing for a few weeks, and Jax was just wishing that he could focus on literally anything else. Despite the fact that he couldn’t stand that douche bag Bella was dating, he wished that the fact she was out with him didn’t bother him so damn much. But it did. It bothered him to no end.

As if sensing his need for a distraction, the home phone rang. He was home alone that night, so he knew that it couldn’t be anyone from the club, unless something bad had happened over at the garage and they needed help. Jax cleared his throat before answering picking up. “Hello?”


His eyebrows furrowed at the sound of her voice. It was Bella. “You okay?”

She let out a shaky breath, and Jax’s back straightened. Something was wrong. 

Bella,” he urged.

Bella let out a harsh laugh, devoid of humor. “I’m at some fucking gas station in Tacoma. Can you pick me up?”

Jax clenched his jaw. She sounded angry, and he knew she often used anger to cover up whatever else she was feeling. That asshole she had been out with really fucked up. Why else would she be alone at some random gas station in Tacoma?

“Yeah, babe. I’m coming.”

Only about 30 minutes later, Jax’s Harley pulled into the parking lot of the gas station Bella had told him she was at. She was leaning against the small convenience store building, arms crossed across her chest and ankles crossed. At the sight of him, she pushed herself off the wall, walking his way at a brisk pace. Despite the awful circumstances, Jax couldn’t help but take note of how stunning she looked. She was wearing a black quarter-sleeved dress that stopped just above her knee, and a pair of tan flats. Her hair fell all the way down her back in a soft wave, tucked behind her ears so that the pair of rose quartz earrings she was wearing were visible.

As she got closer, Jax could practically feel the anger radiating off of her. She stopped a few steps away from him, her soft features contorted in frustration. “You wouldn’t believe how absolutely fucked up my night has been,” she snapped out, her teeth digging into the corner of her bottom lip. She shrugged on the simple denim jacket that she had draped over her arm, flipping her hair out of the collar.

Jax watched with raised eyebrows as she pulled a joint and a lighter out of the pocket, sticking it between her full pout and lighting it with a frustrated flick of her thumb. She took a long drag, and Jax began to nod slowly. “Wanna tell me about it?”

Her blazing green eyes flashed to his. There was a line between her brows, the one that always formed when she was thinking too hard or just damn right frustrated. Jax wanted to reach out and smooth it with his thumb.

“Ryan ditched me,” she stated as she exhaled her smoke, her eyes leaving his to look out into the street behind him.

Jax ground his teeth together. “Where did he go?”

Bella shrugged a shoulder. “Probably back to Charming to fuck the girl he’s been seeing behind my back.”


“I should’ve known,” she sighed with a shake of her head. “That asshole thinks girls should just bow at his goddamn feet.”

“Don’t do that,” Jax managed to get out, trying hard to not sound as pissed as he felt. “It’s not your fault he’s such a prick.”

Bella’s eyes met his baby blue ones again, a tight-lipped smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes appearing before she took another toke of her joint. “Right,” she dismissed shortly, flicking the rest of the joint onto the ground. She only smoked when she needed to take the edge off, and she didn’t feel like right now was the best time to get high.

“Let’s go then,” she said, nodding towards his bike.

She went to step around him, but he caught her wrist in his hand. There was a moment of expectant silence. Jax turned his body so he was facing her, and he tugged on her wrist a little. Glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, he could see the hurt behind the tough exterior she was sporting. He placed her chin between his thumb and index finger, making her look at him. Really look at him.

“You deserve better than him. Or any other dickhead for that matter.”


“No,” he stated firmly, holding her eyes. He didn’t let her interrupt – not this time. “I’m serious, Bella. No asshole deserves you. Unless they can give you the fucking moon, because that’s exactly what you deserve.”

Bella’s eyes filled with tears, and a brilliant smile spread across her face. Full dimples and everything. She let out a laugh, and Jax did the same, shaking his head in droll amusement.

“Thank you,” she murmured sincerely, going up on her tiptoes. She rested a hand softly against the side of his face, her lips pressing a soft, slow kiss to his cheek. She let her lips linger there for a moment, and Jax closed his eyes, relishing in the feeling of her mouth against his skin.

Breaking the moment, she pulled away, her fingers tugging on his earlobe in a playful manner. “C’mon, trouble maker. Take me home.”



The heavy bass of the music filled the room, the strong scent of booze and cigarettes invading everyone’s senses. Laughter floated throughout the clubhouse, the night alive with possibility. It was Bella’s 21st birthday, and they were doing it up big. No one expected any less.

She was at the bar with Jax and Opie, bouncing on her toes as they all continued to down shots. She threw her 4th one to the back of her throat, placing the shot glass back on the bar with an excited laugh, her nose scrunching with the force of it. Opie coughed a little, chuckling at Bella’s excitement. It wasn’t as if she had never drank before, because she most definitely had. She was just ecstatic about what the night held for her.

