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Star Wars Rebels season 3, alternative episode titles by me (completed)

1-2     Ezra’s neurosis

3        Post-Malachor Kanan proves his worth

4        Wedge is a cool guy

5        Thrawn’s puppets in Hera’s castle

6        Ezra’s mini Clone Wars moral

7        Sabine’s hot stuff

8        Space Peter Pans against Captain Thrawn

9        Young tumultuousness, old lessons

10      Lothal’s fry-up

11      Journal of Psychoanalysis, entries I, II, III and IV

12      See(n)saw?

13      Death Star Egg in the Pit* of Babel (*Reversed Tower)

14      Terminator vs Zeb

15      Sparring family drama

16      Drama-free (totally!) family reunion

17      Deratting: a practical guide, by G. A. Thrawn

18      Deep space science tricks

19      Don’t mess with Hera

20      To rise, to stay the same

21      Panic! At the Atollon disco

22      The Ultimate Firework Challenge (Bendu wins)


Supergirl 2x17 Inside “Distant Sun” (HD) Season 2 Episode 17 Inside

let me explain the thing that pissed me off the most about bee movie when watching it last night

in bee movie, the plot is set in motion by the fact that bee jerry seinfeld mistakes a tennis ball for a flower. he gets stuck to it and is separated from the other bees, which is how he meets the human girl

bee jerry seinfeld understands the concept of a career. he knows what coffee is. he knows what jazz is. he understands religion, including HUMAN religions like judaism. he understands fashion–he states outright that he wears a ralph lauren sweater. he knows what tv is. he knows what a car is, because the bees have little bee cars. he even knows what sports are

but he doesn’t know what a tennis ball is


it’s cherry blossom season again!!!!!!!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💗💛🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

How the chat with Wicke should have gone
  • Wicke: He [Gladion] even tried to stitch his clothes back together when Null ripped it-
  • Me: *Sniffling*
  • Wicke: Why are you crying? Is something wrong?
  • Me: No... please... continue... *Gross Sobbing*

The upper atmosphere of the Sun is dominated by plasma filled magnetic loops (coronal loops) whose temperature and pressure vary over a wide range. The appearance of coronal loops follows the emergence of magnetic flux, which is generated by dynamo processes inside the Sun. Emerging flux regions (EFRs) appear when magnetic flux bundles emerge from the solar interior through the photosphere and into the upper atmosphere (chromosphere and the corona). The characteristic feature of EFR is the -shaped loops (created by the magnetic buoyancy/Parker instability), they appear as developing bipolar sunspots in magnetograms, and as arch filament systems in . EFRs interact with pre-existing magnetic fields in the corona and produce small flares (plasma heating) and collimated plasma jets. The GIFs above show multiple energetic jets in three different wavelengths. The light has been colorized in red, green and blue, corresponding to three coronal temperature regimes ranging from ~0.8Mk to 2MK. 

Image Credit: SDO/U. Aberystwyth


Our hope, our angel. Our J-Hope.

This sun trapped inside a human body, is beautiful. I don’t get it when people think he’s ugly or untalented. I mean, are you blind!? Have you seen his smile!? Have you seen him dance!? Have you heard him rap or sing!? Like goodness. He can be an angel when he smiles but when he dance or raps, he’s a whole different person. How he follows the choreography perfectly and puts in every energy in his body on every performance gives me life.

I want him to be appreciated by just his presence. I want him to be loved by the other ARMYs as they love jungkook or taehyung. Because i don’t want this piece of sunshine to be sad, i love him too much to see him like that. I want ARMYs to watch his (V)lives or hostings without asking for other members. He’s important like every other member. I want him to see that we love him so much. And we appreciate every thing he does. 

I love this angel so much, i can’t afford him to be sad. It makes me sad aswell. How can people not love him!? He is so beautiful, inside and out. And i can’t believe people hate on him. How!? I mean, he’s gorgeous. Has the most amazing smile. Has ethereal looks. Has the most beautiful and funny personality. And talented person ever!

