sun jellys


Jelly par Nicole Glenn


CARISSMA: Nice to meet you Jelly, but I gotta go!

JELLY: So soon? But we just started playing!

CARISSMA: Well yeah, it’s starting to get dark and my mom always wants me home at sun down…

JELLY: That makes sense. Are you going to be here again tomorrow after school?

CARISSMA: I’m homeschooled, but I’d love to meet you here around 4?

JELLY: Hmpf, that’ll do.

anonymous asked:

hi! do you know good sites that sell jelly shoes (clear or not)?

sun jellies is a great place for them, since they have a lot of variety in terms of color and are pretty affordable too! echoclubhouse always has cute 90s shoes in general, though they only have one pair of jellies rn but it’s a good place to check back. 

i know i bought my mint + pink pairs off of aliexpress as well, if you want some more options! 

All right, I just like the idea of Shiro and Allura wearing the cutest and most cliche couples costumes ever for Halloween. Like they’re peanut butter and jelly, sun and moon, lion and lion tamer, Batman and Catwoman, rose garden and a gardener. When they have kids, they start doing elaborate family costumes. Also, super cute pregnancy costume is a must.

I just want them to be the super adorable Halloween power couple.