“That’s how it’s done,” Jax’s grin was impossibly large as he looked at Bella.

Opie shook his head at his brother. It was as though neither of them even noticed the thing that was obvious to the rest of them. It had been obvious ever since high school, and nothing had changed. But they were all still left baffled as to why the hell the two crazy kids hadn’t gotten together yet.

Bella returned Jax’s grin at full wattage. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes practically beaming. She slapped her hand down on the bar, getting the bar tender’s attention. “Another round!”

“Take it easy there, tiger. Don’t want you passin’ out on us,” Jax joked, giving an appreciative nod to the bar tender as he sat their shots out in front of them.

“Don’t bring me down, Jackson,” Bella chastised, wagging her eyebrows. The three of them all downed yet another shot, their throats burning as the alcohol made its way down.

Opie brought a hand down on Bella’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze to get her attention. “I’m gonna talk to Chibs,” he lowly slurred, pressing a rough kiss to her temple before making his way across the room to the highly intoxicated Scott.

Bella diverted her attention to Jax now, biting down on her bottom lip in excitement.

“What’s the plan now, birthday girl?”

Bella tilted her head to the side, as though considering it. “Birthday present,” she finally said.

Birthday present?” Jax repeated.

She hummed in confirmation. “You said you’d give it to me today. So unless you forgot to get me something, I’m pretty sure you owe me a present, Teller.”

Jax let out a breath. “Yeah, okay. Fair enough.” He looked around the room, figuring their absence wouldn’t really be noticed if they left for a few minutes. “Follow me.”

He took her by the hand, both of them trying not to trip over their own feet and the other people crowding the clubhouse. Making their way to the dorm rooms, Jax pushed his way through the door to his room, tugging Bella in behind him. She squeezed his hand before letting go, looking around the room as though he had done something different with it. “Bring me back here to seduce me, Jax?”

Jax snorted, opening his bedside drawer and pulling out a small item that was wrapped in brown paper. “Was thinking about it. But I have some decency.”

Bella scoffed. “That’s news to me.”

He thrust the package in her direction, watching as she took it before sitting on the edge of the bed. Her bright green eyes flashed up to him, and he smiled in encouragement. Carefully ripping the paper away, a line formed between Bella’s eyebrows as the gift came into view. It was a beaten up copy of Catcher In The Rye. She looked up at Jax, as though waiting for an explanation.

He cleared his throat. “You were reading that the day I came back from Washington during senior year. You were lying out in the backyard of your old house, remember?” Bella nodded slowly, her lips parting before he continued. “It’s the exact copy. Had to dig through a few boxes of your old shit, but I managed to find it,” he laughed, rubbing a hand against the back of his neck. “Open it.”

Bella was already feeling a little dizzy by the sentiment of the gift, but she gingerly opened the cover, taking hold of the photo that fell out. It was a picture of her and Jax when they were just teenagers. She was wearing short levi cut-offs, and a white bikini top. He was dressed in a pair of baggy jeans, his torso bare. The two of them were leaning against a tree, basking in the shade of it. Her head was tilted back, her eyes closed. Jax’s head was turned to the side as he looked at her, an easy smile gracing his features. Bella let out a sad laugh, remembering that day. It was hotter than all hell, and the two of them had just got done doing some yard work for Gemma. Bella didn’t even know that this picture existed.

Flipping it over, she felt her stomach tighten. “Jackson and Bella, two dumb kids in love. Summer – 1994”

“Kinda crazy,” Jax chuckled after a few drawn out moments. Bella nodded dumbly, not really knowing what to say.

“Jackson –“ she started.

He held a hand up. “Don’t mention it. Really. We’re all good, darlin’.”

Bella’s responsive nod made both of them laugh. He was standing in front of her, and she tilted her head back to look at him. She scrunched her nose teasingly and Jax stuck his tongue out at her. She scoffed, rolling her eyes exaggeratedly as she hooked her fingers into his belt loops mindlessly. “You’re such a fucking child.”

“Oh yeah?” Jax challenged, taking a few unconscious steps forward as she tugged on his belt loops.

“Definitely,” Bella confirmed, the corners of her mouth twisting.

“Huh. Well I think you have the wrong idea, babe.”



They were both laughing, the alcohol catching up with them a little bit. Their laughter didn’t falter as they somehow seemed to get closer to each other, and before either one of them knew what was going on, Jax’s hands were on either side of her face, his lips only a whisper away from hers. The laughter died out a little, and Jax’s eyes were glued to Bella’s lush mouth.

“I think we might be a little drunk,” Bella mused lowly.

Jax swallowed. “Maybe.”