I want him to feel the love that i give him everyday of my life. Sometimes, i just look at a picture of him and i just smile without noticing. He has done so many thing for us, that sometimes people don’t see. I am so thankful that i am living with the same era as him. I don’t want him to recieve hate, because he doesn’t deserve it. He deserves love, respect and appreciation. Not hate and disrespectfulness.

Appreciate him, Love him, and ofcourse. Respect him.

사랑해, 생일 축하해 정호석.

mbti types as things in nature
  • enfj: those large, overhanging trees with sprawling roots that you love to curl up against and play in
  • infj: quiet, dark caves with a glimmer in its depths where the sun hits the pool inside
  • enfp: sunbeams dancing on the surface of the lake, making it sparkle like a thousand fireflies
  • infp: gazing from the top of a mountian at the spread of forest below
  • istj: the still, perfect moment at the top of a mountain where cliff meets sky
  • estj: great oak trees with branches that soar towards the sky and deep, anchoring roots
  • isfj: the quiet space under the willow tree where you can curl up and feel safe
  • esfj: laying in a meadow of flowers and feeling the sun warming your skin
  • entj: lakes that have been perfectly frozen over and have a flawless white coating
  • intj: the hidden crevice in a cliff that leads to a secret, hollowed-out space inside
  • entp: those particularly strong breezes that push your hair out of your eyes on a hot day
  • intp: spotting the glimmer of something shiny in the middle of the forest
  • istp: walking through the forest at midnight and listening to every rustle and chirp
  • estp: the wild field full of tall grass that you could spend hours playing in
  • isfp: clouds that have been painted by the sunset and are soft pinks, oranges, and yellows
  • esfp: the stream cutting through the ground and sparkling silver in the sunlight

Outside the sun is setting, but inside the NCT dorms, it’s brightly lit. A blonde and red head sit close together huddled over a phone. “Do you think they’ll like my picture? Do you think they’ll look forward to our comeback? I-I mean it’s with Doyoung hyung and Johnny hyung after all!” The blonde boy stammers. His red headed companion smiles. “They’ll love it.” And then, the picture is posted; it’s the teaser picture.

Donghyuck can hear Mark take a sharp inhale as he waits. And then, dink. A like. Dink. Another. The phone is suddenly uncontrollably buzzing with notifications. Two likes quickly turn into hundreds, thousands even. Comments like “Do your best!” or “Can’t wait!” appear one after the other. Mark can’t suppress his giddiness. 

“Guess they liked it after all.” Donghyuck smiles.

Highlights of bts in Chile (things I can actually remember right now )

1 . JHOPE smile
2. Jimin chubby cheeks and big ass
3. Jungkook smile it’s so special and he was smiling so much.
4. Bts being so happy and hyper all the time
5. Jungkook tried to say something in Spanish and we were like wut ??? And then he started laughing embarrassed and jimin had to help him lmao
6. Rap monster it’s so beautiful. Totally boyfriend material.
7. Tae and namjoon’s skin glows
8. Namjoon and suga really really love to make the armys sing through the mic !!!
9. Tae spend half of the concert looking at armys at the highest place and just smiling softly
10. They did a break dance competition or something. Boi . Suga AND jin totally won lmaaao
11. JHOPE smiling
12. JHOPE smiling so hard it looked like the sun was inside the concert
13. All the boys having the time of their life’s. They were sooooo happy
14. They were like crazy throwing water to the fans
15. BLUSHED CHEEKSSS !!!!! They were sweating so much ! In Chile there were like 32 c today !!!
16. Jin looking like he got sunburned !

I know everyone must think the same way when they go to their concerts. But I have watched their concerts in almost all the world and woah.
I can tell they were truly amazed by how Chilean army’s sing the entire song by heart. They were so happy they keep on telling us.

They did an amazing job. I don’t think I will ever go to such a good concert. It was truly amazing.

The lights … even fireworks !!! The stage was amazing.

Rap monster promised us to comeback ! And I will for sure go again.