Definitely,” Bella corrected with a breathy laugh, touching her tongue to her upper lip.

“A little dizzy,” Jax commented, his thumb rubbing against her cheekbone.


“Yeah, that too.”

Bella gave a jerky nod, and suddenly, they were kissing. His lips were on hers, her bottom lip slotting between his as though that was where it was meant to be all along. Jax’s hands moved from the sides of her face to tangle into her soft hair, the action causing her to push her lips harder against his with a hungry little noise. He groaned, wanting nothing more than to coax the sound out of her again and again. He wasn’t even sure how they started kissing, or why, but it felt so fucking right. Like kissing her was what he should have been doing since the day he met her.

Breaking away from the kiss, Bella gasped, leaning her forehead against his. “Jax,” she started breathlessly, words failing her.

“Kiss me, Bella,” he spoke lowly, his eyes still closed, his breathing shallow. “Just a little longer. Please,” he murmured, the sound of his voice not doing great things for her self-control.

She had handfuls of his t-shirt, and her grip tightened momentarily. She shook her head. “We can’t.”

“Don’t say that,” he rasped. “Don’t say that.”

“Jax,” she whispered, her heart beating erratically. “We can’t do this.”

His eyes finally opened, his blue irises filled with a certain desperation. “Yes we can.”

“I’m leaving soon, and –“

“I’ll go with you,” he interrupted, as though it was the simplest thing in the world.

“No,” Bella stated softly. He wasn’t thinking straight. She knew that. “You can’t. You have to stay here. The club is in your blood,” she practically recited, hating the way the words tasted on her lips. But the flirt on their breath and the passion between them almost made it seem like a real possibility, if only for a moment.

“Stay then,” he breathed. “Stay.”

“Jackson,” she said around the lump in her throat. “I can’t. I can’t stay here.”

Her statement brought both of them back to the harsh reality of what their lives really were. Jax slowly pulled away, straightening his back and adjusting his kutte. Bella gazed up at him, tears standing out in her eyes. She hated this. This wasn’t the goodbye she wanted to give him. This isn’t the way she expected to leave things.

“I know,” he finally said, a small, sad smile turning up the corners of his lips. “I know you can’t.”

This town had brought her too much pain. Too much heart-ache. She had so much ahead of her in life, and he would always resent himself a little if he was the reason she decided to stay in this dead-end town. He couldn’t do that to her. He loved her too much. She stood up from the bed, straightening out her shirt and running a hand through her long hair. Their eyes met – green against blue – and the air around them seemed to get lighter. Almost simultaneously, they both let out loud laughs, as if the whole situation was the most ridiculous thing ever.

Bella pressed her hands to her flushed face, shaking her head at the whole fucking thing. How typical.

When their laughter finally died down, Jax flashed her a charming grin. “You’ll call me everyday, right?”

“Everyday. I’ll call you so often that you’ll get sick of me after the first month.”


“Guess we’ll have to see about that, Teller.”



Bella stepped off the plane, her hands already beginning to shake. It had been a long time. Too long. But all the shit that had happened in the last five years didn’t seem to matter right now, because she was back in Charming. Back in the town she wasn’t sure she’d ever see again. She hadn’t even talked to Jax, her old best friend, in a little over a year. He had gotten caught up with all of the club shit, and they just ended up falling out of touch. As sad as it was, Bella forced herself to not think about it as much as she once did. It was the past, and she knew there was no real point in making herself sad about it any longer. She was back in Charming for a reason, and spending time worrying about Jax Teller wasn’t that reason.

When she had all of her luggage and was in the taxi she had called to take her to the motel she was going to be staying in, she exhaled an exhausted breath, leaning her forehead against the cool glass of the window while letting her eyes slip closed. Bella didn’t know what her visit to Charming had in store for her, but she could only try to prepare herself for the worst. 


 An old blue ’67 Impala pulled into the parking lot of Teller-Morrow, catching Jax’s attention. The old car reminded him of high school. It was the car that Bella’s mom used to drive. He hadn’t really seen her around since Bella left all those years ago, but he never really thought to go check in with her. He didn’t want to be reminded of Bella - to be reminded of losing her.

Watching the car with wary eyes, Jax nearly choked on his own spit when he saw the woman with familiar long brown hair step out into the lot. She was wearing a baggy green sweatshirt, and a pair of slightly distressed jeans. She turned her head in the direction of the garage, as if she was looking for someone. When he saw her face, Jax felt like the wind had been knocked out of him.  She was just as beautiful as she was the day she left Charming.

Before his brain could catch up with his feet, Jax found himself walking her way, his eyes locked on her. He was sure she hadn’t noticed him yet, because she was looking towards the clubhouse with that line between her brows.

Jax’s throat felt like it was full of cotton. When he was only just a few feet in front of her, the sound of his footsteps finally caught her attention. Her eyes snapped to him, and Jax’s heart nearly ached at the wave of nostalgia that washed over him at the sight of her warm green eyes.

Instead of making things awkward, Bella offered him a small grin. “Hey, stranger.”

Jax swallowed. “Hey, trouble maker,” he shot back, the exchange making his heart ache even more than it had been before. He rubbed his knuckles against his chest, willing for it to go away.

“How’ve you been?”

“I’ve – uh – I’ve been pretty good.”

Bella raised a brow, her eyes flicking to the patch on his kutte that read V. President. “I can see that.”

“Right. It’s not a big deal or anything,” Jax dismissed half-heartedly.

She let out a laugh, the sound making Jax’s heart jump in his chest. “Don’t give me that shit. The club was all you ever wanted. I’m happy for you,” she trailed off, her mind going back to the night of her 21st birthday when they had almost this same conversation. The club was in his blood.

“Why are you back in town?” He asked, unable to contain himself. He had to know if she was just visiting or if she was back for good.

Bella looked down at the keys she held in her hands, fidgeting with them a little. “My mom is getting pretty bad. Had to come see her. Arrange some things.”

Jax felt like shit. He didn’t even know that her mom was sick. What the hell was wrong with him? “I’m sorry,” he said sincerely. He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder, both of their eyes following his hand. The contact made Bella want to wrap herself in the safety of him and never come out.

Shaking out of that state of mind, Bella waved her hand. “Don’t even worry about it. I actually, um, came here for Opie.”

That shocked Jax. “Opie?”

“Yeah,” Bella laughed, as though she couldn’t really believe it either. “We’ve kind of been talking lately. Said he’d come down to the hospital with me. My mom is more than excited to see him,” she rolled her eyes good-naturedly.

“Oh,” Jax said dumbly, for lack of better things to say. “Well he’s just back in the clubhouse. You can go in if you want.”

Bella offered him a stunning smile. “Thanks Jax.”

As she walked in the other direction, Jax kicked himself for not saying anything else. “Bel?” He called out to her.

She stopped, looking at him over her shoulder, waiting for him to continue.

“Wanna get a drink later? Catch up?”

She seemed to consider his offer for a moment before nodding. “Yeah. Sounds good.”


 “There’s no way!” Bella laughed loudly, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth.

“Wish I was joking,” Jax chuckled, circling his finger around the rim of his beer bottle.

“Too bad I wasn’t there,” she came down from her laughing fit, taking a sip of her own beer.

“Yeah,” Jax’s sad eyes met hers momentarily. “Too bad.”

There was a moment of silence that stretched between them. Everything that they hadn’t said in the last 5 years seemed to come to the front of their minds. So many unspoken words, so many lost hopes.

The corners of Bella’s mouth twisted, and she looked away. “It’s getting kind of late. I should get going.”

Jax ran a hand over his hair before rubbing the back of his neck. “Probably a good idea. Where’re you staying?”

“Some shit hole motel right at the edge of town,” Bella scoffed, standing up and shrugging on the black hoodie she had brought with her.

“Want me to follow you over?” He offered, not liking the idea of her staying in some shady motel that wasn’t even close by.

“You my bodyguard now, Teller?”

He shrugged a shoulder. “Might be a good gig. God knows how much trouble you get yourself into.”

Bella laughed. “I guess that’s fair.”


They slowly made their way up the stairs, talking and exchanging dumb stories. Seeing Bella’s bright smile and hearing her contagious laughter after all these years made it feel like Jax had never even been apart from her. Not even for a second.

The two of them finally made it to the door of her room, and Bella pulled the room key out of her pocket, leaning her shoulder against the doorframe. “It was good seeing you, Jax,” she said, goodbye heavy on her breath.

Jax tried not to look as disappointed as he felt. “Yeah, Bel. Always a pleasure.”

“Such a gentlemen,” she mocked.

“For you? Always,” Jax teased. But there was something else behind his words. Something that made both of them ache with longing.

Bella diverted her eyes. “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime. When the stars align and all that.”

Jax cracked a grin. “Sure, darlin’. I’ll be seeing you.”

With that, she slid her room key into the slot of the doorknob, turning the handle when the light turned green. Jax gave her a short nod before turning away, making his way back towards the staircase. He hated this. Hated that she had to leave again. Hated that he wasn’t doing something. The sudden thought stopped him in his tracks. He wasn’t letting this shit happen again. No. He had gone without her for too fucking long.

He turned back around, taking fast steps in her direction. She was only half way into her room when he made it to her. He placed a hand on the back of her neck, the other one going to her hip, and suddenly, his lips were on hers. The kiss was hot and languid, their lips moving together slowly. It brought back everything that they had been feeling from the very beginning, and suddenly they were both dumb kids again. Dumb kids in love.

Bella’s hands grasped the front of his kutte, tugging him further into her, and he let out a low noise of pleasure.

As fast as it started, it stopped, Bella parting their locked lips with a shuttered breath. “Jax-“

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Jax interrupted, ignoring whatever she was about to say. It wasn’t important. And he didn’t want her saying those things that she said all those years ago. He wanted this. Needed this. He shook his head in a rush. “I’ve thought that since our first day of high school. You came over to the house, pissed off that your favorite pair of Chuck Taylor’s had a hole in them,” he cut himself off with a choked laugh. “You were so worried about your damn shoes that you didn’t even notice you had dirt on your cheek,” he swiped his thumb across her cheek as though he was reliving the memory. “I reached over to wipe it off and you smiled at me. It was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.” He clenched his jaw, shaking his head. “Don’t leave again. Don’t.”

Bella’s eyes were filled with tears waiting to spill out. “I love you,” she whispered, so low that he almost didn’t even hear her. Nothing else in that moment seemed to matter. The years seemed to melt away. Bella didn’t care about anything else. Didn’t care about her problems, or what the future was going to bring. What mattered was that moment. Nothing but that moment.

A blinding smile transformed Jax’s face at her words, and he let out a watery chuckle. “God,” he breathed. “I love you too. I love you so fucking much.”

With that, they were kissing again, the world around them disappearing.

Staying in Paris (Simon Request)

~~~Simon’s POV~~~
She was beautiful in the simplest way and on the most complex definitions. She had the basic beauty of defined features and doll eyes that seemed to change in the different lights. But she had the beauty that was poignant to me. A tiny scar settled on her left cheek and the small indent on the middle of her nose that hadn’t left ever since she had chicken pox as a baby.
And she was right in front of me, staring mindfully out at the setting sun across the white sandy beaches that would be our home for the next 10 days.
It would finally be the time for us to spend days alone together. We rarely could. There was a pair of judgemental families and an hour long drive between us at all times that forced us to keep apart. It was a good job both of us were stubborn.
And so we’d landed here. A spontaneous flight and a four star hotel at the edge of the beach.
But none of that mattered. Because she was still there in front of me. A bathing suit shielded from view with one of my baggy t-shirts over her upper half with sun kissed legs on display.
She was a trouble maker when she needed to be and she spoke her mind more than people liked and she had a sharp tongue if she didn’t agree with what someone said. But she was passionate and she knew her own mind and she wasn’t afraid of anything because a life without fear isn’t a life that’s been lived according to her.
She was a daredevil and she’d do things I think even Harry would think twice about. But she was my little firecracker. And she was the better half of me already. The half I aspired to be. To not be fearless but to use that fear for the good. To be confident without cocky and smart without rude.
The sunset was falling now to reveal the fresh black of the night sky. We’d probably consumed one too many drinks and our music was probably louder than was socially acceptable. But she was dancing and she was happy. She had a rose in her hands as she spun around to the rhythm of the track. Carefree.
She hummed the tune like she’d heard the song a thousand times and the thought crossed my mind. If she fell, I’d fall with her. It sounded cringey like one of those relationships I would’ve never imagined myself to be a part of. But it was true.
Her parents would never believe that I truly loved her. Or that I was really a ‘decent man’. But in all honesty, there was nobody I could see myself loving again. And sure, if they never approved, it would make things difficult. She might feel split between us. But she’d always have my arms around her waist. She’d have a bunch of six unnecessarily loud boys that scream too much and swear when there really isn’t a reason. But they’d be like brothers to her. She’d have a home and an overly protective fanbase. She’d have them all. Even with two parents that hate the bones of me.
It didn’t have to be that way. We could prove them wrong. Show them we are better. Because even with the dark glistening foreign ocean, the velvet sky dotted with spots of sparkle and the sheets of white sand covering the landscape- she was the perfect sight.
And I still looked at my 'babygirl’ with the awe I did when i first met her.
“So, babe what are your plans?” She turns around, arms outstretched to rest her hands on the top of the balcony fence.
“Let’s show them we are better” I mutter.
(This is a veryyyyy different style to what I usually write and it kind of ended up as a thought explosion from Simon’s point of view. Sorry if you don’t enjoy it x)

Kiss me

A/N: Kinda based on the song Kiss me by Sixpence! Just some cute stuff kinda 

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1096

Warnings: none I dont think

Dean knew that whenever it was warm and sunny, the only place he’d find you was on the hood of Baby with a bottle of Jack, a blissful smile and nothing but a red bikini set that made his stomach churn with pleasure. It was a sight he never got tired of, and Dean constantly looked forward to summer because every day he’d be greeted with such an image. Such a picturesque moment. But today was different. He heard your voice before he even saw you. The melody entranced him, yet he tried to recall where he had heard such a tune.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley

Nightly, beside the green, green grass

Swing, swing, swing the spinning step

You wear those shoes and I’ll wear that dress

He could hear the smile in your voice as you sang, making him wonder why you would sing such a song. The selfish part of him, wanted to know if it was for him. Dean wasn’t stupid. He knew of the … connection, the two of you had. You had known each other for years, being Ellen’s niece and all. You didn’t join the Winchester’s until after Bobby’s death; and ever since then, Dean Winchester had slithered his way into your heart.

Dean was aware of the lingering touches, the wishful gazes. He himself wasn’t fully innocent either, especially since he wasn’t immune to your spirit, to everything that was you and it made him weak. Because he loved making you laugh, calling him a dork at whatever ridiculous thing he did. He loved being so attuned to your body during hunts, knowing your next move, knowing that you had his back always.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight

Lead me out on the moonlit floor

Lift your hand up

Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance

Silver moon’s sparkling

So kiss me

You weren’t aware of the bow-legged hunter as he watched, the sun putting you in a lovely haze as you sang. It was such a simple song that complimented your voice nicely. A song that you wanted to sing to Dean but knew you would never have the guts to. So for now, the sun, the dried tall grass from the surrounding farms, and the endless blue sky were your only audience. You could picture his perfect green eyes, the way they crinkled whenever he smiled at you. You were becoming restless, not telling Dean about this stupid crush. But you couldn’t tell him, not when there was so much to lose if he didn’t feel the same way. Baby had become your confident since the car was such an important part of the eldest Winchester. You spent a lot of time with it, with her.

“I didn’t know you could sing like that, sweetheart. If I did, I would have made you sing me to sleep,”

A slight shriek left your lips as you quickly sat up, the rough voice making you blush immediately – rivaling the color of your bikini top. With trembling fingers you smoothed your hair and tucked it behind your ears as you watched Dean make his way towards you with a lazy smile. Despite the heat, he sported a black t-shirt and a tan button up. His green eyes seemed to be brighter than ever underneath the summer sun.

“I um, I didn’t know you were listening. I d-don’t really sing in front of people,” You stuttered, making you flush even more from embarrassment. Really? Of all times to lose your cool, it had to be now? Dean’s gaze seemed too intense, making you nervous as you looked at anything but his eyes.

“Well that’s a shame because I’d listen to you all day. You’ve been out here for hours, Y/N.”

“You know I love the sun and summer,” You chuckled, shoving him slightly at such a ridiculous statement. He shook his head in amusement. A moment of silenced passed between the two of you as you relished in the heat, in the stillness of it all. It was so rare for there to be a day off, with no worries about saving either Winchester brother, or even Castiel. For once it was quiet.

“Why’d you sing that song?” His bluntness caught you off guard, but Dean was nervous yet eager to know your answer, licking his lips as he watched you collect your thoughts.

“The truth? Or some bullshit answer?” You grinned teasingly, hoping that this conversation was going where you think it was. He didn’t respond. “There is a certain someone that I want to sing that to, but never had the guts.”

“Lucky bastard, must be a real dick if you can’t tell him how you feel,” You didn’t miss the hopeful glance he sent your way before playing with the ring on his finger, his father’s ring. .You were surprised at his nervousness, Dean was the epitome of sex and confidence.

“Yeah, he can be a real dick. But he’s one of the best men I have ever known. Does everything in his power to protect the ones he loves,” By now it was a dead giveaway, you watched as he smiled briefly, turning to you. You leaned in slightly, your arm leaning against his.

“Oh yeah? How long have you liked this dick?”

“A couple years, but I knew he needed time. So I’ve waited, I’ll always wait,”

His hands slid up your sun kissed legs slightly, before resting on your hips. He stood before you, over 6 feet of pure gold and love that you so wanted to have but it was all up to him now. He took his right hand and trailed it down your arm before intertwining it with yours, pulling it towards his plump lips and placed soft kisses on your palm.

“You should have told me earlier,” he murmured against your skin, the coconut scent from your sunscreen intoxicated his senses. He had never loved a scent so much.

“So what are you gonna do about it now, Winchester?” You teased, gripping his shirt tightly and pulling him closer to you, his legs resting against the grill of Baby, your own wrapped around his hips lazily.

That wicked smirk that broke women’s hearts around the country, appeared on his face. Resting his head on the crook of your neck, his breath hit your bare skin, making you shudder slightly.

“I don’t know, sweetheart. What do you want me to do?” You never backed down from a challenged, especially not from Dean Winchester.

“Kiss me.”

Dean Winchester- Chevy Van

Title: Chevy Van

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1084

Request:Could you do a deanxreader one shot based on Chevy van by Sammy johns! With lots of fluff and maybe a little bit of smut! Thanks!!

I’d just like to say how cool it is that their called ‘Sammy Johns’ coincidence? I think not. Also you’ll have to excuse how bad this is, it was really hard!

“Come on (y/n)’'Dean grinned as he let his large hand pat the silky leather beneath his fingertips. He grinned up at the girl as he patted the seat once more to show her what he wanted. 

’'Where are we going, Dean?’'You asked, folding your arms and popping your hips out to the side. Dean chuckled as he shook his head. 

’'For a ride’'He smirked, waggling his brows. You rose yours as you narrowed your eyes. 

’'A ride. To where?’'You snickered. 

’'Anywhere you want’'He winked.You scoffed as you waved your hand with the flick of your wrist. 

Shaking your head you folded your frame as you ducked into the car. ’'Move over bitch’'You laughed as you jumped on Dean’s lap. He howled with laughter as he placed his broad hands on your hips before shuffling out from underneath you. 

Dean would never let anyone drive the Impala, but you weren’t just anyone. You began to talk and laugh as you drove through the foggy mountains but all Dean could focus on was how your eyes would light up whenever you talked.How you wouldn’t even realize you were tapping to the beat. 

After a few hours you began to grow tired. You groaned, leaning your head down on the steering wheel. Dean yelped as he took control of the wheel. You and Dean switched places. You were a tangle of limbs and crashes. You just hoped the police would pass. 

’'Hold the wheel’'Dean grunted as he tried to shuffle behind you. You ended up with one foot on Dean’s precious leather chair as you swung your other over his shoulder to pull yourself to the other chair. Dean was now sprawled between your knees as he grunted and looked up at you with a 'really?’ look. 

You shrugged innocently before finally untangling yourselves, after constantly switching between holding the wheel and you brushing your ass in Dean’s face. (Which he did not seem to mind…)

You let out a breath as you rested your head against the cool glass of the Impala you had come to know as a home. ’'Tired?’'Dean asked, flickering his glances between the road and you. 

’'My mind is everywhere’'You groaned, nimble fingers coming up to rub at your temples and sooth your headaches away. 

’'Get some sleep and dream of rock and roll’'Dean smirked but you knew he was being serious at the same time. You grinned sleepily at him as you rested your head against the window and let your eyes close. 

Dean’s eyes wandered over to you. He couldn’t help but stare. He felt bad, he felt creepy. But you were just so gorgeous. The older Winchester felt pride over take him, you were sleeping in HIS car. He didn’t mean to sound cheesy or cliché, especially since he hated chick flick moments. But you looked like a Princess.

His breath stopped at a hault in the nervous walls of his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed thickly. You always looked perfect but at his specific moment in time, the moonlight shined down on your hair, making your skin glow as well. It highlighted your features perfectly and caused the older hunter to pry his eyes of your sleeping form. 

 Dean jumped, startled when and hand grabbed his. He looked over to see you slowly shuffling your head off the window, your sleepy eyes fluttering open. You reached out and grabbed his hand as you grinned at him. 

That grin alone was enough to make the man almost break. He fidgeted as he reached and turned up the radio. He glanced over at you again to see you peering out of the window, watching in awe. 

'She should'ave been an angel'Dean thought to himself as he looked at you. Not an Angels vessel, but just an Angel. Your beauty was breath taking and he knew there was no one else in this world who held the same beauty.

And of course, no matter how sweet and romantic Dean could be, he had to look down at your legs. You noticed him looking but didn’t say anything. In fact you just stretched your legs. Dean couldn’t help but ponder; how were your legs so perfect? You were a hunter, they were supposed to be scarred and pale considering you always wore long bottoms. 

But no. They were golden. Golden like the sun had kissed each leg and they could go on for miles.

’'Better keep your eyes on the road, son’'She called making the older man jump. He glanced up at her eyes to see she held her chin in her palm as her elbow rested against the car window. She was hiding her smirk under her palm. Dean coughed as he turned back to the road.

’'We’re here’'Dean whooped as he jumped out the car before doing the most weirdest run over to your side. 

’'You look like a mad man’'You cried out, taking his hand and letting him pull you out. ’'Oh!’'You whispered, hands falling to your mouth. ’'It’s so cute!’'You gaped. The town was so small. 

’'You could throw a rock from end to end'Dean joked, earning him a elbow to the stomach. He grunted softly as he followed you out. The two of you continued to walk until you came to a main street. You stopped and used your hand to brace yourself on Dean’s arm as you leant over. 

’'What are you doin’?’'He questioned, confusion marking his face. You grinned, waggling your brows as you slipped both shoes off. ’'Oh, you’re insane’'Dean gasped before chuckling. 

’'C'mon, Dean-o’'You smirked waggling your finger in a come here motion. He chuckled as he watched you run around in bare feet. It’s a shame you weren’t going to be passing through again. 


’'Today was fun’'You smiled. Dean nodded, this time not taking his eyes off the road. 

’'But do you know what is more fun, Dean?’'You questioned. He finally turned his head, prying his eyes off the road. 

’'What?’'He answered innocently. You smirked as you told him to pull over. He did so with a confusing face, but did so anyway. ’'Well, Wh-”

He yelped as you grabbed his collar and slammed his lips to yours. By the time you pulled back he was wide eyed and breathless. You grinned at him as you dragged him into the back of the Impala. 

“She’s gonna love me in my Chevy Van’'Dean sang, smirking like an idiot before pressing his lips back to yours. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you write something with Aomine waiting for Kagami for about an hour, then getting fed up and coming to his house and barging in, only to find him peacefully sleeping in the bathtub? You know, fallen asleep while having a bath.

Aomine grumbled, checking his watch for the umpteenth time, watching the hour hand positioned quite after the 6 with increasing irritation.

He couldn’t have been stood up, right?

He shook his head. Of course not. He and Kagami had been dating for months, Kagami wouldn’t not show up without a proper reason, but not even texting Aomine about it? Leaving Aomine in the cold, just waiting?

He’s not breaking up with me, is he?

Aomine chased the thought away as soon as it came. That was just impossible. Aomine was the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Kagami was lucky to be dating him. Right.

“Ahh!!” Aomine ruffled his hair. Who was he kidding, Kagami was the best boyfriend! That damn redhead, with his cooking and his kindness and his passion and his hotness and his cuteness and his laughter and…and yes, Aomine was a goner when it came to him. He took one last look at his watch and made a decision. “That’s it, Bakagami, if you won’t come to me, I’ll come to you!”


Nobody opened the door when Aomine rapped against it. The doorbell didn’t work, neither did yelling. Aomine only had one option left.

The Key.

The Key was a copy of the key to Kagami’s house, and its very existence threatened Aomine’s life. Why? Because Kagami didn’t know it existed.

Thanks to Kuroko’s understanding that Aomine needed a way into Kagami’s house for emergencies – and after swearing he wouldn’t use it for ‘pervy’ things – Kuroko helped him get to Kagami’s key and make a copy of it without Kagami noticing.

The Key was to be used in times of emergencies, because if Kagami found out, Aomine’s head would most likely be slam dunked by an angry redhead.

And this was an emergency.

Aomine took out The Key, slipping it into the lock and opening the door cautiously. The blinds were still open in the living room, and Kagami’s shoes were by the doorway. Aomine stalked through the house, pushing open doors until he came to the bathroom. As he opened it, a soft waft of steam washed over him, and there, sleeping peacefully in the tub, was a very wet and naked Kagami.

Aomine’s jaw dropped.

He’d sworn to Kuroko…sworn not to use The Key for anything…less than innocent. But right in front of him was the forbidden fruit, waiting to be bit into.

Kagami had one sun kissed leg thrown over the edge of the tub, letting water slowly drip off his toes and onto the tiled floor. His other leg was folded at the knee, resting against the wall. One of his hands was in a similar state as his leg, draped over the side while the other rested against his toned stomach, rising and falling gently with his breaths. His head was propped up on the wall, wet crimson locks falling over long lashes, and pink lips parted slightly as he breathed.

Aomine licked his lips subconsciously, stepping forwards and taking his shirt off, shimming out of his pants.

Sorry Tetsu. Hopefully you never find out about this.

He took the hand Kagami had left dangling out of the tub and held it as he stepped carefully into the gap made between Kagami’s splayed legs. He leaned forwards, ignoring the cool water lapping against his skin. His lips brushed Kagami’s and he smirked.

“Wakey, wakey, tiger.”

Kagami moaned, shifting and opening his eyes. He made a choked sound when he realised Aomine was on top of him, going to move back but realising he was trapped between the wall, the tub, and a very horny Aomine.

“H-how did you get in?” he squeaked, his eyes flitting to the door. “Ah, I’m late, aren’t I?” he squirmed as Aomine’s hand glided down his wet thighs. “I-if we leave now, we can still make it in time for dinner, I’m sure!”

“Hmm, I think I see dinner right here,” Aomine hummed, loving the way Kagami shivered under his fingers. He grinned, flashing his teeth wolfishly. “Thanks for the meal!”


Kagami had to call the plumber the next morning because they ended up breaking the tap.

`         ROBIIIIEEEE       !!        `       throws lithe body onto his  back     ,     sun-kissed arms and legs wrapping ‘round him with saccharine giggles slipping through sundered mouth  .           `     sorry did i make ya wait too long    ???     i lowkey fell asleep in my towel after takin’ a shower ‘cause it just felt so nice .    `